Tiki 11 was initially planned for April 2013 although it was finally released in July 2013. It will be supported until version 12.1 is released, as of Version lifecycle.

Like Tiki10, the requirements are PHP 5.3.x

If you require pre-5.3 support, you can use Tiki9 which is a Long Term Support version.

Alphabetically sorted

1.1. Advanced Ratings

1.2. Check (improvements)

Added check for WinCache ByteCode Cache in tiki-check. See Server check


1.4. Composer added to manage external libraries

This has no impact on Tiki users but makes things better for developers. See https://dev.tiki.org/Composer , and the section called "#Upgrades" below, for more information.

1.5. Console

Tiki Console is to administer your Tiki instance via the command line. It is based on Symfony's Console Component. It can handle

  • Tiki install, configure, update
    • the equivalent to the former command 'php installer/shell.php'
  • Profile install and forget
  • Clear caches
  • Rebuild Search cache
  • ...

See Console

1.6. elFinder

See #Management_with_elFinder

1.7. File Galleries

1.7.1. Management with elFinder

File galleries allow using a new more visual way to manage files and folders, with drag and drop features within the file galleries, and also from a local desktop and the tiki file gallery.

Click to expand
Click to expand

For more information, see File Gallery & elFinder

1.8. Gravatar

Add option to use Gravatar for all user avatars: Gravatar

1.9. Google Analytics

1.10. Kaltura

See #Video below

1.11. Machine Translation

  • Support updated for Google Translate version 2 (v1 is no longer free)
  • Added support for Bing Translator

1.12. Mail

1.13. Modules

Now possible to hard code modules and module zones in templates

Displays all of the modules within a zone
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{modulelist zone=top}
Allows to hard-code the parameters of a module in a template
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{module module="search" title="xyz" ...}

This is useful for easy sync of Dev, Test, Prod : Configuration Management

There a new parameter to select type of object (wiki page, blog post, article, file gallery, etc) in module freetags_most_popular.

1.13.2. Module last_youtube_playlist_videos improved

The module accepts the param "orderby" to indicate the sorting order of the videos in the playlist shown, and its default came back to 'position', which is the official default by youtube.
See Module last_youtube_playlist_videos

1.13.3. Module to list top bloggers

Module to list top bloggers

1.14. OpenPGP

OpenPGP supported added.

1.15. Override of memory and time limits for certain operations

1.16. Payment

Example templates to create a basic, but functional, shopping site with Tiki 11. Used by the TikiKart profile, finally working!
(this is all still very experimental, still need to add custom search and lots more...)

1.17. Rating

Advanced rating can read categories and tracker item fields.

1.18. Replacing rewrite rules with a routing file

  • Search stats support for unified search

1.20. Session collision protection

1.21. Setup.sh

See the sections called "#Composer" above and "#Upgrades" below, for more information.

1.22. Themes

1.22.1. Updated in mods: many

Andreas08, Andreas09, CandiiClouds, Club Card, Faulkner, Fluid Index, Green Blog, Judy, Kubrick, LiteJazz, Milkyway, Mittwoch, Mollio, Planetfall, Smooth, Tikipedia, Twenty Ten, Underground,

1.22.2. New: Greenvalley

New theme kind of nature working fine also with rtl languages.

1.22.3. New: Uthopias

New Utopias theme & options another, attainable, foundation, greycard, north, spaces, writer.

1.22.4. New: Horizons option in teal frmo jqui

New: jqui - Horizons option in teal

1.23. Trackers

1.23.1. Inline editing

There is a new feature in trackers to allow Inline editing of items (using ajax_inline_edit), from the list of displayed items. Once enabled, the list can be edited from the tracker item listing itself.

You will see this icon Image next to each value that can be edited inline.

Click to expand
Click to expand

In addition, lists of items generated from PluginTrackerList or from PluginTrackerFilter can be editable also if the corresponding new param "editable" (with the list of fields to be editable) or "editableall=y" are used:

Click to expand
Click to expand

For more information, see Tracker Inline edit

1.23.2. List Trackers: added autocomplete to the find field

1.23.3. Tracker Fields: Kaltura

1.23.4. Tracker Fields: Math

New 'Math' tracker field added to calculate a value from the other fields.-> Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field

1.23.5. Tracker forms enhanced with library 'Chosen'

You can choose a value from a dropdown box by selecting the items in the list through scrolling down, as usual, or you can nowadays filter the list values based on the text you type at the top.

