Tiki 12.0

  • Tiki12 was released on 2013-11-30
  • This is the last version that will support IE8
  • It is a Long Term Support (LTS) version. It will be supported until 2018-11-30. (5 years). See version lifecycle
  • Upgrading from Tiki9 LTS? See this page instead: Tiki12 from Tiki9

Tiki 12.1

  • Released on 2014-05-08
  • Improved installation, admin, and user wizards
  • Performance improvements
  • Shopping cart enhancements
  • Expanded Tiki profiles
  • Better Facebook login integration
  • Mobile mode
  • AJAX improvements
  • Security: updated to HTML Purifier 4.6.0
  • ...

Tiki 12.2

  • Released on 2014-05-19
  • 62 new commits (revision 51384 to 51156), excluding duplicates, merges and release-related commits.
  • The payment heading in Tiki Cart is now preference
  • Tracker Item creation dates are indexed now
  • Setup.sh script can now be run with 'composer' param in non-interactive mod and other improvements
  • Improved description of the zend_mail_queue feature for the cases when SMTP is used for email delivery from Tiki.
  • New profile 'Sortable Tables' (showcasing Jquery Sortable Tables feature) added to the Profiles Wizard
  • TrackerRender search formatter can display the status icon now
  • Enhancement needed by the former request of a Deliberation feature: New forum setting to allow optional display in each forum reply to a thread topic of the Rating by each user to that forum thread topic. Use case: ease the task to reach consensus on deliberations (in forum threads) by identifying in a more clear way the position (topic rating) of each person on that topic at each moment on the discussion. Thanks Marti Olivella
  • New Wiki argument Variables, to help in scenarios of managing iso9001-powered documentation systems and such, where you need to expose some info like 'last version number', 'last author', and 'last modif' (for wiki pages and/or tracker items) to the wiki page with a special header to include this information. This way, wiki pages can be printed easily conforming the iso9001 document specifications, etc. Ref: http://dev.tiki.org/item5112
  • Show RealName instead of login name in the corresponding wiki argument variables related to "Author" if the Real Name exists and the preference to display real names where possible is enabled. Ref: https://dev.tiki.org/wish5112
  • Secure data/password storage, using mcrypt. Backport of User Encryption
  • Custom Search: File based tpl can be now used as search template
  • Registration: New "secret" key pref to restrict access to tiki-register php. Visitors (i.e. bots) arriving on tiki-register.php without this key parameter are sent back a 404 not found error and redirected to the home page.
  • Lot of enhancements to the Profiles Wizard
  • Improved jQuery-UI date picker for better CSS styling
  • Added IsraelPost payment gateway
  • For fixes see https://doc.tiki.org/Tiki12#Fixed_in_12.2

Tiki 12.3

  • Released on 2014-11-14

Tiki 12.4

  • Released on 2015-05-23

Tiki 12.5

  • Released on 2016-01-17

Tiki 12.6

  • Released on 2016-02-02

Tiki 12.7

  • Released on 2016-06-08

This had a regression which made it incompatible with PHP5.3 in some circumstances. Please use Tiki12.8 instead.

Tiki 12.8

  • Released on 2016-06-13
  • This version includes critical security fixes so Tiki users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

Tiki 12.9

  • Released on 2016-07-06

Tiki 12.10

  • Released on 2016-12-14

Tiki 12.11

  • Released on 2017-01-21

Known Installation Issue: Composer error

For people who install through svn up then sh setup.sh, the "c" command sometimes blows up with a:
Could not scan for classes inside "vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/sysplugins/smarty_security.php" which does not appear to be a file nor a folder.
This does not happen reliably, but it is easy to step around with a simple:

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rm -rf vendor/smarty/

Then sh setup.sh works fine.

Known Installation Issue: Timeout when installing with InnoDB option

We are aware that a minority of users have timeout issues when choosing InnoDB instead of MyISAM as the database engine in the web installer. The workaround for this problem is to install using MyISAM and then running db/tiki_convert_myisam_to_innodb.sql in order to convert the databases to InnoDB.

Page contents:

What is new or improved in Tiki 12

1.1. Activity Stream

It allows to create social network activity streams within Tiki. In order to create them, you will need to define what the important events are in your system. Events like "tracker item created" or "wiki page modified" will rarely make sense to your users looking at an activity stream. Instead, they may be interested when photos posted by their friends. The activity stream feature allows to intercept system event, filter them and trigger new events. These new events can be recorded and indexed, which will allow them to be displayed in an activity stream.

