Tiki7 was released in June 2011. See Roadmap and Tiki7

There has been an extensive cleanup of the code of the trackers feature in March 2011. If you use trackers, make sure to test thoroughly an upgrade on a backup copy of your data and report any issues.

We have dropped support for Internet Explorer 6.0. If you need to support IE6 in your organization, stay on Tiki6 Long Term Support. Related: Browser Compatibility

Release notes are here: http://tiki.org/ReleaseNotes7.0

List of changes:

(alphabetically sorted)

1.1. Accounting

Accounting. See first commit

1.2. Action log

Action log records new actions:

  • categorize or uncategorize wiki pages.
  • wiki attachment

1.3. Autoload

Tiki7 uses Autoload

1.4. Canonical URLs

For better Search Engine Optimization, new option are added for Canonical URLs (only for wiki pages for now) and this improves meta-tags and sefurls admin panels.

See Canonical link element

1.5. CodeMirror

See #Syntax_Highlighter


  • archived comments: admins can archive or unarchive comments. This feature can be controlled on the Comments admin panel and is off by default.

1.7. Content Organizer

See Content Organizer

1.8. CSS

See #Theme_styles

1.9. Date and time

  • Add admin and user preference to show 12-hour time notation in time selectors used in edit windows of blog posts, calendar entries, etc.


1.10. Draw with SVG-edit


Two new options:

  • Use file galleries for wiki attachments
  • Use file galleries for user files

1.12. Flagged Revisions

Flagged revisions rely on trusted users to mark revisions of a page as good or safe. Trusted users can see all revisions and flag/unflag revisions as needed. A notice at the top of the page will offer these options and allow to navigate to the latest version or the last approved version.

For more information, see Revision approval, Flagged Revisions

1.13. HTML5


HTML5 is mostly backwards compatible, so people with newer browsers will take advantage of the enhancements and the other won't really be affected.

1.14. In-browser code editing

See #Syntax_highlighter

1.15. Interactive translation and "Edit or export languages" page

Continuing the work done for Tiki5 and Tiki6, several improvements to interactive translation and "Edit or export languages" (tiki-edit_languages.php) were done for Tiki7.

  • It is not necessary anymore to go to tiki-edit_languages.php to enable or disable interactive translation mode. You can simply click on the interactive translation button on the "Quick Admin" area. The button now is smarter and will preserve the current page instead of redirecting you to tiki-edit_languages.php.

  • Before Tiki7 to be able to use "Edit language" tab on tiki-edit_languages.php to edit or add translations for a particular language you had to first import all the translations for that language to the database or translate any string using interactive translation. Now it is possible to add or edit translations directly. Thus the tab to import language.php to database was removed from tiki-edit_languages.php.
  • Custom pagination code was replaced by Tiki standard pagination system for tiki-edit_languages.php
  • New features for "Edit languages" tab make it easier to collaboratively translate Tiki (through http://i18n.tiki.org):
    • Checkbox to list only database stored translations
    • When a translation in the database is different from the one on language.php shows the original translation and a diff between the two
    • Show who did the translation and when

At the "Admin Menus" screen for the standard Application menu you will no longer have the usual Edit, Configure/Options Action icons. Instead you will see a RESET button and the clone icon.

Therefore, in order to edit the main application menu, you have to clone it and use a copy for your edited versions.

1.17. Mobile with jQuery Mobile

Tiki Mobile with HAWHAW was first released in 2004 and it was impressive for the time. Nowadays, phones are much more powerful and now that Tiki6 LTS is done, it's now time to make major changes. Thus, we are moving to jQuery Mobile. MobileESP will handle device detection.

1.18. Modules

Payment outstanding

New module to show outstanding payments of current user.
See Module payment_outstanding

Module Revamp

All the top & bottom section has been revamp and now everything (ex.: logo, login box, etc.) is a drag & drop module -> http://themes.tiki.org/Theme+header+modules

Also, modules are filtered with a feature check. If the blog feature is off, all blog modules are hidden by default.

Module TrackerHelp

A button allows to copy in a Pretty Tracker format all the fields in the current textarea of a edit wiki page. See Module TrackerHelp.

1.19. OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap integration to Tiki via OpenLayers

1.20. Passwords

New option to have password different from login.

1.21. Payments

Allow payments to be restricted to be seen only by user that is supposed to be pay it (common use case)

1.22. Plugins

1.22.1. Parser improvements

This will permit easier plugin-in-plugin embedding.

1.22.2. Pending approval notification

There is a setting called "Plugin pending notification" in "Admin home > Editing and plugins > Plugins (tab)", which allows users in groups with the permission tiki_p_plugin_approve to receive an email notification each time a new plugin call is added in a wiki page as pending approval.

See Plugins for more information.

1.22.3. Plugin GroupExpiry

A plugin to show the expiry of a group a user is in.
See PluginGroupExpiry.

