A preference is a way to configure your Tiki site. Synonym: Setting, parameter.

As of 2019-03-10, this list is for Tiki19 and will be periodically updated. See also All Plugins and All Modules. Site configuration preferences is another way to list the preferences.

bigbluebutton_dynamic_configurationBigBlueButton dynamic configurationUses the advanced options of BigBlueButton to configure the XML per room.
category_jail_rootCategory jail rootAlways display categories outside of the jail root, which would be for normal categorization.
default_mapdefault mapfile
feature_wikiwordsWikiWordsAutomatically convert \"CamelCase\" words into wiki links.
feature_wiki_pluralsLink plural WikiWords to their singular forms
feature_wikiwords_usedashAccept dashes and underscores in WikiWords
gdaltindexFull path to gdaltindex
ogr2ogrFull path to ogr2ogr
mapzoneMap Zone
siteadSite Ads and Banners Content
intertiki_errfileErrors log file
kaltura_kcwUIConfKCW UI configuration IDKaltura Configuration Wizard (KCW) user interface configuration ID
namespace_defaultDefault namespaceNamespace to use when creating wiki pages. Should be defined within perspectives.
php_libxmlPHP libxml extensionThis extension requires the libxml PHP extension. This means that passing in --enable-libxml is also required, although this is implicitly accomplished because libxml is enabled by default.
php_datetimePHP DateTimeDateTime class (and related functions) are enabled by default since PHP 5.2.0.
rating_default_optionsDefault rating optionsList of options available.
saml_advanced_idp_lowercase_url_encodingEnable Lowercase URL encodingSome IdPs such as ADFS can use lowercase URL encoding, but the plugin expects uppercase URL encoding, so enable it to fix incompatibility issues..
unified_mysql_index_currentMySQL full-text search current indexA new index is created upon rebuilding, and the old one is then destroyed. This setting enables seeing the currently active index.
unified_identifier_fieldsUnified index identifier fields (Internal)Used to store the fields to be considered as identifiers. This is overwritten after each index rebuilding.
users_prefs_xmpp_passwordXMPP account password
wizard_admin_hide_on_loginHide admin wizard on log-in when an admin user logs in
feature_siteadSite adsEnable advertisingads/1
sitead_publishPublishMake the banner visible to all site visitors.ads/1
feature_bannersBannersInsert, track, and manage advertising banners.ads/1, features/1
wikiplugin_bannerPlugin BannerAdd a bannerads/1, textarea/2
art_home_titleTitle of articles homepageSelect the default title for the page that displays all articles.articles/1
article_comments_per_pageNumber per pageSet the number of comments per page.articles/1
article_comments_default_orderingDisplay orderSet the display order of comments.articles/1
article_paginatePaginate articlesDivide articles into multiple pages with pagebreak markers.articles/1
article_remembers_creatorArticle creator remains article ownerLast article editor does not automatically become author (owner).articles/1
article_image_size_xDefault maximum width for custom article imagesSet the default maximum width of the article imagearticles/1
article_image_size_yDefault maximum height for custom article imagesSet the default maximum height of article imagesarticles/1
article_default_list_image_size_xDefault maximum width for custom article images in list mode (on View Articles)Sets the default maximum width of custom article images in list mode (on View Articles page)articles/1
article_default_list_image_size_yDefault maximum height of custom article images in list mode (on View Articles page)Set the default maximum height of custom article images in list mode (on the View Articles page)articles/1
article_image_file_size_maxArticle image maximum file sizeMaximum file size for an article image. Article images are stored in the database so it should remain low.articles/1
article_custom_attributesCustom attributes for article typesEnable additional custom fields for article typesarticles/1
article_sharethis_publisherYour ShareThis publisher identifier (optional)Set to define your ShareThis publisher identifierarticles/1
article_related_articlesRelated articlesDisplay a list of related articles at the bottom of an article pagearticles/1
article_use_new_list_articlesUse new articlesUse the new CustomSearch-based article lists rather than database informationarticles/1
feature_submissionsSubmissionsArticles can be submitted but need to be approved before they are published.articles/1
feature_cms_rankingsRankingsUsers can see several charts or rankings about the item.articles/1
feature_cms_templatesArticle content templatesPredefined content for an articlearticles/1
feature_cms_emailsSpecify notification emails when creating articlesSend a notification email when creating an article. Remember that notification emails for article topics can be redefined when the topic is edited after its creation.articles/1
feature_cms_sharethisShareThis buttonsEnable sharing site content via ShareThisarticles/1
maxArticlesMaximum number of articles on the articles homepageThe number of articles to show on each page of the Articles homepage.articles/1
feature_article_commentsComments on articlesUsers with permission can post or reply to comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.articles/1, comments/1
article_feature_copyrightsArticle copyrightApply copyright management preferences to this feature.articles/1, copyright/1
feature_articlesArticlesArticles can be used for date-specific news and announcements. You can configure articles to automatically publish and expire at specific times or to require that submissions be approved before becoming "live."articles/1, features/1
geo_locate_articleGeolocate articlesProvide controls to indicate a geographic location in the article edit form.articles/1, maps/1
article_user_ratingUser ratings on articlesAllow users to rate articles.articles/1, rating/1
article_user_rating_optionsArticle rating optionsList of options available for the rating of articles.articles/1, rating/1
tracker_article_trackerTracker for articlesHave a tracker to supplement article informationarticles/1, rss/3
tracker_article_trackerIdTracker ID of tracker for articlesA tracker for articles must contain an "Articles" fieldarticles/1, rss/3
feature_sefurl_title_articleArticle title in SEFURLThe article title rather than article number can be displayed in the search engine friendly URL.articles/1, sefurl/1
wikiplugin_articlePlugin ArticleDisplay a field of an articlearticles/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_articlesPlugin Article ListDisplay multiple articlesarticles/1, textarea/2
lock_content_templatesLock Content TemplatesEnable users to lock content templates and so prevent others from editing themarticles/1, wiki/1
art_sort_modeArticle orderDefault sort mode for the articles on the list-articles pagearticles/2
art_list_title_lenTitle lengtharticles/2
art_list_datePublication datearticles/2
art_list_expireExpiration datearticles/2
art_list_authorAuthor (owner)articles/2
art_list_authorNameAuthor name (as displayed)articles/2
art_list_ratingAuthor ratingarticles/2
art_list_usersRatingUsers ratingarticles/2
art_list_ispublishedIs publishedarticles/2
art_trailer_posTrailer positionarticles/2
art_header_text_posHeader text positionHeader text positionRequires a smaller image for list viewarticles/2
gmap_article_listShow map mode buttons in articles listarticles/2, maps/1
blog_comments_per_pageNumber per pageblogs/1
blog_comments_default_orderingDefault orderingblogs/1
feature_blog_rankingsRankingsUsers can see several charts or rankings about the page.blogs/1
feature_blog_edit_publish_datePublish dates can be modifiedblogs/1
feature_blog_sharethisShareThis buttonsEnable sharing site content via ShareThisblogs/1
feature_blog_mandatory_categoryLimit blog categories to those under this categoryIf you get an error message indicating a mandatory category is required when editing a blog post, this is the option to blame. Set it to None.blogs/1, category/1
feature_blogposts_commentsBlog post CommentsUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.blogs/1, comments/1
blog_feature_copyrightsBlog post copyrightApply copyright management preferences to this feature.blogs/1, copyright/1
feature_blogsBlogOnline diaries or journals.blogs/1, features/1
home_blogHome blog (main blog)blogs/1, general/3
geo_locate_blogpostGeolocate blog postsProvide controls to indicate a geographic location in the blog post edit form.blogs/1, maps/1
feature_blog_headingCustom blog headingsblogs/1, performance/7
feature_sefurl_title_blogBlog title in SEFURLThe blog title rather than blog number can be displayed in the search engine friendly URL.blogs/1, sefurl/1
blog_sharethis_publisherYour ShareThis publisher identifier (optional)Set to define your ShareThis publisher identifierblogs/1, socialnetworks/6
wikiplugin_bloglistPlugin Blog ListDisplay posts from a site blogblogs/1, textarea/2
blog_list_orderDefault orderblogs/2
blog_list_title_lenTitle lengthblogs/2
blog_list_createdCreation dateblogs/2
blog_list_lastmodifLast modifiedblogs/2
calendar_view_daysDays to display in the calendarcalendar/1
calendar_view_modeDefault view modecalendar/1
calendar_list_begins_focusView list beginscalendar/1
calendar_firstDayofWeekFirst day of the weekcalendar/1
calendar_timespanSplit hours in periods ofTimes shown in week and day view.calendar/1
calendar_minute_intervalMinute IntervalInterval to show between minutes on time selectorscalendar/1
calendar_start_yearFirst year in the dropdowncalendar/1
calendar_end_yearLast year in the dropdowncalendar/1
calendar_sticky_popupSticky popupcalendar/1
calendar_view_tabItem view tabcalendar/1
calendar_addtogooglecalShow "Add to Google Calendar" iconcalendar/1
calendar_exportShow "Export Calendars" buttoncalendar/1
calendar_export_itemShow "Export Calendar Item" ButtonAllow exporting a single calendar event as an iCal filecalendar/1
calendar_fullcalendarUse FullCalendar to display calendarscalendar/1
calendar_description_is_htmlTreat calendar item descriptions as HTMLUse this if you use the WYSIWYG editor for calendars. This is to handle legacy data from Tiki pre 7.0.calendar/1
calendar_watch_editorEnable watch events when you are the editorCheck this to receive email notifications of events you changed yourself.calendar/1
default_calendarsSelect default calendars to displaycalendar/1
feature_action_calendarAction calendarDisplays a calendar of system events, such as wiki page modifications, forum posts and article publications. Days with events show links to the action calendar page.calendar/1
feature_cal_manual_timeManual selection of time/datecalendar/1
feature_default_calendarsDisplay only select calendars by defaultcalendar/1
feature_calendarCalendarEvents calendar with public, private and group channels.calendar/1, features/1
feature_jscalendarDate picker for date selectionJavaScript popup date selector (uses jQuery UI DatePicker).calendar/1, look/4
wikiplugin_addtogooglecalPlugin Add to Google CalendarAdd a calendar item to a Google calendar.calendar/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_calendarPlugin CalendarDisplay a calendar and its eventscalendar/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_eventsPlugin EventsDisplay events from calendarscalendar/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_mcalendarPlugin Mayan CalendarsConvert a Gregorian date to a Mayan calendar datecalendar/1, textarea/2
category_jailCategory jailLimits the visibility of objects to those in these category IDs. Used mainly for creating workspaces from perspectives.category/1
category_defaultsCategory defaultsRequire certain categories to be present. If none of the categories in a given set is provided, assign a category by default. Use *7 to specify all the categories in the subtree of 7 + category 7. Can do only this for objectname matching the regex (Example: /^RND_/ = name beginning by RND_)(Optional) Can do for wiki only (optional). Rename will only reassign the categories for wiki pages.category/1
category_sort_asciiSort categories case insensitivelyIgnore case and accents when listing categories. Disable to use the "locale" sort settings.category/1
category_autogeocode_withinAutomatically geocode items with this categoryAutomatically geocode items based on category name when categorized in the sub-categories of this category IDcategory/1
category_autogeocode_replaceReplace any existing geocodeWhen automatically geocoding items based on category name, replace existing geocode, if anycategory/1
category_autogeocode_fudgeUse approximate geocode locationWhen automatically geocoding items based on category name, use randomly approximated location instead of precise locationcategory/1
category_morelikethis_algorithm"More Like This" algorithm for categoriescategory/1
category_morelikethis_mincommonMinimum number of categories in commoncategory/1
category_morelikethis_mincommon_orlessList objects with most categories in commonNo minimum is applied.category/1
category_morelikethis_mincommon_maxMaximum number of "more like this" objectsThe default maximum records setting for the site is used of this is set to 0.category/1
categorypath_excludedExclude these category IDsCategory path won't appear for these category IDs.category/1
categorypath_formatCategory path formatAlter how the category path will be rendered.category/1
feature_categorypathCategory pathShow the category tree above the wiki pagecategory/1
feature_categoryobjectsShow category objectsShow, at the bottom of the wiki page, objects in the same categorycategory/1
feature_category_transitionCategory transitionEnables transitions for objects between different categories. Transitions will create a document workflow.category/1
feature_categoriesCategorySite-wide content category system. Items of different types (wiki pages, articles, tracker items, etc.) can be categorized. Categories can have permissions to control content accesscategory/1, features/1, workspace/1
feature_areasAreasBinding categories and perspectives to each othercategory/1, features/1, workspace/2
feature_image_gallery_mandatory_categoryLimit image gallery categories to those under this categorycategory/1, gal/1
category_i18n_syncSynchronize multilingual categoriesMake sure that the categories of the translations are synchronized when modified on any version.category/1, i18n/1
category_i18n_syncedSynchronized categoriesList of categories affected by the multilingual synchronization. Depending on the parent feature, this list will be used as a white list (the only categories allowed) or as a black list (all categories allowed except those specified).category/1, i18n/1
categories_add_class_to_body_tagCategories to add as CSS classes to <body>Pages in selected categories will have a class with syntax like "cat_catname" added to the body tag.category/1, look/5
categories_used_in_tplProvides the current categories to Smarty templatesWhen enabled, the $objectCategoryIds variable is set to the identifiers of the categories of the object being viewed. This allows showing alternate content depending on the categories of the current object, but reduces performance.category/1, look/6
feature_search_show_forbidden_catIgnore category viewing restrictionsDisplay items the user may not be entitled to view in search results.category/1, performance/4, search/1, security/3
categories_cache_refresh_on_object_catClear cache upon category changeA cache is used to avoid having to fetch all categories from the database every time; this clears the cache when an object is categorized to keep the count up to date.category/1, performance/7
category_browse_count_objectsShow category object countShow object count when browsing categories, complying with search and type filterscategory/1, performance/7
unified_add_to_categ_searchUse unified search in category adminUse unified search to find objects to add to categories. This limits the types of objects available to those included in the unified index.category/1, search/1
wikiplugin_categoryPlugin CategoryList categories and objects assigned to themcategory/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_catorphansPlugin Category OrphansList objects that are not categorizedcategory/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_catpathPlugin Category PathShow the full category path for a wiki pagecategory/1, textarea/2
feature_wiki_mandatory_categoryLimit wiki page categories to those under this categoryIf an error message indicates a mandatory category is required when editing a wiki page, set this option to "None".category/1, wiki/1
areas_rootAreas root category IDID of category whose child categories are bound to a perspective by areascategory/1, workspace/2
comments_notitleDisable comment titlesDon't display the title input field on comments and their replies.comments/1
comments_field_emailEmail fieldEmail field for comments (only for anonymous users).comments/1
comments_field_websiteWebsite fieldWebsite field for comments (only for anonymous users).comments/1
comments_archiveArchive commentsIf a comment is archived, only admins can see itcomments/1
comments_allow_correctionAllow comments to be edited by their authorAllow a comment to be modified by its author for a 30-minute period after posting it, for clarifications, correction of errors, etc.comments/1
comments_inline_annotatorInline comments using Apache AnnotatorUse the Open/Apache Annotator JavaScript based library for managing inline comments as annotations.comments/1
comments_heading_linksAnchor links on headingsCause a link icon to appear on hover over each heading, useful for sharing the URL to an exact location on a page.comments/1
feature_comments_send_author_nameAdd author name in From email headerAdd the name of the comment author in the email header "From", making the email look like sent from "John Doe <noreply@example.com>"comments/1
feature_comments_lockingComments lockingComments can be closed (no comments, or no new comments)comments/1
feature_comments_post_as_anonymousAllow logged-in users to post comments anonymouslyThis can be used to encourage honest feedback without self-censorship, such as in a forum for brainstorming or feedback for improvement.comments/1
feature_inline_commentsInline commentsContextual commentscomments/1
file_galleries_comments_per_pageNumber per pageNumber of comments per pagecomments/1
file_galleries_comments_default_orderingDefault orderDefault order of comments.comments/1
feature_faq_commentsComments for FAQsUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.comments/1, faqs/1
feature_file_galleries_commentsFile gallery commentsUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.comments/1, fgal/1
feature_poll_commentsComments for pollsUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.comments/1, polls/1
comments_voteUse vote system for commentsAllow users with permission to vote on comments.comments/1, rating/1
wiki_comments_form_displayed_defaultDisplay Post new comment form by defaultcomments/1, rating/1, wiki/2
comments_akismet_filterUse Akismet to filter commentsPrevent comment spam by using the Akismet service to determine if the comment is spam. If comment moderation is enabled, Akismet will indicate if the comment is to be moderated or not. If there is no comment moderation, the comment will be rejected if considered to be spam.comments/1, security/2
comments_akismet_apikeyAkismet API KeyKey required for the Akismet comment spam prevention.comments/1, security/2
comments_akismet_check_usersFilter spam for registered usersActivate spam filtering for registered users as well. Useful if your site allows anyone to register without screening.comments/1, security/2
feature_comments_moderationComments moderationEnables the admin or other authorized group member to validate comments before they are visiblecomments/1, security/2
default_rows_textarea_commentComment boxSize (height) of the comment text area.comments/1, textarea/1
section_comments_parseParse wiki syntax in commentsParse wiki syntax in comments in all sections apart from Forums<br>Use "Accept wiki syntax" for forums in admin forums pagecomments/1, textarea/1
wikiplugin_trackercommentsPlugin Tracker CommentsDisplay the number of comments for a trackercomments/1, trackers/2, textarea/2
feature_wiki_commentsComments below wiki pagesUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.comments/1, wiki/2
wiki_comments_allow_per_pageAllow comments per wiki pageEnable control of comments on wiki pages on a per-page basis.comments/1, wiki/2
wiki_comments_displayed_defaultDisplay comment list by defaultcomments/1, wiki/2
wiki_comments_per_pageNumber per pagecomments/1, wiki/2
wiki_comments_default_orderingDisplay ordercomments/1, wiki/2
wiki_watch_commentsEnable watches on commentscomments/1, wiki/2, wiki/2
default_group_transitionsGroup transition sets defaultSets the group transitioned to as the user's default group.community/1
feature_community_genderUsers can choose to show their genderDisplay a user's gender if permitted by the user.community/1
feature_community_mouseoverAllow showing user's information on mouseoverShow users' information on mouseover.community/1
feature_community_mouseover_nameReal nameShow the user's real namecommunity/1
feature_community_mouseover_pictureProfile picture (avatar)community/1
feature_community_mouseover_lastloginLast logincommunity/1
feature_group_transitionGroup transitionEnables transitions for users between different groups. Transitions will create a user approval workflow.community/1
feature_inviteInvite usersAllow users to invite new users to register at this site, by sending an email.community/1
mustread_enabledMust readAllow assignment of mandatory readings and track progress.community/1
mustread_trackerMust read trackerTracker containing the individual read requests.community/1
user_likesUser likesEnable users to "like" content.community/1
user_multilike_configConfiguration for multilikeSeparate configurations by a blank line; for example, relation_prefix=tiki.multilike ids=1,2,3 values=1,3,5 labels=Good,Great,Excellent)community/1
auth_token_tellafriendShare access rights with friends when using Tell a friendAllow users to share their access rights for the current page with a friend when sending the link by email. The lifespan of the link is defined by the site.community/1, security/5
auth_token_shareShare access rights with friends when using ShareAllow users to share their access rights for the current page with a friend when sending the link by email, Twitter, or Facebook. The lifespan of the link is defined by the site.community/1, security/5
activity_basic_eventsRecord basic eventsEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events. This is primarily for entry level options. Using custom events is strongly encouraged.community/2
activity_basic_tracker_updateRecord tracker item updateEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events.community/2
activity_basic_tracker_createRecord tracker item creationEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events.community/2
activity_basic_user_follow_addRecord user following usersEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events.community/2
activity_basic_user_follow_incomingRecord user being followed by usersEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events.community/2
activity_basic_user_friend_addRecord user adding new friendEnable recording of basic internal Tiki events.community/2
activity_custom_eventsCustom activitiesAllow the defining of custom behaviors in addition to internal events.community/2
activity_notificationsEnable notifications through activitiesAllow users to create notifications using activities.community/2
feature_friendsFriendship networkUsers can identify other users as their friendscommunity/2
goal_enabledGoal, recognition and rewardsA tool to set motivational goals to increase engagement on the site.community/2
goal_badge_trackerReward badge trackerTracker ID containing the list of badges to be awarded on goal completion. Each badge can be awarded only once per user.community/2
goal_group_blacklistGroups not eligible for goalsGroups that will not be on the eligible group list.community/2
social_network_typeSocial network typeSelect how the friendship relations within the social network should be treated.community/2
user_list_orderSort ordercommunity/2
feature_scoreScoreScore is a game to motivate participants to increase their contribution by comparing to other users.community/2, score/1
wikiplugin_mapPlugin MapDisplay a mapcommunity/3, maps/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_memberpaymentPlugin Member PaymentReceive payment from a member to extend membership to a groupcommunity/3, payment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_avatarPlugin Profile pictureDisplay a user's profile picturecommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_favoritePlugin FavoriteDisplay a button for a user to click to make an object a favoritecommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_groupPlugin GroupDisplay content based on the user's groups or friendscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_groupexpiryPlugin Group ExpirationShow the expiration date of a group the user belongs tocommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_invitePlugin InviteInvite a user to join your groupscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_mailPlugin MailMail other users or groupscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_memberlistPlugin Member ListList and allow editing of group memberscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_permPlugin PermissionsDisplay content based on permission settingscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_proposalPlugin ProposalAllow users to vote on a proposal and view the resultscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_realnamelistPlugin User List with Real NamesShow user real names for members of a groupcommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_subscribegroupPlugin Subscribe GroupAllow users to subscribe to a groupcommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_subscribegroupsPlugin Subscribe GroupsAllow users to subscribe to a list of groupscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_usercountPlugin User CountDisplay number of users for a site or one or more groupscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_userlinkPlugin User LinkDisplay a link to a user's information pagecommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_userlistPlugin User ListDisplay a list of registered userscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_userprefPlugin User PreferenceDisplay contents based on user preference settingscommunity/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_authorPlugin AuthorAdd popups and color coding that identifies authorscommunity/3, wiki/1, textarea/2
connect_send_infoSend site informationAdditionally send keywords, location, etc. to tiki.org so you can connect with other Tiki sites near you.connect/2
connect_site_titleSite titleName of site to be listed on Tiki Connectconnect/2
connect_site_emailEmail contactEmail to registerconnect/2
connect_site_urlURLURL to registerconnect/2
connect_site_keywordsKey wordsKey words or tags describing your siteconnect/2
connect_site_locationSite locationSite location expressed as longitude, latitude, and zoomconnect/2
connect_send_anonymous_infoSend anonymous informationSend anonymous usage information.connect/2
connect_frequencyConnection frequencyHow often to send informationconnect/2
connect_serverTiki connect server URLWhere to send the information.connect/2
connect_last_postLast connectionconnect/2
connect_server_modeConnect server modeFor use by mother.tiki.org.connect/2
connect_guidConnect GUIDFor use by mother.tiki.org. Do not modifyconnect/2
connect_featureTiki connectConnect your Tiki with the community by sending anonymised statistical data to tiki.orgconnect/2, features/1
suite_jitsi_provisionExpose Jitsi provision URLProvide connection configuration information for Jitsi users to connect to a community/organization instant messaging server.connect/4
suite_jitsi_configurationJitsi configurationContent of a Jitsi-format Java properties fileconnect/4
wikiLicensePageLicense pageThe wiki page where the license information is written.copyright/1
wikiSubmitNoticeSubmit noticeText to appear when content is being submittedcopyright/1
faq_feature_copyrightsFAQ copyrightApply copyright management preferences to this feature.copyright/1, faqs/1
feature_copyrightCopyrightUse the Copyright Management System (or ©MS) to display the license of your contentcopyright/1, features/1
wiki_feature_copyrightsWiki copyrightApply copyright management preferences to this feature.copyright/1, wiki/2
directory_country_flagShow country flagShow the country flagdirectory/1
directory_cool_sitesEnable "popular sites"directory/1
directory_validate_urlsValidate URLsShould Tiki check the URL?directory/1
directory_columnsColumns per pageNumber of columns per page when listing directory categoriesdirectory/1
directory_links_per_pageLinks per pageHow many links should be displayed per page.directory/1
directory_open_linksMethod to open Directory linksThe linked-to website can be opened in various waysdirectory/1
feature_directoryDirectoryUser-submitted Web linksdirectory/1, features/1
faq_comments_per_pageDefault number of comments per pageMaximum number of comments to display on each page. Users may override this number.faqs/1
faq_comments_default_orderingDefault order of commentsIn which order to list the comments on the page.faqs/1
faq_prefixPrefix for answersThe prefix for that Tiki should display for each FAQ answer.faqs/1
feature_faqsFAQsFrequently asked questions and answersfaqs/1, features/1
feature_newslettersNewslettersContent mailed to registered users or other subscribers.features/1
feature_actionlogAction logProvides the ability to track the actions of users and produce reports on a per-user or per-category basis.features/1
feature_contributionContributionEnables users to specify the type of contribution they are making while editing items at the site. The contributions are then displayed color-coded in history and other reports.features/1
feature_quizzesQuizzesSets of questions that can be presented, with the sessions timed and the scores recorded.features/1
feature_shoutboxShoutboxQuick comment (graffiti) box. Like a group chat, but not in real time.features/1
feature_live_supportLive support systemOne-on-one chatting with customerfeatures/1
feature_tell_a_friendTell a friendAdd to each page an "Email this page" linkfeatures/1
feature_html_pagesHTML pagesStatic and dynamic HTML contentfeatures/1
feature_minichatMinichatReal-time group text chatting enabled through a module.features/1
feature_mailinMail-inCreate and publish wiki pages and articles via emailfeatures/1
feature_sheetSpreadsheetSpreadsheets with calculations and chartsfeatures/1
feature_slideshowSlideshow (reveal.js)Create simple presentations via Wiki Syntax.features/1
feature_invoiceInvoiceInvoice systemfeatures/1
feature_commCommunications (send/receive objects)Send/receive wiki pages and articles between Tiki-powered sitesfeatures/1
feature_user_watches_languagesUser watches languagesWatch language-specific changes within a category.features/1
feature_creditsTiki user creditsfeatures/1
feature_accountingAccountingDouble-entry accounting systemfeatures/1
feature_time_sheetTime sheetA project time managerfeatures/1
feature_htmlfeedHTML feedA way to transfer HTML content from one Tiki site to anotherfeatures/1
zotero_enabledZotero bibliographyConnect Tiki to the <a href="https://www.zotero.org">Zotero</a> online bibliography management system.features/1
zotero_client_keyZotero client keyRequired identification key. Registration required.features/1
zotero_client_secretZotero client secretRequired identification key. Registration required.features/1
zotero_group_idZotero group IDNumeric ID of the group, can be found in the URL.features/1
zotero_styleZotero reference styleUse an alternate Zotero reference style when formatting the references. The reference formats must be installed on the Zotero server.features/1
feature_file_galleriesFile galleryStorage of files of various formats to display or download, etc. With check-in and check-out (lock) capabilityfeatures/1, fgal/1
feature_drawDraw (SVG edit)Draw enables creating and editing SVG images in all wiki text areasfeatures/1, fgal/6
feature_draw_hide_buttonsDraw (SVG edit) hide buttonsHide buttons in Draw, HTML id, comma-separated.features/1, fgal/6
feature_draw_separate_base_imageSeparate base imageLeaves the initially edited image as a separate file and stores the drawing separatelyfeatures/1, fgal/6
feature_draw_in_userfilesDraw in user file galleryUsers' drawings are stored in their user files galleryfeatures/1, fgal/6
feature_docsDocs (WebODF)Docs enables viewing and editing Open Document Format filesfeatures/1, fgal/6
feature_forumsForumsThreaded or flat discussions.features/1, forums/1
feature_freetagsTagsEnables tags to be set on pages and other items for freeform categorization.features/1, freetags/1
feature_galleriesImage galleryCollections of images for viewing or downloading (photo albums)features/1, gal/1
feature_schedulerSchedulerProvides the ability to run tasks at a scheduled time.features/1, general/1
feature_statsStatsRecord basic statistics about major Tiki features (number of wiki pages, size of file galleries, etc.)features/1, general/2, stats/1
