• Tiki13 was released on August 5, 2014.
  • If you are upgrading, please see #Upgrade.
  • It is the version immediately post-LTS, which means there are a lot of new changes and it is usually not as stable as the LTS or immediately pre-LTS versions.
    • Major changes have happened, including moving to the Bootstrap CSS framework.
    • The Bootstrap transition was planned to span 2 versions, so is not yet complete. As a result, Tiki 13 being the mid-way version might be "rough around the edges".
  • Please review the known issues below #Known_Issues_in_13.0.
  • It will be supported until 14.1 is released. See version lifecycle
  • The requirements will increase (IE9, PHP 5.5)

New Features Alphabetically sorted

1.1. Articles improved

1.2. Banning multiple registration IPs from user management

Since Tiki 13.1, admins can easily ban multiple IPs from spam registrations directly with just a few clicks. They can also optionally remove the user accounts and their user tracker items, as well as their user pages.

See Users

1.3. Bootstrap

See also #Themes below.

1.4. Console

Usual management tasks done through a console are now handled by a common console.php script with many paramters.

See Console

1.5. Frontpage can be created in html

The Tiki front page can be created in HTML format, if wysiwyg HTML mode is selected. This enables full inline editing of front page. http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/47565/

1.6. Goals

See Goals and Tutorial: Goals

1.7. Installation faster

The installation is faster than before. There is a batch of insert tiki_secdb during installation, if a mysql_data file exists and the user has a mysql file permission. http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/50986/

1.8. Jitsi

Added configuration for jitsi provisioning http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/49699/

See Jitsi

1.9. Layouts

1.10. Mail-in improved

Allow mail-in post comment on notification reply, fixed encoding issues, better reply-stripping for gmail http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/50660/

1.11. Mobile-ready display

There is no need to apply profile Mobile anymore on Tiki13.0, since it automatically adapts its display to mobile devices when needed.

1.12. Namespaces improved

Ability to force all non-namespace page links to same namespace of the page being edited http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/50755/

1.13. Notifications

Notifications have been revamped. See: Notifications and Tutorial: User Notifications

1.14. Payments improved

See Payments

1.15. Profile exporter improved

1.16. SEFURL improved

Search Engine Friendly URL (SEFURL) for Calendar events added to route and upcoming_events module http://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/49247/

1.17. Stored Search Queries

1.18. Surveys improved

There have been a few improvements to surveys:

  • Use sefurl for take_survey links
  • Make questions (drag & drop) sortable on admin questions
  • Allow control of the textarea toolbar per question, and add a "c" option to use the "comments" minimal toolbar
  • Added options for header type - newpage triggers pagination mode and inserts a page "break", and tag allows setting of heading type (default is h3)
  • Object permissions used for take survey and view stats
  • Allow showing of user's voted option in survey states
  • Added a drop down selector for user to show icon next to responses in stats, and other minor fixes

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Surveys

1.19. Terms and Conditions improved

1.20. Themes

File design.css has been renamed to tiki.css.

Some style themes have been converted to #Bootstrap (maybe at different degrees of completion at the time of this writing):

  • Fivealive
  • Jqui
  • TheNews

And some new Themes have been added:

  • Bootswatch themes. See bootswatch.com for more information (r50408, r50790)
    • Amelia
    • Cerulean
    • Cupid
    • Darkly
    • Lumen
    • Shamrock
    • Superhero
    • Yeti
    • ...and many more
Some Bootswatch themes incorporated
Amelia - Click to expand
Amelia - Click to expand
Cupid - Click to expand
Cupid - Click to expand
Shamrock - Click to expand
Shamrock - Click to expand
Yeti - Click to expand
Yeti - Click to expand

To use them (for instance, "cerulean"), you can select them at the panel Admin home > Look and Feel:

  • Theme selection: Bootstrap themes in the "styles" directory
  • Theme: bootswatch_themes
  • Theme options: cerulean

1.21. Trackers improved

1.22. User Encryption

See User Encryption

1.23. wikiLingo

wikiLingo has been added as experimental feature. (r49859, among other commits)

See wikiLingo

Known Installation Issues

Timeout when installing with InnoDB option

We are aware that a minority of users have timeout issues when choosing InnoDB instead of MyISAM as the database engine in the web installer. This is not a new issue and affected Tiki 12.2 also. This affects only certain server environments. The workaround for this problem is to install using MyISAM and then running db/tiki_convert_myisam_to_innodb.sql in order to convert the databases to InnoDB.

