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General Description
Categories are a way to classify Tiki objects, including blogs, image galleries, articles, polls, forums, wiki pages, file galleries. It is similar to, but different from tags and structures. Any Tiki object including wiki pages, blog posts, forum topics, calendars, trackers . . . can be added to one or many categories.

Categories are often used to control access to different sets of content. Setting permissions for a category will override global permissions for objects in that category.

Example: A "public" category for anonymous users.
If the global permissions in tikiwiki are set such that anonymous? users cannot see wiki pages, then you can define a category called public, which does allow the group anonymous users to view the content. Then by adding a wiki page to category public - this page will now be visible without logging in.

Categories can also be used to aid navigation or create a taxonomy of objects. Categories are a tool that persists for all features, not just for wiki or articles or trackers. Depending on the settings, category listings can be displayed in a side module, above or below the content. Menus, modules and structures are also used for navigation, and categories for access control. Articles also use topics for classification.

Key Functioning and sub-features
  • Organize categories in a tree hierarchy with unlimited subcategories.
  • Assign objects to one or many categories
  • Administrators can apply different permissions to different categories.
  • Administrators can apply different themes to different categories.
  • Deep search into subcategories from the category browser
  • On wiki pages, you can show the category path and/or show objects in the same category(ies)
  • Manage Category Transitions (Tiki4)

Category Permissions

The way that category permissions work has changed substantially over time.

Up to version 1.9.11, a user with edit permission for a type of object is allowed to edit any object which they can view. In version 2.0 the tiki_p_edit_categorized permission allows editing of objects with the user's categories. See also Categories Details.

Starting in Tiki4, all permissions can be added to categories, and Category Transitions are introduced.

By changing the theme from one category to the next it is possible to create visually distinct "zones" in a tikiwiki site.

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