Tiki9 was first released on June 26th, 2012 and is a Long Term Support (LTS) version and thus will be supported until November 2015. (when Tiki 16 is released)

This is the last version which supports PHP 5.2.x. But really, PHP 5.2.x is no longer supported by PHP itself so you should upgrade to PHP 5.3 See: Version Lifecycle

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Development of Tiki9 started after 8.0 Beta was released. Tiki7 and Tiki8 were huge releases. Tiki9 is expected to be more modest because it's an LTS. Tiki10 is expected to be bigger than Tiki9, but likely not as big as 7.

(alphabetically sorted)

1.1. Articles show similar articles based on common freetags

The Articles feature has been enhanced to show links to similar articles at the bottom of one article, based on a number of similar Freetags in common between them.

1.2. Batch actions

Some batch actions have been improved so that they can be run based on a url with a token access. They comprise:

See Batch and Token Access

1.3. Banning spammers from Action Log data

There is a new option to allow selection of multiple items shown in the action log interface, and sending that information of their ip's to the banning feature, with the minimum number of clicks to have multiple ip's banned at once:

For more information, see Banning

1.4. BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton (BBB) system for audio/videoconference allows recording the meetings since BBB 0.8. Tiki nowadays can show the recordings to users without the permission to join the meeting, since a new permission tiki_p_bigbluebutton_view_rec has been added.

For more information, see: BigBlueButton

1.5. Calendar

1.5.1. Calendar names translatable

Calendar names are now translatable (but not individual events).

  • This is useful if you have a calendar ID which has events in several languages. Ex. Training/Formation for CalendarID #4 and each event's info (ex.: name/description) can be in any language or you can make bilingual. The translation of the calendar name label is done like any other translation string in Tiki (lang/**/language.php or lang/**/custom.php or Interactive Translation. See Calendar

1.5.2. New interface "FullCalendar"

A new interface called "FullCalendar" in tiki has been added, which allows to edit events through drag and drop edition of items in the calendar. See FullCalendar.

1.5.3. Calendar: new options

New options have been added to set default new events to all day, and another option to put the name of the event on each day. See Calendars.

1.6. Cron jobs

Some webhosts don't allow users to set up cron jobs in shared hosting. To avoid this issue, Tiki9 includes another system to manage cronjob calls in a tiki site, in order to allow launching cron jobs from external servers with a special security token.

See Cron jobs.

1.7. Daily reports

Daily reports feature has been internally revamped, and has a few improvements for end users. These include improvements in internationalization of messages sent, footer added to messages, and tracker item comments are also include in the reports.

1.8. Draw

Draw has the ability to edit tracker files (through the tracker 'files' field) and wikiplugin_img.
(ref r39344)

1.9. File galleries

1.9.1. Maximum displayed name converted to a preference

Maximum displayed name length a pref (default now 40)

1.9.2. Thumbnails with transparency (png with transparent bg supported)

Thumbnails use png image format for thumbnails if the source file is .png. This preserves transparency in thumbnails.

1.9.3. VCS

File Gallery include a simple version control system (VCS), which adds revision information to file versions. (Ref. r38587, r38596 in trunk)

1.9.4. Wiki Attachments in File Galleries fixed

There is a new preference to allow handling attachments in file galleries which is fixed in Tiki9 (r38997).

1.10. File upload improvements in text areas (and new toolbar icon)

New icon and tool in the textarea toolbars allows for faster insertion of file in file galleries for end users, with a reduced number of clicks.

1.11. HtmlFeeds

Introduced in Tiki9, this feature adds a way to push and pull html bits around from one site to another. See Html Feeds.

1.12. Image directory revamp

The 3 directories for image storing (images/, img/, img/) has been consolidated under img/ directory. See details here

Clear Tiki cache after upgrade, otherwise you get missing icons

1.13. Map Improvements

Additional improvements were made on mapping support to improve the integration with OpenLayers.

  • Ability to use different base layers (OpenStreetMap, Google Street/Satellite/Physical)
  • Create tracker items from the map view (when using the tracker input module)
  • Display search results with periodic refresh on the map using arguments on the map plugin
  • Associate icon to the tracker items rendered on the map
  • Improved pop-up/infobox
  • Added support for Google Street View
  • Added the possibility to Draw over Maps via OpenLayers tools.
  • And many more.

This was done for the CartoGraf project, an interactive web-based mapping application to enhance learning in history and geography classes in high schools. CartoGraf is mainly based on Maps, Drawings, PluginAppFrame and Trackers. This is a great example of how to use profiles to use a general purpose app (Tiki) to make a very specific application (CartoGraf).

Some enhancements to the menu admin which include some usability improvements, separated sections into tabs, fixed "quick urls" box, added autocompletes for pages, prefs and perms, and improved preview.
See Menu

From 9.2 you can also use wiki syntax (including plugins) in menu labels to allow customized formatting and special effects.

