Changelog 1.8

1 Tikiwiki Changelog
    2 ------------------
    4 Changelog is now generated by cvs2cl.pl
    5 http://cvsbook.red-bean.com/cvsbook.html#cvs2cl%20--%20Generate%20GNU-Style%20ChangeLogs
    6 This script lists chronologically the comments made with cvs commits.
    7 For example, for 1.9.7 : cvs2cl -F BRANCH-1-9 --delta REL-1-9-6:BRANCH-1-9
    8 produces a file named Changelog, then in vim :%s/\n\(\s*\*\)/\1/
   10 Use the following tags to distinguish changes :
   11 * [NEW] apply if something new was added in tikiwiki
   12 * [MOD] is an enhancement; not really new but makes things work better
   13 * [FIX] can be used for bug fixes of any sort
   14 * [SEC] for security fix operations
   15 * [REL] changes for release process only
   16 * [KIL] removal of unused or obsolete files
   17 * -[DB] for changes in the database
   18 when possible, it's also nice to indicate what feature is concerned by 
   19 the change.
 2042 Version 1.8.6 - Polaris -
 2043 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess186>
 2044 * [FIX] user bookmarks using httpRequest rather than fopen
 2047 Version 1.8.5 - Polaris -
 2048 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess185>
 2049 * [FIX] Header redirections now die; afterwards to prevent other code being
 2050          executed.
 2051 * [FIX] More Path Disclosure fixes
 2052 * [FIX] Remove the old password from being displayed on the tiki-change_password
 2053          routine.
 2054 * [NEW] Tiki security admin, a control panel to check internal tiki security
 2055          settings and tiki files integrity.
 2056 * [NEW] Added .htaccess files to most directories to disallow direct access
 2057 * [FIX] Remove file from temp after upload
 2058 * [FIX] More secure map uploads
 2059 * [MOD] Latest ADODB for MySQL 4.1 support
 2060 * [FIX] Wiki renaming fixes and enhancements
 2061 * [NEW] moves custom permissions and user watches.
 2062 * [FIX] Email notifications and theme control objects.
 2063 * [FIX] WikiSyntax : Definition list "eats" character
 2064 * [FIX] version in the diff of a wiki page changed notification to the previous
 2065          message not the current"
 2066 * [FIX] forum post notification with the right url
 2067 * [FIX] monthview on year change
 2068 * [FIX] fixed content disclosure through user watches.
 2069 * [FIX] filename check in map editing code.
 2070 * [FIX] REQUEST variable sanitation now works.
 2071 * [FIX] fixed the check on filename uploaded on wiki pages
 2072 * [FIX] fixed check of filename for upload_image
 2073 * [FIX] fixed the article submission image id sanity
 2075 Version 1.8.4 - Polaris -
 2076 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess184>
 2077 * [FIX] individual wiki page permissions could be bypassed
 2078 * [FIX] path disclosure vulnerabilities in the smarty_tiki area
 2079 * [FIX] removing any parent categories of an object caused the object to
 2080          become uncategorized even if there are other parent categories
 2081 * [FIX] version conflicts related to wiki tag restorations
 2082 * [FIX] wiki edit permission shouldn't depended on global wiki view permission
 2083          even if individual permissions are assigned for a wiki page
 2084 * [FIX] duplicate version numbers when editing wiki pages
 2085 * [FIX] scrollbar of textarea jumped to the top after using a quicktag in
 2086          Gecko-based browsers
 2087 * [FIX] articles plugin ignored displayed 0 comments all the time
 2088 * [FIX] default groups for users were displayed even when they were not set
 2089 * [FIX] bugged display of the rating field when selecting article type
 2090          "Review"
 2091 * [FIX] workaround for environments where $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is undefined
 2092 * [MOD] added RSS feeds with optional authentication
 2093 * [FIX] reply icons were displayed in forum threads even if user has no
 2094          permission to post
 2095 * [FIX] forum stats aren't updated after moving a thread (until someone enters
 2096          the affected forum)
