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Subjective self-evaluation by the Tiki community

  • Setup/admin UI: How easy / intuitive is to setup this feature?
  • UI end user : Once setup, how easy / intuitive is it for the end-user? (was it worth it?)
  • Stability: How many bugs left?
  • Feature-set / power: How does this feature compare to other Open Source apps? This field is the default sort order

Items 111

Name Feature name and link Description Dev (Bug reports & Feature requests) Type of feature Setup and admin UI UI end user Stability Feature-set and power Admin icon Last modified
Watch Watch Site users can mark a page or other object to be notified by email when it is updated. Transversal B B C B
Mail-In Mail-In Submit wiki pages or articles via e-mail. Transversal C C C B
Intertiki Intertiki Authenticate users and grant them appropriate permissions at a "slave" Tiki site based on user data from an external "master" Tiki site. (This is used at the Tiki project sites, for example.)

Administration D C D B
Banning Banning Block access from individual IPs or ranges of IPs.

Administration A A A B
Edit template Edit Template Edit the Smarty template files that Tiki is built with via the admin control panel.

Administration B C B
Task Tasks A site user's to-do list. Tasks can be sent to other users. Also, there can be shared group tasks.

Section B B B B
Plugin Module PluginModule Insert a content or functionality module in any editable-text area of the site, such as Wiki page, article, etc. Text Area B C B B
Slideshow Slideshows Turn a wiki page into slideshow (each slide is the wiki content only, without "chrome") by using more than one title bar in the page, or make a multi-page slideshow from a structure. Section C B B B
Debugger Console Debugger Console Debugger Console

Programmers B
Tags Tags Wiki pages, articles, and so on can be given tags (aka freetags or folksonomy tags) for quick ad hoc content categorization. Transversal A B C B
Semantic wiki links Semantic Links Going beyond Backlinks, allows to define some semantic relationships between wiki pages Navigation C C B B
Web Services Web Services Can receive web services via JSON or YAML. Programmers D C B
BigBlueButton Audio/Video/Chat/Screensharing BigBlueButton Open source instruction-focused real-time collaboration tool. (Audio/Video/Screensharing/Chat) Section C A B B
Screencast Screencasts (Feature removed in Tiki 17) This permits capturing the device screen and uploading to Tiki. An image is produced (that you can then draw on), or short video with sound. The jCapture applet is used. Section A A C B
Connect Connect Various tools for communication with the Tiki Community, developers, other Tiki site admins and users. Administration B B B B
Messages Messages Internal (within the site) messages from one site user to another. Section A A A B
Social Networks Social Networks Integrates popular social networks (such as Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ ) into Tiki. Transversal B B B B
Print Settings Print Includes printing pages, groups of pages, and PDF documents. Transversal B B B B
Chat MiniChat Real-time group text chatting Section A C B C
Edit CSS Edit CSS

Existing stylesheets can be edited (via the browser), with the new stylesheet suffixed with the editor's user name.

Administration B B E C
Bookmarks Bookmarks User bookmarks let users bookmark internal or external pages, create folders and organize their personal bookmarks in folders. Bookmarks can be cached if that option is enabled. A module is provided to let the users see their bookmarks, navigate through them, and add new bookmarks. Navigation C C C C
My Account Inter-User Messages Inter-User Messages Enable users to send internal messages to each other (like email but internal to the Tiki site). A message can be broadcast to multiple users in a Tiki group or to all site users if the appropriate permissions are granted. Section B B A C
Spreadsheets Spreadsheet Spreadsheets supporting calculations and charts, import/export, etc. Section A A C C
Directory (links) Directory (links) User-submitted Web links Section A A A C
Newsletters Newsletters Create and send email newsletters (plain text and HTML) to subscribed site users and other individuals. Section A A B C
Forum Forums Forums are online discussions organized by topic (or thread). Tiki forums feature threaded or flat views, file attachments, moderation and queuing, monitoring (subscription) of particular forums or topics, and full usage of wiki syntax. Section B C B C
External wiki External Wikis Create links easily with other wikis. Text Area B B A C
Table of content Automatic Table of Contents Automatically generate and display a table of contents based on page titles within a structure (toc), or from the headings on a page (maketoc). Text Area A C A C
Cookie Random Taglines Taglines (aka "cookies" or "fortune cookies") drawn randomly and displayed.