1.15. Modules: new and updated

1.15.1. module map_edit_features

New module, to edit features on Maps and adapt tracker input/markers to avoid internal conflicts in OpenLayers. See Module map_edit_features.

Improved Module. The module has been improved to display blog posts or articles grouped by months and years, and when clicking in a month, the list of posts or articles will be expanded in real time to shown their titles.

1.15.3. module users_own_rank

New module, which shows the users' own rank and score in the 'My Score' module.

1.16. Multilingual Articles improved

Multilingual articles had some issues fixed and some interface improvements has been added

1.17. PDF from (jQuery.S5) Slideshow

Slideshows using jQuery.S5 allows to print the presentation in a single PDF file, using "dompdf" library, already included in Tiki9.

See PluginSlideshow

1.18. Plugins: new and improved!

1.18.1. Pending approval notification

The feature "Plugin pending notification" in "Admin home > Editing and plugins > Plugins (tab)" has been improved since its addition in Tiki7. It currently sends a copy of the plugin pending aproval in the email message to the admin users.

See Plugins for more information.

1.18.2. Plugin AppFrame

New plugin allowing to integrate various wiki pages and modules into a custom frame divided into tabs and columns. The frame will take up as much space as possible in the screen.

See PluginAppFrame.

1.18.3. Plugin Category Transition

New plugin that displays controls to trigger Category transitions for any object. See PluginCategoryTransition

1.18.4. Plugin Contribution Dashboard

New plugin that lists users contributions to your work. See PluginContributionsDashboard

1.18.5. Plugin Convene ("Doodle"-like)

New plugin that allows a group to indicate their prefferences for the best option to convene a date for a meeting, action, etc. The interface and purpose is very similar to the basic goal that is commonly achieved by using the website "Doodle" (http://doodle.com).


See PluginConvene

1.18.6. Plugin Countdown

Many fixes and improvements to PluginCountdown have been implemented.

1.18.7. Plugin Exercise

New plugin. See PluginExercise

1.18.8. Plugin HTMLfeed

New plugin. See PluginHTMLfeed

1.18.9. Plugin Page Tabs

Introduced in Tiki9, it allows the display of content in Tabs, where tabs = wiki pages.
(ref. r39020). See PluginPageTabs.

1.18.10. Plugin List

New parameters maxRecords and offset added, and use the preference for maximum records if this is not set in plugin parameters. See PluginList.

1.18.11. Plugin Map

Improved plugin, which currently allows to specify layers to load via search. See PluginMap.

1.18.12. Plugin MemberPayment

Improved plugin, which currently allows for giving of free periods on the purchase of at least 1 real full period. Moreover, the plugin shows 2 decimal places even if there is only one. See PluginMemberPayment.

1.18.13. Plugin Now

Display the current date or time -> PluginNow

1.18.14. Plugin Report

New plugin, that builds a Report, stores it in a wiki page, and has the ability to edit it from the wiki page itself. See PluginReport.

1.18.15. Plugin Slideshow

It includes the option to generate a PDF from the presentation itself. See PluginSlideshow

1.18.16. Plugin Timesheet

This plugins allows to use the new feature #Timesheet inside a wiki page.

See PluginTimeSheet


1.18.17. Plugin TrackerFilter

It allows filtering for the fields Tags Tracker Field and Auto-Increment Field.
And basic support has been added for Item link field type also.

1.18.18. Plugin WYSIWYG

This plugin permits to have a WYSIWYG section for part of a page. For example, you want to use WYSIWYG for a table, but keep most of the page as wiki syntax.


1.19. Profiles

Tiki9 allows to update tracker item via configuration profiles.

1.20. Reports

A new feature for reporting based on other tiki features has been added, deprecating the previous partial "tracker reports". See Reports.

1.21. Search: shell script added for cron and index maintenance

Shell script for use in cron tasks for search index maintenance. See Search and List from Unified Index and Cron.

When using Lucene Search, now:

  • the page alias is displayed if the page is in a Structure and an alias is set
  • the search result snippet can be wiki parsed (pref in admin screen)
  • content items in designated Categories can be excluded from search results (pref in admin screen) - this stops the items from being indexed so a Rebuild Index is needed whenever this is used/changed

1.22. Security

A new preference has been added (trust_input) to allow (or disallow) the tiki_p_trust_input permission in a tiki-wide sense to increase security. It defaults to n for safety. See General Security

1.23. SEO enhancements

You can now automatically generate a site map for SEO performance. See Search Engine Optimization for details.