feature_user_watches_translationsUser watches translationsfeatures/1, i18n/1, user/4
payment_featurePaymentFeature for tracking and managing payment requestsfeatures/1, payment/1
feature_pollsPollsPresentation of a set of votable options, typically displayed in a modulefeatures/1, polls/1
feature_surveysSurveysCreate questionnaires with multiple-choice or open-ended questionsfeatures/1, polls/2
feature_slideshow_pdfexportSlideshow (reveal.js) PDF exportWiki-page-based slideshow to pdf exportfeatures/1, print/1
feature_searchUnified search indexEnables searching for content at the site using a Tiki-managed index.<br>It's recommended to set a cron job to periodically rebuild the search index.features/1, search/1
feature_sefurlSearch engine friendly URLIf the site is using Apache, you can rename _htaccess as .htaccess to use short URLs. On IIS, rename web_config as web.configfeatures/1, sefurl/1
feature_shareShareAdd a "Share" link in all pages to send it via email, Twitter, Facebook, message or forumsfeatures/1, share/1
feature_socialnetworksSocial networksIntegration with social applications and networks like Twitter and Facebookfeatures/1, socialnetworks/1
feature_dynamic_contentDynamic content systemBlock of content which can be reused and programmed (timed)features/1, textarea/1
feature_trackersTrackersDatabase and form generatorfeatures/1, trackers/1
dailyreports_enabled_for_new_usersEnable daily reports for new usersDetermines if daily reports will be automatically enabled for new users.features/1, user/4
feature_user_watchesUser watchesReceive email notification of changes. Each user can choose to be notified of changes to specific itemsfeatures/1, user/4
feature_group_watchesGroup watchesAll users in a group selected by a users admin (tiki_p_admin_users) will receive email notification of changes to specific items. Users cannot choose to stop receiving those notifications while they are members of that groupfeatures/1, user/4
feature_daily_report_watchesDaily reports for user watchesAllows you to schedule daily reports of watches to be sent (batched) at specific times.features/1, user/4
feature_groupalertGroup alertfeatures/1, user/4
feature_webmailWebmailProvides a webmail interface for site users' own IMAP or POP accounts.features/1, user/4, webmail/1
feature_kalturaKaltura video managementIntegration with the Kaltura video management platformfeatures/1, video/1
feature_wikiWikiPages and collaboratively authored documents with edit history.features/1, wiki/1, workspace/1
feature_perspectivePerspectivesPermits overriding of preferences.features/1, workspace/1
feature_jquery_tooltipsTooltipsEnable tooltips such as this to have a custom appearance, styled by CSS.features/2
feature_jquery_autocompleteAutocompleteProvides various dropdown menus on many text input boxes for page names, user names, groups, tags, etc.features/2
feature_jquery_reflectionReflectionCreates a reflection under an image. Used in Plugin Img with the parameter "class=reflect"features/2
feature_jquery_uiJQuery UIInclude jQuery UI library. Enables a number of interface features.features/2
feature_jquery_validationValidationProvides various validation possibilities such as for trackers.features/2
feature_jquery_carouseljQuery infinite carouselCreate a slideshow (like an image carousel) for file galleries. Used in Plugin Carousel.features/2
feature_jquery_tablesorterjQuery sortable tablesProvides an interactive way to sort and filter data in tables produced with Plugin FancyTable and Plugin TrackerList, as well as administrative tables.features/2
feature_jquery_mediajQuery mediaProvides a media player via Plugin MediaPlayer that can be used in wiki pages or other wiki text area to play media files including .flv, .mp3, .mp4, .swf, .avi, .wmv, .ram, .mov, .mpeg, and .pdf. A Flash-based open source media player is used.features/2
feature_jquery_tagcanvasTagCanvasTagCanvas is a Javascript class which will draw and animate an HTML5 canvas-based tag cloud.features/2
feature_jquery_zoomjQuery zoomEnables zoom in images on mouseover or click. Used in Plugin Img with the parameter \"thumb=zoombox\"features/2
jquery_ui_chosenjQuery-UI Chosen Select BoxesStyled replacement for dropdown select lists and multiple-select inputs.features/2
jquery_ui_chosen_sortableSortable Chosen Multi-selectsEnable drag and drop re-ordering of Chosen multi-select options.features/2
jquery_fitvidjsFitVids.jsjQuery plugin for fluid-width (responsive) embedded videos.features/2
jquery_smartmenus_enableSmartMenusAdd "SmartMenus" to Bootstrap menus. See smartmenus.org for more.features/2
jquery_smartmenus_modeSmartMenus Modefeatures/2
mobile_featureMobile accessAllow automatic switching of the perspective according to the mobile_perspectives preference (behavior since Tiki 14).features/2
mobile_perspectivesMobile Perspectivesfeatures/2
feature_jquery_superfishSuperfishAdds animation effects to CSS "Suckerfish" menus.features/2, general/3
jquery_timeagojQuery TimeagojQuery plugin for fuzzy timestamps.features/2, general/4
feature_jquery_ui_themejQuery UI themejQuery UI theme. Used in some modal popups and in the TikiSheet feature, etc.features/2, look/1
tiki_prefix_cssPrefix CSSUse -prefix-free JavaScript library to add vendor specific css prefixes.features/2, performance/1
ajax_autosaveAjax auto-saveSave content during editing, enabling work to be recovered after any interruption. Also enable a real-time preview. This option is required for WYSIWYG plugin processing.features/2, textarea/1, wysiwyg/1
feature_ajaxAjaxAllows for efficient retrieval and display of information from the server, thus improving the user experience. This feature is required for the interface for many features to work.features/2, wysiwyg/1
feature_xmlrpcXMLRPC APIfeatures/3
feature_tikitestsTikiTestsPermits recording and playback of functional testsfeatures/3
feature_dummyDummy preferenceThis is useful for developers to learn how to create a new preference. HTML may be used.features/3
javascript_assume_enabledAssume JavaScript is enabled even if not supportedAssume JavaScript is enabled even if not supported, could be useful for load testing using tools like JMeter.features/3
error_reporting_adminonlyPHP errors visible to admin onlyPHP Errors will be shown to only the Admin user.features/3, general/1
disableJavascriptDisable JavaScriptDisable JavaScript for the purpose of testing even if enabled in the browser.features/3, general/1
smarty_notice_reportingInclude Smarty notices in the PHP error reportTiki will display <a href="https://www.smarty.net">Smarty</a> notices with the PHP error messages.features/3, general/1
log_sql_perf_minLog queries using more thanUse to log only queries that exceed a specific amount of time.features/3, general/1, performance/4
log_sqlLog SQLAll SQL queries will be registered in the database in the adodb_logsql table. features/3, general/1, performance/4, performance/7
error_reporting_levelPHP Error reporting levelLevel of errors to be reported. Errors can be seen in a collapsible box at the bottom of the page, if any exist.features/3, general/1, performance/7
log_mailLog mail in Tiki logsA line of type mail will be included in the System Log with the destination address and subject of each email sent.features/3, general/1, performance/7
header_custom_jsCustom JavaScriptIncludes a block of inline JavaScript after the inclusion of jQuery and other JavaScript libs in all pages.features/3, look/5
smarty_compilationSmarty compilationIndicates when the template cache should be refreshed.features/3, look/6, performance/1
log_tplSmarty template usage indicatorAdd HTML comment at start and end of each Smarty template (.tpl file)features/3, look/6, performance/7
feature_debug_consoleDebugger consoleA popup console with a list of all PHP and Smarty variables used to render the current webpage. It can be viewed by clicking 'Quick Administration->Smarty debug window' or by appending ?show_smarty_debug=1 or &show_smarty_debug=1 to the page URL. You may also execute SQL, watch vars and perform a number of other functions.features/3, security/1
smarty_securitySmarty securityDo not allow PHP code in Smarty templates.features/3, security/1
feature_webservicesWeb servicesCan receive web services via JSON or YAML.features/3, webservices/1
feature_community_send_mail_joinSend an email notification to group leaders when a user joinsfeatures/4
feature_community_send_mail_leaveSend an email notification to group leaders when a user leavesfeatures/4
alchemy_ffmpeg_pathffmpeg pathPath to the location of the ffmpeg binaryfgal/1
alchemy_ffprobe_pathffprobe pathPath to the location of the ffprobe binaryfgal/1
alchemy_imagine_driverAlchemy Image librarySelect either Image Magick or GD Graphics Library.fgal/1
alchemy_unoconv_pathunoconv pathPath to the location of the unoconv binary.fgal/1
alchemy_gs_pathghostscript pathPath to the location of the ghostscript binary.fgal/1
feature_file_galleries_save_draftSave files as draftsAllow saving of files as draftsfgal/1
feature_file_galleries_templatesFile gallery configuration templatesfgal/1
feature_file_galleries_rankingsRankingsUsers can view the “top” or “most” downloaded files.fgal/1
feature_use_fgal_for_wiki_attachmentsUse file galleries for wiki attachmentsWiki attachments will be stored in the file gallery.fgal/1
feature_file_galleries_authorRequire file creator's name for anonymous uploadsfgal/1
feature_file_galleries_batchBatch uploadingDirect import of local files into a file gallery. This method can handle large files. The user can upload files via FTP to the target folder. It is highly recommended to use a file directory as the file gallery storage when using this feature.fgal/1
fgal_podcast_dirPodcast directoryFile system directory for storing podcast filesfgal/1
fgal_prevent_negative_scorePrevent download if score becomes negativeIf using Tiki Score system, users with a negative score cannot download files.fgal/1
fgal_limit_hits_per_fileAllow download limit per filefgal/1
fgal_allow_duplicatesAllow file duplicatesAllow the same file to be uploaded more than once.fgal/1
fgal_display_zip_optionDisplay ZIP option in galleryUsers can upload a .zip (archive file). Tiki will automatically un-zip the archive and add each file to the gallery..fgal/1
fgal_match_regexMust matchA regular expression that must be matched to accept the file example A-Za-z* (filename can only have a-z letters) For example, if you want to require that uploads must have a wordprocessing file extension, you could enter .*.(odt|sxw|doc|dot|rtf|wpt|frm|wpd|txt|ODT|SXW|DOC|DOT|RTF|WPT|FRM|WPD|TXT)fgal/1
fgal_nmatch_regexCannot matchA regular expression that, if matched, causes the file to be rejected. For example, .gif rejects gif images. Note that the period must be escaped since a regular expression is being used. If you don’t know anything about regular expressions just leave the fields blank and all the files will be accepted.fgal/1
fgal_quotaQuota for all files and archivesThe total size of files uploaded to all the file galleries or to a specific file gallery can be limited. The quota for a file gallery applies to that file gallery and all the file galleries under it. When the limit is reached, no more files can be uploaded. The user will see an explanatory error message. An email can be sent via the Mail notifications feature.)fgal/1
fgal_quota_per_fgalQuota for each file galleryA different quota can be defined for each file gallery.fgal/1
fgal_quota_defaultDefault quota for each new galleryfgal/1
fgal_use_dbStorageSpecify if uploaded files should be stored in the database or file directory.fgal/1
fgal_use_dirPath to the directory to store file gallery filesSpecify a directory on this server, for example: /var/www/ It's recommended that this directory not be web-accessible. PHP must be able to read/write to the directory.fgal/1
fgal_delete_afterAutomatic deletion of old filesThe user will have an option when uploading a file to specify the time after which the file is deletedfgal/1
fgal_delete_after_emailDeletion emails notificationEmail addresses (comma-separated) to receive a copy of each deleted filefgal/1
fgal_keep_fileIdKeep the same fileId for the latest version of a fileIf the checkbox is checked, the file ID of the latest version of a file stays the same. A link to the file will always link to the latest version. If not checked, each version of the file is assigned its own file ID, so a link to the file will be to a specific version of the filefgal/1
fgal_upload_from_sourceUpload files from remote sourceEnable copying files to file galleries from a URL that will be polled for new revisions.fgal/1
fgal_source_refresh_frequencyRemote source refresh frequency limitMinimum number of seconds to elapse between remote source checks to prevent flooding the server with requests.fgal/1
fgal_source_show_refreshDisplay controls to attempt a file refreshLet users trigger a refresh attempt from the remote host.fgal/1
fgal_fix_mime_typeSet MIME type based on file suffixSets the MIME type of an image file according to the file suffix when it is incorrectly detected as application/octet-streamfgal/1
fgal_clean_xml_alwaysClean XML AlwaysSanitize XML based files such as SVG for all users.fgal/1
fgal_allow_svgAllow SVG file uploadBecause SVG files may contain malicious code and compromise system security, specifically grant permission to upload SVG files..fgal/1
file_galleries_use_jquery_uploadUse jQuery uploadUse the improved Tiki 15+ upload pagefgal/1
file_galleries_redirect_from_image_galleryRedirect to file galleryIf enabled, redirect all requests to images that were migrated from the image gallery to the corresponding file in the file galleryfgal/1
home_file_galleryHome file gallery (main file gallery)Select the default file galleryfgal/1, general/3
tiki_check_file_contentValidate uploaded file contentDo not trust user input and open the files to verify their content.fgal/1, security/1
fgal_tracker_existing_searchAllow searching for existing files in the tracker files fieldSearch files using the search index.fgal/1, trackers/1
feature_use_fgal_for_user_filesStore user files in a file galleryfgal/1, user/5
wikiplugin_annotationPlugin Image AnnotationAnnotate an imagefgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_carouselPlugin CarouselDisplay images in a self-advancing carouselfgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_colorboxPlugin ColorboxDisplay a gallery of images in a popup slideshowfgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_drawPlugin DrawEmbed a drawing in a pagefgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_filePlugin FileLink to a file that's attached or in a gallery or archivefgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_filesPlugin FilesList files by ID, gallery or category, or show a slideshow of image files.fgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_flashPlugin Flash VideoEmbed a video or audio filefgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_gallerifficPlugin GallerifficDisplay a slideshow of images on a page using the Galleriffic script.fgal/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_imgPlugin ImageDisplay one or more custom-formatted images.fgal/2, textarea/2
fgal_quota_showShow quota bar in the list pagefgal/3
fgal_search_in_contentSearchable file gallery contentInclude the search form on the current gallery page just after "Find"fgal/3
fgal_searchInclude a search form in file galleriesfgal/3
fgal_list_ratio_hitsDisplay hits ratio to maximumDisplay hits with a ratio of hits to maximum hitsfgal/3
fgal_display_propertiesDisplay properties in the context menufgal/3
fgal_display_replaceDisplay "Replace" in the context menufgal/3
fgal_checkedAllow action on multiple files or galleriesInclude "Remove" as an option for the checkbox action in file galleriesfgal/3
fgal_show_thumbactionsShow thumbnail actionsShow the checkbox and wrench icon for file actions menu when not displaying detailsfgal/3
fgal_thumb_max_sizeMaximum thumbnail sizeMaximum width or height for image thumbnailsfgal/3
fgal_browse_name_max_lengthMaximum name lengthLength to which to truncate file names in browse view.fgal/3
fgal_image_max_size_xMaximum width of imagesDefault maximum width of images in galleries.fgal/3
fgal_image_max_size_yMaximum height of imagesDefault maximum height of images in galleries.fgal/3
fgal_default_viewDefault viewfgal/3
fgal_sortFieldDefault sort fieldfgal/3
fgal_sortDirectionDefault sort directionfgal/3
fgal_icon_fileIdGallery iconEnter the ID of any file in any gallery to be used as the icon for this gallery in browse viewfgal/3
fgal_show_explorerShow explorerfgal/3
fgal_show_pathShow pathfgal/3
fgal_show_slideshowShow slideshowfgal/3
fgal_list_createdCreated / Uploadedfgal/3
fgal_list_lastModifLast modifiedfgal/3
fgal_list_creatorUploaded byfgal/3
fgal_list_last_userLast modified byfgal/3
fgal_list_lastDownloadLast downloadfgal/3
fgal_list_lockedbyLocked byfgal/3
fgal_list_backlinksBacklinksPresent a list of pages that link to the current page.fgal/3
fgal_list_deleteAfterDelete afterfgal/3
fgal_list_created_adminCreated / Uploadedfgal/4
fgal_list_lastModif_adminLast modifiedfgal/4
fgal_list_creator_adminUploaded byfgal/4
fgal_list_last_user_adminLast modified byfgal/4
fgal_list_lastDownload_adminLast downloadfgal/4
fgal_list_lockedby_adminLocked byfgal/4
fgal_list_backlinks_adminBacklinksPresent a list of pages that link to the current page.fgal/4
fgal_list_deleteAfter_adminDelete afterfgal/4
fgal_enable_auto_indexingAutomatic indexing of file contentUses command line tools to extract the information from the files based on their MIME types.fgal/5
fgal_asynchronous_indexingAsynchronous indexingfgal/5
feature_webdavWebDAV access to TikiAllow file gallery access with WebDAVfgal/6
fgal_elfinder_featureUse elFinder UIAlternative file manager with drag and drop capabilityfgal/6
fgal_viewerjs_featureUse Viewer JSUses ViewerJS from http://viewerjs.org if available (needs a separate install due to licensing restrictions), and allows displaying ODF files (odt, ods, odp) as well as pdf in web pagesfgal/6
fgal_viewerjs_uriViewer JS URIWhere ViewerJS is installedfgal/6
fgal_pdfjs_featureUse PDF.jsUses PDF.js to display PDF files in web pagesfgal/6
h5p_enabledH5P supportHandle H5P package files on upload. H5P enables the creation, sharing and reusing of interactive HTML5 content.fgal/6
h5p_whitelistWhitelistAllowed filetypesfgal/6
h5p_track_userH5P Tracker UserStore H5P resultsfgal/6
h5p_dev_modeH5P Developer ModeUse "patched" libraries?fgal/6
h5p_filegal_idDefault GalleryFile gallery to create new H5P content in by default.fgal/6
h5p_save_content_stateStore user stateAllows users to resume at the point they last got tofgal/6
h5p_save_content_frequencySave FrequencyHow often to update user data.fgal/6
h5p_exportExportAllows users to export H5P contentfgal/6
h5p_hub_is_enabledHub Is EnabledUpdates libraries from h5p.orgfgal/6
h5p_site_keySite KeyH5P Site Key.fgal/6
h5p_h5p_site_uuidH5P UUIDH5P Unique ID.fgal/6
h5p_content_type_cache_updated_atContent Type UpdatedLast update.fgal/6
h5p_check_h5p_requirementsCheck RequirementsUnused so farfgal/6
h5p_send_usage_statisticsSend Usage StatisticsUnused so farfgal/6
h5p_has_request_user_consentRequest User ConsentUnused so farfgal/6
h5p_enable_lrs_content_typesLRS Content TypesReporting (?)fgal/6
scorm_enabledSCORM supportHandle SCORM package files on upload. SCORM is a standard used in learning management systems.fgal/6
scorm_trackerSCORM TrackerThe ID number of the tracker used to store SCORM metadatafgal/6
vimeo_uploadVimeo uploadEnables video upload to the Vimeo service. API keys are required and approval must be granted by Vimeo for the upload API.fgal/6
vimeo_deleteVimeo deleteCauses videos uploaded to the Vimeo service via Tiki file galleries to be deleted when the Tiki file is deleted.fgal/6
vimeo_consumer_keyVimeo consumer keyAPI consumer keyfgal/6
vimeo_consumer_secretVimeo consumer secretAPI consumer secretfgal/6
vimeo_access_tokenVimeo access tokenThe access token that is automatically generated by Vimeo when API keys are requested.fgal/6
vimeo_access_token_secretVimeo access token secretThe access token secret automatically generated by Vimeo when API keys are requestedfgal/6
vimeo_default_galleryVimeo Default GalleryThe The ID of the default file gallery in which to store the Vimeo referencefgal/6
feature_forum_rankingsRankingsUsers can see several charts or rankings about the page.forums/1
feature_forum_parseAccept wiki syntaxforums/1
feature_forum_topics_archivingTopic archivingforums/1
feature_forum_quickjumpQuick jumpsforums/1
feature_forum_replyemptyReplies are emptyforums/1
feature_forum_allow_flat_forum_quotesAllows quoting in flat forumsAllows users to reply.forums/1
feature_forums_allow_thread_titlesFirst post of a thread can have an empty bodyforums/1
feature_forum_post_indexIndex posts on forum section change.Re-indexes forum posts to match the parent section when the section is changedforums/1
forum_image_file_galleryForum image file galleryFile gallery used to store images for forumsforums/1
forum_comments_no_title_prefixDo not start messages titles with 'Re:'forums/1
forum_match_regexUploaded filenames must match regexforums/1
forum_thread_defaults_by_forumManage thread defaults per-forumforums/1
forum_thread_user_settingsDisplay thread configuration barforums/1
forum_thread_user_settings_thresholdDisplay the thread configuration bar only when the number of posts exceedsforums/1
forum_thread_user_settings_keepKeep settings for all forums during the user sessionforums/1
forum_comments_per_pageNumber per pageforums/1
forum_thread_styleDefault styleforums/1
forum_thread_sort_modeDefault sort modeforums/1
forum_reply_notitleDon't display forum thread titlesTitles of posts usually don't change because they are a direct reply to the parent post. This feature turns off the display of titles in edit forms and forum display.forums/1
forum_reply_forcetitleRequire reply to have a titlePresent an empty title input form and require it to be filled in before the forum post is submitted.forums/1
forum_quote_prevent_nestingPrevent Nesting of Quote wikiplugins when replyingStrips quote plugin in reply in order to prevent nesting of quote plugins.forums/1
forum_inbound_mail_ignores_permsAllow inbound email posts from anyoneAllow posts from non-users in forums using inbound posts from a specified email address.forums/1
forum_inbound_mail_parse_htmlParse HTML in inbound email postsAttempt to keep the formatting of HTML "rich text" emails if using WYSIWYG.forums/1
forum_strip_wiki_syntax_outgoingStrip wiki markup from outgoing forum emailsConvert outgoing emails from forum posts to plain text.forums/1
forum_moderator_notificationSend moderation emailSend email to forum moderators when post is queuedforums/1
forum_moderator_email_approveApprove link in moderation emailInclude a link for forum moderators to approve queue from emailforums/1
home_forumHome forum (main forum)forums/1, general/3
feature_forums_name_searchForum name searchforums/1, search/1
feature_forums_searchForum content searchforums/1, search/1
feature_forum_content_searchTopic content searchforums/1, search/1
feature_forum_local_tiki_searchTiki-indexed searchforums/1, search/1
feature_forum_local_searchUse database (full-text) searchforums/1, search/1
feature_sefurl_title_forumthreadDisplay forum thread or forum post title in the search engine friendly URLforums/1, sefurl/1
forum_list_ppdPosts per day (PPD)forums/2
forum_list_lastpostLast postforums/2
forum_list_description_lenDescription lengthforums/2
forum_available_categoriesForum post categoriesCategories available in the category picker for forum posts.forums/2
forum_category_selector_in_listInclude category selector in forum listInclude a dropdown selector in the forum list to choose a category for the post.forums/2
forums_orderingDefault orderforums/2
freetags_sort_modeOrdering of tagged objectsDefault sort mode for tagged itemsfreetags/1
freetags_browse_show_cloudShow tag cloudShow the full tag cloud in the list-tags screen.freetags/1
freetags_browse_amount_tags_in_cloudMaximum number of tags in cloudfreetags/1
freetags_show_middleShow tags in middle columnOn pages that have content tagged, this option enables the display of the tags at the top of those pages. Tags can be set, among other places, in the properties tab when editing a wiki page..freetags/1
freetags_preload_random_searchPreload random tagA random tag will be selected on the tag search page (if no tag is pre-selected)..freetags/1
freetags_browse_amount_tags_suggestionTag SuggestionsNumber of tags to show in tag suggestionsfreetags/1
freetags_normalized_valid_charsValid characters patternClick on the links below to set or clear a pattern to limit characters accepted in tags. freetags/1
freetags_lowercase_onlyLowercase tags onlyConvert uppercase characters in tags to lowercase, if this is a preferred style for making tags more user-friendly..freetags/1
morelikethis_algorithm"More Like This" algorithmenables tagged material to offer a find potentially related content. Basic will present content where a minimum number of tags match the item or page being viewed. Weighted is the same, but items are presented in Weighted (highest value first) sort order.freetags/1
morelikethis_basic_mincommonMinimum number of tags in commonThe minimum number of matching tags required for an item to be presented in the "More Like This" feature.freetags/1
freetags_multilingualMultilingual tagsPermits translation management of tagsfreetags/1, i18n/1
wikiplugin_addfreetagPlugin Add TagProvide an input field for adding a tag to an objectfreetags/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_freetaggedPlugin TaggedList similarly tagged objectsfreetags/1, textarea/2
feature_gal_batchEnable directory batch loadingImport large number of files by placing them them in a local directory accessible via a network share, scp, ftp, or other protocols.gal/1
feature_gal_rankingsRankingsUsers can see several charts or rankings about the file.gal/1
feature_image_galleries_commentsImage Gallery CommentsUsers with permission may post threaded comments. The comments will appear at the bottom of the page.gal/1
gal_batch_dirBatch loading directorygal/1
gal_image_mouseoverDisplay image information in a mouseover boxgal/1
gal_list_lastmodifLast modifiedgal/1
gal_match_regexUploaded image names must match regexgal/1
gal_nmatch_regexUploaded image names cannot match regexgal/1
gal_use_dirDirectory pathgal/1
gal_use_libImage processing librarygal/1
maxRowsGalleriesMaximum rows per pagegal/1
rowImagesGalleriesImages per rowgal/1
thumbSizeXGalleriesThumbnail widthgal/1
thumbSizeYGalleriesThumbnail heightgal/1
scaleSizeGalleriesDefault scale sizegal/1
image_galleries_comments_per_pageDefault number of comments per pagegal/1
image_galleries_comments_default_orderDefault order of commentsgal/1
preset_galleries_infoSet display settings for all galleriesgal/1
home_galleryHome gallery (main gallery)gal/1, general/3
email_footerEmail footerText appended to outgoing emails.general/1
feature_version_checksCheck for updates automaticallyTiki will automatically check for new updates each time you access the Admin Home page, based on your Check frequency selection.general/1
browsertitleBrowser titleVisible label in the browser's title bar on all pages. Also appears in search engine results.general/1
fallbackBaseUrlFallback for tiki base URLThe full URL to the Tiki base URL including protocol, domain and path (example: https://example.com/tiki/), used when the current URL can not be determined, example, when executing from the command line.general/1
mail_crlfEmail newline character(s)End-of-line (EOL) character used in outgoing emailsgeneral/1
scheduler_stalled_timeoutScheduler stalled after (minutes)Set a scheduler to stall if the running time is long. Set 0 to disable stall detection.general/1
scheduler_notify_on_stalledNotify on stalled schedulersSend an email notification when a stalled scheduler is detected.general/1
scheduler_users_to_notify_on_stalledUsers to notify on stalled taskList of users/emails separated by comma to be notified when a scheduler task is set to stalled.</br><code>Ex: admin,operations@example.com</code></br><strong>If empty, the email will be sent to all administrators.</strong>general/1
scheduler_healing_timeoutSelf healing after (minutes)Self healing resets a stalled scheduler automatically after the timeout set. 0 disables self healinggeneral/1
scheduler_notify_on_healingNotify on healed schedulersSend an email notification when a stalled scheduler is healed.general/1
scheduler_users_to_notify_on_healedUsers to notify on healed taskList of users/emails separated by comma to be notified when a scheduler task is set to healed.</br><code>Ex: admin,operations@example.com</code></br><strong>If empty, the email will be sent to all administrators.</strong>general/1
scheduler_keep_logsNumber of logs to keep0 will keep all logsgeneral/1
sender_emailSender emailEmail address that will be used as the sender for outgoing emails.general/1
sender_nameSender full nameReal name that will be used as the sender for outgoing emailsgeneral/1
site_title_locationBrowser title positionPosition of the browser title in the full browser bar relative to the current page's descriptor.general/1
site_title_breadcrumbBrowser title display modeWhen breadcrumbs are used, method to display the browser title.general/1
tiki_version_check_frequencyCheck frequencyHow often Tiki should check for updates. This field applies only if "Check for updates automatically" is enabled. general/1
tiki_release_cycleUpgrade cycleTiki upgrade frequency for this site to check against.general/1
webcron_enabledEnabledCron jobs can be triggered from a URL or with JavaScript. A token is required to run the cron job manually.general/1
webcron_typeHow to trigger Web Crongeneral/1
webcron_run_intervalRun intervalThe amount of time of each rungeneral/1
webcron_tokenTokenThe token to use when running the cron manuallygeneral/1
zend_mail_smtp_serverSMTP servergeneral/1
zend_mail_handlerMail senderSpecify if Tiki should use Sendmail(the PHP mail() function), SMTP or File (Debug) (to debug email sending by means of storing emails as files on disk at ./temp/Mail_yyyymmddhhmmss_randomstring.tmp ) to send mail notifications.general/1
zend_mail_smtp_authAuthenticationMail server authenticationgeneral/1
zend_mail_smtp_heloLocal server nameName of the local server. Will be reported to SMTP relay on the HELO/EHLO line.general/1
zend_mail_queueMail deliveryWhen set to Queue, messages will be stored in the database. Requires using the shell script <code>php console.php mail-queue:send</code> to be run for actual delivery. Only works with SMTP mail.general/1
default_mail_charsetDefault character set for sending mailSpecify the character encoding used by Tiki when sending mail notifications.general/1, i18n/1
newsletter_throttleThrottle newsletter send ratePause for a given amount of seconds before each batch to avoid overloading the mail server.general/1, performance/9
newsletter_pause_lengthNewsletter pause lengthNumber of seconds delay before each batchgeneral/1, performance/9
newsletter_batch_sizeNewsletter batch sizeNumber of emails to send in each batchgeneral/1, performance/9
newsletter_external_clientAllow sending newsletters through external clientsGenerate mailto links using the recipients as the BCC list.general/1, security/1
mail_template_custom_textText string used to customise mail templatesText string used to customise mail templates and added as a pref reference in the appropriate mail tpl filesgeneral/1, textarea/1
access_control_allow_originAccess-Control-Allow-OriginDomains allowed to make "CORS" (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing or Cross-Domain Ajax) requests from this server.general/2
conditions_enabledTerms and ConditionsAutomatically present a terms of use page to be accepted by users accessing the site.general/2
conditions_page_nameTerms of Use page nameWiki page for Terms of Use content. The page may be translated using the multilingual feature.general/2
conditions_minimum_ageMinimum ageWhen presenting the terms of use, request age.general/2
contact_anonAllow anonymous visitors to use the "Contact Us" feature.general/2
contact_priority_onoffDisplay contact priorityDisplay contact priority optiongeneral/2
contact_userContact userUser to contactgeneral/2
feature_contactContact usA basic contact form a visitor can use to contact the site admingeneral/2
feature_helpHelp systemActivates links to Tiki documentation. You can specify a Help URL that contains customized help pages. By default, the Help system uses http://doc.tiki.org/general/2
feature_loadbalancerLoad balancerActivate this only if the server is behind a load balancer (or reverse proxy). This enables logging the IP of the user rather than the IP of the proxy servergeneral/2
feature_port_rewritingTiki is behind a frontend-proxy/load-balancer that rewrites portsActivate this only if the server is behind a frontend-proxy/load-balancer (or reverse proxy) that rewrites ports. This enables Tiki to use the HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO parameter set by the proxy, to provide correct links.general/2
tmpDirTemporary directoryDirectory on your server, relative to your Tiki installation, for storing temporary files. Tiki must have full read and write access to this directory.general/2
helpurlHelp URLThe default help system may not be complete. You can contribute to the Tiki documentation, which is a community-edited wiki.general/2
