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Use a module to display the part or all of the table of contents from a structure for navigational usages

Module wikistructure

This Module is not a real pre-defined module like all the others, but can be easily generated by the user through a user defined module, and add the structure toc from the bundled utility within user modules. Keep in mind that this module might have been superceeded since Tiki7 by Module menu, which might support horizontal and vertical display of a structure toc in a menu.



You will be able to add it through "Admin > Modules > User Modules(tab or section) > Create new user module" (below) (tiki-admin_modules.php?#theme).

Then, proceed as usual: create it (steps 1 and 2 from the image above), edit it by adding the exttra parameters that you would like to use (step 3, and see other potential params below), save it, and assign it. See Module Admin for more information on some of those general steps on module usage.


Parameter Accepted values Effect Required? Version
id id number of the structure home page set the structure to show the toc from y 2.0
maxdepth number (default: 0) maximum depth of tree to be created, any number starting from 0, which means no limit n 3.0

(probably any other parameter from toc would work)

See these pages for information that applies for all modules:

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