Tiki 4.0

Tiki 4.0 erschien am 15. November 2009. Zuvor wurde es auf verschiedenen *.tikiwiki.org Sites eingesetzt zu Testzwecken in einem Prozess den "eating our own DogFood" nennen.

Hier geht's zum Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/tikiwiki/files/

Weitere Unterversionen 4.x (4.1, 4.2, ...) folgen. Sie können hier ein Vorab-Release downloaden . (tägliche snapshots)

1.1. Wichtiger Upgrade-Hinweis

Beachtenswerte Änderung für Upgrader

1.1.1. Admin Menü Modul entfernt

Das Admin-Menü-Modul wurde entfernt und sollte in vorhandenen Installation verschwunden sein. Bitte nutzen Sie das Applikationsmenü und die Admin Startseite stattdessen.

Ein Update kann dazu führen, dass Links zu Bildern nicht mehr funktionieren. Grund ist eine veraltete .htaccess Datei und is SefURL nicht aktiviert.

Lösung: löschen Sie die besthende .htaccess und benennen Sie _htaccess in .htaccess um.

Dies muss auf allen Servern durchgeführt werden auf denen ein Upgrade gemacht wurde.

1.1.3. Kategorien

Kategorierechte wurden in Tiki 4.o geändert. SieheCategory permissions are changed in Tiki 4. See below (Permissions cleanup) für weitere Informationen. Kategorierechte

Möglicherweise müssen Sie die Kategorien in denen tiki_p_view_categorized und tiki_p_edit_categorized verwendet werden, manuell updaten um sie an das aktuelle Rechtesystem anzupassen.

Es gibt ein Skript, das versucht die Informationen upzudaten. Aber wegen der Weiterentwicklung des neuen Systems ist es nicht immer möglich, die Absichten des Tiki Site Managers zu erkennen.

  1. Sie sollten die globalen Berechtigungen unter tiki-objectpermissions.php überprüfen.

You most probably want to give the tiki_p_modify_object_categories permission. (in Tiki section) Object categories

If you have objects which have individual permissions, users will not longer be able to edit the categories. You most probably want to give the tiki_p_modify_object_categories permission. (in Tiki section)

1.1.4. User Page prefix

The default prefix for userpages has been changed from UserPageXYZ to User:XYZ as this is what is used for Wikipedia, and the old method made sense when WikiWords were the default (which is no longer the case). Of course this is configurable, and site admins can still use any prefix, including the old one.

Release Notes (from tw.o)

From http://tikiwiki.org/ReleaseNotes40

1.2. List of major enhancements, listed alphabetically.

1.2.1. Admin user privileges

The special user "admin" has been taken away all hardcoded privileges. His/her privileges are only checked via the group Admins that must have through the perm tiki_p_admin. That is the default behavior on new tiki installations, and the Upgrade process will update your tiki accordingly in new releases after tiki 4.0 (seems to be missing on some upgrades to 4.0).

1.2.2. Category Transitions

Category transitions is the successor to the Galaxia Workflow engine, and it will permit to eventually make workflows of anything that can be categorized. They are currently working with wiki pages and tracker items.

More information here

1.2.3. Edit interface revamped

The edit interface for wiki pages and blogs have been re-structured to use tabs, and the underlying code has been refactored. The changes include:

  1. Most of the options of the wiki edit interface have been grouped and splitted in several tabs. this grouping can be disabled and shown as usual with no tabs if selected through the option on the top right corner of the interface.
  2. Switching between edit modes (text and Wysiwyg) is performed nowadays through clicking on a button on the toolbar (yellow pencil with green arrow).
  3. The Edit help box now can be displayed through clikcing to the questionmark blue icon in the tool bar
  • New lib/wiki/editlib.php with some code from tiki-edit_page.php refactored into it.
  • FCK Editor doc:wysiwyg functionality now in {textarea} and implemented on wiki page edit and blog post (so far).
  • Fixed many bugs in FCK Editor, etc.
  • Improved "lost edit" warning which is now built into {textarea}.
tiki4_wiki_edit_interface_00.png (51.11 Kb)

The same page can be shown through the wiki wysiwyg interface:

tiki4_wiki_edit_interface_wysiwyg_00.png (40.16 Kb)

And if you click back on the simple wiki interface button, content will be converted into wiki syntax. New helper boxes

The wiki edit help and many plugins are shown nowadays inside new type of help boxes which are movable through the screen and resizable in real time.

tiki4_plugin_helper_00.png (67.67 Kb)

The numbered areas in the side image indicate:
  1. The window can be moved if you drag and drop through clicking on the top bar
  2. The window can be closed through clicking on the cross
  3. The wiki help window has sections which are expandable and collapsible at will
  4. The wiki help window allows filtering all plugins to show only the ones with a certain word
  5. The plugins list of the wiki help window includes as usual the option to open the specific plugin helper ...
  6. ... and to open the documentation page for that specific plugin
  7. The window can be resized at will New Table Builder

The non-wysiwyg editor includes a visual assistant to create new tables.

tiki4_table_builder_00.png (10.51 Kb)

The wiki link assistant now includes an autocomplete feature in realtime showing all wiki pages from that tiki site containing the text typed in the link field.

tiki4_wikilinks_00.png (24.19 Kb) Text areas are resizable

Text areas in wiki pages and many other places are resizable:

1.2.4. Forums

By default forums hide the forum post style options when there are less than 10 messages, to reduce clutter.
The threshold number of messages can be defined in the forum settings.