http_skip_framesetHTTP lookup: skip framesetsWhen performing an HTTP request to an external source, verify if the result is a frameset and use heuristic to provide the real content.general/2
multidomain_activeMulti-domainEnable domain names to be mapped to perspectives and simulate multiple domains hosted with the same Tiki installation.general/2
multidomain_configMulti-domain ConfigurationComma-separated values mapping the domain name to the perspective ID.general/2
multidomain_switchdomainSwitch domain when switching perspectiveImportant: Different domains have different login sessions and, even in the case of subdomains, an understanding of session cookies is needed to make it workgeneral/2
proxy_hostProxy host nameProxy host - without http:// or similar, just the host namegeneral/2
proxy_portPortProxy portgeneral/2
proxy_userProxy usernamegeneral/2
proxy_passProxy passwordgeneral/2
session_storageSession storage locationSelect where the session information should be stored. Memcache sessions require memcache to be configured.general/2
session_lifetimeSession lifetimegeneral/2
session_cookie_nameSession cookie nameSession cookie name used instead of the PHP default configurationgeneral/2
site_terminal_activeSite terminalAllows users to be directed to a specific perspective depending on the origin IP address. Can be used inside intranets to use different configurations for users depending on their departements or discriminate people in web contexts. Unspecified IPs will fall back to default behavior, including multi-domain handling. Manually selected perspectives take precedence over this.general/2
site_terminal_configSite terminal configurationProvides the mapping from subnets to perspective.general/2
use_proxyUse proxySpecify if this Tiki site requires a proxy to access the internet. If enabled, the proxy Host name (either with or without the http:// prefix), Port settings, Username, and Password can be specified.general/2
zend_http_use_curlUse CURL for HTTP connectionsUse CURL instead of sockets for server to server HTTP connections, when sockets are not available.general/2, security/1
count_admin_pvsCount admin pageviewsInclude pageviews by Admin when reporting stats.general/2, stats/1
feature_referer_statsReferrer statsRecord domain name of sites that send visitors to this Tiki.general/2, stats/1
feature_featuredLinksFeatured linksA simple menu system to display external web pages in a new browser tab or an iframe within the site, etc.general/3
feature_cssmenusCSS menusUse CSS-styled (Suckerfish) vertical and horizontal menus.general/3
feature_redirect_on_errorRedirect on errorOn an error, refresh to the homepage as specified on the Admin General page.general/3
feature_menusfolderstyleUse folder icons for menu section (parent) itemsWhen a menu isn't set as a Bootstrap or CSS menu, use folder icons for menu section items (rather than plus/minus signs).general/3
feature_breadcrumbsBreadcrumbsIndicates the navigation path through parent pages to the current page.general/3
feature_siteloclabelPrefix breadcrumbs with "Location : "Place the term "Location:" in the breadcrumbs.general/3
feature_sitelocSite location bargeneral/3
feature_sitetitleLarger fontgeneral/3
feature_sitedescUse page descriptiongeneral/3
feature_alternate_registration_pageAlternate registration pageEnter URL of a custom registration page. Tiki will automatically redirect default registration page (tiki-register.php) to this page.general/3
useGroupHomeUse group homepagesUsers can be directed to different pages upon logging in, depending on their default group.general/3
limitedGoGroupHomeGo to the group homepage only if logging in from the default homepagegeneral/3
urlIndexBrowserTitleHomepage Browser titleCustomize Browser title for the custom homepagegeneral/3
urlIndexHomepage URLgeneral/3
useUrlIndexUse custom homepageUse the top page of a Tiki feature or another homepagegeneral/3
tikiIndexUse the top page of a Tiki feature as the homepageSelect the Tiki feature to provide the site homepage. Only enabled features are listed.general/3
menus_items_iconsMenu iconsAllows icons to be defined for menu entriesgeneral/3
menus_items_icons_pathDefault path for the iconsgeneral/3
menus_edit_iconEdit menu iconAdds an icon on the navbar to edit menu entriesgeneral/3
permission_denied_urlSend to URLURL to redirect to on "permission denied"general/3
sitemap_enableSitemap protocolAllows generating site maps based on the Sitemap protocol, in the form of XML documents. Mostly used to facilitate indexation of a site by web search engines.general/3
tiki_domain_prefixDomain prefix handlingStrip or automatically add the "www." prefix on domain names to standardize URLs.general/3
tiki_domain_redirectsDomain redirectsWhen the site is accessed through specific domain names, redirect to an alternate domain preserving the URL. Useful for domain name transitions, like tikiwiki.org to tiki.org.general/3
url_anonymous_page_not_foundThe URL that the anonymous user is redirected to when a page is not foundgeneral/3
permission_denied_login_boxOn permission denied, display login moduleIf an anonymous visitor attempts to access a page for which permission is not granted, Tiki will automatically display the Log-in module. Alternatively, use the Send to URL field to display a specific page (relative to your Tiki installation) instead.general/3, login/1
url_after_validationURL the user is redirected to after account validationThe default page a Registered user sees after account validation is "tiki-information.php?msg=Account validated successfully".general/3, login/1
load_thresholdMaximum average server load threshold in the last minutegeneral/3, security/4
site_closedClose siteUse this setting to \"close\" the Tiki site (such as for maintenance). Users attempting to access the site will see only a log-in form. Only users with specific permission will be allowed to log in. Use the Message to display to specify the message that visitors will see when attempting to access your site.general/3, security/4
site_closed_msgMessagegeneral/3, security/4
site_busy_msgMessagegeneral/3, security/4
use_load_thresholdClose site when server load is above the thresholdUse this option to "close" the Tiki site when the server load exceeds a specific threshold. Only users with specific permission will be allowed to log in. Use "Maximum average server load threshold in the last minute" to define the maximum server load. Use the "Message to display" to specify the message that visitors will see when attempting to access the site.general/3, security/4
feature_use_three_colon_centertagCenter text using ::: instead of ::Useful to avoid conflicts with C++ scope operators or default namespace separator.general/3, textarea/1, wiki/2
feature_userlevelsMenu user levelsEnables control of the per-group visibility of menu optionsgeneral/3, user/2
urlOnUsernameURL to go to when clicking on a usernameURL to go to when clicking on a username. Default: tiki-user_information.php?userId=%userId% <em>(Use %user% for login name and %userId% for userId))</em>general/3, user/3
wikiHomePageWiki homepageThe default home page of the wiki when no other page is specified. The page will be created if it does not already exist.general/3, wiki/1
wiki_pagename_stripPage name display stripperThe character(s) to use as a delimiter in the page name. The portion of the name after the character(s) will not be displayed. If the page name display stripper conflicts with the namespace separator, the namespace is used and the page name display is not stripped.general/3, wiki/1, wiki/2
feature_wiki_1like_redirectionRedirect to similar wiki pageIf a requested page doesn't exist, redirect to a similarly named pagegeneral/3, wiki/2
namespace_indicator_in_structureHide namespace indicator in structure pathHide namespace indicator in structure path.general/3, wiki/2
namespace_enabledNamespaceEnable namespaces feature for wiki pages.general/3, wiki/2, workspace/1
namespace_separatorNamespace separatorSelect the character, symbol, or text to use as the namespace separator.general/3, wiki/2, workspace/1
display_field_orderFields display orderThe order date field inputs should be listed in.general/4
display_start_yearStart yearYear to show first in dropdown lists.<br>For example, use "-2" for the current year minus two, or "2010" for a specific yeargeneral/4
display_end_yearEnd yearYear to show last on dropdown lists.<br>For example, use "+2" for the current year plus two, or "2016" for a specific yeargeneral/4
long_date_formatLong date formatSpecify how Tiki displays the date (longer version)general/4
long_time_formatLong time formatSpecify how Tiki displays the time (longer version)general/4
server_timezoneTime zoneIndicates the default time zone to use for the server.general/4
short_date_formatShort date formatgeneral/4
short_time_formatShort time formatgeneral/4
short_date_format_jsShort JavaScript date formatUsed in jQuery-UI date picker fieldsgeneral/4
short_time_format_jsShort JavaScript time formatUsed in jQuery-UI datetime picker fieldsgeneral/4
tiki_same_day_time_onlySkip date for same dayWhen displaying short date and time, skip date for today. Only time will be displayed.general/4
wikiplugin_countdownPlugin CountdownDisplay the time until or after a date and timegeneral/4, textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_nowPlugin NowShow the current date and time.general/4, textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_convenePlugin ConveneSuggest meeting dates and times and vote to select one.general/4, textarea/2
wikiplugin_timesheetPlugin TimeSheetEmbed a timesheet into a pagegeneral/4, textarea/2
users_prefs_display_timezoneDisplayed time zonegeneral/4, user/1
users_prefs_display_12hr_clockUse 12-hour clock for time selectorsUse the 12-hour clock (with AM and PM) in some edit screens to set the time for publishing new or edited blog posts, articles, etc.general/4, user/1
available_languagesAvailable languagesBy default, all languages supported by Tiki are available on multilingual sites. This option allows limiting the languages to a subset.i18n/1
change_languageUsers can choose the language of their interfaceAllow users to change the language of the menus and labels.i18n/1
feature_machine_translationMachine translationUses machine translation to translate the content of the site to other languages. Note that this feature relies on external services thay may not be free. Google Translate is a paid service.i18n/1
feature_multilingualMultilingualEnables internationalization features and multilingual support at the site.i18n/1
feature_detect_languageDetect browser languageLook up the user's preferred language through browser preferences.i18n/1
feature_best_languageShow pages in user's preferred languageWhen accessing a page which has an equivalent in the user's preferred language, favor the translated page. Based on the user’s Tiki preferences.i18n/1
feature_sync_languageSynchronize page and site languageChanging the page language also changes the site languagei18n/1
feature_translationTranslation assistantTrack translation operations between pages.i18n/1
feature_urgent_translationUrgent translation notificationsEnable changes to be flagged as urgent, so translations are marked with a notice visible to all users.i18n/1
feature_translation_incomplete_noticeIncomplete translation noticeWhen a page is translated to a new language, a notice will automatically be inserted into the page to indicate that the translation is not yet complete.i18n/1
feature_multilingual_structuresMultilingual structuresStructures search for equivalent pages in other languages.i18n/1
feature_multilingual_one_pageDisplay all languages in a single pageList all languages as options in the page-language dropdown list, to see them all at once.i18n/1
feature_lang_nonswitchingpagesCertain pages redirect to homepage when language is changedi18n/1
feature_lang_nonswitchingpages_namesList of pages that redirectList of names of pages that always redirect to the homepage when the language is switchedi18n/1
lang_use_dbUse database for translationUse the database to store the translated strings and allow using interactive translationi18n/1
lang_control_contributionManage contribution of translated stringsOffers to set whether each translated string should be contributed to the Tiki community or kept locallyi18n/1
lang_machine_translate_implementationMachine translation implementationSelect between alternate impementations for machine translation. Depending on the implementation, different API keys may be required.i18n/1
lang_machine_translate_wikiEnable machine translation of wiki pagesMakes additional languages available to the list of languages on the page.i18n/1
lang_google_api_keyGoogle Translate API KeyThe key must be generated from the Google console. Choose to create a server key.i18n/1
lang_bing_api_client_idBing Translate Client IDThe application must be registered.i18n/1
lang_bing_api_client_secretBing Translate Client SecretThe application must be registered.i18n/1
lang_available_translations_dropdownDisplay available translations as dropdownInstead of a simple icon to list available languages or translation options, show a more visible drop-down list.i18n/1
languageDefault languageThe site language is used when no other language is specified by the user.i18n/1
language_adminDefault admin languageThe site language is used in admin section when no other language is specified by the user.i18n/1
language_inclusion_thresholdLanguage inclusion thresholdWhen the number of languages is restricted on the site, and is below this number, all languages will be added to the preferred language list, even if unspecified by the user. However, priority will be given to the specified languages.i18n/1
quantify_changesQuantify change sizeIn addition to tracking the changes, track the change size and display approximately how up-to-date the page is.i18n/1
record_untranslatedRecord untranslated stringsKeep track of the unsuccessful attemps to translate strings.i18n/1
restrict_languageRestrict supported languagesLimit the languages made available on the site.i18n/1
show_available_translationsDisplay available translationsDisplay list of available languages and offer to switch languages or translate. This appears on wiki pages and articles action buttons.i18n/1
search_default_interface_languageRestrict search language by defaultOnly search content that is in the interface language, otherwise show the language menu.i18n/1, search/2
wiki_dynvar_multilingualMultilingual dynamic variablesMake dynamic variable content language-specific.i18n/1, textarea/1
wikiplugin_langPlugin LanguageShow alternative content based on the page language.i18n/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trPlugin TranslateTranslate text to the user languagei18n/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_translatedPlugin TranslatedCreate multilingual linksi18n/1, textarea/2
wiki_page_regexWiki link formatLevel of special characters acceptable in wiki links for page names. For example: ((Page &eacute;&agrave;&icirc;))i18n/1, wiki/1
wiki_edit_minorAllow minor edits of wiki pagesMinor edits don't flag new content for translation and don't cause watch notifications to be sent (unless "Watch minor edits" is enabled).i18n/1, wiki/1
feature_intertiki_mymasterMaster Tiki serverMaster Tiki server that this client will obtain user authorizations from.intertiki/1
feature_intertiki_import_preferencesImport user preferencesClient Tiki will copy the user preferences from the master server.intertiki/1
feature_intertiki_import_groupsImport user groupsGroups the user belongs to on the master server will be imported (along with their security definitions).intertiki/1
feature_intertiki_imported_groupsLimit group importThis list will limit the group import feature to only those groups listed here.intertiki/1
feature_intertiki_sharedcookieIntertiki shared cookieCauses a user who logs into or out of either the slave or master site to be automatically logged into or out of all other sites.intertiki/1
tiki_keyClient key for this siteThis must match the shared key entered in the Master’s key field.intertiki/1
feature_intertikiIntertikiAllows several Tiki sites (slaves) to get authentication from a master Tiki siteintertiki/1, login/1
feature_intertiki_serverThis site is a master serverintertiki/2
intertiki_logfileAccess log fileintertiki/2
auth_methodAuthentication methodTiki supports several authentication methods. The default method is to use the internal user database.login/1
change_passwordUsers can change their passwordRegistered users can change their password from their User Preferences page. If not, passwords can be changed only by the admin.login/1
cookie_nameCookie nameName of the cookie to remember the user's loginlogin/1
cookie_domainDomainThe domain that the cookie is available to.login/1
cookie_pathPathThe path on the server in which the cookie will be available on. Tiki will detect if it is installed in a subdirectory and will use that automatically.login/1
cookie_consent_featureCookie ConsentAsk permission of the user before setting any cookies, and comply with the response.login/1
cookie_consent_nameCookie consent nameName of the cookie to record the user's consent if the user agrees.login/1
cookie_consent_expiresCookie consent expirationExpiration date of the cookie to record consent (in days).login/1
cookie_consent_descriptionCookie consent textDescription for the dialog.login/1
cookie_consent_questionCookie consent questionSpecific question next to the checkbox for agreement. Leave empty to not display a checkbox.login/1
cookie_consent_buttonCookie consent buttonLabel on the agreement button.login/1
cookie_consent_alertCookie consent alertAlert displayed when user tries to access or use a feature requiring cookies.login/1
cookie_consent_modeCookie consent modeAppearance of consent dialoglogin/1
cookie_consent_dom_idCookie consent dialog IDDOM id for the dialog container div.login/1
cookie_consent_disableCookie consent disabledDo not give the option to refuse cookies but still inform the user about cookie usage.login/1
cookie_refresh_remembermeRefresh the remember-me cookie expirationEach time a user is logged in with a cookie set in a previous session, the cookie expiration date is updated.login/1
desactive_login_autocompleteDisable browser's autocomplete feature for username and password fieldsUse to deactivate the autocomplete in the log-in box. The autocomplete features can be optionally set in the user’s browser to remember the form input and proposes the remember the password. If enabled, the user log-in name and password cannot be remembered. You should enable this feature for highly secure sites.login/1
email_dueRe-validate user email afterThe number of days after which an email will be sent to the user with a link to revalidate the account. The user will not be able to login (that is, the account will be invalid), until the user clicks the link. Use this feature to verify that a user’s email is still valid.login/1
feature_show_stay_in_ssl_modeUsers can choose to stay in SSL mode after an HTTPS loginlogin/1
feature_switch_ssl_modeUsers can switch between secured or standard mode at loginlogin/1
feature_userWizardDifferentUsersFieldIdsPresent different input fields in the User Wizard than are in the Registration formAsk a different set of fields for the User Details section in the User Wizard than the ones shown in the Registration formlogin/1
feature_userWizardUsersFieldIdsTracker fields presented in the User Wizard as User DetailsUser's information tracker fields presented in the User Wizard as User Details (separate field IDs with colons)login/1
generate_passwordGenerate passwordDisplay a button on the registration form to automatically generate a very secure password for the user.login/1
validateUsersValidate new user registrations by emailTiki will send an email message to the user. The message contains a link that must be clicked to validate the registration. After clicking the link, the user will be validated. You can use this option to limit false registrations or fake email addresses.login/1
forgotPassForgot passwordUsers can request a password reset. They will receive a link by email.login/1
allowRegisterUsers can registerAllow site visitors to register, using the registration form. The log-in module will include a "Register" link. If this is not activated, new users will have to be added manually by the admin on the Admin-Users page.login/1
validateEmailValidate user's email serverTiki will attempt to validate the user’s email address by examining the syntax of the email address. It must be a string of letters, or digits or _ or . or - follows by a @ follows by a string of letters, or digits or _ or . or -. Tiki will perform a DNS lookup and attempt to open a SMTP session to validate the email server.login/1
validateRegistrationRequire validation by AdminThe administrator will receive an email for each new user registration, and must validate the user before the user can log in.login/1
userTrackerUse a tracker to collect more user informationDisplay a tracker form for the user to complete as part of the registration process. This tracker will receive and store additional information about each user.login/1
groupTrackerUse tracker to collect more group informationlogin/1
eponymousGroupsCreate a new group for each userAutomatically create a group for each user in order to, for example, assign permissions on the individual-user level.login/1
remembermeRemember meAfter logging in, users will automatically be logged in again when they leave and return to the site.login/1
remembertimeDurationThe length of time before the user will need to log in again.login/1
http_portHTTP portThe port used to access this server; if not specified, port 80 will be usedlogin/1
http_referer_registration_checkRegistration referrer checkUse the HTTP referrer to check registration POST is sent from same host. (May not work on some setups.)login/1
https_portHTTPS portthe HTTPS port for this server.login/1
https_loginUse HTTPS loginIncrease security by allowing to transmit authentication credentials over SSL. Certificates must be configured on the server.login/1
login_is_emailUse email as usernameInstead of creating new usernames, use the user's email address for authentication. On the registration form, there will be no Username field.login/1
login_is_email_obscureObscure email when using email as usernameThis will attempt as much as possible to hide the email address, showing the real name or the truncated email address instead.login/1
login_allow_emailUser can login via username or email.This will allow users to login using their email (as well as their username).login/1
login_autogenerateAuto-generate 6-digit username on registrationThis will auto-generate a 6-digit username for users who sign up (they will normally log in with emails only).login/1
login_multiple_forbiddenPrevent multiple log-ins by the same userUsers (other than admin) cannot log in simultaneously with multiple browsers.login/1
login_grab_sessionGrab session if already logged inIf users are blocked from logging in simultaneously, grab the session. Will force existing user to be logged outlogin/1
lowercase_usernameForce lowercaseAutomatically convert all alphabetic characters in the username to lowercase letters. For example <b>JohnDoe</b> becomes <b>johndoe</b>.login/1
max_username_lengthMaximum lengthThe greatest number of characters for a valid username.login/1
min_username_lengthMinimum lengthThe least possible number of characters for a valid username.login/1
min_pass_lengthMinimum lengthThe least possible number of characters for a valid password.login/1
pass_chr_numRequire characters and numeralsFor improved security, require users to include a mix of alphabetical characters and numerals in passwords.login/1
pass_duePassword expires afterThe number of days after which a password will expire. Days are counted starting with the user’s first login. When the password expires, users will be required to select a new password when logging in.login/1
pass_chr_caseRequire alphabetical characters in lower and upper casePassword must contain at least one lowercase alphabetical character like "a" and one uppercase character like "A". Use this option to require users to select stronger passwords.login/1
pass_chr_specialRequire special charactersPassword must contain at least one special character in lower case like <b>" / $ % ? & * ( ) _ + .</b> Use this option to require users to select stronger passwords.login/1
pass_repetitionRequire no consecutive repetition of the same characterPassword must not contain a consecutive repetition of the same character such as "111" or "aab".login/1
pass_diff_usernameThe password must be different from the user's log-in namelogin/1
unsuccessful_loginsRe-validate user by email afterAfter a certain number of consecutive unsuccessful log-in attempts, the user will receive an email with instruction to validate his or her account. However, the user can still log in with the old password.login/1
unsuccessful_logins_invalidSuspend account afterAfter a certain number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts, the account is suspended. An admin must revalidate the account before the user can use it again.login/1
user_unique_emailUser emails must be uniqueThe email address of each user must be unique.login/1
user_register_prettytrackerUse pretty trackers for registration formlogin/1
user_register_prettytracker_tplRegistration pretty tracker templateUse a wiki page name or Smarty template file with a .tpl extension.login/1
user_register_prettytracker_hide_mandatoryHide MandatoryHide mandatory fields indication with an asterisk (shown by default).login/1
user_register_prettytracker_outputOutput the registration resultsUse a wiki page as template to output the registration results tologin/1
user_register_prettytracker_outputwikiOutput registration pretty tracker templateWiki page onlylogin/1
user_register_prettytracker_outputtowikiPage name field IDUser the tracker's field ID whose value is used as the output page name.login/1
user_trackersync_trackersUser tracker IDs to sync prefs fromEnter the comma-separated IDs of trackers to sync user preferences from.login/1
user_trackersync_realnameTracker field IDs to sync the "real name" pref fromEnter the comma-separated IDs in order of priority to be chosen; each item can concatenate multiple fields using "+", for example "2+3,4".login/1
user_trackersync_groupsTracker field IDs to sync user groupsEnter the comma-separated IDs of all fields that contain group names to which to sync user groups.login/1
user_trackersync_geoSynchronize long/lat/zoom to location fieldSynchronize user geolocation preferences with the main location field.login/1
user_trackersync_langChange user system language when changing user tracker item languagelogin/1
user_tracker_auto_assign_item_fieldAssign a user tracker item when registering if email equals this fieldlogin/1
user_must_choose_groupUsers must choose a group at registrationUsers cannot register without choosing one of the groups indicated above.login/1
username_patternUsername patternThis regex pattern requires or forbids the use of certain characters for username. For example, to add Hebrew, use: /&#94;&#91; '\-_a-zA-Z0-9@\.א-ת]*$/ or, for Chinese, use: /&#94;&#91; '\-_a-zA-Z0-9@\.\x00-\xff]*$/login/1
validator_emailsValidator emails (separated by comma) if different than the sender emaillogin/1
login_http_basicHTTP Basic AuthenticationCheck credentials from HTTP Basic Authentication, which is useful to allow webservices to use credentials.login/1, security/1
pass_blacklistPrevent common passwordsFor improved security, prevent users from creating blacklisted passwords. Use default blacklist or create custom blacklists through Control Panel -> Log in -> Password Blacklist.login/1, security/1
session_protectedProtect all sessions with HTTPSAlways redirect to HTTPS to prevent a session hijack through network sniffing.login/1, security/1
captcha_wordLenCAPTCHA image word lengthNumber of characters the CAPTCHA will display.login/1, security/2
captcha_widthCAPTCHA image widthWidth of the CAPTCHA image in pixels.login/1, security/2
captcha_noiseCAPTCHA image noiseLevel of noise of the CAPTCHA image.login/1, security/2
captcha_questions_activeCAPTCHA questionsRequires anonymous visitors to enter the answer to a question.login/1, security/2
captcha_questionsCAPTCHA questions and answersAdd some simple questions that only humans should be able to answer, in the format: "Question?: Answer" with one per linelogin/1, security/2
feature_banningBanning systemDeny access to specific users based on username, IP, and date/time range.login/1, security/2
feature_antibotAnonymous editors must enter anti-bot code (CAPTCHA)Use CAPTCHA to ensure that anonymous input is from a person.login/1, security/2
useRegisterPasscodeRequire passcode to registerUsers must enter an alphanumeric code to register. The site administrator must inform users of this code. This is to restrict registration to invited users.login/1, security/2
registerPasscodePasscodelogin/1, security/2
showRegisterPasscodeShow passcode on registration formDisplays the required passcode on the registration form. This is helpful for legitimate users who want to register while making it difficult for automated robots because the passcode is unique for each site and because it is displayed in JavaScript.login/1, security/2
registerKeyRegistration page keyTo register, users need to go to, for example: tiki-register.php?key=yourregistrationkeyvaluelogin/1, security/2
recaptcha_enabledUse reCAPTCHAUse reCAPTCHA, a specialized captcha service, instead of default CAPTCHAlogin/1, security/2
recaptcha_pubkeySite keyreCAPTCHA public key obtained after registering.login/1, security/2
recaptcha_privkeySecret keyreCAPTCHA private key obtained after registering.login/1, security/2
recaptcha_themereCAPTCHA themeChoose a theme for the reCAPTCHA widget.login/1, security/2
recaptcha_versionVersionreCAPTCHA version.login/1, security/2
https_external_links_for_usersHTTPS for user-specific linksWhen building notification emails, RSS feeds, the canonical URL or other externally available links, use HTTPS when the content applies to a specific user. HTTPS must be configured on the server.login/1, sefurl/1
tracker_force_fillRequire users to fill in tracker informationRequire users to fill in a tracker form if not done already by prompting them with a modal dialog.login/1, trackers/1
tracker_force_tracker_idTracker ID of tracker required to be filled inA tracker for articles must contain an "Articles" fieldlogin/1, trackers/1
tracker_force_mandatory_fieldMandatory tracker field to check for required filling inThe permname of field that is checked to see if user has completed the form. If field is empty, user has not completed it.login/1, trackers/1
tracker_force_tracker_fieldsFields that are asked for in the modal for force-fillingComma-separated permanent names of fields that are requested in the modal for required filling in. If empty, all fields are requestedlogin/1, trackers/1
user_force_avatar_uploadForce users to upload an avatar.Require the user to upload a profile picture if they haven't done so already by prompting them with a modal popup.login/1, trackers/1
auth_ws_create_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiIf a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the Tiki user database, Tiki will create an entry in its user database.login/10
pass_blacklist_filePassword file usedThe automatically selected file is recommended unless you generate your own blacklist file.login/11
login_autologinEnable autologin from remote TikiUsed with autologin_remotetiki in the redirect pluginlogin/2
login_autologin_userSystem username to use to initiate autologin from remote TikiSpecified user must exist and be configured in Settings...Tools...DSN/Content Authentication on remote Tiki. Used with autologin_remotetiki in the redirect plugin.login/2
login_autologin_groupSystem groupname to use for auto login tokenFor security, please create a group that has no users and no permissions and specify its name here.login/2
login_autologin_createnewCreate user if not registered in TikiCreate a new user account if the user that is trying to autologin does not exist on this Tiki.login/2
login_autologin_allowedgroupsAllowed groups from remote Tiki to autologin.Comma-separated list of groups to allow autologin from remote Tiki. If empty, will allow everyone.login/2
login_autologin_syncgroupsSync these groups from remote Tiki on autologin.Comma-separated list of groups to sync from remote Tiki on autologin. Group membership will be added or removed accordingly.login/2
login_autologin_logoutremoteAutomatically logout remote Tiki after logout.When the user logs out of this Tiki, redirect the user to logout of the other Tiki as well.login/2
login_autologin_redirectloginRedirect direct logins to this site to remote Tikilogin/2
login_autologin_redirectlogin_urlURL of autologin page on remote Tiki to redirect user to loginURL of autologin page on remote Tiki to redirect user to login, e.g. https://www.remotetiki.com/PageWithRedirectPluginlogin/2
auth_ldap_permit_tiki_usersUse Tiki authentication for users created in TikiIf this option is set, users that are created using Tiki are not authenticated via LDAP. This can be useful to let external users (ex.: partners or consultants) access Tiki, without being in your main user list in LDAP.login/3
