Tiki 18.x is EoL


Branching for Tiki 18.0 occurred on November 23th 2017, and the release was done the 28th of January 2018.

It is a Long Term Support (LTS) version and will be supported for 5 years, thus until January 2023, as per the Tiki lifecycle policy.

Please note: SVN updates (for all versions of Tiki) will stop in January 2023 when Tiki18 reaches end of life

Tiki18 does not support utf8mb4 characters such as emojis.

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1. Additions and enhancements

1.1. Annotations

Annotations are now an optional replacement for Inline Comments.

1.2. Composer

1.2.1. Composer Web Installer

You can install external packages in Tiki, with different copyright license or made optional since they are too big and maybe not intended for all use cases, through a new Control Panel in Tiki:

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Composer Web Installer

1.2.2. Composer and Satis

  • All libraries were reviewed to fully take advantage of the convenience of Composer

1.3. Console

New actions can be run from the command line through console.php:

  • Wiki Plugins can be listed, refreshed and approved
  • Installer can be locked
  • Files can be copied or moved from a gallery to a regular directory on the filesystem (and inversely)
  • Fake Tracker items can be created (for performance testing, for instance) through Faker

See: Console

1.4. Database independence

As per the MariaDB vs MySQL strategy, several fixes were made to continue to support both:

1.5. Faker

  • Faker is a tool to generate fake data

1.6. Fallback for Tiki base URL

The full URL to the Tiki base URL including protocol, domain and path (example: https://example.com/tiki/), used when the current URL can not be determined, example, when executing from the command line.')

1.7. File Checker

1.8. H5P upgrade

  • H5P was upgraded from 0.12 to 0.16 (which is a major upgrade with lots of new features, and a database structure upgrade)

Enable admins to run the migration process from from the web and from command line (php console.php gallery:migrate )

1.10. Mcrypt dependency removal

Removing MCrypt as a dependency was done for User Encryption and work continues in upstream libraries. Ex: for SAML support.

1.11. Media Alchemyst

Media Alchemyst support has been added. Only PluginPreview for now, but more features from this library will be progressively added.

Menu management has been revamped. Now with drag and drop!

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Menu

1.12.1. Login-Box Module Menu

The login box in popup mode can now use a custom menu by using the menu_id parameter (mainly r64388)

1.13. Minification

  • Make the filenames of minified JavaScript files be based on the contents of all the files, not just the filenames, so that when anything changes within a file, i.e. after an upgrade or bug fix, browsers will automatically get the new version of the code (following clearing the tiki caches only). The CSS part is done in Tiki19

https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/65937 https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/65967 See Minify CSS

1.14. Multi-resolution images

See below #Plugin_Img

1.15. Path structure

See Path structure

1.16. Permissions

1.17. Pivot tables with subtotals

Subtotals have been added to pivot tables

1.18. Print

  • Advanced PDF settings introducted in control panel, PDF support added for trackers.
  • Change any global PDF generation setting for wiki page including cover pages, background images and colors, watermarks, autotoc, auto bookmarks, columns, custom headers, orientation, pages sizes and more. -> PluginPDF
  • Override settings for single page within PDF -> PluginPDFPage

1.19. Profiles

  • A dry-run option to profiles, to preview what will happen if the profile is applied.
  • Profile Rollback was added, including selective rollback

1.19.1. Profile Export: include-files

A new option 'include-files' has been added to Export Profiles from command line, so that Files in the FileGallery can also get exported files (instead of only allow url references). In addition, it also allows local file import.

1.19.2. Profile Export: tracker items

A new option 'tracker-item' has been added to Export Profiles from command line so that tracker items can be also included in the exported local profile.