1.22.4. Plugin GetAccessToken

This plugin is designed for an admin to display a link on a secure page to another page using a security access token. This might be useful where on one page which is accessible to users through a token, the user needs to be able to access another secondary page using a different token.

See PluginGetAccessToken

1.22.5. PluginSlideshow

It configures a slideshow: it extends the existing wiki page slideshow with notes & styles.
See PluginSlideshow

1.22.6. PluginTrackerList: new param 'tplwiki'

A new param "tplwiki" has been introduced to allow having the same little parsing that tpl's on disk had but this time through wiki pages also. This improvement prevents former issues with smarty parsing R code from trackers item smarty templates (pretty trackers) in wiki pages.

1.22.7. PluginTrackerToggle

This plugin allows to toggle the visibility of an HTML element like a div depending on the value of a field. They can be used in Pretty trackers.

See PluginTrackerToggle

1.22.8. Plugins UI

See PluginUI

  • force check for plugin required params (before was possible to insert a plugin with a required field empty)
  • now is possible to define a relation between two params so that the child param is only displayed if a specific value of the parent param is selected

1.22.9. Plugins for Videos: Blip.tv and Vimeo added

Two new plugins have been added to make it easier to add videos from Blip.tv or Vimeo. They are similar to Youtube plugin.

1.23. Profiles exporter


1.24. Slideshow

Slideshow has undergone massive improvements, including

1.25. Smarty tables

Code has been cleaned up and made more consistant, for a better UI and easier themeability

1.26. SOAP

1.27. Spreadsheet

It has been even more AJAX-ified, so that the edit interface loads in the browser, without the need to contact the server at that point.

1.28. Syntax Highlighter

Tiki is now using CodeMirror as a syntax highlighter and indentation helper, which allows to highlight syntax in real time when the user is typing it. It will also help with auto indentation of code (when required in some syntax) while typing it.

The first step in the implementation has been in PluginCode and PluginR, but the goal is to extend it somehow to any textarea used in most Tiki features.

See Syntax Highlighter


1.29. Theme generator

1.30. Theme styles

There have been quite a few changes in the theme style architecture in Tiki7.

See: http://themes.tiki.org/Upgrading

1.31. Trackers

1.31.1. Exporting in yaml (for profiles)

Trackers allow exporting a tracker structure in the yaml format used in Profiles

1.31.2. New permission to view attachments

A new permission has been introduced to control which groups can view & download tracker item attachments (tiki_p_tracker_view_attachments)

1.32. WebDAV access to wiki pages

A Complete revamp of the search infrastructure to take advantage of Zend_Search_Lucene: Search and List from Unified Index

1.34. WordPress importer

Basic support for importing a WordPress blog into Tiki using WordPress WXR file. See WordPress importer dev page and WordPress importer documentation page.

1.35. Zend Framework 1.11

Tiki is updated from 1.10 to 1.11

1.36. Zotero

A plugin to Zotero to manage references.

Upgrade notes

Besides reading the general Upgrade notes, keep in mind also that Tiki 7 introduces several major changes from prior versions. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you should be aware of the following:

  • Extensive changes to Trackers as part of the on-going Tracker Re-vamp. If you are using trackers, make sure to do a test upgrade and test everything with latest available release of 7.x before you upgrade.
    • for example, Tracker field IDs and names may have changed. and to improve consistency, all tracker fields now use ins_XX, where XX is the fieldId.
      If you use custom jQuery or other code with trackers, you will need to update the code to reflect this change.
  • Extensive changes to Module use and management.
  • Custom header and footer areas in themes have been replaced with modules.
  • The wiki plugin parser has been revamped to be more future-proof and powerful. However, it tends to be less permissive of incorrectly formatted syntax. So if a plugin was working in 6, but not in 7, check the syntax to see if it's correct. You could have a quote or parenthesis missing.

PHP 5.1 support dropped
The minimal version of PHP required by Tiki was raised from 5.1 to 5.2. Systems with PHP 5.1 should upgrade PHP or keep using Tiki 6, which will be supported until approximately 2013.

Introduction to upgraders from old versions

If you are migrating to Tiki7 from Tiki versions earlier than Tiki6, you are encouraged to read first the pages describing the changes introduced in earlier versions of Tiki, such as:


Remember these steps if you are upgrading from a previous version up to 7.

  1. Read the general Upgrade notes, if you haven't done so in the last few years.
  2. Remember to run setup.sh again (if you have console access).
  3. Beware of changes in modules and their management:
  4. Check these two pages for notes specific on upgrading your theme style:
    Keep in mind that your Custom site header might be gone, in which case you'll need to manually re-do it using module management.

    In other cases, custom top bar code or other custom sections you had coded in Admin Home > Look & Feel > General Layout Options might be misplaced. If so, go to Admin > Modules and set the proper order of the modules (see Theme Header Modules for more information on the proper order for header modules).
  5. You might need to re-approve some of your plugin calls.
    Go to http://example.org/tiki-plugins.php as admin and approve them all (after revision, if needed, as always)

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