Things That Remain Blank

This week I'm highlighting four areas that are really untouched, and asking for one report. Here's the list:

  1. The Live Support section is quit bare, except for a few pointers to tw.o. Please move the content to the docs site.
  2. The Charts section is in need of help.
  3. The Banners section has a description of the feature, but needs to have user and admin pages built
  4. The Shoutbox section has no data on the docs wiki
  5. Finally, I'm looking for a report. I'd like to build a report that shows the status of each page by structure. The goal is to show the status of the different structures so that we can pinpoint the areas where we need work. Then we no longer need to keep a manual documentation status page. If you have an idea of how we could accomplish this, please create a page and show us what we need to do.

Have a great week! Keep Writing! Dave