 2097 * [FIX] broken find function for orphan wiki pages
 2098 * [FIX] tracker categorization broken on tiki-admin_trackers.php
 2099 * [FIX] avoid login problems when tiki-index.php is the DirectoryIndex
 2100 * [FIX] current page was deleted without a trace when rolling back to a
 2101          previous version, resulting in the inability to undo a rollback and a
 2102          gap in version numbers
 2103 * [FIX] CATEGORY() plugin couldn't handle type=directory or type=forum
 2104 * [FIX] a forum home was selected even when none is set in Admin/Forums
 2105 * [FIX] directory category removal function left zombie subcategories and
 2106          member sites
 2107 * [FIX] buggy wiki page edit-conflict feature
 2108 * [FIX] users logging in from the Tiki homepage were not sent to their group
 2109          homepages
 2110 * [FIX] users logging in from any wiki page were redirected to the wiki
 2111          homepage
 2112 * [FIX] inner boxes created by embedding BOX plugins within each other had
 2113          messed up line spacing
 2114 * [FIX] author of a shoutbox msg changed to the shoutbox admin who edits the
 2115          message
 2116 * [FIX] name inputted by an anonymous user in Live Support was lost
 2117 * [FIX] overlib tooltips in moreneat.css extended across the entire screen
 2118 * [MOD] diff engine was replaced with LGPL code to avoid licensing issues
 2120 Version 1.8.3 - Polaris -
 2121 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess183>
 2122 * [FIX] sort_mode problem on FAQ questions (tiki-setup_base)
 2123 * [FIX] error message on tiki-faq_questions was reporting no menu
 2124 * [MOD] phplayers horizontal menu support added
 2125 * [FIX] tiki-modules cannot be called directly
 2126 * [MOD] Objects with set permissions show a green key icon instead
 2127          of ( ) around the yellow key icon.
 2129 Version 1.8.2 - Polaris -
 2130 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess182>
 2131 * [MOD] enhanced ticketlib in a second version
 2132 * [NEW] added check on vars to avoid XSS attacks
 2133 * [NEW] added an option in wiki admin panel to make use of dashes and
 2134          underscores optionnal in WikiWords
 2135 * [NEW] Confirmation on all destructive actions
 2136 * [NEW] index.php everywhere, which calls ../index.php until the top level
 2137          which will call tiki-index.php as normal
 2138 * [NEW] Some scripts cannot be called directly, so we divert to the index.php
 2140 Version 1.8.1 - Polaris -
 2141 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess181>
 2142 * [FIX] File and Image Galleries: Directory value shouldn't need "/"
 2143 * [MOD] Wiki Forum Discuss Broken with dropdown on Wiki Admin page
 2144 * [FIX] Forums : Show posts by age sorting broken
 2145 * [FIX] Wiki Split! (both the @@@ and the line breaks in columns)
 2146 * [FIX] forum attachment doesn't work
 2147 * [FIX] Taglines uploaded display with escapes
 2148 * [FIX] Shoutbox module's delete link doesn't work everywhere
 2149 * [FIX] WikiSyntax : Center- if colon in-line, centering breaks
 2150 * [FIX] search_box with Fulltext Search
 2151 * [FIX] Misspelled link in file /lib/calendarlib.php
 2152 * [FIX] Incorrectly specified wiki 'h4' heading
 2153 * [FIX] Blog Pagination links were out of sync
 2154 * [FIX] moreneat debug console has hard to see colours
 2155 * [FIX] Forums : individual RSS feeds not working
 2156 * [FIX] RSS not properly processing blogId
 2157 * [FIX] FANCYTABLE plugin generates wrong TD format
 2158 * [FIX] RSS feeds are sent with Wiki Formatting instead of HTML
 2159 * [FIX] RSS feed brakes in 1.8 RC3 - httprequest() in tikilib didnt return
 2160    any data
 2161 * [FIX] Newsletters: Subscribers get same unsubscribe code
 2162 * [NEW] topic filtering in wikiplugin_articles
 2163 * [FIX] File Gals:IIS REQUEST_URI not set in file download
 2164 * [FIX] lastLogin was the same as currentLogin
 2165 * [MOD] forums' new icon to show for topics new since last login
 2166 * [FIX] ARTICLES plugin wasnt showing the topic images.