auth_ldap_hostHostThe hostnames, ip addresses or URIs of your LDAP servers. Separate multiple entries with Whitespace or ‘,’. If you use URIs, then the settings for Port number and SSL are ignored. Example: “localhost ldaps://master.ldap.example.org:63636” will try to connect to localhost unencrypted and if if fails it will try the master LDAP server at a special port with SSL.login/3
auth_ldap_portPortThe port number your LDAP server uses (389 is the default, 636 if you check SSL).login/3
auth_ldap_debugWrite LDAP debug Information in Tiki LogsWrite debug information to Tiki logs (Admin -> Tiki Logs, Tiki Logs have to be enabled).login/3
auth_ldap_sslUse SSL (ldaps)login/3
auth_ldap_starttlsUse TLSlogin/3
auth_ldap_typeLDAP Bind Type<ul><li><b>Active Directory bind</b> will build a RDN like username@example.com where your basedn is (dc=example, dc=com) and username is your username</li><li><b>Plain bind</b> will build a RDN username</li><li><b>Full bind</b> will build a RDN like userattr=username, userdn, basedn where userattr is replaced with the value you put in ‘User attribute’, userdn with the value you put in ‘User DN’, basedn with the value with the value you put in ‘base DN’</li><li><b>OpenLDAP bind</b> will build a RDN like cn=username, basedn</li><li><b>Anonymous bind</b> will build an empty RDN</li></ul>login/3
auth_ldap_scopeSearch scopeUsed after authentication for getting user and group information.login/3
auth_ldap_basednBase DNlogin/3
auth_ldap_userdnUser DNlogin/3
auth_ldap_userattrUser attributelogin/3
auth_ldap_userocUser OClogin/3
auth_ldap_nameattrRealname attributeSynchronize Tiki user attributes with the LDAP values.login/3
auth_ldap_countryattrCountry attributeSynchronize Tiki user attributes with the LDAP values.login/3
auth_ldap_emailattrEmail attributeSynchronize Tiki user attributes with the LDAP values.login/3
auth_ldap_adminuserAdmin userlogin/3
auth_ldap_adminpassAdmin passwordlogin/3
ldap_create_user_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiIf a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the Tiki user database, Tiki will create an entry in its user database.login/3
ldap_create_user_ldapCreate user if not in LDAPIf a user was authenticated by Tiki’s user database, but not found on the LDAP server, Tiki will create an LDAP entry for this user.login/3
ldap_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inIf this option is set, the user “admin” will be authenticated by only using Tiki’s user database and not via LDAP. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/3
auth_ldap_groupdnGroup DNlogin/4
auth_ldap_groupattrGroup name attributelogin/4
auth_ldap_groupdescattrGroup description attributelogin/4
auth_ldap_groupocGroup OClogin/4
auth_ldap_memberattrMember attributelogin/4
auth_ldap_memberisdnMember is DNlogin/4
auth_ldap_usergroupattrGroup attributelogin/4
auth_ldap_groupgroupattrGroup attribute in group entrylogin/4
auth_ldap_group_externalUse an external LDAP server for groupslogin/4
auth_ldap_group_debugWrite LDAP debug Information in Tiki LogsWrite debug information to Tiki logs (Admin -> Tiki Logs, Tiki Logs have to be enabled).login/4
auth_ldap_group_sslUse SSL (ldaps)login/4
auth_ldap_group_starttlsUse TLSlogin/4
auth_ldap_group_typeLDAP Bind Type<ul><li><b>Active Directory bind</b> will build a RDN like username@example.com where your basedn is (dc=example, dc=com) and username is your username</li><li><b>Plain bind</b> will build a RDN username</li><li><b>Full bind</b> will build a RDN like userattr=username, userdn, basedn where userattr is replaced with the value you put in ‘User attribute’, userdn with the value you put in ‘User DN’, basedn with the value with the value you put in ‘base DN’</li><li><b>OpenLDAP bind</b> will build a RDN like cn=username, basedn</li><li><b>Anonymous bind</b> will build an empty RDN</li></ul>login/4
auth_ldap_group_scopeSearch scopelogin/4
auth_ldap_group_basednBase DNlogin/4
auth_ldap_group_userdnUser DNlogin/4
auth_ldap_group_userattrUser attributelogin/4
auth_ldap_group_corr_userattrCorresponding user attribute in 1st directorylogin/4
auth_ldap_group_userocUser OClogin/4
auth_ldap_group_adminuserAdmin userlogin/4
auth_ldap_group_adminpassAdmin passwordlogin/4
syncGroupsWithDirectorySynchronize Tiki groups with a directorylogin/4
syncUsersWithDirectorySynchronize Tiki users with a directorylogin/4
pam_create_user_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiIf a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the Tiki user database, Tiki will create an entry in its user database.login/5
pam_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inThe user “admin” will be authenticated by <b>only</b> using Tiki’s user database. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/5
shib_groupDefault groupThe name of the default grouplogin/6
shib_usegroupCreate with default grouplogin/6
shib_affiliationValid affiliationsA list of affiliations which will allow users to log in to this wikilogin/6
shib_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inThe user “admin” will be authenticated by <b>only</b> using Tiki’s user database. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/6
shib_create_user_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiIf a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the Tiki user database, Tiki will create an entry in its user database.login/6
saml_auth_enabledEnable SAML Authlogin/7
saml_idp_entityidIdP Entity IdIdentifier of the IdP entity ("Issuer")login/7
saml_idp_ssoSingle sign-on service URLSSO endpoint info of the IdP, the URL target of the IdP where the SP will send the Authentication Request ("SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)")login/7
saml_idp_sloSingle log-out service URLSLO endpoint info of the IdP, the URL target of the IdP where the SP will send the SLO Request ("SLO Endpoint (HTTP)")login/7
saml_idp_x509certX.509 certificatePublic x509 certificate of the IdP. ("X.509 certificate")login/7
saml_options_autocreateCreate user if not registered in TikiAuto-provisioning - if the user doesn't exist, Tiki will create a new user with the data provided by the IdP.<br>Review the Mapping section.login/7
saml_options_sync_groupSync user group with IdP dataThis should be enabled to sync groups with the IdP.login/7
saml_options_sloEnable Single Logout ServiceThe "logout" function logs out the user from the Tiki site, the identity provider and all connected service providerslogin/7
saml_options_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inThe user “admin” will be authenticated by <b>only</b> using Tiki’s user database. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/7
saml_option_default_groupDefault groupWhen provisioning a new user and not group found, assign that grouplogin/7
saml_option_account_matcherAccount matcherSelect the field to be used to find the user account. If the "email" field is selected, keep in mind that if users change their email address, then the link with the IdP account will be lost.login/7
saml_option_login_link_textLog-in link textThe text that appears on the log-in pagelogin/7
saml_attrmap_usernameSAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki usernameThe SAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki username.login/7
saml_attrmap_mailSAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki emailThe SAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki email.login/7
saml_attrmap_groupSAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki groupThe SAML attribute that will be mapped to the Tiki email. For example the eduPersonAffiliationlogin/7
saml_groupmap_adminsAdminsSet here the values of the IdP related to the user group info that will be matched with the Admins group.login/7
saml_groupmap_registeredRegisteredSet here the values of the IdP related to the user group info that will be matched with the Registered group.login/7
saml_advanced_debugDebug ModeEnable debug mode when your are debugging the SAML workflow. Errors and warnings will be showed..login/7
saml_advanced_strictStrict ModeAlways enable strict mode on production websites. When strict mode is enabled, then Tiki will reject unsigned or unencrypted messages if it expects them to be signed or encrypted. Also Tiki will reject messages that do not strictly follow the SAML standard: Destination, NameId, Conditions . . . are also validated.login/7
saml_advanced_sp_entity_idService Provider Entity IDSet the Entity ID for the service provider. It is recommended to set as the SP Entity ID the URL where the metadata of the service provider is published. If not provided, the toolkit will use "php-saml" as the SP entityID.login/7
saml_advanced_nameidformatRequested NameIDFormatSpecifies constraints on the name identifier to be used to represent the requested subject.login/7
saml_advanced_requestedauthncontextRequested AuthnContextAuthentication context: unselect all to accept any type, otherwise select the valid contexts.login/7
saml_advanced_nameid_encryptedEncrypt nameIDlogin/7
saml_advanced_authn_request_signedSign AuthnRequestThe samlp:AuthnRequest messages sent by this SP will be signedlogin/7
saml_advanced_logout_request_signedSign LogoutRequestThe samlp:logoutRequest messages sent by this SP will be signedlogin/7
saml_advanced_logout_response_signedSign LogoutResponseThe samlp:logoutResponse messages sent by this SP will be signedlogin/7
saml_advanced_metadata_signedSign MetadataThe Metadata published by this SP will be signedlogin/7
saml_advanced_want_message_signedReject Unsigned MessagesReject unsigned samlp:Response, samlp:LogoutRequest and samlp:LogoutResponse receivedlogin/7
saml_advanced_want_assertion_signedReject Unsigned AssertionsReject unsigned saml:Assertion receivedlogin/7
saml_advanced_want_assertion_encryptedReject Unencrypted AssertionsReject unencrypted saml:Assertion receivedlogin/7
saml_advanced_retrieve_parameters_from_serverRetrieve Parameters From ServerSometimes when the app is behind a firewall or proxy, the query parameters can be modified an this affects the signature validation process on HTTP-Redirect binding. Active this when you noticed signature validation failures, the plugin will try to extract the original query parameters.login/7
saml_advanced_sp_x509certService Provider X.509 certificatePublic x509 certificate of the SPlogin/7
saml_advanced_sp_privatekeyService Provider Private KeyPrivate key of the SPlogin/7
saml_advanced_sign_algorithmSignature AlgorithmAlgorithm that the toolkit will use on the signing processlogin/7
cas_create_user_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiIf a user was externally authenticated, but not found in the Tiki user database, Tiki will create an entry in its user database.login/8
cas_autologinTry automatically to connect SSOlogin/8
cas_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inThe user “admin” will be authenticated by <b>only</b> using Tiki’s user database. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/8
cas_force_logoutForce CAS log-out when the user logs out from Tiki.login/8
cas_show_alternate_loginShow alternate log-in method in headerlogin/8
cas_versionCAS server versionlogin/8
cas_hostnameHostnameHostname of the CAS server.login/8
cas_portPortPort of the CAS server.login/8
cas_pathPathPath for the CAS server.login/8
cas_extra_paramCAS Extra ParameterExtra Parameter to pass to the CAS Server.login/8
cas_authentication_timeoutCAS Authentication Verification TimeoutVerify authentication with the CAS server every N seconds. Null value means never reverify.login/8
auth_phpbb_create_tikiCreate user if not registered in TikiAutomatically create a new Tiki user for the PHPbb loginlogin/9
auth_phpbb_skip_adminUse Tiki authentication for Admin log-inThe user “admin” will be authenticated by <b>only</b> using Tiki’s user database. This option has no effect on users other than “admin”.login/9
auth_phpbb_disable_tikionlyDisable Tiki users with no phpBB loginDisable Tiki users who don’t have a phpBB login as they could have been deleted.login/9
auth_phpbb_versionphpBB Versionlogin/9
auth_phpbb_dbhostphpBB Database Hostnamelogin/9
auth_phpbb_dbuserphpBB Database Usernamelogin/9
auth_phpbb_dbpasswdphpBB Database Passwordlogin/9
auth_phpbb_dbnamephpBB Database Namelogin/9
auth_phpbb_table_prefixphpBB Table Prefixlogin/9
available_themesAvailable themesRestrict available themeslook/1
feature_theme_controlTheme ControlAssign different themes to various sections, categories, and objects.look/1
feature_theme_control_savesessionStore session variable for current themeStore a session variable for current theme so that it can be used for auto-selecting a category when categorizinglook/1
feature_theme_control_parentcategoryParent category of theme control categoriesChoose the parent category of categories used for theme controllook/1
feature_theme_control_autocategorizeAutomatically select the theme-control category of the current theme when categorizingWhen creating or editing an object, automatically select the category that matches the theme-control category of the current themelook/1
useGroupThemeGroup themeEnable groups to each have their own visual theme.look/1
themeSite themeThe default theme for the site. Themes are bootstrap.css variants, including original Tiki themes as well as implementations of themes from Bootswatch.com. For more information about Bootstrap, see getbootstrap.com.look/1
theme_optionSite theme optionSupplemental style sheet for the selected themelook/1
theme_custom_urlCustom theme URLLocal or external URL of the custom Bootstrap-compatible CSS file to use.look/1
theme_adminAdmin themeTheme for the settings panels and other administration pageslook/1
theme_option_adminAdmin theme optionSupplemental style sheet for the selected themelook/1
theme_option_includes_mainOption theme includes main theme CSSDon't include the main theme stylesheet because its contents are included in the option stylesheet.look/1
theme_navbar_color_variantNavbar background colorSelect a dark or light navbar (containing horizontal menu, etc.), as styled by the theme.look/1
theme_navbar_fixed_topbar_offsetFixed topbar offsetThe offset value of the top padding should be the same height as the navbar in the fixed top position to prevent the navbar from obscuring the page content.look/1
theme_iconsetIconsIcon set used by the site.look/1
change_themeUsers can change themelook/1, user/1
box_shadow_startModule (box) shadow startlook/2
box_shadow_endModule (box) shadow endlook/2
center_shadow_startCenter shadow startlook/2
center_shadow_endCenter shadow endlook/2
feature_sitelogoSite logo and titleDisplay a site logo image and/or title in the page header area.look/2
feature_site_reportWebmaster reportActivate the feature to report a problematic page to the webmaster..look/2
feature_site_report_emailWebmaster emailA specific email address can be set for receiving the webmaster reports.look/2
feature_site_send_linkEmail this pageThis enables users to share a page with others, by emailing a short message and link to the page.look/2
feature_layoutshadowsShadow layerlook/2
feature_fixed_widthFixed widthRestrict the width of the site content area, in contrast to a liquid (full-width) layout.look/2
footer_shadow_startFooter shadow div startlook/2
footer_shadow_endFooter shadow div endlook/2
sitetitleSite titleThe displayed title of the website.look/2
sitesubtitleSubtitleA short phrase that, for example, describes the site.look/2
header_shadow_startHHeader shadow div startlook/2
header_shadow_endHeader shadow div endlook/2
layout_fixed_widthLayout widthThe width of the content area of the site, centered in the browser window.look/2
main_shadow_startMain shadow startlook/2
main_shadow_endMain shadow endlook/2
middle_shadow_startMiddle shadow div startlook/2
middle_shadow_endMiddle shadow div endlook/2
site_layoutSite layoutChanges the template for the overall site layoutlook/2
site_layout_adminAdmin layoutSpecify which layout template to use for admin pages.look/2
site_layout_per_objectEnable layout per page, etc.Specify an alternate layout for a particular wiki page, etc.look/2
sitelogo_srcLogo source (image path)This can be a conventional path to the image file, or the syntax for an image in a Tiki gallery.look/2
sitelogo_bgcolorLogo background colorA legacy option to add a background color to the div that contains the logo image.look/2
sitelogo_titleLogo title (on mouseover)This appears as tool tip text. The site logo is also a link to the site index (top page).look/2
sitelogo_altHTML "alt" tag descriptionNormally a description of the image, such as "Example.com logo"look/2
sitelogo_iconSite iconThis is used in narrow (top to bottom) page headers. In some layouts, the image is scaled down to fit in the available space.look/2
feature_left_columnLeft columnlook/2, module/1
feature_right_columnRight columnlook/2, module/1
module_zones_topTop module zoneActivate zone for modules such as site logo, log-in form, etc. (page header)look/2, module/1
module_zones_topbarTopbar module zoneActivate zone for modules such as horizontal menu (navbar), search form, page-wide content, etc.look/2, module/1
module_zones_pagetopPage top module zoneActivate zone for modules such as breadcrumbs, banners, share icons, etclook/2, module/1
module_zones_bottomBottom module zoneActivate zone for modules such as "powered by" and "rss list" (page footer)look/2, module/1
module_zones_pagebottomPage bottom module zoneActivate zone for modules at the bottom of the main column of each pagelook/2, module/1
module_fileModule fileUse a static module definition file instead of relying on the dynamic values generated by Tiki. Useful for custom themes. The file must be in YAML format, following the format used in profiles.look/2, module/1
module_zone_available_extraExtra module zones availableExtra module zones to be managed through the module administration interface. Useful if a custom theme or layout requires a special zone other than the predefined ones.look/2, module/1
direct_paginationUse direct pagination linkslook/3
direct_pagination_max_middle_linksMaximum number of links around the current itemlook/3
direct_pagination_max_ending_linksMaximum number of links after the first or before the last itemlook/3
maxRecordsMaximum number of records in listingslook/3
nextprev_paginationUse relative (next / previous) pagination linkslook/3
pagination_firstlastDisplay 'First' and 'Last' linksif set, will display 'first' and 'last' links on pageslook/3
pagination_fastmove_linksDisplay "fast-forward" linksDisplay "fast-forward" links (to advance 10 percent of the total number of pages) look/3
pagination_hide_if_one_pageHide pagination when there is only one pageDon't display pagination on single pages.look/3
pagination_iconsUse Iconslook/3
tiki_object_selector_thresholdObject selector thresholdNumber of records after which the object selectors will request searching instead of selecting from a list.look/3, trackers/1
user_selector_thresholdMaximum users in drop-down listsUse jQuery autocomplete text input to prevent out-of-memory errors and performance issues when the user list is very large.look/3, trackers/1
feature_shadowboxShadowbox / ColorBoxDisplay images in a modal popup window (also referred to as shadowbox, lightbox or colorbox).look/4
feature_equal_height_rows_jsEnable JavaScript plugin for equal-height rowsEnable responsive rows, the contained elements of which have the same height.look/4
feature_conditional_formattingConditional formattingUse different coloring for certain system objects. Only groups are supported for now.look/4
jquery_effectEffect for moduleslook/4
jquery_effect_tabsEffect for tabslook/4
jquery_colorbox_themeVisual style of Colorbox (a.k.a. "Shadowbox")look/4
jquery_ui_modals_draggableDraggable ModalsModal popups can be moved around.look/4
jquery_ui_modals_resizableResizable ModalsModal popups can be resized.look/4
wiki_heading_linksAnchor links on headingsCause a link icon to appear on hover over each heading, useful for sharing the URL to an exact location on a page.look/4, wiki/1
feature_custom_html_head_contentCustom HTML head contentAdditional content such at meta or link tags can be added to the head section of HTML files. Smarty filters can be used here.look/5
feature_endbody_codeCustom code just before the closing </body> tagEnter lines here to be placed near the end of the HTML file.look/5
header_custom_cssCustom CSSAdditional CSS rules can be entered here and will apply to all pages, or the CSS ID of a page can be used to limit the scope of the rule (check the HTML source of the particular page to find its body ID tag.)look/5
header_custom_lessCustom LessCompiles a new version of the currently selected theme and option using definitions declared here.look/5
layout_add_body_group_classAdd group CSS infoEither grp_Anonymous or grp_Registered and possibly grp_Admins as welllook/5
theme_customizerTheme Customizer toolActivate the theme customizer tool to enable easy theme customization.look/5
feature_editcssEdit CSSEdit CSS files directly in the browser.look/5, security/1
feature_view_tplTiki template viewinglook/5, security/1
feature_edit_templatesEdit templateslook/5, security/1
site_google_analytics_accountGoogle Analytics account numberThe account number for the site. The account number from Google is something like UA-XXXXXXX-YY.look/5, stats/2
feature_html_head_base_tagAdd base tag in the HTML head sectionThe base tag specifies a default address for all links on a page.look/6
feature_tabsUse tabsSeparates page content into tabbed panelslook/6
layout_tabs_optionalTabs optionalUsers can choose not to have tabs. A <b>no tabs</b> button will be displayed.look/6
site_crumb_seperLocations (breadcrumbs)look/6
site_favicon_enableFaviconsCustom favicon image files can be put in the /themes/(themename)/favicons directory, or the default Tiki favicons can be used.look/6
smarty_cache_permsSmarty cache permissionsPermissions that enable Smarty to write to the templates_c directory.look/6
use_context_menu_iconUse context menus for actions (icons)look/6
use_context_menu_textUse context menus for actions (text)look/6
image_responsive_classDefault for img-fluid class used in the IMG pluginDefault option for whether an image produced with the IMG plugin has the img-fluid class - a plugin parameter allows this to be overriddenlook/6, textarea/2
geo_enabledMaps & Location EnabledProvide controls to load map and location libraries.maps/1
geo_tilesetsAvailable tile layers on mapsEnables replacement of the default OpenStreetMap tiles with tiles from other mapping services, such as Google or Bing.maps/1
geo_google_streetviewGoogle Street ViewOpen Google Street View in a new window to see the visible coordinates.maps/1
geo_google_streetview_overlayGoogle Street View overlayOpen Google Street View in a new window to see the visible coordinates.maps/1
geo_always_load_openlayersAlways load OpenLayersLoad the OpenLayers library even if no map is explicitly included in the pagemaps/1
geo_zoomlevel_to_found_locationZoom level for the found locationZoom level when a searched-for location is foundmaps/1
geo_openlayers_versionOpenLayers versionmaps/1
gmap_keyGoogle Maps API KeyNeeded for Street View or other advanced featuresmaps/1
gmap_defaultxDefault x for map centermaps/1
gmap_defaultyDefault y for map centermaps/1
gmap_defaultzDefault zoom levelmaps/1
trackerfield_locationLocationEnable a geographic location to be selected for the item and displayed on a map.maps/1, trackers/3
geo_locate_wikiGeolocate wiki pagesProvide controls to indicate a geographic location of wiki pages in the edit form.maps/1, wiki/2
gmap_page_listShow map mode buttons in page listmaps/1, wiki/4
allowmsg_by_defaultUsers accept internal messages by defaultmessages/1
allowmsg_is_optionalUsers can opt out of internal messagesmessages/1
messu_mailbox_sizeMaximum mailbox sizeMaximum number of messages allowed in the mailbox.messages/1
messu_archive_sizeMaximum mail archive sizeMaximum number of archive messages allowed.messages/1
messu_sent_sizeMaximum sent box sizeMaximum number of sent messages allowed in the mailbox.messages/1
messu_truncate_internal_messageTruncate internal message notificationNumber of characters to show in the message notification sent through email, with a link to read the full internal message.messages/1
user_selector_realnames_messuShow user's real nameUse the user's real name instead of log-in name in the autocomplete selector in the messaging feature.messages/1
feature_messagesUser messagesEnables inter-user messages (for this to work for new users, the tiki_p_messages permission must be assigned to at least the Registered group)..messages/1, user/4
metatag_keywordsKeywordsA list of keywords (separated by commas) that describe this website.metatags/1
metatag_freetagsInclude tagsIf the Tags feature is enabled, the tags for each page with tags set will be used as meta keywords. This allows individual pages at the site to have different meta tags.metatags/1
metatag_threadtitleUse thread title insteadUse the forum thread title in the meta title tag.metatags/1
metatag_imagetitleUse the image title insteadUse the image title in the meta title tagmetatags/1
metatag_descriptionDescriptionA short description of the website. Some search engines display this information with the website's listing.metatags/1
metatag_pagedescPage descriptionUse each page description as a meta tag for that page.metatags/1
metatag_authorAuthorThe author of this website. Typically this is the Admin or Webmaster.metatags/1
metatag_geopositiongeo.positionThe latitude and longitude of the physical location of the site. For example "38.898748, -77.037684".metatags/2
metatag_georegiongeo.regionThe ISO-3166 country and region codes for your location. For example, "US-NY".metatags/2
metatag_geoplacenamegeo.placenameA free-text description of your location.metatags/2
metatag_robotsMeta robotsSpecify how Web robots should index your site. Valid values include: INDEX or NOINDEX, and FOLLOW or NOFOLLOWmetatags/3
metatag_revisitafterRevisit afterSpecify how often (in days) Web robots should visit your site.metatags/3
feature_modulecontrolsShow module controlsEnable controls in modulesmodule/1
modallgroupsAlways display modules to all groupsAny setting for the Groups parameter will be ignored and the module will be displayed to all users.module/1
modseparateanonHide anonymous-only modules from registered usersIf an individual module is assigned to the Anonymous group, the module will be displayed only to anonymous visitors. Registered users will not see the module.module/1
modhideanonadminHide anonymous-only modules from Adminsmodule/1
user_assigned_modulesUsers can configure modulesModules aren't reflected in the screen until they are configured on MyAccount->Modules, including for the admin usermodule/1
user_flip_modulesUsers can open and close the modulesAllows users to open and close modules using the icon in the module header.module/1
payment_systemPayment systemCurrently a choice between PayPal, and Cclite (in development), or Tiki User Credits.payment/1
payment_paypal_businessPayPal IDEnable payments through PayPal. This account can be either Personal, Business Standard, or Business Pro. A Personal account allows the receiving of small payments from shopping carts. A Business Standard account allows also the receiving of periodic payments through Plugin GroupMembership or receiving bigger amounts. And a Business Pro account allows further customization. See paypal.com for more information and exact fees depending on your country and business type.payment/1
payment_paypal_passwordPayPal business passwordThe PayPal password associated with your PayPal Pro business account. This is NOT needed for PayPal Personal or PayPal Standard Business accounts.payment/1
payment_paypal_signaturePaypal business signatureYour API signature associated with your PayPal Pro business account. This is NOT needed for Paypal Personal or Paypal Standard Business accounts.payment/1
payment_paypal_environmentPayPal environmentUsed to switch between the PayPal sandbox, used for testing and development and the live environment.payment/1
payment_paypal_ipnPayPal instant payment notification (IPN)Enable IPN for automatic payment completion. PayPal will ping back the site when a payment is confirmed. The payment will then be entered automatically. This may not be possible if the site is not on a public server.payment/1
payment_paypal_pdtPayment data transfer (PDT)Enable PDT for automatic payment completion. PayPal will include information that allow to validate the payment when redirecting the user back to your website without waiting for PayPal to ping back the website like IPN. The payment will then be entered automatically.payment/1
payment_paypal_pdt_tokenPayment data transfer (PDT) token Payment data transfer token to validate PDT messages, which should be available in the PayPal admin interface where you enable PDT.payment/1
payment_paypal_pdt_redirectRedirect after PDT paymentOptionally, after receiving a successful payment, the user will be redirected to this page.payment/1
payment_currencyCurrencyCurrency used when entering payments.payment/1
payment_default_delayDefault acceptable payment delayNumber of days before a payment request becomes overdue. This can be changed per payment request.payment/1
payment_cclite_registriesCclite registriesRegistries in Cclitepayment/1
payment_cclite_currenciesCclite registry currenciesCurrencies in Cclitepayment/1
payment_cclite_gatewayCclite server URLFull URL of the repositorypayment/1
payment_cclite_merchant_keyCclite merchant keyCorresponds with merchant key setting in Cclitepayment/1
payment_cclite_merchant_userCclite merchant userUsername in Cclite representing "the management"payment/1
payment_cclite_modeCclite enable paymentsSelect Cclite test or live operation.payment/1
payment_cclite_hashing_algorithmHashing algorithmEncryption typepayment/1
payment_cclite_notifyCclite payment notificationTo dopayment/1
payment_manualWiki page with manual payment instructionsEnter wiki page namepayment/1
payment_invoice_prefixInvoice prefixThe prefix must be set and unique if the same PayPal account is used for different Tiki sites, because PayPal checks that the invoice is not paid twicepayment/1
payment_tikicredits_typesTypes of credit to useThis is a list of the types of Tiki user credits that are acceptable for payment.payment/1
payment_tikicredits_xcratesExchange rate for types of credit to useThis is a corresponding list of the number of credits equivalent to 1 unit of the payment currency.payment/1
payment_user_only_his_ownUser can only see own outstanding paymentsUnless the user has administer-payment permissions, a user can only see his or her own outstanding paymentspayment/1
payment_user_only_his_own_pastUser can only see own past or cancelled paymentsUnless the user has administer-payment permissions, the user can only see his or her own past or cancelled paymentspayment/1
payment_anonymous_allowedAnonymous users can pay outstanding invoicesAnonymous users can see outstanding invoices to pay them through a simple shopping cart (without the need to set up the advanced cart).payment/1
payment_israelpost_environmentIsrael Post payment environmentSwitch between test transactions and real transactionspayment/1
payment_israelpost_request_preauthIsrael Post use pre-authorizationUse the pre-authorization mechanism prior to processing the real transaction. Must match the account configuration at Israel Post.payment/1
payment_israelpost_business_idIsrael Post business IDProvided by Israel Post, usually the business name.payment/1
payment_israelpost_api_passwordIsrael Post API passwordProvided by Israel Post.payment/1
payment_cart_inventoryManage product inventoryActivate product inventory feature. This requires a products tracker to be set up properly, and the item ID must be the product code.payment/2
payment_cart_product_trackerProducts tracker IDID of the tracker that is the products tracker, which is needed for advanced cart features; the item ID will be the product code.payment/2
payment_cart_product_tracker_nameProducts tracker nameName of tracker that is the products tracker, needed for advanced cart features; the item ID will be the product code.payment/2
payment_cart_inventory_type_fieldInventory type field IDIn the products tracker, the ID of the field to store the inventory type; the value of the field must be "none" or "internal".payment/2
payment_cart_inventory_total_fieldInventory total field IDIn the products tracker, the ID of the field to store the total inventory of productspayment/2
payment_cart_inventory_lesshold_fieldInventory total less hold field IDIn the products tracker, the ID of the field to store the total inventory of products less the amount on hold because they are currently in cartspayment/2
payment_cart_inventoryhold_expiryInventory hold timeoutMinutes to hold inventory before making it available again when there is no user cart actionpayment/2
payment_cart_bundlesBundled products feature for cartActivate the bundled products feature. This requires a products tracker to be set up properly, and the item ID must be the product code.payment/2
payment_cart_product_name_fieldnameProduct name field nameIn the products tracker, the name of the field for the product name that will be used as the label of the product, for example in a bundle.payment/2
payment_cart_products_inbundle_fieldnameItems in bundle field nameIn the products tracker, the name of the field for a comma-separated list of product IDs of products in the bundle (that is, if the field contains anything, then this product is a bundle). You can also specify the number of the sub-products; for example, 23:("colon")2,24 means item 23 (x2) + item 24 (x1).payment/2
