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The Directory is used to collect and display web site links categorized by topic for browsing by users.

To access
Click the Directory icon Directory on the Admin Panel
Access http://yourdomain.com/tiki-admin.php?page=directory

Directory feature
Directory feature

Setting Description Default
Number of columns per page when listing directory categories: select the required number of columns per page (range 1-6): 3
Links per page How many links should be displayed per page 20
Validate URLs Should Tiki check the URL?
Enable cool sites: Turn on the cool sites feature enabled
Show Country Flag: Turn on the Country Flag Display feature enabled
Method to Open Directory Links: Tiki 6.x selections are "new window", "replace existing window",and "inline frame"

The following content will eventually be migrated to the Directory section of the Tiki User and Admin Guides.


The Directory is used to collect and display web site links categorized by topic for browsing by users. It is similar to the DMOZ Open Directory Project and Google's Directory (see Useful Links, below).

The user can browse through categories, making use of category and link descriptions, and navigate to increasingly specific subcategories. A search form can also be used to locate a link in the Directory.

Users can submit links to be added to the Directory. The submitted links can be subject to validation by admins or designated editors before they are added.

Any number of categories can be created and each can be indicated as related to one or more other categories. Tiki tracks the addition of new links and the number of visits to each link, as well as the number of searches made. Users can also view "new sites" and "cool sites" (most-visited sites).

Directory information can also be displayed as modules in Tiki's side columns or wiki pages, and new Directory links can be reported in Tiki's Calendar.

Feature Overview

TikiWiki's Directory feature enables:
  • Organization of Web site links into categories
  • Searches for links
  • Submission by users of link suggestions for approval by admins
  • Appointment of editors to moderate specific categories
  • Caching of linked Web sites to avoid the problem of dead links or temporarily unavailable servers
  • Display of top-ranked sites in terms of hits
  • Display of most recently added sites
  • Indication of top-ranked and recently added sites in a Tiki module
  • Association of Directory categories with one another and/or with one or more global Tiki Categories

More Documentation
  • Directory User How to use the Directory once it has been activated and configured.
  • Directory Admin How to activate and configure the Directory, including determining its organization and page display, and setting appropriate permissions.
  • Directory Details Details on Directory internals, including information on related files, permissions, database tables and CSS selectors.

Useful Links
These are other examples of and information about Web directories.



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