See PluginActivityStream

1.2. Admin users

You have many more filtering options to select users from the users list. You can filter by a search string in the username, by exact email, by the fact that users didn't validate their account, etc. All of them using the jQuery Sortable Tables feature.

Click to expand
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See jQuery#jQuery_Sortable_Tables

1.3. Admin wizard

See #Admin_Wizard below

1.4. Advanced Rating

Some new functions have been added in Tiki 12.5: less-than, more-than and contains.

See Advanced Rating

1.5. Articles

Links are shown at the top of the page, as in other tiki features, to add a new article or submission, or view/list articles, provided that the user has the permission to do that action.

See Articles

1.6. Auto TOC

Automatic generation of Table of Contents (TOC) for all wiki pages. The page author doesn't have to do anything.

Auto TOC generates 2 tables of contents.

  1. a static TOC - Listed on the left, the top or on the right of the page. The TOC is inserted into the page content at runtime.
    • Example:
      Click to expand
      Click to expand
  2. a floating TOC - shown only when you scroll down past the top of the page. Includes a quick "Back to Top" link, in addition to the page TOC
    • Example:
      Click to expand
      Click to expand

See also: Auto TOC

1.7. Banning multiple registration IPs from user management

Since Tiki 12.3, admins can easily ban multiple IPs from spam registrations directly with just a few clicks. They can also optionally remove the user accounts and their user tracker items, as well as their user pages.

See Users

1.8. Blogs

Private blog post links are filtered from other users on adjacent blog navigation link.

See Blogs

1.9. Categories

There is a new preference so that the object count can be disabled on tiki-browse_categories for large sites (over 40 seconds to load on one example site for instance).

See Categories

1.10. Console

New commands have been integrated in the console.php script:

  • console.php mail-queue:send (or m:s), for Mail Queue (added in Tiki 12.2)
  • console.php daily-report:send (or d:s), for Daily Reports (added in Tiki 12.3)

See Console

elFinder was introduced in Tiki 10 as an optional feature, and it is intended to replace the previous file gallery manager in Tiki 12. It allows using a new more visual way to manage files and folders, with drag and drop features within the file galleries, and also from a local desktop and the tiki file gallery.

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For more information, see File Gallery & elFinder

1.12. Forums

New forum setting to allow optional display, in each forum reply to a thread topic, of the Rating by each user to that forum thread topic.

Useful to ease the task to reach consensus on deliberations (in forum threads) by identifying in a more clear way the position (topic rating) of each person on that topic at each moment on the discussion.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Forum Admin and Rating

1.13. Friendship Network

Complete re-implementation, removing the neglected mention on the feature. Changes include:

  • Configurable relationship types
    • Followers (like Twitter)
    • Followers require approval
    • Friends (like Facebook)
  • Friend's PluginActivityStream on the Friendship Network page (requires some configuration)
  • Friend List module can be used anywhere to manage friends or followers
  • Internal: Functionality exposed as services to allow lightweight integration into other features

See Friendship Network

1.14. Inline editing

1.14.1. Wiki Inline editing

Edit wiki pages inline, in a similar way to the feature Tracker inline edit that was added in Tiki11: Fix a typ-o in 3 seconds. Inline editing is a fast and highly user-friendly way to edit wiki pages in wysiwyg mode.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Wiki Inline Editing

1.15. Layout Switching

1.16. Mail Queue fixed

Mail Queue has been fixed. See Mail Queue, which can be very useful in very active sites sending lots of notification emails. (N.B. Historical note: Prior to Tiki 12.2 the command was ./sendmail.php)

1.17. Mail debug

A new option "File (debug)" has been added to the "General Admin Panel > General preferences (tab) > Mail > Mail Sender" to allow the site admin to debug any potential issues with the sending of emails related to notifications, user or groupwatches, etc.

The emails are still recorded in the Tiki System Log as if they were sent, but they are stored as files on disk under this folder and file structure:

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See General Preferences.

1.18. Mail-in improved

Mail-in service has been fixed and updated in Tiki12

The new things include

  • Structure routing. Link mailed-in content to a structure. User filters specify routing rules.
  • Inline images (HTML email). These pages are written in HTML.
  • Permission checking and ability to block anonymous and admin users.
  • Users are required to have both edit and attach permissions to save a wiki page
  • Possible to auto-assign new pages to a category and a namespace
  • Possible to disable email sending by Mail-in system.
  • Manual email check trigger in the mail-in admin panel
  • Several fixes, including subject encoding

The Mail-in service is a fast way to generate wiki pages, if the content is already on email or can be emailed.