1.2.5. GroupMail

Groupmail massive improvements, including IMAP support.

tiki4_groupmail_inbox_module_01.png (39.27 Kb)

1.2.6. i18n: Collaborative Multilingual Terminology

Related to the internationalization (i18n) features in Tiki, various improvements have been made to use Tiki for Collaborative Multilingual Terminology.

1.2.7. jQuery & jQuery Plugins

jQuery is now always on by default, the integrated JavaScript framework.

New JQuery Plugins have been integrated in some features of Tiki:

Other jQuery goodies:

  • listfilter (text input field to filter long lists using jQuery) implemented as a new Smarty function (used with the treeTable integration).
  • Remarks boxes can now be closed to save some space on small-resolution screens, e.g. netbooks (close with fade out effect).

1.2.8. Kaltura integration (Collaborative video editing)

Collaborative video editing, through a Contibution Wizard to upload media(audio,video,image) under a user, several editors to create/edit/remix user uploaded media, a gallery list of all the media, remix videos of a user, a Wikiplugin to include a Kaltura video on a wiki page. and the chance to view and edit an information about a user's Kaltura entry. More information

1.2.9. LDAP authentication improvements

"Rework of LDAP Authentication. Dropped PEAR::Auth_LDAP to get more information from the directory. Added support for user information and LDAP group replication. Added support for ssl (ldaps), tls and redundant LDAP server configuration."
LDAP Authentication

1.2.10. Lost-edit protection improved

If the session expires while a wiki page is being edited, the post is saved in a cache in order to retain the page after login (will not work with 'password due' or 'confirm email' if occurs at the login); could be generalized to other features.

1.2.11. Machine Translation

Machine translation (powered by Google Translate) can be enabled by going to Admin Home->i18n and checking the Machine Translation (by Google Translate) feature. This feature enables users who can't read the language of the page to read it in the language of their choice (translated by Google, so the quality is not as good as that of a human translator, but is improving). The choice of languages is limited to those supported by Google and those available on the site. If a translation by human translator already exists in the desired language, the human-translated page will be shown rather than the machine translation. This requires some multilingual features, so the best is to apply the Multilingual_Wiki profile first.

1.2.12. MediaWiki to Tiki convertors

A new feature to import content from Mediawiki installations has been developed. See gsoc2009Rodrigo for more details.

1.2.13. Metatags

Updates to allow the wikipage description to be used as the metatag description so that a unique description can be applied per wiki page instead of the universal text that can be set in the metatag admin screen. The universal text is however the default if an individual page description is not set. If this new metatag option is set, the Description field in the page edit screen is now shown with a modified label to remind you its used for the metatag - even if the Description option is not set in the Wiki admin screen. The Description option still has to be set in Wiki admin however for the description text to be displayed at the top of the saved wiki page.

1.2.14. Minify javascript

New in the performance admin panel, you can activate to aggregate and compress all javascript files in one. In some tests, this has permitted to generate a 10 point increase when testing with Yahoo! YSlow

1.2.15. Miscellaneous

  • Module cache for anonymous

1.2.16. Multi-domain support

  • Several external URLs can point to the same Tiki instance, and visitors will be redirected to the appropriate workspace.

1.2.17. Newsletters with wysiwyg

The Newsletters feature allows using WYSIWYG to write messages. Moreover, attachments can be included in messages as well as a different reply to email address.

1.2.18. Organic Groups

Please see Organic Groups

1.2.19. Permissions: Admin interface enhanced

There is a new interface for managing permissions from categories and also from any object.

tiki4_manage_object_perms_01.png (158.87 Kb)

This new interface includes several features:
  1. You can assign or remove all object permissions on all child categories if this box is checked.
  2. You can filter the whole list of permissions dinamically to list only those containing some text
  3. You can expand or collapse at will any of the sections of permissions
  4. You can select one by one the permissions to be assigned or checking the box at the column title (group name) level, and that selection will propagate to all the checkbox shown in that column.

1.2.20. Permissions: Cleanup

All permissions can be overwritten at a category or object level. The permissions used on categories prior to Tiki 4 were confusing and lacked the ability to be customized that is expected in Tiki. The new layer uses exactly the same permissions on objects, categories and global permissions. See Permission Cleanup for more information.

