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Plugin Include

This Wiki Plugin can be used to include the contents of a Wiki page inside another page (it must be a Wiki page located in the Wiki section of your Tiki, as other types of pages won't work yet!). This is a form of Wiki transclusion

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Starting in 2.0, this plugin is bundled and doesn't need to be installed separately.


This example transcludes (or includes) portions of the page Tiki2 between the strings Authentication and OpenID.

Use the syntax
{include page="Tiki2" start="!!!# Authentication" stop="!!!!# OpenID"}


Authentication has received a major enhancement.

Some new options
  • Use login as email
  • Crypt passwords method
  • User trackers at registration

(NOTE: start and stop must be the entire line, not a portion of a line.)


Parameter Type Use Description
page string mandatory the page to include
start string optional the include will begin just after the first occurrence of the string in the page
stop string optional the include will end just before the first occurrence of the string in the page


You can not include a same page or a same page extract more than 5 times. (In tw <3.0, you can not include the same page more than 5 times even if it is a different extract). If you need to exceed 5 times you will have to modify the plugin and change the value of max_times.


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