payment_cart_product_price_fieldnameProduct price field nameIn the products tracker, the name of the field for the product pricepayment/2
payment_cart_associated_event_fieldnameAssociated event ID field nameIn the products tracker, the field name for the associated event ID. This is needed for the associated events cart feature, and requires an events tracker to be set up in which the item ID there is the event ID to be associated with.payment/2
payment_cart_product_classid_fieldnameProduct class ID field nameIn the products tracker, the name of the field for the product class ID, needed for the gift certificates cart featurepayment/2
payment_cart_giftcerttemplate_fieldnameGift certificate template field nameIn the products tracker, the name of the field for the gift certificate template, needed for the gift certificates cart featurepayment/2
payment_cart_ordersRecord cart orders in trackersThis feature is available for registered users and requires two trackers to be created and configured, an orders tracker and an orders item tracker. Profiles also need to be configured, to do the recording.payment/2
payment_cart_orders_profileOrders profileWiki page containing the profile for creating orders (page name must not have spaces)payment/2
payment_cart_orderitems_profileOrder item profileWiki page containing the profile for creating order items (page name must not have spaces)payment/2
payment_cart_anonymousAllow anonymous shoppingAllow shopping by anonymous users and record the orders in trackers.payment/2
payment_cart_anonorders_profileAnonymous orders profileWiki page containing the profile for creating orders for anonymous users (page name must not have spaces)payment/2
payment_cart_anonorderitems_profileAnonymous order item profileWiki page containing the profile for creating order items for anonymous users (page name must not have spaces)payment/2
payment_cart_anonshopper_profileAnonymous shopper info profileWiki page containing the profile for creating order items for anonymous users (page name must not have spaces)payment/2
payment_cart_anon_reviewpageAnonymous users order review pageWiki page where anonymous users can review their orderspayment/2
payment_cart_anon_groupTemporary shopper groupGroup name of group with permission to access review page via a tokenpayment/2
payment_cart_associatedeventEnable association of product ordersEnable association of products with events (or projects, etc.).payment/2
payment_cart_event_trackerEvents tracker IDTracker ID of tracker that is the events trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_event_tracker_nameEvents tracker nameName of tracker that is the events trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_eventstart_fieldnameEvent start field nameField name in events tracker of start date/timepayment/2
payment_cart_eventend_fieldnameEvent end field nameField name in events tracker of end date/timepayment/2
payment_cart_exchangeAllow exchange of productspayment/2
payment_cart_orderitems_trackerOrder items tracker IDTracker ID of tracker that is the order items trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_giftcertsGift certificatespayment/2
payment_cart_giftcert_trackerGift certificate tracker IDID of tracker that is the gift certificate trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_giftcert_tracker_nameGift certificate tracker nameName of tracker that is the gift certificate trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_orders_tracker_nameOrders tracker nameName of tracker that is the orders trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_orderitems_tracker_nameOrder items tracker nameName of tracker that is the order items trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_productclasses_tracker_nameProduct classes tracker nameName of tracker that is the product classes trackerpayment/2
payment_cart_headingPayment headingHeading displayed on payment formpayment/2
wikiplugin_addtocartPlugin Add to cartAdd a product to the shopping cart.payment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_adjustinventoryPlugin Adjust InventoryAdjust the inventory level of a productpayment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_cartmissinguserinfoPlugin Cart Missing User InfoCheck completeness of user input for a shopping cart transactionpayment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_extendcartholdPlugin Extend Cart Inventory HoldExtend the time that items are held in a shopping cart.payment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_hasboughtPlugin Has BoughtCheck whether a user has bought an item or added it to the shopping cartpayment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_paymentPlugin PaymentShow the details of a payment request or invoice.payment/3, textarea/2
wikiplugin_shopperinfoPlugin Collect Anonymous Shopper InfoCollect shopper information for the shopping cartpayment/3, textarea/2
shipping_serviceShipping serviceExpose a JSON shipping rate estimation service. Accounts from providers may be required (FedEx, UPS, ...).payment/4
shipping_fedex_enableFedEx APIEnable shipping rate calculation through FedEx APIspayment/4
shipping_fedex_keyFedEx keyDeveloper keypayment/4
shipping_fedex_passwordFedEx passwordpayment/4
shipping_fedex_meterFedEx meter numberpayment/4
shipping_fedex_accountFedEx account numberpayment/4
shipping_ups_enableUPS APIEnable shipping rate calculation using the UPS carrier.payment/4
shipping_ups_usernameUPS usernameUPS credentialspayment/4
shipping_ups_passwordUPS passwordUPS credentialspayment/4
shipping_ups_licenseUPS access keypayment/4
shipping_custom_providerCustom shipping providerpayment/4
feature_obzipGZip outputCompress your pages on-the-fly, if the requesting browser supports thisperformance/1
javascript_cdnUse CDN for JavaScriptObtain jQuery and jQuery UI libraries through a content delivery network (CDN).performance/1
tiki_minify_javascriptMinify JavaScriptCompress JavaScript files used in the page into a single file to be distributed statically. Changes to JavaScript files will require cache to be cleared. Uses http://code.google.com/p/minify/performance/1
tiki_minify_late_js_filesMinify late JavaScriptCompress extra JavaScript files used in the page after tiki-setup into a separate file which may vary from page to page.performance/1
tiki_minify_cssMinify CSSCompress CSS files (notably by removing white space). Changes to CSS files will require cache to be cleared. Uses http://code.google.com/p/minify/performance/1
tiki_minify_css_single_fileMinify CSS into a single fileIn addition to reducing the size of the CSS files, reduce the number of files by consolidating them.performance/1
tiki_cachecontrol_sessionCache-control headerCustom HTTP header to use when a session is activeperformance/1
tiki_cdnContent delivery networksUse alternate domains to serve static files from this Tiki site to avoid sending cookies, improve local caching and generally improve user-experience performance.performance/1
tiki_cdn_sslContent delivery networks in SSLUse alternate domains to serve static files from this Tiki site to avoid sending cookies, improve local caching and generally improve user-experience performance. Leave empty to disable CDN in SSL mode.performance/1
tiki_cdn_checkCheck CDN files existsCheck that minified JS and CSS files exist before including them in the page.performance/1
users_serve_avatar_staticServe profile pictures staticallyWhen enabled, feature checks and permission checks will be skipped.performance/1
allocate_memory_print_pdfPrinting to PDF memory limitTemporarily adjust the memory limit to use during Printing to PDF. Depending on the volume of data, some large operations require more memory. Increasing it locally, per operation, allows to keep a lower memory limit globally. Keep in mind that memory usage is still limited to what is available on the server.performance/10, print/1
allocate_time_print_pdfPrinting to PDF time limitTemporarily adjust the time limit to use during Printing to PDF. Depending on the volume of data, some requests may take longer. Increase the time limit locally to resolve the issue. Use reasonable values.performance/10, print/1
allocate_memory_unified_rebuildSearch index rebuild memory limitTemporarily adjust the memory limit to use during Search index rebuild. Depending on the volume of data, some large operations require more memory. Increasing it locally, per operation, allows to keep a lower memory limit globally. Keep in mind that memory usage is still limited to what is available on the server.performance/10, search/1
allocate_time_unified_rebuildSearch index rebuild time limitTemporarily adjust the time limit to use during Search index rebuild. Depending on the volume of data, some requests may take longer. Increase the time limit locally to resolve the issue. Use reasonable values.performance/10, search/1
allocate_memory_tracker_export_itemsTracker item export memory limitTemporarily adjust the memory limit to use during Tracker item export. Depending on the volume of data, some large operations require more memory. Increasing it locally, per operation, allows to keep a lower memory limit globally. Keep in mind that memory usage is still limited to what is available on the server.performance/10, trackers/1
allocate_time_tracker_export_itemsTracker item export time limitTemporarily adjust the time limit to use during Tracker item export. Depending on the volume of data, some requests may take longer. Increase the time limit locally to resolve the issue. Use reasonable values.performance/10, trackers/1
allocate_time_tracker_clear_itemsTracker clear time limitTemporarily adjust the time limit to use during Tracker clear. Depending on the volume of data, some requests may take longer. Increase the time limit locally to resolve the issue. Use reasonable values.performance/10, trackers/1
feature_wiki_icacheIndividual wiki cacheAllow users to change the duration of the cache on a per-page basis.performance/3
wiki_cacheCache wiki pages (global)Enable page cache globally for wiki pages.performance/3
wiki_ranking_reload_probabilityPage ranking reload probabilityCalculation of page rankings is a resource-intensive task that cannot be performed at every page load. It will be calculated at random page loads based on a dice roll. This option indicates the number of faces on the dice. Larger numbers lead to reduced resource use, but less-accurate ranking.performance/3
feature_search_show_forbidden_objIgnore individual object permissionsDisplay items the user may not be entitled to view in search results.performance/4, search/1, security/3
memcache_enabledMemcacheEnable connection to memcached servers to store temporary information.performance/5
memcache_compressMemcache compressionEnable compression for memcache storage.performance/5
memcache_serversMemcache serversServer list which may be accessed. For each server, the address, port and weight must be specified.performance/5
memcache_prefixMemcache key prefixWhen the memcache cluster is used by multiple applications, using unique prefixes for each of them helps avoid conflicts.performance/5
memcache_expirationMemcache expirationDuration for which the data will be kept.performance/5
memcache_wiki_dataCache wiki data in memcacheperformance/5
memcache_wiki_outputCache wiki output in memcacheperformance/5
memcache_forum_outputCache forum output in memcacheperformance/5
wikiplugin_snarf_cacheGlobal cache time for the plugin snarfDefault cache time for the plugin snarfperformance/6, textarea/2
unified_lucene_highlightHighlight results snippetsHighlight the result snippet based on the search query to improve user experience.performance/7, search/1
search_parsed_snippetParse search resultsWhen enabled search results are parsed so content formatting is visible in the search resultsperformance/7, search/2
feature_typo_enableEnable Typography FeaturesFeatures to replace normal characters with typographic equivalentsperformance/7, textarea/1
wikiplugin_sharethisPlugin ShareThisAdd a ShareThis buttonperformance/7, textarea/2
feature_actionlog_bytesLog bytes changes (+/-) in action logsperformance/7, wiki/1
session_silentSilent sessionDo not automatically start sessions.performance/8
tiki_cachecontrol_nosessionCache-control header (no session)Custom HTTP header to use when no session is activeperformance/8
feature_poll_anonymousAnonymous votingAllow anonymous users to participate in votingpolls/1
feature_poll_revoteAllow re-votingVisitors can vote mulitiple times in a poll.polls/1
poll_comments_per_pageNumber per pageNumber of comments to show on poll pagespolls/1
poll_comments_default_orderingDisplay orderThe order in which order polls are displayedpolls/1
poll_list_categoriesShow categoriesFor polls that are categorized, the category is displayed.polls/1
poll_list_objectsShow objectsList wiki pages or other site objects that the poll is attached to.polls/1
poll_multiple_per_objectMultiple polls per objectWhen used with the rating features, allow multiple polls to be attached to a single object.polls/1
poll_percent_decimalsPrecision of survey results calculationNumber of decimal places in the percentage figurespolls/1
wikiplugin_pollPlugin PollEmbed a pollpolls/1, textarea/2
poll_surveys_textarea_hidetoolbarDisable textarea toolbarDon't display the toolbar on text inputs in surveys.polls/2
feature_print_indexedPrint indexedGenerate a printable version of the whole wiki or a subset of pages, filtered by category.print/1
feature_cms_printPrint articlesprint/1
feature_wiki_multiprintMultiPrintEnable printing of multiple wiki pages as well as an entire structure of wiki pages as a book in a single HTML documentprint/1
feature_wiki_printPrint WikiProvide a print icon and layout of the wiki page formatted for printingprint/1
print_pdf_from_urlPDF from URLUsing external tools, generate PDF documents from URLs.print/1
print_pdf_webservice_urlWebservice URLURL to a service that takes a URL as the query string and returns a PDF documentprint/1
print_pdf_webkit_pathWebKit pathFull path to the wkhtmltopdf executable to generate the PDF document withprint/1
print_pdf_weasyprint_pathWeasyPrint pathFull path to the weasyprint executable to generate the PDF document withprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_printfriendlyPrint Friendly PDFUseful for dark themes, enabling this option will change the theme background color to white and the color of text to black. If not activated, theme colors will be retained in the pdf file.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_orientationPDF OrientationLandscape or portraitprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_sizePDF page sizeISO Standard sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 or North American paper sizes: Letter, Legal, Tabloid/Ledger (for ledger, select landscape orientation)print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_tocTable of contentsGenerate auto table of contents with PDFprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_toclinksLink TOC with contentLink table of contents headings with content in the PDFprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_tocheadingTOC headingHeading to be displayed above the table of contentsprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_toclevelsPDF TOC levelsThese will be automatically created from the content; the default will be heading 1, heading 2 and heading 3 - for example, H1|H2|H3.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_pagetitleShow Page titlePrint wiki page title with pdfprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_headerPDF header textPossible values, Plain text, HTML, Wiki syntax, {PAGENO},{PAGETITLE},{DATE j-m-Y}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}, {include page="wiki_page_name"}print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_footerPDF footer textHTML, Wiki Syntax, plain text, {PAGENO}, {DATE j-m-Y}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_leftLeft marginNumeric value.For example 10print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_rightRight marginNumeric value, no need to add px. For example 10print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_topTop marginNumeric value, no need to add px. For example 10print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_bottomBottom marginNumeric value, no need to add px. For example 10print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_headerHeader margin from top of documentOnly applicable if the header is set. Specify a numeric value, and there is no need to add "px". For example, 10.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_margin_footerFooter margin from bottom of documentOnly applicable if the footer is set. Specify a numeric value, and there is no need to add "px". For example, 10.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_hyperlinksHyperlink behaviour in PDFprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_autobookmarksPDF BookmarksAutomatically generate bookmarksprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_columnsNumber of columnsprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_passwordPDF password for viewingPassword-protect the generated PDF.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_watermarkWatermark textPDF watermark text, if anyprint/1
print_pdf_mpdf_watermark_imageWatermark Image URLThe watermark image will appear under the text. Enter the complete image URL.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_backgroundPDF page background colorEnter a valid CSS color code.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_background_imagePDF page background imageEnter the full URL.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_coverpage_text_settingsCoverPage text settingsHeading|Subheading|Alignment|Background color|Text color|Page border|Border color. Enter settings separated by |. Leave blank to use default settings.print/1
print_pdf_mpdf_coverpage_image_settingsCoverpage image URLEnter the full URL.print/1
print_wiki_authorsPrint wiki authorsInclude wiki page authors and date in print versions of wiki pages.print/1
print_original_url_wikiPrint original wiki URLInclude original wiki page URL in print versions of wiki pages.print/1
print_original_url_trackerPrint original tracker item URLInclude original wiki page URL in print versions of wiki pages.print/1
print_original_url_forumPrint original forum post URLInclude original forum post URL in print version of forum posts.print/1
profile_sourcesRepository URLsList of URLs for the profile repositories that will be usedprofiles/3
profile_channelsData channelsData channels are templates that can be applied from a post request. They can be used to automate work on more complex installations.profiles/3
profile_unapprovedDeveloper modeFor profiles under an approval workflow, always use the latest version, even if not approved.profiles/3
ip_can_be_checkedIP can be checkedCheck anonymous votes by user's IPrating/1
rating_advancedAdvanced RatingIn an advanced rating system, the options and calculation method can be configured.rating/1
rating_recalculationRating recalculation modeDetermines when and how rating aggregates are recalculated. Depending on the site load, some options may be preferred to others. On large-volume sites, it should be done as a cron job. On vote recalculation, there may be inaccuracies if rating calculation is time-dependent.rating/1
rating_recalculation_oddRecalculation odds (1 in X)Dice roll performed on every request. When successful, will recalculate a certain number of votes.rating/1
rating_recalculation_countRecalculation countHow many ratings should be recalculated when odds strike.rating/1
rating_smileysSmiley RatingsDisplays smiley faces or emojis in a simple ratings system with an easy-to-use interface. Works with 0-11 only, depending on the configuration.rating/1
rating_results_detailedDetailed rating resultsDisplays a table with the result count and percentage per rating option.rating/1
rating_options_reversedReversed Rating OptionsDisplays the ratings options in reverse.rating/1
rating_results_detailed_percentInclude percentages in the detailed rating resultsInclude percentages in the detailed rating results. Otherwise, only count numbers and bars are shown.rating/1
rating_allow_multi_votesMultiple votes per userAllow users to vote multiple times in the same poll.rating/1
wiki_comments_simple_ratingsSimple wiki comment ratingsEnable users to rate comments based on a simple numeric scale.rating/1
wiki_comments_simple_ratings_optionsWiki rating optionsList of options available for the rating of wiki comments.rating/1
trackerfield_ratingRatingA rating of the tracker item. Permissions involved: tracker_vote_ratings, tracker_revote_ratings, tracker_view_ratingsrating/1, trackers/3
feature_wiki_ratingsRatingEnables adding a poll from the polls feature to a wiki page. The poll is unique to the page, created from a “poll template” which is created in the Polls feature: set a poll’s ‘active’ drop-down to “template”.rating/1, wiki/2
wiki_simple_ratingsSimple wiki ratingsEnable users to rate wiki pages based on a simple numeric scale.rating/1, wiki/2
wiki_simple_ratings_optionsWiki rating optionsList of options available for the rating of wiki pagesrating/1, wiki/2
feed_default_versionDefault feed formatrss/1
feed_atom_author_nameFeed author nameDefault author of each item in the feed.rss/1
feed_atom_author_emailFeed author emailEmail of the author of each item in the feed.rss/1
feed_atom_author_urlFeed author homepageHomepage URL of the author of each item in the feed.rss/1
feed_rss_editor_emailFeed editor emailEmail address for person responsible for editorial content.rss/1
feed_rss_webmaster_emailFeed webmaster emailEmail address for person responsible for technical issues relating to channel.rss/1
feed_imgFeed image pathSpecifies a GIF, JPEG or PNG image that can be displayed with the feed.rss/1
feed_languageFeed languageThe default language for this feedrss/1
feed_basic_authRSS basic authenticationPropose basic HTTP authentication if the user has no permission to see the feedrss/1
feed_cache_timeFeed caching timeCache the feed for this number of seconds.rss/1
feed_articlesRSS for articlesRSS feeds for articlesrss/2
feed_blogsRSS for blogsRSS feeds for blogsrss/2
feed_blogRSS for individual blogsRSS feeds for individual blogsrss/2
feed_image_galleriesRSS for image galleriesRSS feed for image galleriesrss/2
feed_image_galleryRSS for individual image galleriesRSS feeds for individual image galleriesrss/2
feed_file_galleriesRSS for file galleriesRSS feed for file galleriesrss/2
feed_file_galleryRSS for individual file galleriesRSS feeds for individual file galleriesrss/2
feed_wikiRSS for wiki pagesRSS feed for wiki pagesrss/2
feed_forumsRSS for forumsRSS feed for forumsrss/2
feed_forumRSS for individual forumsRSS feeds for individual forumsrss/2
feed_trackerRSS per trackerRSS feed per trackerrss/2
feed_calendarRSS for calendar eventsRSS feed for calendar eventsrss/2
feed_directoriesRSS for directoriesRSS feed for directoriesrss/2
feed_shoutboxRSS for shoutboxRSS feed for shoutboxrss/2
feed_articles_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_blogs_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_blog_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_image_galleries_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_image_gallery_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_file_galleries_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_file_gallery_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_wiki_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_forums_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_forum_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_tracker_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_calendar_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_directories_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_shoutbox_maxMaximum number of items to displayrss/2
feed_articles_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_blogs_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_blog_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_image_galleries_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_image_gallery_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_file_galleries_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_file_gallery_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_wiki_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_forums_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_forum_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_tracker_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_calendar_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_directories_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_shoutbox_showAuthorShow authorrss/2
feed_articles_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_blogs_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_blog_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_image_galleries_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_image_gallery_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_file_galleries_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_file_gallery_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_wiki_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_forum_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_tracker_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_calendar_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_directories_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_shoutbox_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
feed_blog_titleTitleTitle to be prepended to the blog title for all blogs. If this field is empty only the blog title will be used.rss/2
feed_articles_descArticle RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for articles.rss/2
feed_blogs_descBlogs RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for blogs.rss/2
feed_blog_descBlog RSS DescriptionDescription to be prepended to the blog description and published as part of the RSS feeds for individual blogs. If this field is empty, the blog description only will be used.rss/2
feed_image_galleries_descImage galleries RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for image galleries.rss/2
feed_image_gallery_descIndividual image galleries RSS DescriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feeds for individual image galleries.rss/2
feed_file_galleries_descFile galleries RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for file galleries.rss/2
feed_file_gallery_descIndividual file galleries RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feeds for individual file galleries.rss/2
feed_wiki_descWiki pages RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for wiki pages pages.rss/2
feed_forums_descForums RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for forums.rss/2
feed_forum_descIndividual forums RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feeds for individual forums.rss/2
feed_tracker_descIndividual trackers RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for individual trackers.rss/2
feed_calendar_descCalendar events RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for calendar events.rss/2
feed_directories_descDirectories RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for directories.rss/2
feed_shoutbox_descShoutbox RSS descriptionDescription to be published as part of the RSS feed for shoutbox messages.rss/2
feed_tracker_labelsTracker labelsInclude tracker field labels in the RSS outputrss/2
feed_forums_homepageHomepage URLrss/2
page_content_fetchFetch page content from incoming feedsPage content from the source will be fetched before sending the content to the generators.rss/3
page_content_fetch_readabilityPath to PHP-Readability libraryEnter path to PHP-Readability library php file here.rss/3
tracker_article_indexingIndex article info in tracker itemSets whether the article info should be indexed in the tracker item. This automatically sets the article field to read-only and sets up categorization synchronization between articles and tracker items.rss/3
bigbluebutton_featureBigBlueButton web conferencingIntegration with the BigBlueButton collaboration server for web conference and screen sharing.rtc/1
bigbluebutton_server_locationBigBlueButton server locationFull URL to the BigBlueButton installation.rtc/1
bigbluebutton_server_saltBigBlueButton server saltA salt key used to generate checksums for the BigBlueButton server to assure that requests are authentic.rtc/1
bigbluebutton_recording_max_durationBigBlueButton recording maximum durationA maximum duration for the meetings must be submitted to BigBlueButton to prevent the recordings from being excessively long if a user leaves the conference window open.rtc/1
wikiplugin_bigbluebuttonPlugin BigBlueButtonHold a video/audio/chat/presentation session using the BigBlueButton web conferencing system.rtc/1, textarea/2
xmpp_featureXMPP client (ConverseJS)Integration with Converse.js XMPP client.rtc/2
xmpp_server_hostXMPP server domainrtc/2
xmpp_muc_component_domainXMPP MUC DomainRequired for auto-joining roomsrtc/2
xmpp_server_http_bindXMPP http-bind URLFull URL to the http-bind.rtc/2
xmpp_openfire_use_tokenXMPP Openfire TokenHandle user authentication using tokens. Requires the TikiToken openfire plugin to be installed in openfire rtc/2
xmpp_conversejs_debugConverseJS Debug ModeEnables more logging, e.g. XML stanzas and error tracebacks to the JavaScript Consolertc/2
xmpp_conversejs_init_jsonConverseJS Extra SettingsJSON format object defining extra optional settings to initialize ConverseJSrtc/2
feature_score_expdayScore expiryscore/1
feature_search_fulltextMySQL full-text searchAlso known as 'Basic Search'. This search uses the MySQL full-text search feature. The indexation is continuously updated.search/1
feature_referer_highlightReferer search highlightingWhen a user lands on a Tiki page from a search engine, Tiki highlights the search words they used. Its similar to using Tiki’s search facility.search/1
feature_search_statsSearch statisticsEnables administrators to collect and view statistics on search activity.search/1
search_autocompleteAutocomplete page namesAutomatically complete page names as the user starts typing. For example the user types the start of the wiki page name “Sear” and Tiki returns “Search”, “Search General Settings”, etcsearch/1
search_index_outdatedSearch index outdatedNumber of days to consider the search index outdatedsearch/1
search_error_missing_fieldShow error on missing fieldWhen using List plugin to specify certain fields, especially tracker fields, this check helps ensure their names were entered correctly.search/1
search_file_thumbnail_previewFile thumbnail previewHave a preview of attachments in search resultssearch/1
unified_engineUnified search engineSearch engine used to index the content of this Tiki site. Some engines are more suitable for larger sites, but require additional software on the server.search/1
unified_lucene_locationLucene index locationPath to the location of the Lucene search index. The index must be on a local filesystem with enough space to contain the volume of the database.search/1
unified_lucene_max_resultLucene maximum resultsMaximum number of results to produce. Results beyond these will need a more refined query to be reached.search/1
unified_lucene_max_resultset_limitLucene maximum result-set limitThis is used when calculating result scores and sort order which can lead to "out of memory" errors on large data sets. The default of 1000 is safe with the PHP memory_limit set to 128Msearch/1
unified_lucene_terms_limitLucene terms per query limitMaximum number of terms to be generated. This value may need to be increased in the case of "Terms per query limit is reached" espescially with wildcard, range and fuzzy searches.search/1
unified_lucene_max_buffered_docsLucene maximum number of buffered documentsNumber of documents required before the buffered in-memory documents are written into a new segment.search/1
unified_lucene_max_merge_docsLucene maximum number of merge documentsLargest number of documents merged by addDocument(). Small values (for example, less than 10,000) are best for interactive indexing, as this limits the length of pauses while indexing to a few seconds. Larger values are best for batched indexing and speedier searches.search/1
unified_lucene_default_operatorDefault Boolean OperatorUse OR or AND as the default search operator.search/1
unified_lucene_merge_factorLucene merge factorHow often segment indices are merged by addDocument(). With smaller values, less RAM is used while indexing, and searches on unoptimized indices are faster, but indexing speed is slower. With larger values, more RAM is used during indexing, and while searches on unoptimized indices are slower, indexing is faster.search/1
unified_incremental_updateIncremental Index UpdateUpdate the index incrementally as the site content is modified.search/1
unified_field_weightField weightsAllow the field weights to be set that apply when ranking pages in the search results. The weight is applied only when the field is in the query. To nullify the value of a field, use an insignificant amount, but not 0, which may lead to unexpected behaviors such as stripping of results.<br>(Add these fields to the "Default content fields" preference below for it to have an effect in a global "content" search)search/1