Problem with installing in subdirectory with a tilda

Users have reported problems with installing in subdirectories with a tilda (~) in the URL. This problem affects Tiki 12 too.


Information for upgraders to Tiki 13. Tiki 13 marks the beginning of a major change to the Bootstrap CSS framework for display. When upgrading an old site, you will experience disruptions in visual look and feel, but at the same time you will see much improvement to a modern and responsive look.

Nevertheless, you will need to upgrade your theme to Bootstrap, or choose a theme which is bootstrap-ready from somewhere else. Also, some reconfiguration will be required. Please see below.

For more information, see:

Since file design.css has been renamed to tiki.css, any customization to that design.css file on disk must be ported to the new tiki.css

Top and topbar modules

Note that top and topbar modules will now go full width by default. You will find that things like search and menu bars might be full width which is not what you want. To reduce their width, go to Admin..Modules and set under "Appearance" a "Containing Class".

For example, if you set the containing class to col-md-9 (e.g. the top menu on Tiki.org sites), the module will take up 9 out of the 12 columns of the bootstrap grid. If you set the containing class to col-md-3 (e.g. the top search bar module on Tiki.org sites), the module will only take up 3 out of 12 columns of the bootstrap grid.

jQuery-UI Theme may need to be set to something

In Tiki 12 you might have set the Jquery-UI theme to None in order to avoid other issues, but now in Tiki 13 you might find that jQuery-UI popups might have a transparent background. To fix this, simply set the jQuery-UI theme to something or reset it to the default.

Bootstrap style menus

If you have menus using the following syntax, e.g. in custom modules:

Copy to clipboard
{menu id=42 css=y type=vert}

You will need to add bootstrap=y on order to get the bootstrap version

Copy to clipboard
{menu id=42 bootstrap=y css=y type=vert}

Bootstrap has a mobile focused approach and so prefers to have one level deep menus as these are considered best for mobile devices. So for bootstrap style menus you should have section level 0 and options at Tiki menu administration.
If you want a deeper menu structure than set the "Use Bootstrap menus" option at module administration to "n" in order to escape Bootstrap styling and preserve multi-level menus (section level 1, section level 2, section level 3).

Click to expand
Click to expand

Use bootstrap=n in case you include a menu in a custom module or tpl.

Copy to clipboard
{menu id=42 bootstrap=n css=y type=vert}

Floated box class styles are now redundant

Instances of div classes in wiki text etc. (such as divs thirdfloat, to have display in 3 cols), should be replaced by Bootstrap grid divs.

More information:

Plugins need approval

After upgrading, if you have plugins throughout the site that need approval, you can goto tiki-plugins.php (as a admin) to approve them all. There is a button at the bottom of that page to approve all plugins.

Known Issues in 13.0

Known Issues in 13.1

  • Tracker validation is performed server-side from 13.1 onwards, as well as by the (optional) client-side validation using the jquery.validation feature (since 9.x). Previously, regex validation patterns needed to be "escaped" (i.e. backslashes needed to be doubled) to work in javascript, this is no longer the case and these patterns will need to be changed.

Removed features

  • Ability for users to toggle left or right columns on/off by themselves (a feature request to put this back exists)
  • Ability to override/let user control Module area visibility in Admin...Look and Feel is not possible anymore. If there is a module to show in the area, it will show automatically.
  • Nested wiki-plugins are not allowed in Custom Module anymore. It will cause a Smarty error.
  • Metrics Dashboard

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