 2167 * [FIX] mod-who_is_there Fixed missing quote marker
 2168 * [FIX] commzone/attzone area JS flip link fixed for all themes (comments and
 2169    attachments weren't staying to show in Konqueror) with more accessible
 2170    solution
 2171 * [FIX] Contact Anonymous fixed
 2172    remember to enabled the Contact Us and user Messaging features, set a
 2173    contact name on Admin->General and let anonymous use the messaging system
 2174    permission
 2175 * [FIX] Integrator that was unable to save new repository
 2176 * [FIX] iframe width in featured-link feature
 2177 * [FIX] Wiki quick help SQL plugin documentation
 2178 * [MOD] translation of 'by' and displaying of 'Anonymous' in
 2179    last_modif_pages module
 2180 * [MOD] translation of 'by' in wiki_last_comments module
 2181 * [FIX] breaks in the BOX plug-in
 2182 * [NEW] dropdown navigation for backlinks and structures in wiki pages
 2183 * [MOD] the module last_modif_pages so it don't display minor changes
 2184 * [NEW] Javascript added to shoutbox forms to limit
 2185    input to the 255 character table column width
 2186 * [MOD] diff to ignore newline characters
 2187 * [FIX] missing ?forumId= in tiki-forum(s)_rss.php
 2188 * [FIX] SPLIT and BOX plugins to render all wiki syntax properly
 2189 * [FIX] diff and source view to display special characters properly
 2190 * [FIX] external RSS feeds: first entry was not shown
 2191 * [FIX] more XHTML fixes (some ported from 1.7.x branch)
 2192 * [NEW] ARTICLES now includes Topic Filtering
 2193 * [NEW] new module last_category_items
 2194 * [MOD] Spelling Mistakes corrected
 2195    also modified the language files to reflect those changes, so not to
 2196    break the language translations
 2197 * [NEW] Added a check on Tiki Backup to remind you if your file and image
 2198    galleries are set to file system storage
 2199    German translation
 2200 * [NEW] RSS 2.0 output feeds support the author tag now
 2201 * [MOD] RSS: better looking stylesheet
 2202 * [MOD] RSS: Blogs now show title instead of a timestamp
 2203 * [MOD] RSS: if there is an empty item title, it gets replaced with a creation
 2204    timestamp of that item
 2205 * [MOD] RSS: forums rss shows author names now
 2206 * [NEW] avatars: user can choose to have no avatar if he has one currently
 2207 * [NEW] Added <>[]|)({}'"_-*#;:& to special character input marclaporte
 2208 * [MOD] Replaced the powered by RDF button with better quality one and aligned
 2209    all buttons vertically to middle
 2210 * [NEW] Belarus now has a tiki flag!
 2211 * [NEW] en-uk Language file, mainly because we british love our colour
 2212 * [NEW] adding a powered by Tiki logo on bottom bar
 2213 * [NEW] Added support for Atom output feeds, details see
 2214    http://bitworking.org/rfc/draft-gregorio-07.html
 2215 * [NEW] Added support for external Atom feeds, just add them on the rss feeds
 2216    page!
 2217 * [NEW] Added new module forums_last_posts, that shows the newest posts in
 2218    forums. prefixes like Re: or Aw: are removed prior to output
 2219 * [FIX] Corrected the alignment in neat theme for wiki page icons
 2221 Version 1.8 -Polaris-
 2222 <http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseProcess18>
 2223 * [FIX] removed invalid maxlength attribute and added js_maxlength to shoutbox
 2224 * [MOD] added js_maxlength smarty function
 2225 * [FIX] fixed a bug where the lastLogin wasn't updated when using
 2226    Pear::Auth (LDAP) and no passwords are in Tiki DB
 2227 * [FIX] fixed installer: structures upgrade
 2228 * [FIX] fixed installer: tiki_1.7to1.8.sql don't have to be run after comments
 2229    fix
 2230 * [FIX] fixed installer: security problems where unauthorized users could
 2231    break database settings and even could empty all tables.
 2232 * [FIX] structures creation fixed (mose)
 2233 * [FIX] fixed Forums - queued and reported messages broken (OneOfMany)
 2234 * [FIX] fixed tiki-user_bookmarks was missing a semicolon (jpf)
 2235 * [FIX] color in linkbut on tceti theme changed so its readable (dgd)
 2236 * [FIX] changed potentially dangerous defaults (link caching)
 2237 * [MOD] added option whether mail address should be checked at registration
 2238    (may not work on windows or may not work at all, so default is off). This
 2239    option was before hidden in the "system_os" setting.