1.19.3. Profile Export: -all option

Added to 18.2: Add option --all to profile export commands allowing it to export all settings


  • Calendars and Calendar Items will now appear in search results

Added in this commit

1.20.2. Search Engine Friendly URLs

1.20.3. PDFs are now searchable natively via Tiki

1.21. Sitemap

New: A built-in site map XML generator

1.22. Style Guide tool

1.23. Trackers

1.23.1. Now possible to convert certain tracker fields

  • dropdown, dropdown with other, radio buttons, email, text, url TO dropdown, dropdown with other, radio buttons, multiselect, email, text, text area, url
  • multiselect TO multiselect, email, text, text area, url
  • datetime and jscalendar TO each other
  • autoincrement, currency and numeric TO dropdown, dropdown with other, radio buttons, multiselect, text, text area, numeric, auto increment, currency

This was done in this commit

1.23.2. New Calendar Item Field

  • Inherits from the Date Picker field and creates a linked calendar item in the specified Calendar
  • The main aim is to allow recurring events to have a tracker item linked to it so tyou can add custom fields
  • Class name: Tracker_Field_CalendarItem

This was started in this commit

1.23.3. Minor change to Webservices Field with elasticsearch

  • For advanced use with custom smarty templates
  • The fieldname_json data is now indexed differently for elastic search, because storing json as plain text (with some values) prevents the item from being stored in the index.

N.B. This will require changes to custom templates using these values, i.e. from {$jsondata = $row.tracker_field_webserviceField_json|json_decode:true} to {$jsondata = $row.tracker_field_webserviceField_json|json_encode|json_decode:true} (the extra encode then decode is to change from objects to associative arrays for use in smarty)

See this commit for details

1.23.4. Formula 'clean' added to the mathematical-calculation field

The new formula clean (from the Advanced Rating Syntax language ) has been added to the Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field in Tiki 18.2

See Advanced Rating Syntax language

1.24. Translation

1.24.1. Preference are now translatable


1.24.2. Interactive Translation

When using interactive translation, text still not translated will be highlighted in red https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/64541

1.24.3. Upload translations

Let user upload CSV file to provide custom translations. https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/63416

1.24.4. Language selection for admin panel

Permits to have the admin panel in a different language than the rest of the site.

1.25. Unified Search Index reports engine and version

When the unified search index is rebuilt, there unified index engine and version are reported.

See Search and List from Unified Index

1.26. Wiki Pages

301 Redirect on Rename or Remove page. When you rename or delete a Wiki page, access to that page via bookmarks or search engines will fail. To prevent that, it’s possible to indicate a new page, to which an SEO-friendly, automatic redirect from the old page name is created.

Click to expand
Click to expand

1.27. Wiki Plugins

New or enhanced.

1.27.1. Plugin Img

Enhanced plugin. A new option called 'retina' was added. If you have a fixed width image, it will pull up a 2x version of the image for users with retina display (and 1x for users who don't). Note: source needs to be at least 2x the size of the width of the image being displayed.

See Multi-resolution images and PluginImg

1.27.2. Plugin List

Enhanced plugin. It can return only a given set of values, usefull to filter the results or return results in a spefic order.

See PluginList

1.27.3. Plugin PDF

Enhanced plugin. It allows to set a cover page.

See PluginPDF

1.27.4. Plugin PivotTable

Enhanced plugin. New renderers were added to allow displaying subtotal sums for rows in the table, through the addition of subtotal.js to the plugin.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See PluginPivotTable

1.27.5. Plugin TrackerCalendar

Enhanced plugin. It allows the user to set the colormap for the events based on the priority.

See PluginTrackerCalendar

1.28. Wiki Syntax and WYSIWYG

1.28.1. Multilevel style numbering for ordered lists

New preference "Multilevel style numbering for ordered lists" was added to "Editing & Plugins" control panel which allows to have Multilevel style numbering on ordered lists set globally (disabled by default).

1.29. Zend Framework

Zend Framwork has been upgraded to 3.x

2. Backwards-incompatible changes

Footnote reuse

The sameas ("Tag to existing footnote") parameter of the FOOTNOTE plugin was lost for Tiki18.0 and Tiki18.1. Sorry for that. It was restored for Tiki18.2. This is for keeping backward-compatibility for people who upgrade their old Tiki versions. New pages should use the parameter sameastag which is much better. (the issue is discussed in report #6584) The recognition of duplicate Footnote was also lost. They now show up twice in the footnotearea.

3. Upgrade

Elasticsearch 2.x to 5.x

If you are upgrading from Elasticseach 2.x to 5.x: Since ES automatically updates 2.x index to 5.x first time it starts - you can see some errors then. First time it rebuilds index might also show errors due to the automatic upgrade problems. However, once it builds the index on 5.x, then further rebuilds must not have errors. So, 2 index rebuilds after upgrade is the safest path to go.

General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.

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