unified_default_contentDefault content fieldsAll of the content is aggregated in the contents field. For custom weighting to apply, the fields must be included in the query. This option allows other fields to be included in the default content search.search/1
unified_tokenize_version_numbersTokenize version numbersTokenize version number strings so that major versions are found when sub-versions are mentioned. For example, searching for 2.7 would return documents containing 2.7.4, but not 1.2.7.search/1
unified_user_cacheCache per user and queryTime in minutes a user has a same query cached search/1
unified_forum_deepindexingIndex forum replies together with initial postForum replies will be indexed together with the initial post as a single document instead of being indexed separately.search/1
unified_relation_object_indexingRelation types to index within object.Comma-separated relation types for which objects should be indexed in their related objects.search/1
unified_cached_formattersSearch formatters to cacheSearch formatters whose output will be cachedsearch/1
unified_cache_formatted_resultCache formatted resultsFormatted search results such as the ones used in the List plugin will be cached to prevent process-intensive reformatting on each page load.search/1
unified_excluded_categoriesExcluded categoriesList of category IDs to exclude from the search indexsearch/1
unified_excluded_pluginsExcluded pluginsList of plugin names to exclude while indexingsearch/1
unified_exclude_all_pluginsExclude all pluginsIndexing will exclude all plugins.search/1
unified_included_pluginsExcept included pluginsList of plugin names that are required to be included while indexing, when excluding all. Example: fancytable,list,trackerlist,trackerfiltersearch/1
unified_elastic_urlElasticsearch URLURL of any node in the clustersearch/1
unified_elastic_index_prefixElasticsearch index prefixThe prefix that is used for all indexes for this installation in Elasticsearchsearch/1
unified_elastic_index_currentElasticsearch current indexA new index is created upon rebuilding, and the old one is then destroyed. This setting enables seeing the currently active index.search/1
unified_elastic_camel_caseTokenize CamelCase wordsConsider the components of camel-case words as separate tokens, allowing them to be searched individually.search/1
unified_elastic_field_limitElasticsearch field limit per indexThe maximum number of fields per search index in Elasticsearch version 5.x and abovesearch/1
unified_stopwordsStop Word ListWords excluded from the search index, because they can be too frequent and produce unwanted results.search/1
unified_trim_sorted_searchAutomatically trim Elasticsearch results on date-sorted queryAutomatically trim Elasticsearch results in unified search if the query is sorted by modification or creation date.search/1
unified_elastic_possessive_stemmerPossessive StemmerThe possessive stemmer removes possessives (trailing "'s") from words before indexing them.search/1
unified_trackerfield_keysFormat to use for tracker field keysChoose between field IDs and permanent names for the tracker indexingsearch/1, trackers/1
user_in_search_resultUsers available in search resultsUsers available within search results. Content related to the user will be included in the index.search/1, user/3
category_custom_facetsGenerate custom facets from categoriesComma-separated list of category IDs.search/2
feature_search_show_object_filterObject filterEnables object type filters to be displayed above the search results to further reduce search results by object type.search/2
feature_search_show_search_boxSearch boxShows a search box above the search results to do additional searches.search/2
feature_search_show_visit_countVisitsInclude the number of visits in the search results.search/2
feature_search_show_pertinenceRelevanceDisplay Tiki's estimate of the relevance of search matches in the search results.search/2
feature_search_show_object_typeObject typeShows object type filters above the search results to further reduce search results by object type.search/2
feature_search_show_last_modificationLast-modified dateShow the last-modified date in search results.search/2
search_default_whereDefault whereWhen object filter is not on, limit to search one type of objectsearch/2
search_show_category_filterCategory filtersearch/2
search_show_tag_filterTag filtersearch/2
search_show_sort_orderSort ordersearch/2
search_use_facetsUse facets for default search interfaceFacets are dynamic filters generated by the search engine to refine the search results. The feature may not be supported for all search engines.search/2
search_facet_default_amountFacet result countDefault number of facet results to obtainsearch/2
unified_highlight_resultsHighlight results pagesHighlight words on the result pages based on the search query.search/2
storedsearch_enabledStored searchesAllow users to store search queries.search/3
federated_enabledFederated searchSearch through alternate site indices.search/4
federated_elastic_urlElasticsearch tribe node URLURL of the tribe client node accessing multiple clusters.search/4
feature_htmlpurifier_outputOutput should be HTML purifiedThis activates HTML Purifier on wiki content and other outputs, to filter out potential security problems like XSS code. Keep in mind that HTML Purifier is not HTML5 compatible and may rewrite HTML5 syntax, producing unwanted results.security/1
feature_quick_object_permsQuick permission assignmentQuickperms are an interface in addition to the normal edit-permissions page, for quick assignment of permissions for a page or other object.security/1
feature_user_encryptionUser encryptionTiki user encryption enables a personal, secure storage of sensitive data, e.g. password. Only the user can see the data. No decryption passwords are stored.security/1
feature_password_domainsPassword domainsSecurely store extra user passwords and other user specific data for other "domains", or just for yourselfsecurity/1
feature_ticketlibRequire confirmation of an action if a possible CSRF is detectedsecurity/1
http_header_frame_optionsHTTP header x-frame optionsThe x-frame-options HTTP response header can be used to indicate whether or not a browser should be allowed to render a page in a &lt;frame&gt;, &lt;iframe&gt; or &lt;object&gt;security/1
http_header_frame_options_valueHeader valuesecurity/1
http_header_xss_protectionHTTP header x-xss-protectionThe x-xss-protection header is designed to enable the cross-site scripting (XSS) filter built into modern web browserssecurity/1
http_header_xss_protection_valueHeader valuesecurity/1
http_header_content_type_optionsHTTP header x-content-type-optionsThe x-content-type-options header is a marker used by the server to indicate that the MIME types advertised in the Content-Type headers should not be changed and be followed.security/1
http_header_content_security_policyHTTP header content-security-policyThe Content-Security-Policy header allows web site administrators to control resources the user agent is allowed to load for a given page.security/1
http_header_content_security_policy_valueHeader valuesecurity/1
http_header_strict_transport_securityHTTP header strict-transport-securityThe Strict-Transport-Security header (often abbreviated as HSTS) is a security feature that lets a web site tell browsers that it should only be communicated with using HTTPS, instead of using HTTP.security/1
http_header_strict_transport_security_valueHeader valuesecurity/1
http_header_public_key_pinsHTTP header public-key-pinsThe public-key-pins header associates a specific cryptographic public key with a certain web server to decrease the risk of MITM attacks with forged certificates. If one or several keys are pinned and none of them are used by the server, the browser will not accept the response as legitimate, and will not display it.security/1
http_header_public_key_pins_valueHeader valuesecurity/1
site_security_timeoutSecurity timeoutSets the expiration of CSRF tickets and related forms. The <code>session_lifetime</code> preference is used for the default, if set, otherwise the <code>session.gc_maxlifetime</code> <code>php.ini</code> setting is used, subject to a default maximum of four hours in any case.security/1
smarty_security_modifiersExtra Smarty modifiersMake additional PHP functions available as Smarty modifiers. This may be needed for custom templates.security/1
smarty_security_functionsExtra Smarty functionsMake additional PHP functions available as Smarty functions. This may be needed for custom templates.security/1
smarty_security_dirsExtra Smarty directoriesMake additional directories available as Smarty directories. This may be needed for custom icons (clear temp/cache after changing).security/1
tiki_allow_trust_inputAllow the tiki_p_trust_input permission.Bypass user input filtering.security/1
zend_http_sslverifypeerVerify HTTPS certificates of remote serversWhen set to enforce, the server will fail to connect over HTTPS to a remote server that do not have a SSL certificate that is valid and can be verified against the local list of Certificate Authority (CA)security/1
feature_purifierHTML purifierHTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP and integrated in Tiki. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist, it will also ensure that your documents are standards-compliant. Keep in mind that HTML Purifier is not HTML5 compatible and may rewrite HTML5 syntax and produce unwanted results.security/1, textarea/1
feature_wiki_protect_emailProtect email against spamProtect email against spam submissions.security/2
feature_wiki_ext_rel_nofollowAdd "rel=nofollow" to external linksNofollow is used to instruct some search engines that the link should not influence the ranking of the link's target in the search engine's index.security/2, textarea/1
ids_enabledEnable intrusion detection systemAn intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations.security/4
ids_modeIntrusion detection system modeDefine IDS operation mode, log only, or log and block with impact over a given threshold.security/4
ids_thresholdIntrusion detection system thresholdDefine IDS threshold, when configured in "Log and block requests" more.security/4
ids_custom_rules_fileCustom rules filesecurity/4
ids_log_to_fileLog to filesecurity/4
ids_log_to_databaseLog to databasesecurity/4
auth_token_accessToken accessWith the presentation of a token, allow access to the content with elevated rights. The primary use of this authentication method is to grant temporary access to content to an external service.security/5
auth_token_access_maxtimeoutToken access default timeoutThe default duration for which the generated tokens will be valid.security/5
auth_token_access_maxhitsToken access default maximum hitsThe default maximum number of times a token can be used before it expires.security/5
auth_token_preserve_tempusersDo not delete temporary users when token is deleted/expiredNormally temporary users created (see tiki-adminusers.php) are deleted when their access token is deleted/expired. If turned on, this will keep those users around (and can be manually deleted later) but they will have no groups and therefore no permssecurity/5
openpgp_gpg_pgpmimemailPGP/MIME encrypted email messagingUse OpenPGP PGP/MIME-compliant encrypted email messaging. All email messaging, notifications, and newsletters are sent as PGP/MIME-encrypted messages, signed with the signer key, and are completely opaque to outsiders. All user accounts need to be properly configured in a gnupg keyring with public keys associated with their tiki-account-related email addresses.security/6
openpgp_gpg_homePath to gnupg keyringFull directory path to gnupg keyring (default /home/www/.gnupg/ ). The directory, related subdirectories (e.g., a subdirectory 'signer'), and files must have proper permissions for tiki to access/read the directories/files, and create/delete necessary temporary workfiles there.security/6
openpgp_gpg_pathPath to gpg executableFull path to gpg executable.security/6
openpgp_gpg_signer_passphrase_storeRead signer pass phrase from prefs or from a fileRead GnuPG signer pass phrase from preferences or from a file (default is 'file' ). With file option, configure other preference for the full path including the filename of the file containing the GnuPG signer private-key pass phrase.security/6
openpgp_gpg_signer_passphraseSigner pass phraseGnuPG signer private-key passphrase. Define pass phrase either here or in a signer pass phrase file.security/6
openpgp_gpg_signer_passfilePath to signer pass phrase filenameFull path including the filename of the file containing the GnuPG signer private-key pass phrase. The directory and file must have proper permissions for tiki to access/read the signer pass phrase file.security/6
feature_sefurl_filterSEFURL postfiltersefurl/1
feature_sefurl_title_max_sizeMax size of title in the search engine friendly URL (Tracker Items and Forum Threads)Limit the number of characters in the tracker item or forum thread title.sefurl/1
feature_canonical_urlCanonical URL tagIndicates to search engines which URL to use, to prevent duplicate listingssefurl/1
feature_canonical_domainCanonical URL domainIf this is a testing site with duplicate content, you may want to put the real site domain here so search engines don't index the testing site. In complex perspective setups using multiple domains, you may want more control on which canonical domain is advertised.sefurl/1
feature_sefurl_routesCustom RoutesCustom routes allow the definition of URLs by the admin, that can be mapped to existing Tiki objects like pages and trackers. "Add BASE tag in the page HEAD" is required when you have "/" as part of the URL.sefurl/1
sefurl_short_urlShort URLProvides the ability to create a short url, easy to share.sefurl/1
sefurl_short_url_base_urlShort URL base URLThe base URL that is used when generating short URLs, including the HTTP prefix, example: "http://www.example.com". By default will use the URL of the current website.sefurl/1
url_only_asciiUse Only ASCII in SEFURLsDo not use accented characters in short (search engine friendly) URLs.sefurl/1
feature_sefurl_title_trackeritemTracker title in SEFURLTo display the title, you should disable `Rewrite tiki-view_tracker.php?itemId=yyy to Prefixyyy page`sefurl/1, trackers/1
feature_sefurl_tracker_prefixaliasRewrite tiki-view_tracker.php?itemId=yyy to Prefixyyy pageThis redirection uses the wiki prefix alias featuresefurl/1, trackers/1
wiki_url_schemeWiki URL schemeAlter the SEFURL pattern for page names.sefurl/1, wiki/1
feature_semanticSemantic linksGoing beyond Backlinks functionality, this allows some semantic relationships to be defined between wiki pages.semantic/1, wiki/2
feature_backlinksBacklinksPresent a list of pages that link to the current page.semantic/1, wiki/2
share_display_linksDisplay links on the share pageshare/1
share_token_notificationToken notificationUsers can subscribe to the notifications of consultation of the token.share/1
share_contact_add_non_existant_contactAdd contactIf not already in the list, recipients are added to the list of contacts.share/1
share_display_name_and_emailDisplay name and emailIf the user is connected, the name and email will display in the page.share/1
share_can_choose_how_much_time_accessNumber of times accessedUser can choose how many times the share page can be consulted.share/1
share_max_access_timeMaximum number of times accessedMaximum number of times that the shared page can be consultedshare/1
socialnetworks_twitter_consumer_keyConsumer keyConsumer key generated by registering this Tiki site as an application at Twittersocialnetworks/2
socialnetworks_twitter_consumer_secretConsumer secretConsumer secret generated by registering this Tiki site as an application at Twitter.socialnetworks/2
socialnetworks_twitter_site_nameTwitter site nameThe default website name that will be used by Twitter (twitter:site) for every web page. This parameter will be used instead of the browser title.socialnetworks/2
socialnetworks_twitter_site_imageTwitter site imageThe default image (logo, picture, etc) that will be used by Twitter (twitter:image) for every web page. The image must be specified as a URL.socialnetworks/2
socialnetworks_facebook_application_secrApplication secretApplication secret generated by registering this Tiki site as an application at Facebooksocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_application_idApplication IDApplication ID generated by registering this Tiki site as an application at Facebooksocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_site_nameFacebook site nameThe default website name that will be used by Facebook (og:site_name) for every webpage. This parameter will be used instead of the browser title.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_site_imageFacebook site imageThe default image (logo, picture, etc.) that will be used by Facebook (og:image) for every webpage. It must be specified as a URL. The minimum valid image size is 200x200px. However, Facebook recommends 1200x630px or larger for the best display on high resolution devices.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_loginLogin using FacebookAllow users to log in using Facebooksocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_autocreateuserAuto-create Tiki userAutomatically create a Tiki user by the username of fb_xxxxxxxx for users logging in using Facebook if they do not yet have a Tiki account. If not, they will be asked to link or register a Tiki accountsocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_firstloginpopupRequire Facebook users to enter local account info on creationRequire Facebook users to enter local account info, specifically email and local log-in namesocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_publish_streamTiki can post to the Facebook wallTiki may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to the Facebook Wall.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_manage_eventsTiki can manage eventsTiki may create and RSVP to Facebook events.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_manage_pagesTiki can manage pagesTiki can manage user pages.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_smsTiki can SMSTiki can use SMS functions via Facebook.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_emailSet user email from Facebook on creation.Tiki will set the user's email from Facebook on creation.socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_create_user_trackeritemCreate a user tracker item on registrationSets whether a tracker item should be created for the user upon registrationsocialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_facebook_namesFirst and last name tracker field IDs to set on creationComma-separated, with first name field followed by last name field; for example, '2,3'socialnetworks/3
socialnetworks_bitly_loginbit.ly loginSite-wide log-in name (username) for bit.lysocialnetworks/4
socialnetworks_bitly_keybit.ly keySite-wide API key for bit.lysocialnetworks/4
socialnetworks_bitly_sitewideUse site-wide accountWhen set to "yes", only the site-wide account will be used for all users.socialnetworks/4
socialnetworks_linkedin_client_idClient IDClient ID generated by registering this site as an application at LinkedInsocialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_client_secrClient secretClient Secret generated by registering this site as an application at LinkedInsocialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_loginLog in using LinkedInAllow users to log in using LinkedIn.socialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_autocreateuserAuto-create Tiki user from LinkedInAutomatically create a Tiki user by the username of li_xxxxxxxx for users logging in using LinkedIn if they do not yet have a Tiki account. If not, they will be asked to link or register a Tiki accountsocialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_emailSet user email from LinkedIn on creation.Tiki will set the user's email from LinkedIn on creation.socialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_create_user_trackeritemCreate a user tracker item on registrationSets whether a tracker item should be created for the user upon registrationsocialnetworks/5
socialnetworks_linkedin_namesFirst and last name tracker field IDs to set on creationComma-separated, with first name field followed by last name field; for example, '2,3'socialnetworks/5
feature_wiki_sharethisShareThis buttonsEnable sharing site content via ShareThissocialnetworks/6
wiki_sharethis_encourageDisplay ShareThis icon prominentlyEncourage sharing by displaying the ShareThis icon (the default is placing the icon in a drop-down list that requires a click to view).socialnetworks/6
site_google_analytics_group_optionGoogle Analytics Groups OptionDefine option for Google Analytics groupsstats/2
site_google_analytics_groupsGoogle Analytics Available GroupsUser groups for which Google Analytics will be availablestats/2
site_google_analytics_gtagGoogle Global Site Tag ModeUse the newer Google Global Site Tag (gtag.js) as opposed to the previous ga.js.stats/2
site_google_credentialsGoogle authentication credentials filePath to the Google Service Account credentials JSON file.stats/2
site_piwik_analytics_server_urlPiwik server URLThe URL to the Piwik server of this site<br />In Piwik, the selected site (Site Id) must have view permission set for anonymous, or a token authentication parameter can be inserted in the Piwik server URL.stats/3
site_piwik_site_idSite IdThe ID of this website in Piwikstats/3
site_piwik_codePiwik JavaScript tracking codeCode to be placed on every page of this website just before the </body> tagstats/3
site_piwik_group_optionPiwik Groups OptionDefine option for Piwik groupsstats/3
site_piwik_groupsPiwik Available GroupsUser groups for which piwik will be availablestats/3
default_rows_textarea_forumthreadForum replytextarea/1
feature_fullscreenFull screenAllow users to activate full-screen mode.textarea/1
feature_smileysSmileysAlso known as emoticonstextarea/1
feature_wiki_ext_iconExternal link iconExternal links will be identified with an icon. To customize the icon, change the "link-external" icon in the icon set.textarea/1
feature_wiki_replaceSearch and replaceEnables finding and replacing of content in the edit boxtextarea/1
feature_wiki_argvariableWiki argument variablesAllow writing request variables in wiki content using {{paramname}} or {{paramname|default}} - special case {{page}} {{user}}textarea/1
feature_wiki_monospAutomonospaced textLines indented with spaces will automatically be converted to monospace font.textarea/1
feature_wiki_tablesTables syntaxtextarea/1
feature_autolinksAutoLinksWeb (http://) and email addresses will automatically be converted to links.textarea/1
feature_hotwords_nwOpen hotwords in new windowtextarea/1
feature_hotwords_sepCharacters that limit a hotwordtextarea/1
feature_use_quotepluginUse Quote plugin rather than ">" for quotingtextarea/1
feature_simplebox_delimString to use to delimit simpleboxtextarea/1
feature_syntax_highlighterCode editor (CodeMirror)CodeMirror code editor, which provides syntax highlightingtextarea/1
feature_syntax_highlighter_themeSyntax highlighter (CodeMirror) ThemeCodeMirror themes (clear cache after changing)textarea/1
feature_typo_quotesSmart “curly” quotesConvert \"straight\" quotes to “curly” ones, also convert ’ apostrophe and ‘single’ quotestextarea/1
feature_typo_approximative_quotesConvert approximative ASCII quotesConvert plain-ASCII quote substitutes `` '' ,, << >> to their typographic equivalent “ ” „ « »textarea/1
feature_typo_dashes_and_ellipsesSmart em-dash and ellipsisConvert double hyphen \-- to em-dash — and three consecutive dots\... to typographic ellipsis character…textarea/1
feature_typo_nobreak_spacesSmart no-break spacePrevents line breaks from occuring at unfortunate places in the text by replacing regular space character with no-break spaces where appropriate: around some punctuation, when used as thousand separator, and between a unit abbreviation and the number preceding it.textarea/1
feature_absolute_to_relative_linksConvert from absolute to relative linkProcess wiki text and convert internal links from absolute to relative linkstextarea/1
cachepagesCache external pagestextarea/1
cacheimagesCache external imagestextarea/1
popupLinksOpen external links in new windowOpen links to external sites in a new browser tab or window.textarea/1
allowImageLazyLoadAllow image lazy loadingAllow that images are loaded in a lazy waytextarea/1
wiki_dynvar_styleDynamic variablesGlobal snippets of text that can be included in wiki pages and edited in place.textarea/1
wiki_make_ordered_list_items_display_unique_numbersMultilevel style numbering for ordered listsMake ordered list items display unique numbers for all levels of their sub-items; for example: 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, etc.textarea/1
wikiplugin_addreferencePlugin Add ReferenceAdd a bibliography reference.textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_alinkPlugin Anchor LinkCreate a link to an anchortextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_anamePlugin Anchor NameCreate an anchor that can be linked totextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_boxPlugin BoxCreate a formatted box with a title bartextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_buttonPlugin ButtonAdd a link formatted as a buttontextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_casperjsPlugin CasperJSEnable running CasperJS scripts from this Tiki site.textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_centerPlugin CenterCenter texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_codePlugin CodeDisplay code with syntax highlighting and line numbering.textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_divPlugin DivDefine and format sections of a page or texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_dlPlugin Definition ListCreate a definition listtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_fadePlugin FadeCreate a link that shows/hides initially hidden contenttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_fancylistPlugin Fancy ListCreate a formatted numbered listtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_fancytablePlugin Fancy TableCreate a formatted table that can be filtered and sortedtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_fontPlugin FontFormat the font type and size of texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_footnotePlugin FootnoteCreate automatically numbered footnotes (together with PluginFootnoteArea)textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_footnoteareaPlugin Footnote AreaCreate automatically numbered footnotes (together with PluginFootnote)textarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_gaugePlugin GaugeDisplay a horizontal bar gaugetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_htmlPlugin HTMLAdd HTML to a pagetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_iframePlugin IframeInclude the body of another web page in a scrollable frame within a pagetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_monoPlugin MonospaceDisplay text in a monospace fonttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_mouseoverPlugin MouseoverDisplay hidden content by mousing over texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_mwtablePlugin MediaWiki TableDisplay a table using MediaWiki syntaxtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_quotePlugin QuoteFormat text as a quotetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_remarksboxPlugin Remarks BoxDisplay a comment, tip, note or warning boxtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_scrollPlugin ScrollShow animated text that scrolls up or downtextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_showprefPlugin Show PreferenceDisplay the value of public global preferencestextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_showreferencePlugin Add BibliographyAdd bibliography listing in the footer of a wiki pagetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_sliderPlugin SliderEmbed a mini-slideshow of content on a pagetextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_sortPlugin SortSort lines of texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_splitPlugin SplitArrange content on a page into rows and columnstextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_subPlugin SubscriptApply subscript font to texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_supPlugin SuperscriptApply superscript font to texttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_tabsPlugin TabsArrange content in tabstextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_tagPlugin TagApply an HTML tag to contenttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_versionsPlugin VersionsCreate tabs for showing alternate versions of contenttextarea/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_includePlugin IncludeInclude a portion of another wiki pagetextarea/1, wiki/1, textarea/2
feature_wysiwygFull WYSIWYG editorWYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get". <a href="https://ckeditor.com">CKEditor</a> is used to provide a word-processor-like editing experience.textarea/1, wiki/1, wysiwyg/1
feature_filegals_managerUse file galleries to store imagesIf not enabled, images will be stored in the file system, in the /img/wiki_up directory, instead.textarea/1, wiki/2
wikiplugin_tocPlugin Table of Contents (Structure)Display a table of contents of pages in a structuretextarea/1, wiki/2, textarea/2
feature_wiki_paragraph_formattingWiki paragraph formattingBecause the wiki paragraph formatting feature is on, all groups of non-blank lines are collected into paragraphs. Lines can be of any length, and will be wrapped together with the next line. Paragraphs are separated by blank lines. Because the Wiki paragraph formatting feature is off, each line will be presented as you write it. This means that if you want paragraphs to be wrapped properly, a paragraph should be all together on one line.textarea/1, wysiwyg/1
feature_wiki_paragraph_formatting_add_brCreate line breaks within paragraphsWhen Wiki paragraph formatting is enabled, this option creates line breaks within paragraphs.textarea/1, wysiwyg/1
unified_search_textarea_adminPlugins tab of the textarea control panel loads with an empty listImprove the performance of the textarea control panel by avoiding the loading of all plugins initiallytextarea/2
wikiplugin_activitystreamPlugin Activity StreamCreate a social network activity stream.textarea/2
wikiplugin_addonPlugin Tiki Addon ViewDisplay the output of a Tiki Addon View.textarea/2
wikiplugin_addrelationPlugin Add RelationProvide a button to toggle a pre-specified relation.textarea/2
wikiplugin_agentinfoPlugin User Agent InfoShow the user's browser and server information.textarea/2
wikiplugin_ajaxloadPlugin Ajax LoadLoad data into an HTML div using Ajax or in an iframe.textarea/2
wikiplugin_appframePlugin Application FrameCreate a frame in which to assemble custom applicationstextarea/2
wikiplugin_archivebuilderPlugin Archive BuilderDefine an archive that can be downloadedtextarea/2
wikiplugin_attributesPlugin AttributesAssign generic attributes to the current objecttextarea/2
wikiplugin_autoqueryargsPlugin Auto Query ArgsAutomatically propagate arguments when clicking on linkstextarea/2
wikiplugin_backPlugin BackDisplay a link that goes back one page in the browser historytextarea/2
wikiplugin_benchmarkPlugin BenchmarkPerformance-test wiki content (used by developers to optimize plugins).textarea/2
wikiplugin_categorytransitionPlugin PluginCategoryTransitionDisplay controls to trigger category transitions for any object.textarea/2
wikiplugin_cclitePlugin CcliteAccess and use a cclite social credit and alternative currency accounttextarea/2
wikiplugin_chartPlugin ChartDisplay a chart from TikiSheet.textarea/2
wikiplugin_chartjsPlugin Chart JSCreate a JS Charttextarea/2
wikiplugin_checkrefererPlugin Check RefererDisplay content based on the address that originated the request for the current pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_commentPlugin CommentDisplay a comment area for a specified objecttextarea/2
wikiplugin_contentPlugin Dynamic ContentDisplay content from dynamic content repositorytextarea/2
wikiplugin_contributionsdashboardPlugin Contributions DashboardList users' contributions to a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_cookiePlugin CookieDisplay a random tagline or "cookie" (in the "fortune cookie" sense).textarea/2
wikiplugin_cookieconsentPlugin Cookie ConsentDisplay content based on whether cookie consent has been granted by the user.textarea/2
wikiplugin_copyrightPlugin CopyrightInsert copyright noticestextarea/2
wikiplugin_customsearchPlugin Custom SearchCreate a custom search form for searching or listing items on the sitetextarea/2
wikiplugin_datachannelPlugin Data ChannelDisplay a form to access data channelstextarea/2
wikiplugin_dbreportPlugin DB ReportQuery an ADOdb database and display results (does not work with PDO)textarea/2
wikiplugin_diagramPlugin DiagramDisplay mxGraph/Draw.io diagramstextarea/2
wikiplugin_dialogPlugin DialogCreate a custom popup dialog boxtextarea/2
wikiplugin_dynamicvariablesPlugin List of dynamic variablesShow dynamic variables and their values.textarea/2
wikiplugin_equationPlugin EquationRender an equation written in LaTeX syntax as an imagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_eventPlugin Event EmbedDisplays an event's information inside a wiki pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_exercisePlugin ExerciseCreate an exercise/test with questions and gradetextarea/2
