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Spam Protection tab

Akismet Spam protection for comments has been added to Tiki8, and multiple IP banning from Comment moderation or Action log has been added in Tiki9.

Use this tab to enable anti-spam CAPTCHAs and protect email address links.

To Access
From the Security Admin page, click the Spam Protection tab.

When enabled, the following Tiki features are protected:

  • wiki page edits (starting in 1.9)
  • wiki page comments (starting in 1.9)
  • forum posts and replies (starting in 1.9)
  • tracker item comments (starting in 2.0)
  • freetags (starting in 2.0)
  • calendar items (starting in 3.4, 4.2, and 5.0)
  • newsletter subscriptions (starting in 3.4, 4.2, and 5.0)

Spam protection
Spam protection

Field Description Default
Anonymous editors must input anti-bot code Adds a CAPTCHA to any input from an Anonymous visitor (such as comments, wiki pages, and site registration. Enabled
Word length... Number of characters in the CAPTCHA image 6
Width... Width, in pixels, of the CAPTCHA image 180
Level of noise Specifies how difficult the CAPTCHA is to read. Higher number is more secure, but more difficult to read. 100
Use ReCaptcha Instead of using the default Zend_Captcha implementation, Tiki can use CAPTCHAs from ReCaptcha Disabled
Protect email... Tiki will obfuscate email addresses, making it harder for spambots to steal email address that are displayed in pages, forums, blogs, and so on. Enabled
Add "rel=nofollow"... Adds nofollow parameter to all external links prevent robots and spiders from collecting external pages. See http://dev.tiki.org/wish1583 for more information. Enabled
Banning System Enables the Banning feature. Allows you to ban visitors by username and IP address Disabled

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