 2240 * [FIX] fixed missing end quotes backported from 1.9 (Damian)
 2241 * [FIX] Error messages in RSS feeds are now readable in RSS readers
 2242 * [FIX] fixed the jspop issue in Image Galleries - identified by bnuz, commit
 2243    by damian
 2244 * [FIX] fixed the calendar to show the right weekdays applying the
 2245    CalendarBug2004 fix by rpg - gmuslera
 2246 * [NEW] added the tikiticket anti-CSRF system mose + Damian - more details on
 2247    TikiSecurity
 2248 * [NEW] added tiki-admin_system page for cache and compile operations (mose,
 2249    flo)
 2250 * [MOD] enabled fulltext search in search_new(flo)
 2251 * [MOD] added error_ticket templates for the metal themes and fixed error.tpls
 2252    Damian + Colorado
 2253 * [NEW] added check if cookies are switched on on browsers (if session is
 2254    handled via cookies) at logon time (flo)
 2255 - (rc3) ------------------------------------------------------------
 2256 * [FIX] fixed thumbnail generation in image galleries
 2257 * [FIX] structures moving items now works
 2258 * [FIX] fixed thread ordering setting in forum administration
 2259 * [MOD] extracted html from structure {toc} tree function,
 2260    and made 2 templates to manage that.
 2261 * [FIX] Reoccured problem with email_isPublic not honoured
 2262 * [NEW] Module to display pages where last comments added
 2263 * [MOD] added optionnal numebr of entries displaye in module titles
 2264 * [MOD] navigation buttons added to structures
 2265 * [MOD] refactoring modules templates system to be more generic
 2266 * [FIX] fixd some bugs in edit language admin panel
 2267 * [FIX] fixed a strange bug with images in articles
 2268 * [FIX] fixed user menu that had problem creating a new one
 2269 * [FIX] fixed bugs in quicktages
 2270 * [MOD] some refactoring : creation of initlib, cachelib, tablelib
 2271 * [MOD] improved global xhtml compatibility with more & changed in &amp;
 2272 * [FIX] fixed automatic url building in register site form
 2273 * [MOD] upgraded Smarty to 2.6 final version
 2274 * [FIX] fixed minor error handling in maps feature
 2275 * [MOD] enhancement of change textarea size in edit forms
 2276 * [NEW] added a new function in smarty for including phplayer
 2277 # [MOD] changed the way dropdoiwn lists are displayed in tracker admin
 2278 * [NEW] BlueMetal added by colloradoweb.com
 2279 - (rc2) ------------------------------------------------------------
 2280 * [MOD] Partly introduced customizable Quicktags
 2281 * [MOD] Wiki Structures provide more flexible relationships to wiki pages
 2282 * [MOD] Shoutbox enhanced to auto-replace URLs starting with 'http(s)|ftp(s)'
 2283    to active links and URLs starting with 'www' string. It's made optional.
 2284 * [MOD] All modules with numbers at left side (like ''last_...smth'' and
 2285    ''top_...smth'') now have -+nonums+- parameter which is inhibit numbers
 2286    output
 2287 * [MOD] The select list of countries in User Preferences is translantable now
 2288    and sorted alphabetically by translated strings
 2289 * [MOD] SPLIT wiki plugin now have two parameters: -+fixedsize+- and
 2290    -+joincols+-. Also it can split text by rows (use -+@@@+- as rows
 2291    delimiter)
 2292 * [MOD] New mail-in method: ''PREPEND'' -- opposite to ''APPEND''
 2293 * [MOD] Czech and Italian translations
 2294 * [NEW] TikiIntegrator
 2295 * [FIX] Calendar: no year input fixed
 2296 * [FIX] Fixed bug that caused changes to admin settings sometimes require a
 2297    page reload to appear
 2298 * [FIX] renamed lang/sp folder to lang/es for spanish language
 2299 * [MOD] Enhanced user menus so that the menu items only show if a
 2300    feature/permission/group is on. Added new application menu as sample.
 2301 * [FIX] fixed pagination in forums
 2302 * [FIX] fixed computation of number of queries
 2303 * [MOD] Trackers are now faster if you have a large number of
 2304    registred users
 2305 * [NEW] new search engine with background collecting of searchwords.
 2306    This search engine is database independent. Use the "new_search"
 2307    module to be able to use the new search engine.
 2308 * [MOD] all links that were displayed with [ link ] now use
 2309    linkbut css style for a more homogen navigation
 2310 * [FIX] fixed rankings for authors in wiki and cms
 2311 * [MOD] made possible for comments to rate articles
 2312 * [MOD] total rewrite of the search engine with reverse index
 2313    powers the search a lot ! uses highlighting feature.