For more information, see Mail-in

1.19. Maps

Tiki12 adds further map capabilities as follows:

  • allow import of map path/zone tracker data from a file instead of the existing SVG draw method of data entry. From 12.1 a new "Index As Map Layer" option (defaults to No) has been added to the Files tracker field for an uploaded file (scroll to the end of the Options list to find this new one). A drop down list allows the selection of the file format to be either geoJSON or GPX - however the map projection must (at present) be EPSG:4326. This new capability overcomes the previous limitations with the Geographic Feature field to import existing data. A tracker should either have the Files field or the Geographic Feature field.
  • have more admin control over individual path/zone display characteristics ie line colour, type, thickness etc. From 12.1 the properties element of the XML-like structured file uploaded to a File Gallery and used in the tracker Files field as discussed above can have a wide range of parameters that can set the stroke-color, stroke-width etc for the individual display object.
  • From 12.1 POI icons now positioned so that the location point is the bottom middle of the 'pin'
  • a 'hand' cursor icon is shown when a POI/Zone is hovered over to indicate it is clickable
  • there is 'admin' control over what is shown in the POI/Zone pop-up box: the bubble/dialog (popupstyle parameter options - in map plugin) content could already be highly customised using /templates/object/infobox.tpl and /templates/object/infobox/trackeritem.tpl - and these can be placed in the /templates/style/yourstyle/ folder so that they are just used with your theme and will not be overwritten during an upgrade. But from 12.2 the popup box width/height etc., can be controlled by a number of new parameters.

1.20. Messages

There is a new option to allow truncating internal message notification to a certain number of characters (you can set it up in Admin home > Messages)

See Inter-User Messages

1.21. Mobile

Mobile mode display has been extensively improved in Tiki12.

See Mobile

1.22. Modules

1.22.1. Module since_last_visit_new improved

Since Tiki 12.1, it also displays the new calendars and their events created since the last visit.

In addition, some icons have been slightly modififed in the JQuery presentation mode, so that they can distinguish similar but different content (blogs from blog posts, file galleries from files, tracker items created from updated, etc).

See an example below. Same content is shown in both displays of the module for the same site:

Using "Fold sections by default"

Using "jQuery presentation mode"

In this example, only 4 sections are unfolded:
  1. Wiki
  2. Blog posts
  3. Calendars
  4. Calendar events
The other sections contain items but they are hidden under the section name.

When you click on the section name, you toggle the display of its contents.
In this example, the Wiki tab is selected (shown with grey background), listing the 7 wiki pages changed.

When you pass the mouse over another tab, its background is shown in blue color (in this case, the new calendar events icon, at the bottom right corner).

When you click, the content displayed below switches to the changed content for that other tiki section.

1.22.2. Module users_list ported

Former module users_list, only available in mods and for older tiki versions, has been ported to Tiki 12.1.
It displays a list of users with many optional parameters such as Real Name, avatar (picture), member of groups, and links to user page and action log of that user, among others.


See Module users_list

1.23. Monitoring

1.24. Performance

Statistics added for Zend OpCache in the "Admin home > Performance" panel.

1.25. Plugins

New and/or Improved Plugins below.

1.25.1. Plugin Articles

Improved Plugin. Shows a link at the bottom to facilitate adding a new article or submission if the user has permission to do so.

See PluginArticles

1.25.2. Plugin FancyTable

Improved plugin. As usual you can sort by one or more columns, and nowadays you can also filter you results by searching for some string in one or more columns. In the example below, sorted by one column ("Percentage"), and filtered by content in another column ("Native name" containing "de"):

Click to expand
Click to expand

See PluginFancyTable

1.25.3. Plugin Img

Improved plugin. Image magnification has been added to plugin image. Full size image appears with zoom option in a "Colorbox" overlay when thumbnail is clicked.

{flash type="url" movie="display907" width="894" height="717"}

See PluginImg

1.25.4. Plugin Local Files

New Plugin. Assist in showing links to files or directories on local drives or shared file servers.
Likely to only work fully on IE for Windows based intranets.

See PluginLocalFiles

1.25.5. Plugin MediaPlayer

Improved plugin. Media player plugin uses it's own mp3 and flv players.

