Tiki 17.0 was released in July 2017.

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Versions Released

  • 17.0

Note for SVN users

  • Due to several changes in the file structure of Tiki for version 17+ you may find these notes helpful when doing svn switch

1.1. Annotations

Tiki Annotations have been added and are powered by annotatorjs.org 1.x which is becoming Apache Annotator in the future. This replaces Inline Comments with a much nicer interface, and with more potential for expanding the feature set.

1.2. Browser Automation

Web Scraping with PhantomJS and CasperJS: PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with JavaScript API, and therefore, it is an optimal solution for fast headless testing, site scraping, pages capture, SVG renderer, network monitoring and many other use cases. CasperJS is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS among others.

See PhantomJS and CasperJS, Browser Automation and PluginCasperJS.

Initial commit: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/61402/ (will later be merged to trunk)

1.3. Composer Dependencies Revamp

A Composer Dependencies Revamp has been implemented.

1.4. Console.php

A new actions can be run from the command line through console.php:

  • Preferences can be set

See: Console

1.5. Cron / Scheduler

1.5.1. Web Cron

  • Now possible to trigger Web Cron from a URL or JavaScript.

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1.5.2. Scheduler (cron jobs)

An internal scheduler is added to Tiki, so that only one cron job needs to be defined in the system crontab (or Windows Scheduled Tasks), and all actions to be run at scheduled times can then be defined from within the Tiki admin panel.

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See Scheduler

1.6. Gap value "humanisation" (used in list, listExecute may be more)

The plugin List (or listExecute) is able to filter by range and it used seconds to set the value.

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{filter range="tracker_field_date" from="now" gap="2592000"}

it accept now a Human Readable value like '1 hour' or '30 days'.

1.7. H5P

H5P allows to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content in your browser.
Tiki17 comes with the ability to display H5P objects, as well as an editor to create or modify them.

See H5P

1.8. HTTP Headers

New HTTP Headers preferences were added (mainly security-related)

1.9. jQuery 3.1 -> 3.2


1.10. Modern Favicons

Tiki now handles modern favicons for Android, iOS, Safari, Chrome and FireFox. Bookmarking, quick navigation screens and desktop links to tiki sites can now be displayed with handsome buttons that match the flavor of the device being used. Favicons are also now handled via tiki themes and can be overridden by the user and be included as part of a custom theme.

1.11. Password blacklist

This feature checks a password against a list of the known most commonly used passwords in other places. It's a list that hackers use to try and brute force websites like Tiki.

It's estimated that something like 40% of all passwords used sit within the top 100 passwords. (estimates vary, but that's a reference number in some scenarios).

The benefits of this feature is preventing people from using passwords that are on hackers brute force lists.

See Password Blacklists

1.12. PDF generation

Massive improvements in quality and number of features, using mPDF and three new wiki plugins:

1.14. Search index rebuild: report statistics

Report statistics on the index rebuild process have been extended to indicate also the time spent, memory consumed, number of queries, etc.

1.15. Single Sign On with SAML

Tiki becomes a SAML Service Provider (SP), thanks to the integration of OneLogin's SAML PHP Toolkit. -> SAML

1.16. Smarty Modifier numStyle

Format positive integers through smarty, similar to to that of the CSS list-stlye-type. Supported values include: decimal-leading-zero, lower-alpha, upper-alpham, lower-greek, upper-greek, lower-roman, upper-roman, hebrew, georgian, footnote, disc, circle, square, none.

See Number Style

1.17. Trackers

New or enhanced fields and options in Trackers

1.17.1. User selector: several can be marked as ItemOwner to drive permissions

Added the ability to mark UserSelector tracker fields as ItemOwner, so they drive the permissions rather than the first ordered auto-assign field.

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See User selector

1.17.2. Mail notifications enhancements

New in 17.2: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/64147 -> "Expose pretty tracker fields, field names and changed/old values to tracker changed notification emails"

1.18. Typography

1.19. Wiki Pages

New param css was added to Raw page display to allow usage of a wiki page as a CSS file download resource with mime type text/css. This can be useful if you have more sub-sites sharing the same CSS customizations. You do not need to copy-paste them (and keep track of changes) into the Custom CSS anymore. You can just put a stylesheet @import there or link to the one page using Look & Feel → Customization → Custom HTML <head> Content on all of them. When the page changes it will update on all the sites sharing the CSS code. It has also benefits of keeping the history of changes on that CSS code, locking or removing the edit permissions on that page and collaborative editing possibility. See this page as an example.

1.20. Wiki Plugins

New or enhanced.

1.20.1. Plugin Benchmark

Use this wiki plugin to perform some benchmarking analysis of the parsing of the wiki page or tiki object where the plugin is called in.

See PluginBenchmark

1.20.2. Plugin CasperJS

New wiki plugin to allow using "CasperJS" in Tiki, which is a navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS (still experimental). It eases the process of defining a full navigation scenario and provides useful high-level functions, methods & syntactic sugar for doing common tasks.

See PluginCasperJS

1.20.3. Plugin Edit form

Totally rewritten and now using Bootstrap modal and proper AJAX services

1.20.4. Plugin FluidGrid

New wiki plugin to create a Bootstrap responsive grid (see https://getbootstrap.com/examples/grid/) in Tiki's wiki text areas. That is, rows and columns of text, images, etc. can be created that will be arranged horizontally in wide screens but will respond dynamically in smaller screens so that good visibility of content is maintained.