Text Area B B A C
Live support Live Support One-on-one chat with customer or other individual Section C B C C
HTML page HTML Pages Static and dynamic HTML content. Note: HTML can be used in wiki pages. This is a separate feature. Section B A C
Custom Home Custom Home
(Removed in Tiki 15)
If enabled, a customized page will serve as the home page for the Tiki. Custom home page by default group is also possible

Navigation B A C
Hotwords Hotwords If enabled, Wiki pages are parsed and some words are automatically converted to HTML links.

Text Area C
Cache Cache External URLs can be cached inside Tiki - this is possible for links from the Wiki as well as for the User Bookmarks { Text Area B B A C
Statistics Statistics Site-wide statistics for many features. Referrer stats and search stats also available. Transversal B B C C
Content Template Content Template Create and select reusable text or layout code when editing a wiki page, article, newsletter or HTML page to have a consistent look and feel or content.

Text Area B B B C
Banners Banners Insert, track, and manage advertising banners. Transversal B A B C
Polls Polls Make and manage lists of options to be voted on; polls are displayed in a module (in left or right column or other module zone, in wiki pages, etc.).

Text Area B A C C
Dynamic Variable Dynamic Variables Snippets of text which can be reused throughout Tiki.

Text Area C C
Rating Rating Lets users vote on wiki pages & tracker items Transversal D B D C
Contribution Contribution Allow selecting, reporting and exporting the type of contributions made by site users. Transversal A A B C
Action log Action Log Track user activity on the basis of a single user or multiple users, groups or categories. Administration B B B C
User Files User Files Users upload files and store them in their Tiki personal space; they can then download the files. Section C C B C
User notepad Notepad Users can write, upload, download and read notes. Notes can be read as raw text files or as wiki pages interpreting the wiki markup syntax. The user-quota that admin can control is used to set the maximum size that user notes can take. Section B B B C
Score Score If appropriate for the site, this feature implements a game approach to motivate people to participate in the online community. Users are given points for things they do in the site, like writing or reading an article, starting a new topic in a forum, voting in a poll, etc. They also earn points by having his/her blogs and articles read and commented on. Then the users will be able to see their position in a ranking. Transversal C
Meta Tags Meta Tags Administer your meta tags via the admin panel (no FTP transfers necessary).

Navigation B A C
Accessibility Accessibility Not so much a feature as a value, web accessibility is prioritized in Tiki. Transversal C
Search engine optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Tiki is search engine friendly. For a Tiki site running on Apache web server, the .htaccess file enables short, meaningful URLs.

Navigation C
Copyright Copyright The Copyright Management System (or ©MS) is a way of licensing your content and displaying that license information, such as under an open or free content license. By switching this feature on, you can define a content license for all your wiki content, associate copyright notices with individual pages and display a full license for printing.

Text Area D C
Tell a friend Tell a Friend With this feature activated, to share pages, a link "Email this page" is added at the top of all pages. Transversal B B B C


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Keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

Accessibility (WAI and 508)
Articles and Submissions
BigBlueButton audio/video/chat/screensharing
Browser Compatibility
Link Cache
Clean URLs
Communication Center
Compression (gzip)
Contacts (Address Book)
Contact us
Content Templates
Custom Home and Group Home Page
Date and Time
Debugger Console
Directory of hyperlinks
Documentation link from Tiki to doc.tiki.org (Help System)
Dynamic Content
Dynamic Variable
External Authentication
Featured links
File Gallery
Friendship Network (Community)
Gmap Google maps
i18n (Multilingual, l10n, Babelfish)
Image Gallery
Inter-User Messages
Kaltura video management
Live Support
Logs (system & action)
Look and Feel
Map with Mapserver
Meta Tags
Mobile Tiki and Voice Tiki
Performance Speed / Load
Platform independence (Linux-Apache, Windows/IIS, Mac, BSD)
Profile Manager
Search engine optimization
Search and Replace
Semantic links
Shadow Layers
Shopping cart
Social Networks
Spam protection (Anti-bot CATPCHA)
Tell a Friend, alert + Social Bookmarking
Theme CSS & Smarty
User Administration including registration and banning
User Files
User Menu
Web Services
Wiki History, page rename, etc
Wiki Syntax
Wiki structure (book and table of content)

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