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Plugin Transclude

Introduced with Tiki6

This plugin includes the content of a wiki page and replaces values in the body of the included page. It is similar to the mediawiki feature transclusion.

What it does:Put some boilerplate stuff (page B ) inside page A, and inside that boilerplate, add some stuff specific to this page only, using these parameters/tags.

It is based on the PluginINCLUDE, which includes a page or part of a page inline.

When the TRANSCLUDE plugin fetches the wiki page, the tag '%%%text%%%' on Page B is replaced by whatever is inside the TRANSCLUDE tag on Page A.
Furthermore, any other parameters (if they exist in Page B ) will be replaced by their values given in the Transclude plugin on Page A..

And - as a result - we can mimick the way MediaWiki templates work.
{TRANSCLUDE(page="pageName", key=value, key=value, ...")}text{TRANSCLUDE}

page page to transclude
parameters any additional parameters will be replaced, if they exist

For instance, say we have a todo box template like this:
Todo Box Template
{BOX(class="todo_box", float="right", title="__Todo__ on this page:")}

It will render like this:
Todo on this page:


Now, let's use that template page to 'transclude' some todo items on a page:
{TRANSCLUDE(page="todoBox")}* Bring out the garbage
* Feed the goldfish

All additional parameters will be replaced. For example %%%title%%% will be replaced with the parameter title in the plugin.


Required parameters are in bold
Preferences required: wikiplugin_transclude, feature_wiki
Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
page Name of the wiki page to use as a template for the values.


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