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What is Kaltura?

Kaltura Community Edition is a free, open-source, on-premise Video Platform.

The platform enables video management, publishing, syndication and monetization, as well as providing a robust framework for managing rich-media applications, and developing a variety of online workflows for video. Kaltura On Prem CE also includes enterprise level administration and monitoring tools as well video analytics.

Kaltura has integrations with several applications, including Tiki. Please see the Kaltura Community

You can also subscribe to the hosted edition at http://www.kaltura.com (with a free test account)

Tiki is tested with Kaltura CE and Kaltura hosted services.

Why does Tiki offer a built-in integration?

To bring a wiki approach to video within the Tiki framework. The Tiki-Kaltura integration is built-in to Tiki (not a fragile 3rd party plugin).

Works with a Kaltura.com account or with the Community Edition (CE). All you need to do is configure the Kaltura admin panel within Tiki with the basic connection information and you are good to go!

The Tiki-Kaltura integration was started in Tiki4 as a “Google Summer of Code” project and evolved since.

Key features

  • Kaltura Contibution Wizard (KCW) to upload media (audio, video, image) under a user.
  • A gallery list of all the media (videos, images or audio) of a user.
  • Wiki plugin to include a Kaltura video on a wiki page -> PluginKaltura
  • Tracker field to include a Kaltura video on a tracker item -> Kaltura Tracker Field
  • View and edit an information about a user’s Kaltura entry.
  • Fined-grained permissions to use Tiki groups
    • Can upload video on kaltura server (tiki_p_upload_videos)
    • Can view kaltura entry (tiki_p_view_videos)
    • Can list kaltura entries (tiki_p_list_videos)
    • Can edit information of kaltura entry (tiki_p_edit_videos)
    • Can delete kaltura entry (tiki_p_delete_videos)
    • Can download kaltura entry (tiki_p_download_videos)
    • Can admin kaltura feature (tiki_p_admin_kaltura)

Kaltura tab

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To Access
From the Video page, click the Kaltura tab.

To get the values from Kaltura to enter into Tiki: Login to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC) -> Settings -> Integration Settings -> Account info

Kaltura tab
Kaltura tab

Setting Description Default
Activate the Feature
Kaltura Activate Kaltura Video
Kaltura/Tiki Config
Kaltura User: Your Kaltura User Name - you could use your host name
Kaltura Service URL: URL of the Kaltura Service
Kaltura Partner Settings
Partner ID: Your Partner Settings ID
User secret: Kaltura User Secret
Admin secret: Kaltura Admin Secret
Kaltura Dynamic Player
KDP UI Configuration ID: Kaltura Dynamic Player User Interface ID
KDP Widget ID: Kaltura Dynamic Player Widget ID (in doubt enter “_yourPartnerID” the underscope is important)
Kaltura Contribution Wizard
KCW UI Configuration ID: Kaltura Configuration Wizard ID

1.1. Setting up a Kaltura account in Tiki

To enable and Configure Kaltura, go to Admin Home > Features > New (tab) > Kaltura and complete the configuration parameters, which are described below:

Parameters for Kaltura in Tiki Admin panel

  • Sub-Partner ID:
  • Administrator Email:
  • Administrator Password:
  • Web Service Admin-Secret: This is your Admin Secret in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki.
  • Web Service Secret: This is your User Secret in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki.
The xml configuration files can created and stored on kaltura server through kaltura api Test Console. The stored xml configuration is identified by an id. The id of the desired configuration should be set as KCW UI Configuration Id in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki which is by default 36200. You can contact Kaltura for more customization. More Info
The xml configuration files can created and stored on Kaltura server through kaltura api Test Console. The stored xml configuration is identified by an id. The ids of the desired configurations should be set for KSE UI Configuration Id and KAE UI Configuration Id in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki which are by default 36300(KSE) and 1000865(KAE). You can contact Kaltura for more customization.

Below is a screenshot of the admin configuration page for Kaltura:

1.2. Using Kaltura feature in Tiki

To embed a Kaltura media into a wiki page, use Tiki wikiplugin syntax
Wikiplugin Kaltura
{kaltura id="entry id"}

See: PluginKaltura


There has been a huge revamp/simplification


Why use Kaltura instead of...