Click to expand
Click to expand

Similary, section to allow multiple selection of items can be shown in a small but enhanced dropdown box, which allows the user to select one or many of the options, remove then from the list in the text field at the top:

Click to expand
Click to expand

Additionally, you can also filter the values displayed in the dropdown so that only those matching your typed text are shown in the list (only the ones starting with "D" in the example below: Documentation and Dogfood a *.tiki.org site.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Improve Tracker Forms

1.24. Translations

1.24.1. Custom JavaScript translations

Custom JavaScript translations: You can place a file at lang/xx/custom.js for your language with any custom translation for the JavaScript related messages, even if it could contain any valid JavaScript

1.24.2. Bing Translate support

Added Bing Translate support for machine translation

1.25. Video

  • Kaltura plugin allows to display videos with an html5 player, so that they can be viewed with some browsers in standard smartphones (tested as ok in Firefox on Android, and Safari on iPhone).

1.26. Wiki

1.26.1. Flagged Revisions

Many enhancements, including batch approval and reporting on status of Flagged Revisions.

1.27. Wiki Plugins

1.27.1. New: Plugin ListExecute

See PluginListExecute

1.27.2. New: PluginPref

Simple plugin to allow global preference check and display content depending on the condition. See PluginPref

1.27.3. Enhanced: Plugin TrackerList & TrackerFilter

There is a new feature in trackers to allow Inline editing of items (using ajax_inline_edit), from the list of displayed items. Once enabled, you can use some new params in these plugins, to allow some displayed fields to be editable (param "editable", with the list of fields to be editable), or the whole list of displayed items (with param "editableall=y")

See PluginTrackerList or PluginTrackerFilter for more information.

** Upgrades **

Things to watch out for

  • Composer Many externals have not yet been moved to Composer
  • URL Rewriting Revamp
  • CKEditor4
  • jQuery, jQueryUI and jQuery Mobile to be updated to the latest stable versions.
  • elFinder is optional but it could affect some things in File Gallery
  • Blog posts with content containing HTML may not display properly after upgrading - place the blog post content within PluginHTML to solve this issue. PluginHTML needs to be approved - if you are converting many blog posts go to tiki-plugins.php to approve in bulk.


When installing or updating through subversion, some external libraries are nowadays handled differently (using "composer"):

Click to expand
Click to expand

This also means that you might have to install some extra packages such as php5-gmp php-compat in your server (or request to have them installed for your), for optimal work by phpseclib. Otherwise, you might see this type of message:

phpseclib/phpseclib suggests installing ext-gmp (Install the GMP (GNU Multiple Precision) extension in order to speed up arbitrary precision integer arithmetic operations.)
phpseclib/phpseclib suggests installing pear-pear/PHP_Compat (Install PHP_Compat to get phpseclib working on PHP = 4.3.3.)

You can install them in Debian-based server (adapt to your OS if different) with a command like:

Command in a console
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sudo apt-get install php5-gmp php-compat

To install on Mac OSX (Moutain Lion 10.8) it have to be tricked a little bit as Mac OSX Unix doesn't come with some basic command we usually use (like apt-get or wget, etc).

You can install http://www.macports.org/" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">MacPorts (xcode will be required too, follow the install guide) to get usual set of command required to install what Composer need.
Then you'll be able to do:

Command in a Mac Terminal once MacPorts in installed
Copy to clipboard
sudo port install php5-gmp sudo port install php5-mcrypt

It is also required you install PEAR php_compat. (since Mac OSX 10.5)

Command in a Mac Terminal once MacPorts in installed to check and install PEAR/PHP_COMPAT
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which pear (to check anyway if it is installed) sudo wget http://pear.php.net/go-pear.phar sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar

You should have no more worries installing Tiki and Composer stuff on Mac OSX.

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