1.25.6. Plugin Slider

New themes added in Tiki 12.1

Tiki Pluginslider Theme Default1 Tiki Pluginslider Theme Default2 Tiki Pluginslider Theme Mini Dark Tiki Pluginslider Theme Mini Light
Tiki Pluginslider Theme Office Tiki Pluginslider Theme Polished Tiki Pluginslider Theme Ribbon Tiki Pluginslider Theme Shiny
Tiki Pluginslider Theme Shiny Tiki Pluginslider Theme Tabs Dark Tiki Pluginslider Theme Tabs Light

See PluginSlider

1.25.7. Plugin Together

New Plugin to use the experimental service for your website from mozilla labs called TogetherJS, that makes it surprisingly easy to collaborate in real-time: notify unique urls, co-write, talk, follow pages visited by your buddies. TogetherJS is alpha-quality software. We do not recommend using it in production at this time, even if it looks promising as a Real Time Collaboration (RTC) tool. Formerly known as TowTruck.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See PluginTogether and the profile Together

1.25.8. Plugin TrackerList

Improved plugin. You can define some parameters to use the new version of jquery sortable tables library, allowing you to produce tables that can be sorted and filtered on the fly by one or more columns, in a similar way to what can be achieved in #Plugin_FancyTable shown above.

In addition, you can display last comment author and date in the table, through a new option in the tracker edition > "Features > Allow comments > Display last comment author and date".

See PluginTrackerList

1.25.9. Plugin TrackerFilter

When the param "sortable=y" is added and "jquery sortable tables" feature is enabled, the list of displayed results show a field on top which allows filtering in real time the results shown in the table, in a similar way to what can be achieved in #Plugin_FancyTable shown above.

1.25.10. Plugin WebDocViewer

New Plugin. It allow displaying many types of documents online, embedded in your Tiki pages.
See PluginWebDocViewer

1.26. Profiles

Profiles have been improved to be more useful as a configuration management tool. Namely, profiles:

  • can now be stored in the local filesystem as YAML files, allowing for version control along with the project changes without the need for an external repository. Among other things, this would allow Tiki's Featured Profiles to be bundled with the source.
  • can now be installed during the upgrade process as patches.
  • allow exporting advanced rating configurations individually and as a complete set
  • allow exporting and import RSS feed configurations along with article generators
  • allow exporting articles, article types and article topics.
  • allow exporting file gallery hierarchies
  • allow exporting menus
  • A set of commands are now available to export profiles.
  • articles and blogs accept geolocation of their content from profiles.

Local Profiles consist of a single YAML file and an optional directory containing the references files.

This is part of: Configuration Management for Tiki Projects

1.26.1. Profiles wizard

See #Profiles_Wizard below

1.27. Ratings

1.27.1. Option to toggle the detailed rating results

Simple average of ratings has been added for Articles (Tiki 12.1), and a new setting has been added in "Admin home > Rating > User Interface" to toggle the display of the detailed results, as well as to whether include the explicit percentage or not.

See Ratings

Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand

1.27.2. Rating on Articles from PluginArticles

You can rate an article directly from PluginArticles if the article shows the whole content in the heading, and nothing is left in the article body.

1.27.3. Rating Language

Advanced Rating language now permits to round values and concat.

1.27.4. Rating permission to view results

There is a new permission to grant groups of users to see the results: tiki_p_ratings_view_results

See Ratings

1.27.5. Show ratings in a forum thread list

When you use rating in a forum (See Rating, you can display the rating results in the thread list for the first message of every thread (thread topic). If detailed results and rating smileys are both enabled, they are also included in the thread details.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See Ratings

1.28. Restore Database

For development environments that need to replicate a production environment, new directives allow the installer to restore the database "Clean Install" from a database dump instead of the default Tiki database.

This feature allows site administrators to quickly replicate a site, test changes locally and return to the original state. Combined with profile development, this allows to test the site upgrade path.

Documentation is available in the bundled db/install.ini.dist file.

This is part of: Configuration Management for Tiki Projects

1.29. Search Index statistics

Search Index statistics are added in command line interface, in a similar way to what is shown in the "Admin home > Search" panel, when using advanced search and rebuilding the unified search index.

1.30. Search all database tables tool

In the admin search panel, there is a new tool.
Tiki12 Capture 20130915024438 825 0

It enables a text search in all text columns in all tables.
Tiki12 Capture 20130915024811 883 0

1.31. Smarty template engine

New preference to allow addition of extra dirs to be used for custom icons etc., respected by the security checks.

1.32. Switch user now has a way back

As an administrator, after switching to a different user, returning to the login screen will propose to switch back to your own user, avoiding to re-login.