Remember that the rules to check if a user has the appropriate permission on an object are:

  • first check for object perms,
  • then check for category perms,
  • if none of the above, use the global permission settings. New permissions

Permission name
tiki_p_modify_object_categories Tiki Can change the categories on the object

+ many many more! Ex.: you can now put permissions on groups. This permits to restrict who can add to which group, see group list, etc.

1.2.21. Plugins - new ones! PluginCalendar

It includes a calendar within a wiki page. More information: PluginCalendar PluginFancytable (Enhanced!)

Table can be sorted and pre-sorted, cells can span multiple columns and rows, syntax simplified so that | can be used to separate cells (instead of ~|~). More information: PluginFancytable PluginGroupMail

It includes a helper for group mail cases. More information: PluginGroupMail PluginGroupMailCore

Displays GroupMail functions on a wiki page. Usually set up using a plugin alias created by the GroupMail profile. More information: PluginGroupMail PluginImg (Enhanced!)

It displays images, and nowadays, it includes many of the options from other former plugins (img, image, thumb, ...). More information: PluginImg PluginInvite

It allows inviting new people to join a group through sending an email to them. More information: PluginInvite PluginListProgress

It indicates the internationalization progress of the page list. More information: PluginListProgress PluginMCalendar

It converts dates from Gregorian to Mayan Calendars: Tzolkin, Haab, Long Count. More information PluginMCalendar PluginMemberList

It lists the members of selected groups and allows to add or remove members if permissions are granted. PluginPagelist

It lists pages part of a named list. More information: PluginPagelist PluginR

It parses R syntax and shows the output either from the code introduced between the plugin tags. Data to analyze can be passed as tracker item attachment id. Due to its license, it is available in the Mods repository. More information: PluginR Plugin Screencast

It displays a screencast uploaded on the page. More information: PluginScreencast Plugin Tabs

Provides tabs built using the smarty tabset block. More information: PluginTabs

1.2.22. Profiles - new ones! Expenses Report

Expenses_Report, which makes use of the Time sheet profile Time Sheet


1.2.23. SMTP: Use external server

Experimental -> works only for notification
Prior to 3.0, Tiki uses the SMTP of the server to send email, which is fine for the vast majority of cases. Starting with version 4.0, it's possible to configure an external SMTP server.

1.2.24. Table columns: sortable rows

PluginFancyTable has been improved and it allows the columns to be sorted.


This code:

Copy to clipboard
{FANCYTABLE( head=" Quantity | Vegetables | Fruits", sortable="y",sortList="[0,0],[1,0]")} 10 | onions | apples 10 | cucumbers | lemons 100 | carrots | oranges 10 | tomatoes | water melons 50 | peas | strawberries {FANCYTABLE}

Would produce:

Quantity Vegetables Fruits

10 onions apples
10 cucumbers lemons
100 carrots oranges
10 tomatoes water melons
50 peas strawberries

1.2.25. Themes, CSS, and Look and Feel New Look and Feel Admin options Custom head content

The Look and Feel admin page now has a textarea (text input box) for adding code to the html head section, such as ))JavaScript(( and CSS specific for the site Custom center column heading

Another textarea has been added to the admin page for custom content at the top of the center column, such as a banner ad, module, or dynamic content tag. More logic in importing CSS

The layout.css file, imported by theme stylesheets since Tiki 3, has been split into two files with the second file, design.css, containing color and spacing defaults that aren't layout-related but still generally convenient to import rather than specifying in the theme. Core themes import both files. Themes

Some brand new themes available in Tiki4, plus many of the new ones in Tiki3 are included in Tiki4.

tiki4_mollio_00.png (105.37 Kb)

(carousel here :smile )

1.2.26. Toolbars Admin

Toolbars (formerly known as "quicktags") can be configured in a very flexible way. You can select the section where you want a new button in its toolbar, or globally. You can optionally check the comments checkbox, you want to edit and drag the icons from the left hand box to the toolbars on the right, ...

tiki4_admin_toolbars_00.png (75.40 Kb)

1.2.27. Use structures as menus

Structures and menu code change

1.2.28. Workspaces

Various Tiki features (groups, permissions, categories, etc.) are being massively improved to enable Workspaces for such applications in education, workplace environments, and projects with multiple teams. Initially the feature will be labeled "experimental" as it is still in development. Some functionality will be in Tiki 4 and other in 5. Please see Workspaces RoadMap. This is a massive enhancement which will lead to the ability to address, for example, these 10 uses cases for workspaces.

This is a different and much more integrated code base than the previous external Mod AulaWiki feature (which had evolved for some years).

Features removed

Some feature are deprecated, unmaintained or superceded. They are thus removed from the main code base.


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