1.24. Server Check

The "Server check" feature (tiki-check.php) was introduced in Tiki 9.2. and it checks if the server is appropriately configured for Tiki. See: Server Check

1.25. Smarty updated to 3.1

Smarty, the template engine used in Tiki, has been updated to its version 3.1.
More information for developers (end users shouldn't notice too much difference):

1.26. Spam protection through multiple ip banning from comments and action log

Spam protection as been enhanced by means of adding the ability to send multiple ip information to the Admin Banning directly from either the Comment moderation or from the Action log.

1.27. Structures

See #Wiki_Structure_enhancements below

Introduced in Tiki9, this feature allows to create a dynamic compendia. See TextBacklinkProtocol

1.29. Themes

Raspberry theme option added for FiveAlive theme. See Themes

1.30. Timesheet

Timesheet allows to track time spent on different tasks and projects. It uses an special Jquery plugin called JTrack, which allows to have time counters on even if the users closes the browser or logsout for some reason. It is avery useful feature for project management, in which workers are expected to record the time spent on different tasks.


See TimeSheet

1.31. Token Access

It has been improved with an interface in the admin panels, and another interface to manage created tokens and create new ones. Moreover, tokens can have no limit in time or clicks. See Token Access

1.32. Trackers

1.32.1. Exporting items improvement

New option added to export ItemLink fields by reference instead of displayed value for cases when the purpose is to reimport later. See the new checkbox saying "Export ItemLink type fields as the itemId of the linked item (to facilitate importing)". For more information, see also Item Link.

1.32.2. Files field allows replacing files instead of just adding them in file galleries

Tracker Files field has the ability to replace existing file, instead of simply adding files in the file gallery. See Files Tracker Field

Some new parameters have been added to tracker field "item link", which allows selecting more than one item from Tracker B as linked with that item in Tracker A, and many other improvements.


See Tracker Field Item Link.

1.33. TRIM

The Tiki Remote Instance Manager (TRIM) supports to backup wordpress instances. See TRIM and WordPress importer.

1.34. Wiki Structure enhancements

1.34.1. Structure management with drag & drop

Nodes from Wiki Structures can be moved around in the tree through drag and drop.
In addition, "add new page" form has been moved into a dialog and add + buttons have been added to page actions

See Structures

1.34.2. Structures allows management delegation

The permission to edit structures (tiki_p_edit_structures) has now object scope, which allows to delegate it's management to some groups of users, without granting the same permission globally or to the other structures.

This management allows to add new pages to the sttucture or to move pages to different positions in the same structure.

See Structures

1.35. WYSIWYG enhancements

  • WYSIWYG editor which saves in Wiki syntax (instead of HTML) has been improved quite a bit.

To activate: tiki-admin.php?page=wysiwyg -> Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG

Tiki9 add a new option, Visual Wiki.
It is available from the WYSIWYG admin panel "Use Wiki syntax in WYSIWYG" and can be set on or off. With Visual Wiki, Wiki syntax and HML can be used together on the same text area.
It still have some limitations as it is very new. (note: it is experimental (!)

Setting it on add a new toolbar set "Visual Wiki" in conjunction with previous Wiki and WYSIWYG toolbar that stay the same as previous version.


Upgrade from Tiki8

If you had some toolbars with custom icons, you might need to reset them, since there was a general directory revamp of icons in Tiki, and the toolbar admin interface won't work with these "bad" tools in there, if the icon paths are wrong.

  • There is a "delete all custom tools" option that you can launch with this url:
  • ... and you should get a confirm message - confirm it and all the custom tools will be gone. You will have to remake them afterwards with the correct icon paths.

Hopefully there will be an upgrade script to fix this before Tiki 9, but just in case, and for early tester, this workaround should do.

Upgrade from earlier than Tiki8 (Tiki6 LTS, ...)

Besides reading the general Upgrade notes, keep in mind also that Tiki7 introduced several major changes from prior versions. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you are encouraged to read first the pages describing the changes introduced in earlier versions of Tiki, such as:

If you were using trackers in your Tiki configuration profiles, beware of the changes in the tracker fields. See the section Profiles in the Tiki8 page.

Upgrade steps

Remember these steps if you are upgrading from a previous version up to 9.

  1. Read the general Upgrade notes, if you haven't done so in the last few years.
  2. Remember to run setup.sh again (if you have console access).
  3. Beware of changes in modules and their management:
  4. Check these two pages for notes specific on upgrading your theme style:
    Keep in mind that your Custom site header might be gone, in which case you'll need to manually re-do it using module management.

    In other cases, custom top bar code or other custom sections you had coded in Admin Home > Look & Feel > General Layout Options might be misplaced. If so, go to Admin > Modules and set the proper order of the modules (see Theme Header Modules for more information on the proper order for header modules).
  5. You might need to re-approve some of your plugin calls.
    Go to http://example.org/tiki-plugins.php as admin and approve them all (after revision, if needed, as always)

See Upgrade for more details.

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