1.33. Syntax highlighter (Codemirror) upgraded

The syntax highlighter (CodeMirror) has been upgraded from 2.x to latest stable version (3.16). This brings new features such as right-to-left language support, smarty syntax mode, a many more.
See: http://codemirror.net/doc/releases.html

1.34. Trackers improved

  • Restored the ability to change tracker field type after creation
  • Added the ability to detect and remove orphan files created through the tracker files field type
  • Added an option to allow displaying just the user's items to the user through PluginTrackerList with the param view=user, even if no extra permissions are granted to this user's groups.
  • You can display last comment author and date in the table column for comments, through a new option in the tracker edition > "Features > Allow comments > Display last comment author and date".

1.35. Unified index

Support for MySQL Full Text Search and Elasticsearch as engines has been introduced for unified index. These engines are complete alternatives to the Lucene (PHP Implementation). All user interface components and plugins (such as PluginList, PluginCustomSearch, ...) will keep working and the documentation available in Search and List from Unified Index still applies.

Elasticsearch requires a server to be installed. It provides several benefits:

  • Faster indexing
  • Lower memory usage within PHP
  • Faster searches
  • Scalable across multiple machines if required
  • Better result highlighting

MySQL Full Text Search doesn't require a server to be installed. It provides several benefits:

  • Faster indexing
  • Lower memory usage within PHP
  • Easy configuration

See: Unified Index Comparison

1.36. User Encryption

User encryption aims to a provide secure, personal storage of sensitive data, e.g. external usernames and passwords.

 Planned for Tiki 12.2
User encryption is first implemented in the Tiki 13 trunk (the development branch), where it is currently being tested. It is planned to be included in the Tiki 12.2.

See User Encryption for more.

1.37. User wizard

See #User_Wizard below

1.38. Wiki Argument Variables

A few new wiki argument variables have been added. Some of them were introduced to ease the task to create simple templates for document management and revision approval systems, such as iso9001/iso14001. These variables allow to define custom information layout in the page header (Author Name, Last edited on, Document Version, and equivalent for revised and approved versions):

(id from a wiki page; added in Tiki 12.1)
(site domain; added in Tiki 12.1)
(site domain ending with a slash; added in Tiki 12.1)
(only when in a multitiki installation, site domain ending with a slash; if the page doesn't belong to a multitiki installation, nothing is returned; added in Tiki 12.1)
(last version of the wiki page; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last editor of the wiki page; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last modification date, in short format, of the wiki page; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last version of the tracker item indicated in the url; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last editor of the tracker item indicated in the url; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last modification date, in short format, of the tracker item indicated in the url; added in Tiki 12.2)
(last approved version of the wiki page when Revision approval is on; added in Tiki 12.3)
(last approver of the wiki page when Revision approval is on; added in Tiki 12.3)
(last approval date, in short format, of the wiki page when Revision approval is on; added in Tiki 12.3)

See Wiki Argument Variables

1.39. Windows Azure

1.40. Wizards

This new feature facilitates tiki admins or normal users to set up their basic settings in a group of screens the show a reduced set of basic settings for them. The admin wizard is shown up by default to all new admins, while as of Tiki 12.0, the User Wizard needs to be launched in purpose, so far.

1.40.1. Admin Wizard

The admin wizard shows up for tiki admins when they first log in, enabling them to easily configure the main features of Tiki without the need to navigate through all admin panels. It will allow the admin to easily choose among a few options of wiki editor (wysiwyg and in html or in wiki syntax), inline editing, etc.

Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand

See Admin Wizard

1.40.2. Profiles Wizard

This wizard shows the admin some information about the most recommended profiles to apply, either to set up your site with a featured configuration template, add some useful extra configuration or show a demonstration of potentially interesting features for you, just with a few clicks.



Simple Demos

See Profiles Wizard

1.41. Upgrade Wizard

This Wizard will guide you through the most common new settings and informations in order to upgrade your site:

  • Use it if you are upgrading from previous versions of Tiki, specially if you come from the previous Long Term Support (LTS) version.
  • Some of these settings are also available through the Admin Wizard, and all of them are available through Admin Panels
  • But this wizard will let you learn about them as well as enable/disable them easily according to your needs and interests for your site.

See Changes Wizard

1.41.1. User Wizard

This wizard will help users to fill in the main settings for their accounts in that website. Depending on the features enabled by the site admin, users will be offered more or less options.

Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand
Click to expand

See User Wizard User Wizard: User Details (through User Tracker)

The User Wizard allows showing a new section called "User Details" provided that the admin has setup a User Tracker and defined the fields to be shown. Those fields can be the same ones shown at registration time (default) or can be a different set of fields from the same User Tracker.

Since the user Tracker can include "Static Text" fields, users can be shown Custom informations for their users, specific of their own Tiki site. Some demostration fields are included in the suggested profile User_Trackers to set it up easily.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See User Wizard

1.42. Zoombox for images

See #Plugin_Img

Fixed in 12.x

Fixed in 12.0


Fixed in 12.1


Fixed in 12.2

  • All fixes from the changelog.txt:
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---------------------------------------------- r51384 | luciash | 2014-05-19 18:03:17 +0200 (Mon, 19 May 2014) | 1 line [FIX] Correct doc link from installer - we do ReleaseNotes pages nomore ---------------------------------------------- r51380 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-19 16:11:29 +0200 (Mon, 19 May 2014) | 1 line [FIX] captcha: A couple of very minor code improvements - antibot form validation seems to work fine now (is wish5004 still a problem?) ---------------------------------------------- r51379 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-19 15:58:55 +0200 (Mon, 19 May 2014) | 3 lines Revert r49558: [FIX] Jquery validation commonly added for antibots. Ref: http://dev.tiki.org/item5004 The {jq} smarty object does not inject the javascript in the page where the template is included, but adds it to the script block at the end of the page using headerlib, so all this commit does is add the antibot code to every page whether it's required or not. Includes fix r51340 that corrected a simple javascript syntax error but the js can be further improved (coming soon...) ---------------------------------------------- r51371 | fmg-sf | 2014-05-18 16:23:23 +0200 (Sun, 18 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51370] [FIX] chmod Tiki root directory and all php files there, regression: previously excluded by whitelist ---------------------------------------------- r51361 | xavidp | 2014-05-17 18:43:22 +0200 (Sat, 17 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51360][FIX]When tracker item comments are set to be shown below the items instead of inside its own tab, add an anchor so that links can be made to send users directly to the Comments section below, and fix url from module since last visit new because comments are in cookietab 1 then (cookietab 2 is for item edition in that case). Thanks cuartotrastos in intercanvis.net for reporting the issue ---------------------------------------------- r51352 | xavidp | 2014-05-17 09:51:02 +0200 (Sat, 17 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51351][FIX]More Paragraph spacing ---------------------------------------------- r51350 | xavidp | 2014-05-17 09:45:45 +0200 (Sat, 17 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51349][FIX]Paragraph spacing ---------------------------------------------- r51348 | xavidp | 2014-05-16 21:26:30 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51347][FIX]Typo in English string, split equivalent match in a longer string to match previous ones (separated), and fix in the only language.php with that string translated. Only one tpl fixed in 12.x since the other tpl has been backported yet. ---------------------------------------------- r51342 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-16 19:18:25 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 1 line [FIX] user admin: Restore long lost feature to force a user to re-validate their account via email (thanks Xavi for the clue!) ---------------------------------------------- r51340 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-16 18:39:09 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 2 lines [bp/r51335][FIX] antibot: Trailing comma not allowed in JS (not sure this JS is really needed here, just looks wrong...) [bp/r51337][FIX] prefs: Use single quotes in onclick attributes as double quotes were getting escaped and showing up as validation errors ---------------------------------------------- r51332 | arildb | 2014-05-16 17:41:53 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51331][FIX] Make sure categlib exists ---------------------------------------------- r51330 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-16 16:55:59 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 2 lines [bp/r51329][FIX] Update TikiLib::lib phpdoc (phpStorm uses it for code completion etc) Not quite a backport, rebuilt as 12.x libs are slightly different but still had several missing ---------------------------------------------- r51326 | fmg-sf | 2014-05-16 15:40:00 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51325] [FIX] default password protection disabled, it prevents PHP HTTP request for TPC model check ---------------------------------------------- r51324 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-16 13:53:37 +0200 (Fri, 16 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51323][FIX] modules: Ignore modules nested in other modules when saving layout ---------------------------------------------- r51312 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-15 17:22:53 +0200 (Thu, 15 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51308][FIX] trackers: Prevent corrupted date picker values getting saved e.g. from inline edit sometimes ---------------------------------------------- r51310 | luciash | 2014-05-15 17:15:18 +0200 (Thu, 15 May 2014) | 1 line [FIX] LDAP auth: typo in the starttls option (thanks Jon) ---------------------------------------------- r51306 | xavidp | 2014-05-15 16:31:15 +0200 (Thu, 15 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51305][FIX]Typo ---------------------------------------------- r51304 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-15 16:23:50 +0200 (Thu, 15 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51303][FIX] wiki: Make preview work on new unsaved pages - also corrected a few other minor errors (thanks CherryDT in the forums) ---------------------------------------------- r51299 | xavidp | 2014-05-15 13:19:13 +0200 (Thu, 15 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51298][FIX]Typo ---------------------------------------------- r51292 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-14 17:42:12 +0200 (Wed, 14 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51291][FIX] payment: Minor fix for Israel Post iframe (src=# was preventing the form submitting in there and height needs to be 700px) ---------------------------------------------- r51290 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-14 16:55:23 +0200 (Wed, 14 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51289][FIX] jscal: Only show timezone info on DatePicker fields if setting time as well as date ---------------------------------------------- r51288 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-14 13:50:17 +0200 (Wed, 14 May 2014) | 1 line [CSS] thenews: Stop everything in tabs being centred - no corresponding definition in trunk so no back-port ---------------------------------------------- r51285 | xavidp | 2014-05-14 08:47:01 +0200 (Wed, 14 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r50715][FIX] Admin created email only (non-user) watches not receiving notification. thks nkoth ---------------------------------------------- r51283 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-13 20:20:36 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51282][FIX] toolbars: Restore external link and table tools to wiki toolbars, lost in various regressions, while keeping ckeditor ones in html wysiwyg mode, and wiki ones in wiki wysiwyg mode. ---------------------------------------------- r51277 | lrrcenter | 2014-05-13 17:50:26 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51276][FIX] Mail Queue. Remove sendmail.php. It is superseded by console.php mail-queue:send ---------------------------------------------- r51274 | lrrcenter | 2014-05-13 17:34:36 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51273][FIX] Mail Queue. Log mail in Tiki Logs if necessary. ---------------------------------------------- r51272 | xavidp | 2014-05-13 17:25:25 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51270][FIX]Missing global prefs (for the check to log action or not) ---------------------------------------------- r51271 | xavidp | 2014-05-13 17:24:50 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51269][FIX]Missing check for SMTP selected as the mailer option ---------------------------------------------- r51267 | lrrcenter | 2014-05-13 15:39:22 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51266][FIX] Mail Queue in Multitiki installations. Add mail-queue:send command (to be called from console.php). ---------------------------------------------- r51265 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-13 14:07:51 +0200 (Tue, 13 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51264][FIX] autosave: Depends on feature_warn_on_edit (who knew?) so fix pref dependencies and display an error message (thanks marclaporte) ---------------------------------------------- r51262 | lrrcenter | 2014-05-12 23:10:16 +0200 (Mon, 12 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51261][FIX] Restore Mail Queue functionality that was lost when htmlMimeMail.php was retired some time ago. Save messages to the database and send them later by running sendmail.php from cron. ---------------------------------------------- r51255 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-12 20:26:05 +0200 (Mon, 12 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51252][FIX] tracker: Don't output an empty div for a description if there isn't one ---------------------------------------------- r51246 | fmg-sf | 2014-05-12 18:27:17 +0200 (Mon, 12 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51244] [ENH] restrict chmod to whitelist [ENH] URLs with https [FIX] item4721 : run php cli version check before running composer ---------------------------------------------- r51239 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-12 13:18:57 +0200 (Mon, 12 May 2014) | 2 lines Merged from trunk [FIX] zoom: Allow zoom to be part of the rel attribute, not always all of it [from revision 51238] ---------------------------------------------- r51196 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-09 16:55:23 +0200 (Fri, 09 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51195][FIX] codemirror: scrollTop fix when enabling highlighter (tested in Chrome, Safari & Firefox) ---------------------------------------------- r51192 | lphuberdeau | 2014-05-09 16:19:10 +0200 (Fri, 09 May 2014) | 1 line [FIX] List pages would not ignore accents with the postfilter on initial matches as it did previously ---------------------------------------------- r51183 | arildb | 2014-05-08 12:20:29 +0200 (Thu, 08 May 2014) | 2 lines [FIX] Make it possible to edit the redirect plugin in wysiwyg Do not redirect if the page is being edited. ---------------------------------------------- r51182 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-08 11:59:47 +0200 (Thu, 08 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51181][FIX] toolbars: saveRows needs to be global (casualty of JSLint in r50851) ---------------------------------------------- r51175 | xavidp | 2014-05-07 20:59:28 +0200 (Wed, 07 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51174][FIX]Allow to re-set to non-elFinder default view for file gals through the Admin Wizard ---------------------------------------------- r51172 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-07 19:37:03 +0200 (Wed, 07 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51169][FIX] filegals: Remove non-strict static calls to non-static function from the Image icon function - thanks ricks99 ---------------------------------------------- r51171 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-07 19:35:38 +0200 (Wed, 07 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51168][FIX] filegals: Param to control tiki-download_file height is "y", not "height" ---------------------------------------------- r51170 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-07 19:34:58 +0200 (Wed, 07 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51167][FIX] selection: Test for selectionstart and selectionEnd before the IE specific code, because IE11 no longer has document.selection.createRange or the rest of the previous range stuff, but does (thankfully) now support selectionstart etc like other browsers ---------------------------------------------- r51162 | jonnybradley | 2014-05-06 13:19:50 +0200 (Tue, 06 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51161][FIX] editpage: Allow language to remain unknown ---------------------------------------------- r51156 | xavidp | 2014-05-05 20:42:33 +0200 (Mon, 05 May 2014) | 1 line [bp/r51155][FIX]Oups, fixing 51143 (wrong checkbox) and writing more standard syntax (previous was working too in my tests and copied from other sites). Thanks jonnyb ----------------------------------------------

