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Originally, provided game downloads as zip files that could be extracted and uploaded/copied to the Tiki site. Now the web site user is instructed to copy HTML from and paste it into his/her web page. This causes the game to load from The terms of use don't explicitly state that this method must be used, so it seems to be permissible to read the HTML code for the .swf source, save the source file and associated thumbnail and so on, and put them in the Tiki Games gallery as before.

You can also download prepared game packs containing the binaries, thumbnails and descriptions, the tiki-game-pack1 can be downloaded as a Tiki add-on containing some nice flash games that you can add directly to tiki by copying the contents of the games directory to your tiki games directory.

Alternatively, there are other web sites that allow downloads of zipped Flash games, and these will be added to the information here.

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(Preliminary info — 1.9.7: The feature worked when the files were transferred with ftp to the server. The game upload form didn't successfully transfer the files.)


tiki_p_admin_games For games administration
tiki_p_play_games For playing games

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No known planned changes to API, tables, or other key developer info.


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