This is a modern, "best practices" alternative to using the Split plugin, which creates a table for content layout, a deprecated method.

See PluginFluidGrid

1.20.5. Plugin H5P

New wiki plugin to create, share and reuse interactive html5 content in your browser. Tiki17 comes with the ability to display H5P objects, as well as an editor to create or modify them.

See PluginH5P

1.20.6. Plugin List GUI

Beginnings of a Graphical User Interface for plugin list. Experimental so far and needs to be enabled on admin/textarea/plugins. A start of a documentation page can be found at PluginList - Graphical User Interface

1.20.7. Plugin HTML

New param tohead was added to the HTML wiki-plugin to allow insertion of the HTML tags to the HTML <head> instead of rendering them in the content of the page.

See PluginHTML

1.20.8. Plugin ListExecute

Enhanced plugin. The EmailAction gets extended to be able to send pdf versions of wiki pages (new option pdf_page_attachment)

See PluginListExecute

1.20.9. Plugin MetaTag

New plugin. It allows to insert one or more custom <meta> tags in the HTML <head> of the page where the plugin is present.
This is useful when you want to provide custom meta tags per page, e.g. for sharing with a specific image on Social Networks.
As the meta tags are invisible and could be misused to provide false information about the shared page and also the body (data) of the plugin can be provided as raw HTML it always requires plugin approval by trusted site Admin/Editor on each edit.

See PluginMetaTag

1.20.10. Plugin Shorten

New plugin. It allows to show/hide a portion of a text.

See PluginShorten

1.21. XMPP client (ConverseJS)

1.22. Zend Framework 2 -> 3

All libs have been upgraded to the minimum version required for Zend Framework 3: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/61858

Ref: https://github.com/zendframework/zendframework/blob/release-3.0.0/composer.json

1.23. Custom translations

Uploading of custom translations has been changed to use JSON formatted text files, also options are added to manage different processing types of uploaded files (eg: merge with existing, replace, etc)
It is also possible to download translations as custom.php and custom.json from the user interface.

1.24. Webservices

Numerous fixes and updates including: support for JSON "post body" content type, direct indexing of webservices so the results available in list plugins etc (using the index and mindex output type of webservice "template"), moved management of webswervices to tiki-admin_webservices.php. General reliability and performance improvements.

1.25. Upgrade

1.25.1. Favicon Upgrades

Favicons have undergone a fundamental change in the way they are handled. When upgrading to tiki 17, you will need to move your favicons into /themes/yourtheme/favicons. Renaming your favicons may also be necessary. Browse to /themes/base_files/favicons to see the file names you may override with custom favicons. Using a custom named favicon-16x16.png will prevent any of the tiki favicons from displaying on your website, so upgrades should be easy. You may also choose to upgrade your favicons. Generating new modern favicons takes 5 minutes at http://realfavicongenerator.net

1.25.2. File Whitelisting

Tiki now uses file whitelisting as an extra security precaution. This will effect tiki subdirectories. If you have added additional files into the tiki directory structure, you may not be able to browse to them any longer.

  • Whitelisting is based on file types, so adding a similarly named file should be ok. e.g. files used for themes won't be affected in the themes directory etc.
  • Files in the tiki root directory will not be affected.
  • Any custom subdirectory placed within the home directory will not be affected.
  • Files uploaded to the file gallery will not be affected.
  • Only browser access to these files will be affected, so PHP access to these files remains unchanged.

We recommend that you place all your theme related files in your theme folder, and any additional files within a custom directory placed in the web root.

You may override the whitelisting by modifying the htaccess file (or equivalent server file) located in the first subdirectory of the file you need to enable.

1.25.3. Image Redirects from Tiki 9 Disabled

For the release of tiki 9, many of locations of images in tiki changed. We have until now redirected those images from the old location to the new location. We have disabled those redirects in tiki 17. If you have a theme or otherwise use these pre-tiki 9 image locations, they will stop working. You are urged to update the image locations within your code. Alternatively, you may re-enable the image redirection by uncommenting them from your htaccess file.

1.25.4. Plugin TopFriends removed

  • PluginTopFriends removed because it had been broken for a while, and not worth fixing.

1.25.5. Screencast (jCapture) removed

jCapture for Screencast feature has been removed.
More information: https://dev.tiki.org/Endangered+features

1.26. Known Issues

1.26.1. SEFURL "slugs" may need rebuilding

On the *.tiki.org sites we found the SEFURL links seems to have got messed up and rebuilding the page slugs fixes it...
Now fixed for 17.0 in r63146 (issue was present in 17.0 beta)

1.26.2. H5P not compatible with "Inline comments (annotations)"

For 17.0 at least H5P plugin content will not be shown properly if the feature_inline_comments pref is enabled. This will be resolved in future releases (by upgrading the annotator.js library)

1.26.3. Elasticsearch 2.x to 5.x

If you are upgrading from Elasticseach 2.x to 5.x: Since ES automatically updates 2.x index to 5.x first time it starts - you can see some errors then. The first time it rebuilds index might also show errors due to the automatic upgrade problems. However, once it builds the index on 5.x, then further rebuilds must not have errors. So, 2 index rebuilds after an upgrade is the safest path to go.

Minor upgrade notes


  • Change to webservice field indexing in 17.2 for advanced use in custom smarty templates. See the Tiki 18 page for more info

General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.


The Expose Intrusion Detection System is being added to Tiki in version 18. This page previously stated that it was added in Tiki 17. Apologies for the misstatement.

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