Here's the list of pages we're targeting for completion by Sunday. This week we're targeting a feature that has no documentation and a brand new feature that will be released with 1.10. If you have questions, drop a note in the forum, send me a mail or look for me on irc. Now, here's the list!

  1. Quizzes User
  2. Quizzes Admin
  3. Quizzes Ref
  4. Featured Links
  5. User Bookmarks

If you're going to work on the the Quizzes pages, a large quantitiy of information can be found at the quiz page at tw.o. You'll need to go through that info and pull the relevant facts over to

The Featured Links page needs some screenshots. The placeholders are already in the wiki page.

User Bookmarks needs to be migrated over from tw.o

Happy Writing!