 2314 * [FIX] fixed smileys not displayed in chat
 2315 * [NEW] added tikibot, the irc extension of tikiwiki, that uses
 2316    third party modules : wollabot and smartirc
 2317 * [NEW] site registering feature now make new tiki be added more easily
 2318    in tikiwiki.org directlory links
 2319 * [NEW] added an admin panel for custimisation of quicktags
 2320    those like icons in edit page that insert text with javascript
 2321 * [FIX] removed all unused duplicate templates from styles
 2322 * [FIX] removed all hardcoded path from smarty display method
 2323    so it will never complain about lacking tiki.tpl anymore
 2324 * [NEW] WebHelp generation from Tiki structures, you can dump a structure to
 2325    generate a webhelp static version with search capabilities that can be
 2326    distributed as a standalone version of the selected tiki pages.
 2327 * [NEW] Added 2 prefs cookie_domain and cookie_path for remember me cookie
 2328 * [MOD] An alternative module-switch_lang2
 2329 * [MOD] Allow article creators to edit their articles even if they don't have
 2330    the p_edit_article permission. Default behavior is unchanged, must be turned
 2331    on via the article types.
 2332 * [MOD] submissions can now be edited by the creator, even if they do not
 2333    have the p_edit_submission permission.
 2334 * [FIX] Fixed bug that caused all subscriptions to a newsletter to be deleted
 2335    if a new address was added.
 2336 * [FIX] lots of tempfile naming fixes
 2337 * [FIX] Avatars in articles now show correctly
 2338 - (rc1) ------------------------------------------------------------
 2339 * [MOD] tiki-install.php now tries to create the dirs it needs. Less need to run
 2340    setup.sh
 2341 * [NEW] Installation profiles allow for a pre-configured site at install time.
 2342 * [MOD] added a simple cache system for topic_image.php with optionnal
 2343    reload=1 as argument for forcing cache reload (performance gain in articles)
 2344 * [NEW] Customizable article types. Default types are Articles, Reviews, Events,
 2345    and Classifieds
 2346 * [MOD] some module info removed from tiki_user_assigned_modules, now it comes
 2347    from tiki_modules, as you would expect.
 2348 * [MOD] added an anchor jump to comments on comments and attachment links
 2349 * [NEW] Plugin to include information from an article.
 2350 * [MOD] Improved thread display of comments
 2351 * [NEW] newsletter enhancements - per newsletter determine whether users can
 2352    subscribe, whether the address must be validated, and whether to include an
 2353    unsubscribe msg when a newsletter is sent. Removed frequency as unused.
 2354 * [NEW] plugin for automatic link building of sourceforge tracker items
 2355    using {SF(aid=>xxxxxx)}{SF}
 2356 * [NEW] Editable dynamic variables can be added to tiki objects using %name%.
 2357    This allows quick editing and displaying of short information in wiki pages
 2358    and other objects.
 2359 * [NEW] Last n messages posted in a forum can be displayed when listing forum
 2360    topics to provide a quick access to the last posts in the forum regardless if
 2361    they are new topics or replies to an existing thread. This is optional and
 2362 the
 2363    number of post titles to display can be configured.
 2364 * [NEW] Wiki pages can be cached or not cached individually, this setting
 2365    overrides the global setting for caching wiki pages. (Allows to have all
 2366 pages
 2367    cached but one or no pages cached but some, refresh times can differ too)
 2368 * [FIX] Article topics no longer require an image file to be uploaded
 2369 * [MOD] Article pages now accepts type and topic parms to filter articles
 2370 * [NEW] Added a Jabber plugin {JABBER()} Needs local jabber server to run.
 2371 * [NEW] Basic error handling in function "query" in lib/tikilib.php
 2372 * [NEW] assign page permissions to whole structures
 2373 * [NEW] added an optional &highlight=word+otherword to highlight some words in
 2374    any page
 2375 * [NEW] admin topics now allows existing topics to be changed
 2376 * [FIX] fixed galaxia bugs while porting to adodb queries
 2377 * [NEW] added a module to switch themes
 2378 * [FIX] moved wiki table parse code behind link parse code
 2379 * [NEW] function targetBlank in tiki-js.lib
 2380 * [MOD] code plugin now accepts php syntax highlighting
 2381 * [NEW] Replace PEAR::DB with ADOdb to support PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, etc.
 2382 * [NEW] Added Real-time IRC (Internet Relay Chat) logging
 2383 * [MOD] Wiki pages can now belong to multiple structures

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