wikiplugin_fitnessePlugin Fitnesse Test SuiteCreate test suites for applications built using Tikitextarea/2
wikiplugin_fluidgridPlugin Fluid GridArrange content into rows and columns using a Bootstrap fluid grid.textarea/2
wikiplugin_friendPlugin FriendFriend and unfriend other userstextarea/2
wikiplugin_ftpPlugin FTPCreate a button for downloading a file from an FTP servertextarea/2
wikiplugin_fullwidthtitlePlugin Set a Full-Width Page TitleDisplay the page title the full width of the site content container. textarea/2
wikiplugin_ganttchartPlugin Gantt ChartCreate and display a gantt graphic using tracker datatextarea/2
wikiplugin_gdgraphPlugin GDGraphCreate a simple graph from supplied datatextarea/2
wikiplugin_getaccesstokenPlugin Get Security TokenDisplay a link on a secure page using an access tokentextarea/2
wikiplugin_googleanalyticsPlugin Google AnalyticsAdd the tracking code for Google Analyticstextarea/2
wikiplugin_googlechartPlugin Google Analytics ChartDraw charts from Google Analytics data.textarea/2
wikiplugin_googledocPlugin Google DocDisplay a Google documenttextarea/2
wikiplugin_grouplistPlugin Group ListCreate a complete or filtered list of groupstextarea/2
wikiplugin_groupmailcorePlugin GroupMail CoreDisplay GroupMail functions on a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_groupstatPlugin Group StatsShow the distribution of users among groupstextarea/2
wikiplugin_h5pPlugin H5PEnable the creation, sharing and reuse of interactive HTML5 content.textarea/2
wikiplugin_htmlfeedPlugin HTML FeedAdd an item to HTML Feedtextarea/2
wikiplugin_htmlfeedlinkPlugin HTML Feed LinkReceive and display content from another site sent using PluginHTMLFeedtextarea/2
wikiplugin_iconPlugin IconDisplay an icontextarea/2
wikiplugin_includetplPlugin Include Template FileInclude a Smarty template (.tpl) file in a page.textarea/2
wikiplugin_includeurlPlugin Include URLInclude the body content from a URLtextarea/2
wikiplugin_jqPlugin jQueryAdd jQuery JavaScript codetextarea/2
wikiplugin_jsPlugin JavaScriptAdd JavaScript code or filestextarea/2
wikiplugin_lastmodPlugin Last ModificationShow the last modification date for a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_layoutPlugin LayoutEnable display of only the wiki content of the page, and control display of page background, width of page header and footer; helpful in creating landing pages for a projects, etc.textarea/2
wikiplugin_likePlugin LikeCreate a "Like" button.textarea/2
wikiplugin_listPlugin ListSearch for, list, and filter all types of items and display custom-formatted results.textarea/2
wikiplugin_listexecutePlugin List ExecuteSet custom actions that can be executed on a filtered list of objectstextarea/2
wikiplugin_localfilesPlugin Local FilesShow a link to local or shared files and directories.textarea/2
wikiplugin_lsdirPlugin List DirectoryList files in a directorytextarea/2
wikiplugin_mediaplayerPlugin Media PlayerAdd a media player to a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_metatagPlugin MetaTagAdd custom meta tags to the HTML head section of the page where the plugin is used.textarea/2
wikiplugin_modulePlugin ModuleDisplay a moduletextarea/2
wikiplugin_modulelistPlugin Module ListDisplay the modules assigned to a zonetextarea/2
wikiplugin_myspacePlugin MySpaceDisplay a MySpace Flash mp3 playlisttextarea/2
wikiplugin_networkconditionPlugin Network conditionDisplay content based on the user's IP addresstextarea/2
wikiplugin_objecthitsPlugin Object HitsDisplay the number of hits for certain objectstextarea/2
wikiplugin_objectlinkPlugin Object LinkDisplay a link to an objecttextarea/2
wikiplugin_pagetabsPlugin Page TabsDisplay the content of a wiki page in a set of tabs.textarea/2
wikiplugin_paramPlugin ParameterDisplay content based on URL parameterstextarea/2
wikiplugin_paymentlistPlugin Payment ListShow details of payments. The payments considered may be restrained by user or date.textarea/2
wikiplugin_paypalPlugin PayPal ButtonEmbed a PayPal buttontextarea/2
wikiplugin_pdfPlugin PluginPDFFor customized PDF generation, to override global PDF settings.textarea/2
wikiplugin_pdfbookmarkPlugin PluginPDF BookmarkManual bookmark entry for a PDF filetextarea/2
wikiplugin_pdfpagePlugin PDFPageInsert page with new settings in PDFtextarea/2
wikiplugin_pdfpagebreakPlugin PluginPDF Page BreakHelpful to format PDF files created, plugin adds page break in PDF file generated.textarea/2
wikiplugin_perspectivePlugin PerspectiveDisplay content based on the user's current perspectivetextarea/2
wikiplugin_pivottablePlugin Pivot tableCreate and display data in pivot table for reportingtextarea/2
wikiplugin_piwikPlugin PiwikEmbed a Piwik preformatted report (widget module) - Piwik Analytics is required. To use this plugin you have to grant in your Piwik view permission to anonymous for the selected "Site Id" or to add a token authentification parameter.textarea/2
wikiplugin_playscormPlugin PlayScormPlay a SCORM learning object in an iframe using Moodletextarea/2
wikiplugin_pluginmanagerPlugin Plugin ManagerList wiki plugin or module information for the sitetextarea/2
wikiplugin_prefPlugin PreferenceDisplay content based on global preference settingstextarea/2
wikiplugin_prefdocPlugin Document PreferencesGenerate documentation for Tiki preference tabs, mostly for use on the Tiki documentation website (doc.tiki.org).textarea/2
wikiplugin_previewPlugin Preview FilesEnabled to generate preview of images or video filestextarea/2
wikiplugin_profilePlugin Profile ApplicationAdd a button for applying a profile.textarea/2
wikiplugin_rPlugin R syntaxParse R syntax and show the output either from the code introduced between the plugin tags or from the file attached to a tracker item sent through PluginTracker. It can also be combined with Pretty Trackers to edit parameters from the script through web forms.textarea/2
wikiplugin_rcontentPlugin Random Dynamic ContentDisplay pre-programmed changing contenttextarea/2
wikiplugin_redirectPlugin RedirectRedirect to another page.textarea/2
wikiplugin_regexPlugin Regular ExpressionPerform a regular expression search and replacetextarea/2
wikiplugin_registermemberpaymentPlugin Register Member PaymentRegister and make a member payment at the same timetextarea/2
wikiplugin_relationsPlugin RelationsDisplay the relation of an object to the rest of the sitetextarea/2
wikiplugin_rrPlugin RR (R syntax also)Same as PluginR, but allowing the execution of potentially dangerous commands once the admin has validated the plugin call.textarea/2
wikiplugin_rssPlugin RSS FeedDisplay items from one or more RSS feedstextarea/2
wikiplugin_sfPlugin SourceForgeCreates a link to SourceForge tracker itemstextarea/2
wikiplugin_sheetPlugin SheetDisplay data from a TikiSheettextarea/2
wikiplugin_shortenPlugin ShortenShow/hide a portion of texttextarea/2
wikiplugin_signPlugin SignatureSign and date your contribution to a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_skypePlugin SkypeAdd a link for calling or chating with a Skype usertextarea/2
wikiplugin_slideshowslidePlugin SlideshowSlideAdvance plugin to add slide in slideshow with different background colors, background video, transition and other settings.textarea/2
wikiplugin_smartyPlugin Smarty functionInsert a Smarty function or variabletextarea/2
wikiplugin_snarfPlugin SnarfDisplay the contents of another web pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_sqlPlugin SQLQuery a MySQL database and display the resultstextarea/2
wikiplugin_statPlugin StatShow various statistics for an objecttextarea/2
wikiplugin_subscribenewsletterPlugin Subscribe to newsletterAllow users to subscribe to a newslettertextarea/2
wikiplugin_surveyPlugin SurveyEmbed a surveytextarea/2
wikiplugin_swiperPlugin SwiperEmbed swiper in content, support file galleries, files id and custom contenttextarea/2
wikiplugin_timelinePlugin TimelineDisplay a timelinetextarea/2
wikiplugin_togetherPlugin TogetherCollaborate in real timetextarea/2
wikiplugin_tourPlugin TourQuick and easy way to build your product tours with Bootstrap popoverstextarea/2
wikiplugin_trackercalendarPlugin Tracker CalendarCreate and display a calendar using tracker datatextarea/2
wikiplugin_tradePlugin TradeSend payments between members using cclitetextarea/2
wikiplugin_translationofPlugin TranslationOfTranslate a link from one language to anothertextarea/2
wikiplugin_twitterPlugin TwitterDisplay the activity for a twitter accounttextarea/2
wikiplugin_useringroupPlugin UserInGroupchecks if an individual user is in a particular Group and simply return a string set to either true or falsetextarea/2
wikiplugin_userlastloggedPlugin Last Login informationShow the last login information for a given or current usertextarea/2
wikiplugin_vimeoPlugin VimeoEmbed a Vimeo videotextarea/2
wikiplugin_votingsPlugin VotingsSaves voting information in Smarty variables for displaytextarea/2
wikiplugin_webdocviewerPlugin Web Document ViewerView a document in a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_webservicePlugin Web ServiceDisplay remote information exposed in JSON or YAML or SOAP XMLtextarea/2
wikiplugin_wikidiffPlugin Wiki DiffDisplay the differences between two wiki objectstextarea/2
wikiplugin_xmlupdatePlugin XMLupdateAllows multiple elements of an XML file stored in a File Gallery to be updated - the File Gallery (at present) is assumed to store all files in a Directory.textarea/2
wikiplugin_xmppPlugin XmppChat using Xmpptextarea/2
wikiplugin_youtubePlugin YouTubeEmbed a YouTube video in a pagetextarea/2
wikiplugin_zoteroPlugin Zotero CitationRetrieves and includes a Zotero reference in the page.textarea/2
wikiplugin_zoterolistPlugin Zotero Reference ListDisplay the complete reference list from a Zotero servertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_activitystreamInline plugin Activity Streamtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addfreetagInline plugin Add Tagtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addonInline plugin Tiki Addon Viewtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addreferenceInline plugin Add Referencetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addrelationInline plugin Add Relationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addtocartInline plugin Add to carttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_addtogooglecalInline plugin Add to Google Calendartextarea/2
wikiplugininline_adjustinventoryInline plugin Adjust Inventorytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_agentinfoInline plugin User Agent Infotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_ajaxloadInline plugin Ajax Loadtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_alinkInline plugin Anchor Linktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_anameInline plugin Anchor Nametextarea/2
wikiplugininline_annotationInline plugin Image Annotationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_appframeInline plugin Application Frametextarea/2
wikiplugininline_archivebuilderInline plugin Archive Buildertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_articleInline plugin Articletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_articlesInline plugin Article Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_attachInline plugin Attachmenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_attributesInline plugin Attributestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_authorInline plugin Authortextarea/2
wikiplugininline_autoqueryargsInline plugin Auto Query Argstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_avatarInline plugin Profile picturetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_backInline plugin Backtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_backlinksInline plugin Backlinkstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_bannerInline plugin Bannertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_benchmarkInline plugin Benchmarktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_bigbluebuttonInline plugin BigBlueButtontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_bloglistInline plugin Blog Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_boxInline plugin Boxtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_buttonInline plugin Buttontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_calendarInline plugin Calendartextarea/2
wikiplugininline_carouselInline plugin Carouseltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_cartmissinguserinfoInline plugin Cart Missing User Infotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_casperjsInline plugin CasperJStextarea/2
wikiplugininline_categoryInline plugin Categorytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_categorytransitionInline plugin PluginCategoryTransitiontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_catorphansInline plugin Category Orphanstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_catpathInline plugin Category Pathtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_ccliteInline plugin Cclitetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_centerInline plugin Centertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_chartInline plugin Charttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_chartjsInline plugin Chart JStextarea/2
wikiplugininline_checkrefererInline plugin Check Referertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_codeInline plugin Codetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_colorboxInline plugin Colorboxtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_commentInline plugin Commenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_contentInline plugin Dynamic Contenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_contributionsdashboardInline plugin Contributions Dashboardtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_conveneInline plugin Convenetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_cookieInline plugin Cookietextarea/2
wikiplugininline_cookieconsentInline plugin Cookie Consenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_copyrightInline plugin Copyrighttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_countdownInline plugin Countdowntextarea/2
wikiplugininline_customsearchInline plugin Custom Searchtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_datachannelInline plugin Data Channeltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_dbreportInline plugin DB Reporttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_diagramInline plugin Diagramtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_dialogInline plugin Dialogtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_divInline plugin Divtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_dlInline plugin Definition Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_drawInline plugin Drawtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_dynamicvariablesInline plugin List of dynamic variablestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_equationInline plugin Equationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_eventInline plugin Event Embedtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_eventsInline plugin Eventstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_exerciseInline plugin Exercisetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_extendcartholdInline plugin Extend Cart Inventory Holdtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fadeInline plugin Fadetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fancylistInline plugin Fancy Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fancytableInline plugin Fancy Tabletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_favoriteInline plugin Favoritetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fileInline plugin Filetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_filesInline plugin Filestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fitnesseInline plugin Fitnesse Test Suitetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_flashInline plugin Flash Videotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fluidgridInline plugin Fluid Gridtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fontInline plugin Fonttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_footnoteInline plugin Footnotetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_footnoteareaInline plugin Footnote Areatextarea/2
wikiplugininline_freetaggedInline plugin Taggedtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_friendInline plugin Friendtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_ftpInline plugin FTPtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_fullwidthtitleInline plugin Set a Full-Width Page Titletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_gallerifficInline plugin Galleriffictextarea/2
wikiplugininline_ganttchartInline plugin Gantt Charttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_gaugeInline plugin Gaugetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_gdgraphInline plugin GDGraphtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_getaccesstokenInline plugin Get Security Tokentextarea/2
wikiplugininline_googleanalyticsInline plugin Google Analyticstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_googlechartInline plugin Google Analytics Charttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_googledocInline plugin Google Doctextarea/2
wikiplugininline_groupInline plugin Grouptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_groupexpiryInline plugin Group Expirationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_grouplistInline plugin Group Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_groupmailcoreInline plugin GroupMail Coretextarea/2
wikiplugininline_groupstatInline plugin Group Statstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_h5pInline plugin H5Ptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_hasboughtInline plugin Has Boughttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_htmlInline plugin HTMLtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_htmlfeedInline plugin HTML Feedtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_htmlfeedlinkInline plugin HTML Feed Linktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_iconInline plugin Icontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_iframeInline plugin Iframetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_imgInline plugin Imagetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_includeInline plugin Includetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_includetplInline plugin Include Template Filetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_includeurlInline plugin Include URLtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_insertInline plugin Insert Tracker Itemtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_inviteInline plugin Invitetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_jqInline plugin jQuerytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_jsInline plugin JavaScripttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_kalturaInline plugin Kaltura Videotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_langInline plugin Languagetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_lastmodInline plugin Last Modificationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_layoutInline plugin Layouttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_likeInline plugin Liketextarea/2
wikiplugininline_listInline plugin Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_listexecuteInline plugin List Executetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_listpagesInline plugin List Pagestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_localfilesInline plugin Local Filestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_lsdirInline plugin List Directorytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mailInline plugin Mailtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mapInline plugin Maptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mcalendarInline plugin Mayan Calendarstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mediaplayerInline plugin Media Playertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_memberlistInline plugin Member Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_memberpaymentInline plugin Member Paymenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_metatagInline plugin MetaTagtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_miniquizInline plugin Mini Quiztextarea/2
wikiplugininline_moduleInline plugin Moduletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_modulelistInline plugin Module Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_monoInline plugin Monospacetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mouseoverInline plugin Mouseovertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_mwtableInline plugin MediaWiki Tabletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_myspaceInline plugin MySpacetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_networkconditionInline plugin Network conditiontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_nowInline plugin Nowtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_objecthitsInline plugin Object Hitstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_objectlinkInline plugin Object Linktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pagetabsInline plugin Page Tabstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_paramInline plugin Parametertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_paymentInline plugin Paymenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_paymentlistInline plugin Payment Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_paypalInline plugin PayPal Buttontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pdfInline plugin PluginPDFtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pdfbookmarkInline plugin PluginPDF Bookmarktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pdfpageInline plugin PDFPagetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pdfpagebreakInline plugin PluginPDF Page Breaktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_permInline plugin Permissionstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_perspectiveInline plugin Perspectivetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pivottableInline plugin Pivot tabletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_piwikInline plugin Piwiktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_playscormInline plugin PlayScormtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pluginmanagerInline plugin Plugin Managertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_pollInline plugin Polltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_prefInline plugin Preferencetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_prefdocInline plugin Document Preferencestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_prettytrackerviewsInline plugin Pretty Tracker View Trackingtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_previewInline plugin Preview Filestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_profileInline plugin Profile Applicationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_proposalInline plugin Proposaltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_quoteInline plugin Quotetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_rInline plugin R syntaxtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_randomincludeInline plugin Random Includetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_rcontentInline plugin Random Dynamic Contenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_realnamelistInline plugin User List with Real Namestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_redirectInline plugin Redirecttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_regexInline plugin Regular Expressiontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_registermemberpaymentInline plugin Register Member Paymenttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_relationsInline plugin Relationstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_remarksboxInline plugin Remarks Boxtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_rrInline plugin RR (R syntax also)textarea/2
wikiplugininline_rssInline plugin RSS Feedtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_scrollInline plugin Scrolltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sfInline plugin SourceForgetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sharethisInline plugin ShareThistextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sheetInline plugin Sheettextarea/2
wikiplugininline_shopperinfoInline plugin Collect Anonymous Shopper Infotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_shortenInline plugin Shortentextarea/2
wikiplugininline_showpagesInline plugin Show Pagestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_showprefInline plugin Show Preferencetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_showreferenceInline plugin Add Bibliographytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_signInline plugin Signaturetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_skypeInline plugin Skypetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sliderInline plugin Slidertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_slideshowInline plugin Slideshowtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_slideshowslideInline plugin SlideshowSlidetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_smartyInline plugin Smarty functiontextarea/2
wikiplugininline_snarfInline plugin Snarftextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sortInline plugin Sorttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_splitInline plugin Splittextarea/2
wikiplugininline_sqlInline plugin SQLtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_statInline plugin Stattextarea/2
wikiplugininline_subInline plugin Subscripttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_subscribegroupInline plugin Subscribe Grouptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_subscribegroupsInline plugin Subscribe Groupstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_subscribenewsletterInline plugin Subscribe to newslettertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_supInline plugin Superscripttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_surveyInline plugin Surveytextarea/2
wikiplugininline_swiperInline plugin Swipertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_tabsInline plugin Tabstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_tagInline plugin Tagtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_timelineInline plugin Timelinetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_timesheetInline plugin TimeSheettextarea/2
wikiplugininline_titlesearchInline plugin Title Searchtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_tocInline plugin Table of Contents (Structure)textarea/2
wikiplugininline_togetherInline plugin Togethertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_tourInline plugin Tourtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trInline plugin Translatetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerInline plugin Trackertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackercalendarInline plugin Tracker Calendartextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackercommentsInline plugin Tracker Commentstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerfilterInline plugin Tracker Filtertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerifInline plugin Tracker Iftextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackeritemcopyInline plugin Copy Tracker Itemtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackeritemfieldInline plugin Tracker Item Fieldtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerlistInline plugin Tracker Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerpasscodeInline plugin Check Tracker Passcodestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerprefillInline plugin Tracker Prefilltextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerquerytemplateInline plugin Tracker Query Templatetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackerstatInline plugin Tracker Statstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackertimelineInline plugin Tracker Timelinetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_trackertoggleInline plugin Tracker Toggletextarea/2
wikiplugininline_tradeInline plugin Tradetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_transcludeInline plugin Transcludetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_translatedInline plugin Translatedtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_translationofInline plugin TranslationOftextarea/2
wikiplugininline_twitterInline plugin Twittertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_usercountInline plugin User Counttextarea/2
wikiplugininline_useringroupInline plugin UserInGrouptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_userlastloggedInline plugin Last Login informationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_userlinkInline plugin User Linktextarea/2
wikiplugininline_userlistInline plugin User Listtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_userprefInline plugin User Preferencetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_versionsInline plugin Versionstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_vimeoInline plugin Vimeotextarea/2
wikiplugininline_voteInline plugin Votetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_votingsInline plugin Votingstextarea/2
wikiplugininline_wantedpagesInline plugin Wanted Pagestextarea/2
wikiplugininline_webdocviewerInline plugin Web Document Viewertextarea/2
wikiplugininline_webserviceInline plugin Web Servicetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_wikidiffInline plugin Wiki Difftextarea/2
wikiplugininline_wysiwygInline plugin WYSIWYGtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_xmlupdateInline plugin XMLupdatetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_xmppInline plugin Xmpptextarea/2
wikiplugininline_youtubeInline plugin YouTubetextarea/2
wikiplugininline_zoteroInline plugin Zotero Citationtextarea/2
wikiplugininline_zoterolistInline plugin Zotero Reference Listtextarea/2
wikipluginprefs_pending_notificationPlugin pending approval notificationSend an email alert to users with permission to approve plugins when a plugin approval is pendingtextarea/2
wikiplugin_list_guiGUI for the list pluginExperimental GUI for the list plugin in popup plugin edit forms. (listgui)textarea/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_list_convert_trackerlistPlugin trackerlist converterButton on trackerlist plugin edit form to convert it to use the list plugin instead.textarea/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_maximum_passesMaximum plugin parsing passesAffects the number of wiki plugins that can be used. The default of 500 allows for 1 plugin nested seven times, or 44 plugins nested once. A value of 1200 is required for 1 eighth level plugin.textarea/2, textarea/2
wiki_edit_pluginAllow plugin-specific editsAdd an icon next to each plugin usage to enable editing the plugin in a popup form, without needing to edit the whole page. This feature is unavailable outside wiki pages, whether or not this preference is enabled.textarea/2, wiki/1
wiki_edit_icons_toggleOnly display focused edit icons (for sections and/or plugins) on requestFocused edit icons will only display after a per-session "Edit icons" preference is enabled. This preference is defined directly from any wiki page.textarea/2, wiki/1
ajax_inline_editInline editingEnable inline editing of certain values. Currently limited to tracker item fields.trackers/1
ajax_inline_edit_trackerlistTracker list inline editingEnable inline editing of all fields on the tracker list page.trackers/1
t_use_dbStorageLocation where tracker attachment files are storedtrackers/1
t_use_dirDirectory pathPath of a directory on Tiki's host, such as /var/www/. For confidentiality, this directory should not be web accessible. PHP must be able to read/write to the directory.trackers/1
tracker_remote_syncSynchronize remote trackerEnable a tracker to be cloned on a remote host, and synchronize the data locally on demand.trackers/1
tracker_refresh_itemlink_detailRefresh item link items when the master is modifiedTo be used when item link is used in trackers so that the index remains in good shape when data on the master that is indexed with the detail is modified and used to search on.trackers/1
tracker_refresh_itemslist_detailRefresh items list items when related items are created or modifiedUse this to enable the ItemsList fields to refresh their content in the search index when related tracker items are created or modified.trackers/1
tracker_clone_itemClone tracker itemsAllow copying tracker item information to a new tracker item.trackers/1
tracker_change_field_typeChange field typesAllow field type to be changed after creation.trackers/1
tracker_show_comments_belowShow comments below itemsShow comments for a tracker item below the item itself as in other trackers, instead of enclosed in a tabtrackers/1
tracker_legacy_insertUse legacy tracker insertion screenUse the legacy tracker insertion screen (a tab) instead of a popup dialog.<br>Useful for older trackers using deprecated fields such as Image and File or when more insertion space is usefultrackers/1