Known Issues

** Known Limitations **

  • Chosen dropdown select doesn't work well with jQuery Mobile mode. See wish4671
  • Line numbers in the syntax highlighter ( CodeMirror ) doesn't work well: plenty of space added between lines & text hidden. See wish4840
  • If you do not have SEFURLs enabled, you might get trouble with Favorite button feature: does "nothing" when clicked
  • Some users reported long times when trying to install fresh Tiki with MySQL using InnoDB (default MyISAM is fast) while for others it runs just fine - reason unknown yet. See wish5246.

** Upgrading **

Blog posts containing HTML

Blog posts with content containing HTML may not display properly after upgrading - place the blog post content within PluginHTML to solve this issue. PluginHTML needs to be approved - if you are converting many blog posts go to tiki-plugins.php to approve in bulk.


If you had defined in your former ./db/local.php something like

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and after the upgrade you notice that you can't edit some pages, of weird characters are displayed in some rare places, you can try removing that line from your ./db/local.php .

Mobile permissions

If you applied the Mobile profile in the past, and you get a "permission denied" message when you attempt to see the site in mobile mode, you need to grant the permissions to view perspectives to anonymous users:

  • tiki_p_perspective_view

Search Index

After the upgrade, the Search and List from Unified Index may take longer to rebuild, at least the first time that you are with this new Tiki version. If the link "Rebuild index" at the "Admin search" panel doesn't produce a successful reindexing, you can do that on a terminal server side, while setting a higher amount of memory for the process, and forcing an initial clean-up of index leftovers.

Therefore, you could run something like:

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root@server:/path/trunk# php -dmemory_limit=4G console.php i:r --force --log Removing leftovers... Started rebuilding index... Rebuilding index done

For multitiki sites, you can rebuild with commands like:

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root@server:/path/trunk# php console.php index:rebuild --site=site1.example.com root@server:/path/trunk# php console.php index:rebuild --site=site2.example.com ...

More information: Search and List from Unified Index

In past Tiki versions such as Tiki9, wrong syntax to point in a url to a specific tab was accepted. Example:

  1. http://example.com/tracker1&show=mod
  2. http://example.com/tracker1&cookietab=2

In Tiki12, and probably in some version earlier also, the syntax needs to be like:

  1. http://example.com/tracker1?show=mod
  2. http://example.com/tracker1?cookietab=2


Some CSS changes were introduced for themes between 11.x and 12.x:

Site Logo & Site titles

The former #sitelogo, #sitetitle and #sitesubtitle IDs have been changed to classes .sitelogo, .sitetitle and .sitesubtitle . Please make these changes in your theme CSS after upgrade if you formerly styled using any of those css selectors.

Strasa.css login background color

If you were using strasa.css theme style, you might miss the background color of the login module in the header, getting white text font over white background temporarily.
Set up theme options to "cool", for instance, and the blue background of the login module will be back in your site.

Pages linking to Tiki12

42 pages link to Tiki12


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Attached files

ID Name Comment Uploaded Size Downloads
70 prefreport.csv Preferences report of 12.0 just before the release Marc Laporte 307.75 Kb 362


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