  • ... A free hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube?
    • Private videos, selling access via Tiki group subscriptions / shopping cart
    • No ads
    • Have own stats
    • Seamless integration in Tiki (Single Sign On, permissions, look & feel, etc.)
    • Open Source
      • You are in control of your data
      • You can self-host (and have your own domain name) or get a subscription from Kaltura.com
    • Will these free online services be around forever? You can make your own service.
  • ... just files in the Tiki File Gallery?
    • If you have desktop tools, and can generate a reasonably-sized file, you can also use the Tiki File Gallery. However, Kaltura converts any media file type to many formats and streams according to the the context of the person visiting the site (low vs high bandwidth, mobile, etc)


Kaltura is a very advanced and has its own terminology.

Kaltura default transcoding flavors

Entry - An entry is a media entity on the Kaltura servers. It can be an image, a sound clip, a video or a rough-cut wrapped with vast information such as dates, titles, tags, ratings etc.
User (Partner User) - Representation of a partner’s user in Kaltura’s database.

Widget - A widget represents a KDP (Kaltura Dynamic Player) which is either bound to a specific media clip (in the case of media embedded in an external site) or a KDP that can show a gallery of media clips which can be selected via flashvars and javascript calls.

UIConf - XML configuration file for various Kaltura components (KDP, KSE, KCW)

Kaltura Session - Kaltura servers authenticate calls using a KS (Kaltura session). A Kaltura session is generated using the startsession API call. Each KS includes a partner, sub partner, user id, API secret and optional privileges. The KS is used to call additional API calls and to allow the client side (Flex) components to send authenticated calls to Kaltura servers.
The user id passed in all of the Kaltura API calls is the user id on your system (e.g. a numeric id, screen name, email). Whenever a call is made, Kaltura’s system will implicitly create a record for the user on its servers.

Kaltura Player - The Kaltura Dynamic Player (aka KDP) is a highly flexible media player allowing any developer to create his own skinned version which may include different sets of components.

Contribution Wizard - The Kaltura Contributor Wizard (aka CW or KCW) is a customizable wizard enabling end users to upload media. The wizard supports multiple file uploads, webcam and microphone recording and importing media from external sources (e.g. YouTube, Flickr, etc.). The wizard lets developers add their own media provider flex modules. Contribution Wizard page can be used to start video uploader.

Kaltura Partner
A person or an organization with an account on the Kaltura system. Commonly, it is possible to become a Kaltura Partner either by manually signing up, or by registering to Kaltura during the installation process of a Kaltura application. Kaltura Partner ID is a numeric identifier, uniquely identifying one Kaltura Partner within the Kaltura database. On regestering for a Kaltura Partner account, you will get e-mail from Kaltura with the following information.

  • Partner ID: This is your Partner Id in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki.

Kaltura Dynamic Player, a highly flexible movie player. In order to embed a KDP on a web page a developer should first create a widget or use one of the available widgets which describes the settings of the required player. Every Kaltura partner is provided with a default widget identified by _{PartnerId} (For example, _201). KDP can be configured using an xml configuration file.The configuration file defines the graphical layout and functionality of the different parts of the player. The xml configuartion files can be created and stored on kaltura server throught kaltura api Test Consoleor through an UI wizard in the Kaltura Management Console. The id of the desired configuration should be set as KDP UI Configuration Id in the Kaltura Admin Configuration in Tiki which is by default 48411. More Info

  • Configuration id for the Kaltura Contributor Wizard (KCW) used to add more media.
Kaltura Contributor Wizard, Kaltura widget for content ingestion; a flash wizard that provide an easy to use, friendly, and customizable user interface for uploading and importing media and content. The CW can be configured using an xml configuration file. The CW configuration file defines different customization aspects:

  • List of media providers (e.g. file upload, webcam, import from different sources) available to the user.
  • Graphical skinning and locale of the different parts of the wizard.
  • Parameters defining the behavior of the wizard such as the default media provider.

For more information, visit:

Video Editing | Collaborative Video Editing | Wiki Video Editing | Video | Kaltura Video






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