tracker_status_in_objectlinkShow tracker status in objectlinkShow the status when doing an objectlink. This can be used to show the status in tracker screens but not in outputs.trackers/1
tracker_wikirelation_synctitleSync wiki page name to linked tracker fieldWhen the wiki page is renamed or when the value of the tracker field that is linked to the wiki page is changed, make the corresponding change as well to the other linked via tiki.wiki.linkedfield relation.trackers/1
tracker_wikirelation_redirectpageRedirect page views to the linked tracker itemRedirect the user to the tracker item when trying to view a wiki page that has a linked tracker item via tiki.wiki.linkeditem relation. Can be bypassed by adding &admin (?admin in sefurl) to the URL.trackers/1
tracker_tabular_enabledTracker tabularAllows management of import/export tracker profiles and management of custom list formats.trackers/1
tracker_always_notifyAlways notify watchersSend item updated notifications to watchers even if nothing has changed.trackers/1
tracker_prefixalias_on_linksTracker item links use prefix aliasLinks for tracker items will use the prefix alias automatically everywhere.trackers/1
tracker_report_resize_buttonTracker report resize buttonAdd a button to resize long tracker reports.trackers/1
tracker_list_orderTracker list orderDefault order for the main tracker list.trackers/1
user_selector_realnames_trackerShow user's real nameUse the user's real name instead of log-in name in the autocomplete selector in trackerstrackers/1
tracker_insert_allowedTrackers available for insertion from wiki pagesList of tracker IDs made available when attempting to inserttrackers/2
wikiplugin_insertPlugin Insert Tracker ItemCreate a tracker item when the plugin is inserted in the page. The plugin code is removed and replaced by a link to the newly created item.trackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_miniquizPlugin Mini QuizCreate a quiz using a trackertrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_prettytrackerviewsPlugin Pretty Tracker View TrackingStore tiki.tracker.pretty.views attribute for a trackeritemtrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerPlugin TrackerEmbed a form to populate a trackertrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerfilterPlugin Tracker FilterCreate a form to filter tracker fieldstrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerifPlugin Tracker IfDisplay content based on results of a tracker field testtrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackeritemcopyPlugin Copy Tracker ItemCopy a tracker itemtrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackeritemfieldPlugin Tracker Item FieldDisplay or test the value of a tracker item fieldtrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerlistPlugin Tracker ListList, filter and sort the items in a trackertrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerpasscodePlugin Check Tracker PasscodesVerify a tracker passcodetrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerprefillPlugin Tracker PrefillCreate a button to prefill tracker fieldstrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerquerytemplatePlugin Tracker Query TemplateGenerate a form from tracker datatrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackerstatPlugin Tracker StatsDisplay statistics about a tracker.trackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackertimelinePlugin Tracker TimelineShow a timeline view of a trackertrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_trackertogglePlugin Tracker ToggleAdjust the visibility of content based on a tracker field's value, possibly dynamicallytrackers/2, textarea/2
wikiplugin_votePlugin VoteCreate a tracker for votingtrackers/2, textarea/2
trackerfield_actionActionCreate a form to be posted somewhere, not necessarily in a tracker or even at this Tiki site.trackers/3
trackerfield_articlesArticlesAttach articles to the tracker item.trackers/3
trackerfield_fileAttachmentDeprecated in favor of the Files field.trackers/3
trackerfield_autoincrementAuto-IncrementEnable an incrementing value field, or itemId field.trackers/3
trackerfield_categoryCategoryEnable the tracker item to be categorized in one or more categories under the specified main category.trackers/3
trackerfield_checkboxCheckboxProvide a checkbox field for yes/no, on/off input.trackers/3
trackerfield_computedComputed FieldProvide a computed value based on numeric field values. Consider using webservices or JavaScript to perform the task instead of using this field type.trackers/3
trackerfield_countryselectorCountry SelectorEnable a selection from a specified list of countriestrackers/3
trackerfield_currencyCurrency FieldProvide a one-line field for numeric input only. Prepended or appended values may be alphanumeric.trackers/3
trackerfield_datetimeDate and TimeProvide drop-down options to accurately select a date and/or time.trackers/3
trackerfield_calendaritemDate and Time (Calendar Item)Associate calendar items with tracker items.trackers/3
trackerfield_jscalendarDate and Time (Date Picker)Provide a jQuery UI date picker to select a date and, optionally, a time.trackers/3
trackerfield_dropdownDropdownAllow users to select only from a specified set of optionstrackers/3
trackerfield_dropdownotherDropdown selector with "Other" fieldAllow users to select from a specified set of options or to enter an alternate optiontrackers/3
trackerfield_dynamiclistDynamic Items ListDynamically update a selection list based on linked data from another tracker.trackers/3
trackerfield_emailEmailEnable an email address to be input with the option of making it active.trackers/3
trackerfield_filesFilesAttached and upload files stored in the file galleries to the tracker item.trackers/3
trackerfield_geographicfeatureGeographic FeatureStore a geographic feature on a map, allowing paths (LineString) and boundaries (Polygon) to be drawn on a map and saved.trackers/3
trackerfield_groupselectorGroup SelectorAllow a selection from a specified list of user groups.trackers/3
trackerfield_headerHeaderDisplay a heading between fields to delimit a section and allow visual folding of the fields.trackers/3
trackerfield_iconIconProvide the ability to select an image as an icon attached to the tracker item from the file galleries.trackers/3
trackerfield_imageImageDeprecated in favor of the Files field.trackers/3
trackerfield_ingroupIn GroupIndicate if the user associated with the item is a member of a specified group.trackers/3
trackerfield_ipaddressIP SelectorIP address input fieldtrackers/3
trackerfield_itemlinkItem LinkLink to another item, similar to a foreign keytrackers/3
trackerfield_itemslistItems ListDisplay a list of field values from another tracker that has a relation with this tracker.trackers/3
trackerfield_languageLanguageAssign a language to the tracker item to enable multilingual trackers.trackers/3
trackerfield_ldapLDAPDisplay a field value from a specific user in LDAPtrackers/3
trackerfield_mathMathematical CalculationPerform a calculation upon saving the item based on other fields within the same item.trackers/3
trackerfield_multiselectMultiselectAllow a user to select multiple values from a specified set of optionstrackers/3
trackerfield_numericNumeric FieldProvide a one-line field for numeric input only. Prepended or appended values may be alphanumeric.trackers/3
trackerfield_pageselectorPage SelectorAllow a selection from the list of pages.trackers/3
trackerfield_radioRadio ButtonsAllow users to select only from a specified set of optionstrackers/3
trackerfield_relationRelationsAllow arbitrary relations to be created between the trackers and other objects in the system.trackers/3
trackerfield_showtikiorgshow.tiki.orgCreate, display or manage show.tiki.org instances.trackers/3
trackerfield_starsStars (deprecated)Display a star ratingtrackers/3
trackerfield_starsystemStars (system - deprecated)Display a star ratingtrackers/3
trackerfield_statictextStatic TextDisplay the field description as static text to present notes or additional instructions.trackers/3
trackerfield_freetagsTagsAllow tags to be shown or added for tracker items.trackers/3
trackerfield_textareaText AreaMulti-line text inputtrackers/3
trackerfield_textText FieldSingle-line text inputtrackers/3
trackerfield_urlURLCreate a link to a specified URL.trackers/3
trackerfield_usergroupsUser GroupsDisplay the list of groups for the user associated with the tracker items.trackers/3
trackerfield_userpreferenceUser PreferenceAllow user preference changes from a tracker.trackers/3
trackerfield_userselectorUser SelectorAllow the selection of a user or users from a list.trackers/3
trackerfield_subscriptionUser SubscriptionAllow registered users to subscribe to a tracker item. Ideally, the item should only be editable by the creator or by administrators. Prepend the maximum amount of subscribers to the field value followed by # if such a limit is desired. For example, 50# means that 50 subscribers will be allowed for this item.trackers/3
trackerfield_webserviceWebserviceDisplay the result of a registered webservice call.trackers/3
trackerfield_wikiWiki PageEmbed an associated wiki pagetrackers/3
feature_mytikiDisplay "My Account" in the application menuuser/1
feature_userPreferencesUser preferences screenuser/1
users_prefs_userbreadCrumbNumber of visited pages to rememberuser/1
users_prefs_diff_versionsUse interface that shows differences in any versionsuser/1
users_prefs_tasks_maxRecordsTasks per pageuser/1
users_prefs_mytiki_pagesMy pagesList all wiki pages edited by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_blogsMy blogsList all blogs and blog posts edited by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_galsMy galleriesList all galleries edited by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_msgsMy messagesList all messages and replies by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_tasksMy tasksList all tasks by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_forum_topicsMy forum topicsList all forum topics by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_forum_repliesMy forum repliesList all forum replies by the user.user/1
users_prefs_mytiki_itemsMy itemsList all tracker items by the user.user/1
users_prefs_remember_closed_rboxesKeep closed remarksbox hiddenRemember the alert boxes that users have closed and don't display them again.user/1
feature_minicalMini calendarDisplays a personal calendar for each user.user/2
feature_notepadUser notepaduser/2
feature_user_bookmarksMy bookmarksuser/2
feature_contactsUser contactsuser/2
feature_usermenuUser menuuser/2
feature_tasksUser tasksuser/2
feature_wizard_userUser wizardWizard to help users set up their basic settings and account detailsuser/2
user_favoritesUser favoritesEnable users to flag content as their favorite.user/2
feature_wiki_userpageUser's information pageA personal wiki page for each user.user/2, wiki/2
feature_wiki_userpage_prefixUserpage prefixAll userpages share a common prefix. The page name will be a concatenation of the prefix and the username. A prefix is required.user/2, wiki/2
feature_unified_user_detailsUnified user details Use User Details Page using the Unified Index.user/3
feature_display_my_to_othersShow user's contribution on the user information pageView user's contribution on the user information page.user/3
highlight_groupHighlight groupuser/3
user_show_realnamesShow user's real nameShow the user's real name instead of username (log-in name), when possible.user/3
user_tracker_infosDisplay user tracker information on the user information pageuser/3
user_store_file_gallery_pictureStore full-size copy of profile picture in file galleryuser/3
user_small_avatar_sizeSize of the small profile picture stored for usersuser/3
user_small_avatar_square_cropCrop the profile picture thumbnail to a squareuser/3
user_picture_gallery_idFile gallery in which to store full-size profile pictureEnter the gallery ID here. Create a dedicated gallery that is admin-only for security, or make sure gallery permissions are set so that only admins can edit.user/3
user_default_picture_idFile ID of default profile pictureuser/3
user_who_viewed_my_stuffDisplay who has viewed "my items" on the user information pageThis requires activation of tracking of views for various items in the action loguser/3
user_who_viewed_my_stuff_daysLength of "who viewed my items" historyNumber of days before the current day to consider when displaying "who viewed my items"user/3
user_who_viewed_my_stuff_show_othersShow to others "who viewed my items" on the user information pageShow to others "who viewed my items" on the user information page. Admins can always see this information.user/3
user_use_gravatarUse Gravatar for user profile picturesAlways request the Gravatar image for the user profile picture.user/3
users_prefs_user_informationUser informationSpecify if the user's information is public or private.user/3
users_prefs_show_mouseover_user_infoPre-set show user's info on mouseoverSet new users' info to display in a popup when their name is hovered over.user/3
monitor_enabledNotificationsAllow users to control the notifications they receive based on content changes.user/4
monitor_digestNotification digestsEnable digest notifications (requires a cron job)user/4
monitor_individual_clearClear individual notificationsAllow users to selectively clear notifications instead of simply having a clear-all button.user/4
monitor_count_refresh_intervalNotification count refresh intervalShow unread notification count and refresh every [x] seconds.user/4
monitor_reply_email_patternNotification reply-to email patternEmail model to use for the notification email reply-to address.user/4
users_prefs_mess_maxRecordsMessages per pageuser/4
users_prefs_allowMsgsAllow messages from other usersuser/4
users_prefs_mess_sendReadStatusNotify sender when reading mailuser/4
users_prefs_minPrioSend me an email for messages with priority equal to or greater thanuser/4
users_prefs_mess_archiveAfterAuto-archive read messages afterThe number of days after which Tiki will archive the messages that have been read by the user.user/4
users_prefs_mailCharsetCharacter set for mailuser/4
feature_userfilesUser filesuser/5
uf_use_dbStorageStorage settings when file galleries are not useduser/5
uf_use_dirDirectory pathSpecify a directory on this server, for example: /var/www/ It's recommended that this directory not be web-accessible. PHP must be able to read/write to the directory.user/5
userfiles_privatePrivateUsers cannot see each other's files or galleriesuser/5
userfiles_hiddenHiddenUsers can see each other's files, but don't see the galleries in listingsuser/5
kaltura_partnerIdPartner IDKaltura Partner IDvideo/1
kaltura_secretUser secretKaltura partner-setting user secret.video/1
kaltura_adminSecretAdmin secretKaltura partner-setting admin secret.video/1
kaltura_kdpUIConfKaltura video player IDKaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) user interface configuration IDvideo/1
kaltura_kdpEditUIConfKaltura video player ID (in entry edit mode)Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) user interface configuration ID for use when editing. You can use a player which also has an option to select a frame as video thumbnailvideo/1
kaltura_kServiceUrlKaltura service URLfor example, https://www.kaltura.com/video/1
kaltura_legacyremixShow remixes from old versions of KalturaShow remixes from old versions of Kaltura (remixing is no longer supported)video/1
wikiplugin_kalturaPlugin Kaltura VideoDisplay a video created through the Kaltura featurevideo/1, textarea/2
trackerfield_kalturaKaltura VideoDisplay a series of attached Kaltura videos.video/1, trackers/3
webmail_view_htmlHTML emailAllow viewing HTML emails.webmail/1
webmail_max_attachmentMaximum attachment sizeMaximum size of each attachmentwebmail/1
webmail_quick_flagsCheckbox per emailEnable easy selection of multiple email messages for collective actions.webmail/1
webservice_consume_defaultcacheDefault cacheCache time in seconds to use if the webservice does not supply "max-age" or "no-cache" in the response.webservices/1
feature_wiki_descriptionShow the page descriptionDisplay the wiki page description between the page title and the page content.wiki/1
feature_page_titleDisplay page name as page titleDisplay the page name at the top of each page as page title. If not enabled, the page content should contain an h1 heading to function as the page title, or the page description can be used as the title.wiki/1
feature_wiki_pageidShow the page IDEach wiki page has a numeric ID and this can be displayed.wiki/1
feature_wiki_templatesWiki content templatesPrewritten content (probably partial content) for a wiki pagewiki/1
feature_warn_on_editWarn on edit conflictWhen a user is editing a page, the edit button will be colored red and the name of the user editing the page will be displayed as a tooltip. If the user saves or cancels his or her edit or if the indicated amount of time passes the edit button will be displayed normally. This feature is useful to prevent collisions when editing pages.wiki/1
feature_wiki_footnotesFootnotesLogged-in users can write personal footnotes when editing a page. The footnotes display immediately below the wiki page only to the user who edited it. This is a good way for users to make personal notes about pages..wiki/1
feature_wiki_allowhtmlAllow HTMLPer-page option: HTML tags are used to create elements of the wiki page, instead of being displayed as code.wiki/1
feature_wiki_show_hide_beforeShow/hide icon before headingsFor use with the !!- or !!+ syntax. Activating this will display the show/hide icon at the left of the heading; otherwise, it displays below.wiki/1
page_bar_positionWiki buttonsSpecify the location of the wiki-specific options (such as Backlinks, Page Description, and so on)wiki/1
warn_on_edit_timeEdit idle timeoutSelect the amount of time (in minutes) after which a user's edit session will expire. If the user does not save or preview their work, it will be lost. Tiki will display a "countdown time" in the user's browser and display an alert when only a minute remains.wiki/1
wiki_show_versionShow the page versionDisplay the page version information when viewing the page.wiki/1
wiki_page_name_aboveDisplay the page name above the page areaDisplay the page name in small text at the top of each page (above the page's content).wiki/1
wiki_page_name_insideDisplay the page name inside the page contentDisplay the page name inside the page content.wiki/1
wiki_authors_styleWiki author list styleChange the list format that is used to display the authors of the page.wiki/1
wiki_authors_style_by_pageSpecify wiki author list style per pageEnable the style in which the author list is displayed to be modified on a per-page basis.wiki/1
wiki_actions_barWiki page edit buttons locationSpecify the location of the Save, Preview, and Cancel buttons on the wiki edit page.wiki/1
wiki_page_navigation_barWiki navigation bar locationWhen using the ...page... page break wiki syntaxwiki/1
wiki_topline_positionWiki top line locationPage description, page actions, icons, backlinks....wiki/1
wiki_badchar_preventPrevent special characters in page namesSome characters in a wiki page name may prevent the page from being easily accessible via the URL or wiki links. This option prevents the creation of page names with such characters.wiki/1
wiki_encourage_contributionEncourage contribution to wiki pages by anonymousWhen a page is not editable because the user is anonymous, display the edit buttons anyway. The visitor will be prompted with a log-in screen and will be encouraged to register in order to be able to edit the page.wiki/1
wiki_timeout_warningWarn before page lock timeoutProvide a JavaScript alert before the user's lock on a page times out.wiki/1
wiki_edit_sectionAllow section-specific editsAdd an edit icon at the top of each heading-demarcated wiki page section (up to a configurable maximum level) to ease the editing of a single section.wiki/1
wiki_edit_section_levelSection-specific edits maximum levelPrevent a proliferation of edit icons for low-level sections. For example, when set to 2, no edit icons will show for third-level (HTML h3) sections.wiki/1
wiki_mandatory_edit_summaryMandatory wiki page edit summaryReject save attempts that do not include an edit summary describing the changes made.wiki/1
wiki_freetags_edit_positionPosition of tags selectionPlace the tags selection more prominently than under the "Properties" tab.wiki/1
wiki_auto_tocWiki auto-tocAutomatic table of contents generation for wiki pages. The generated table of contents will display as a fixed-position aside next to the page contents. This setting can be toggled per page, in the page properties.wiki/1
wiki_inline_auto_tocInline auto-tocChange the display of the table of contents for wiki pages to inline.wiki/1
wiki_toc_posTable of contents positionPosition of the table of contents, either top, left, right (right is the default)wiki/1
wiki_toc_offsetTable of contents offsetOffset for table of contents. Useful when there is a fixed navigation bar. If used with inline TOC, will behave as a top margin.wiki/1
wiki_page_hide_titleAdd an option to hide the page title per wiki pageEnable the page title to not be displayed, on a per-page basis.wiki/1
wiki_plugin_include_link_originalForce link to included pageWhen only a portion of page is included, create a "See full page" link to the included page. It has the same effect of setting "linkoriginal=y" parameter every time Plugin Include is used.wiki/1
wysiwyg_wiki_parsedSupport Tiki's "wiki syntax" in HTML pagesThis allows a mixture of wiki syntax and HTML in the code of wiki pages where HTML is allowed.wiki/1
wikiplugin_attachPlugin AttachmentDisplay an attachment or a list of themwiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_backlinksPlugin BacklinksList all pages that link to a particular pagewiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_listpagesPlugin List PagesList pages based on various criteriawiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_randomincludePlugin Random IncludeInclude a random page's content.wiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_showpagesPlugin Show PagesFind pages by searching within page nameswiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_slideshowPlugin SlideshowCreate a slideshow from the content of a wiki pagewiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_titlesearchPlugin Title SearchSearch page titleswiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_transcludePlugin TranscludeInclude the content of another page with certain changeswiki/1, textarea/2
wikiplugin_wantedpagesPlugin Wanted PagesShow location of links to pages not yet createdwiki/1, textarea/2
default_wiki_diff_styleDefault diff stylewiki/2
feature_referencesWiki referencesPermits using references and the reference library.wiki/2
feature_library_referencesLibrary referencesEnforce library reference as masterwiki/2
feature_references_styleReference styleDefault style when using referenceswiki/2
feature_references_popoverDisplay reference in a popoverDisplay the details of the reference in a popoverwiki/2
feature_wiki_mindmapMindmapDisplay in a graphical way the connection among wiki pages.wiki/2
feature_wiki_pagealiasRedirect to page alias, if anyIf a requested page doesn't exist, redirect to an alias page, if specified using an alias semantic linkwiki/2
feature_sandboxSandboxA special page to test the wiki feature that can edited, but the content is not saved.wiki/2
feature_wiki_picturesImagesAllow users to upload images to a page.wiki/2
feature_wiki_exportExportUsers can export individual pages and structure pages content as a file (requires tiki_p_admin_wiki permission).wiki/2
feature_historyHistoryUsers (with permission) can see the history of each wiki page.wiki/2
feature_wiki_history_ipDisplay IP addresswiki/2
feature_wiki_history_fullWiki full historyRecord all versions, rather than only when page content or description changes or when an edit comment is givenwiki/2
feature_page_contributionView page contributions by authorVisualize the contributions that different authors have made to a wiki pagewiki/2
feature_wiki_discussDiscuss pages on forumsEnabling the option will add, on each wiki page, a Discuss button that links to a forum thread dedicated to discussion of the particular page.wiki/2
feature_sourceView sourceUsers (with permission) can see the wiki and/or HTML syntax of the page.wiki/2
feature_likePagesSimilar pagesDisplay a list of pages named similarly to the current page.wiki/2
feature_wiki_rankingsRankingsUsers can see several charts or rankings about the page.wiki/2
feature_wiki_structureStructuresStructures allow grouping any number of wiki pages in a hierarchy, with a common navigation bar and the option to print them all together as a single HTML document.wiki/2
feature_wiki_structure_drilldownmenuStructures drill down menuAjax-style menu in which the user moves through the page hierarchy by clicking to reveal the next level downwiki/2
feature_wiki_open_as_structureOpen page as structureOpen a page within its structure (with structure navigation, etc.), even if no structure parameter is given in the URLwiki/2
feature_wiki_make_structureMake structure from pageShow a button below each wiki page to allow converting it from a simple wiki page into the root page of a new structurewiki/2
feature_wiki_categorize_structureCategorize structure pages togetherPlace new pages of a structure in the same category as the structure's root pagewiki/2
feature_wiki_no_inherit_perms_structureDisable inherited direct object permissionsNormally pages will inherit object permissions from their parent page. However, object permissions override category permissions. So, if you are relying on category permissions in structures, you may want to consider this setting, in order to disable inheritance of direct object permissions when adding pages from a structurewiki/2
feature_create_webhelpCreate webhelp from structureIf enabled, the Structure Admin page will include a new option for generating WebHelp (a self-contained, HTML “help” version of the wikii structure). Use this option to distribute wiki pages to offline users in a usable format.wiki/2
feature_wiki_import_htmlImport HTMLEnable import of HTML pages.wiki/2
feature_wiki_use_dateUse date parameterAllow wiki page version to be selected from a parameter "date" on the url.wiki/2
feature_wiki_use_date_linksReport it in wiki linksAdd the date parameter to wiki links.wiki/2
feature_wiki_import_pageImport pageswiki/2
feature_wiki_usrlockUsers can lock pagesEnable users to lock pages and so prevent others from editing themwiki/2
feature_wiki_attachmentsAttachmentsAllow users to upload (attach) files to a page.wiki/2
maxVersionsMaximum number of versions:wiki/2
keep_versionsKeep versions forDo not delete versions younger than this number of days.wiki/2
lock_wiki_structuresLock Wiki StructuresEnable users to lock wiki structures and so prevent others from editing themwiki/2
namespace_indicator_in_page_titleHide namespace indicator in page titleHide namespace indicator in page title.wiki/2
page_n_times_in_a_structurePages can reoccur in structureA page can be listed multiple times in a structurewiki/2
w_displayed_defaultDisplay by defaultwiki/2
w_use_dirPath (if stored in directory)wiki/2
wiki_uses_slidesAdd a slideshow button on wiki pageswiki/2
wiki_creator_adminPage creators are administrators of their pageswiki/2
wiki_watch_authorCreate watch for author on page creationwiki/2
wiki_watch_editorEnable watch events when you are the editorwiki/2
wiki_watch_minorWatch minor editswiki/2
wiki_discuss_visibilityVisibility of discussionJust a button among others (default), or special sectionwiki/2
wiki_forum_idForum for discussionwiki/2
wiki_keywordsKeywordsAllow management of keywords on a per-page basis.wiki/2
wiki_likepages_samelang_onlySimilar pages only listed in same languageWhen listing similar pages, such as on a "page not found" page, only display pages in the same language as the request page.wiki/2
wiki_structure_bar_positionStructure navigation bar locationDisplay Next and Back buttons, breadcrumbs, and a form to add a new page.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_name_lenBacklink page names maximum displayed lengthwiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_postShow blog postsBlog posts linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_forum_postShow forum postsForum posts linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_commentShow commentsComments linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_articleShow articlesArticles linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_trackeritemShow tracker itemsTracker items linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_trackerShow trackersTrackers with a description linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_trackerfieldShow tracker fieldsTracker fields with a description linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks.wiki/2
wiki_backlinks_show_calendar_eventShow calendar eventsCalendar events with a description linking to a wiki page are shown as backlinks..wiki/2
wiki_pagealias_tokensSemantic link types to use as page alias markersComma-separated list of semantic links to identify a page as an alias of anotherwiki/2
wiki_prefixalias_tokensRedirect pages using these prefix-alias semantic linksComma-separated list of page name prefixes for pages that will be redirected to other pages with a semantic linkwiki/2
wiki_paginationWiki page paginationEnable the separation of a wiki page's content into a set of two or more paginated pages.wiki/2
wiki_page_separatorWiki page separatorThe separator to use in wiki page content to mark the end of each page sectionwiki/2
wiki_date_fieldDate FieldThe field indexed as the global "date" fieldwiki/2
feature_listorphanStructurePages not in structureUsers (with permission) can see the sortable, searchable list of wiki pages (tiki-listpages.php). Use the Configuration area to specify which items to display.wiki/2, wiki/4
namespace_force_linksForce all non-namespace page links to the same namespaceIf the current page is in a namespace, all links without a namespace will have it added automaticallywiki/2, workspace/1
flaggedrev_approvalRevision approvalUses flagged revisions to hide unapproved wiki page revisions from users without necessary privileges.wiki/3
flaggedrev_approval_categoriesRevision approval categoriesList of category IDs for which revision approval is required.wiki/3
feature_listPagesList pagesAllow viewing the wiki page listwiki/4
feature_lastChangesLatest changesEnable users (with permission) to see the sortable, searchable list of wiki pages (tiki-lastchanges.php) organized by last-updated date. Use the Configuration area to specify which items to display..wiki/4
feature_listorphanPagesOrphan pagesAllow listing of \"orphan pages\" (pages not linked to from another page).wiki/4
wiki_list_idPage IDwiki/4
wiki_list_name_lenPage name maximum displayed lengthwiki/4
wiki_list_lastmodifLast modification datewiki/4
wiki_list_userLast modified bywiki/4
wiki_list_commentComment of the latest editwiki/4
wiki_list_comment_lenMaximum displayed length of the latest edit's commentwiki/4
wiki_list_description_lenDescription maximum displayed lengthwiki/4
wiki_list_backlinksBacklinksPresent a list of pages that link to the current page.wiki/4
wiki_list_categories_pathCategories pathwiki/4
wiki_list_sortorderDefault sort orderwiki/4
wiki_list_sortdirectionSort Directionwiki/4
workspace_uiWorkspace UICombines multiple site features to create a workspace experience for workgroups.workspace/1
workspace_root_categoryWorkspace root categoryID of the root category containing all workspaces.workspace/1
wysiwyg_optionalFull WYSIWYG editor is optionalIf WYSIWYG is optional, the wiki text editor is also available. Otherwise only the WYSIWYG editor is used.wysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_defaultFull WYSIWYG editor is displayed by defaultIf both the WYSIWYG editor and the text editor are available, the WYSIWYG editor is used by default, for example, when creating new pageswysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_memoReopen with the same editorEnsures the editor last used to edit a page or item is used for the next edit as the default.wysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_htmltowikiUse Wiki syntax in WYSIWYGCauses parsed text areas based on wiki syntax when not in WYSIWYG mode to keep using Tiki syntax, instead of HTML as the WYSIWYG editor uses by default. Sometimes referred to as a "visual wiki".wysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_toolbar_skinFull WYSIWYG editor skinwysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_fontsTypefacesList of font names separated by semi-colons (";")wysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_inline_editingInline WYSIWYG editorSeamless inline editing. Uses CKEditor 4. Inline editing enables editing pages without a context switch. The editor is embedded in the wiki page. When used on pages in wiki format, a conversion from HTML to wiki format is requiredwysiwyg/1
wysiwyg_extra_pluginsExtra pluginsIn Tiki, CKEditor uses the "standard" package in which some plugins are disabled by default that are available in the "full" package.<br>See http://ckeditor.com/presets for a comparison of which plugins are enabled as standard.wysiwyg/1
wikiplugin_wysiwygPlugin WYSIWYGUse a WYSIWYG editor to edit a section of contentwysiwyg/1, textarea/2