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Kaltura Community Edition and Tiki

The easy path to use Kaltura with Tiki is to get a hosted Kaltura.com account. However, if you want to be self-hosted, these are notes about how to install & configure Kaltura CE to work with Tiki6.

This is Dogfood for tv.tiki.org.

General Kaltura CE instructions should be maintained on Kaltura.org but any complementary information should be below.


  • Install Kaltura CE
  • Kaltura CE > Settings > Integration settings > Account info -> this is the info to be added to tiki-admin.php?page=video
  • Kaltura CE needs to configure a UIConf configuration for the simple editor and the configuration wizard.


  • Install Red5 for the webcam upload to work
  • If you want to show all the clips in the editor, go to the Kaltura KMC and set the setting for "Settings...Integration Settings...Advanced Settings...Return list of user clips" to True
  • For security, set "Settings...Integration Settings...Advanced Settings...Appear in searches" to Yes, site only.
  • For added security preventing embedding on sites other than yours, set "Settings...Access Control" to limit to the domains of your site.
  • HTML5 can't work with rtmp (which is a Flash protocol). You should use Akamai HD for best mobile playback.


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