Tiki 5

Major new features include:

Release Date: 8th June 2010
Release Notes: ReleaseNotes5.0 Please read before installing.
Download Tiki 5.x

You can obtain the last daily build (development) version of Tiki 5.x (future 5.1) from http://dev.tiki.org/Daily+Build.


If you are planning to Upgrade to the latest Tiki 5.x from a version earlier than Tiki5.1, or you have never fixed the potential encoding issue in your database, please follow these 3 steps once:


Tiki 5 Improvements

This page (below) is not a complete description of all improvements yet: see Roadmap and Tiki5 for additional information.

Alphabetically sorted

1.1. Authentication

CAS Authentication has become a native system in Tiki5, and other systems have been implemented, such as Web server and phpBB.

1.2. Calendar

Each event can be downloaded as an ical file and added in another calendar (eg. MS outlook).
The admin can choose the days that will not be printed in the calendar (eg. for a professional calendar, you can hide Saturdays and Sundays).

1.3. Community

A few more options added to "Admin > Community" in order to allow users to see who viewed their activity and contributions in the user information page (Requires Action Log), controlling the number of days to consider, and if this information is public or private to each user on his/her own page only.

1.4. Content Delivery Network

In the Performance admin panel, you can pick a Content Delivery Network for static images and jQuery code. See CDN.

1.5. Content templates

Content templates can use wiki pages and localization through them

1.6. Database encodings

Since Tiki 5.1, there is an option to fix the double encoding issue with database upgrades. For more information, see Understanding Encoding.

1.7. Database replication

Database replication was added thanks to SUMO.

1.8. File Galleries improvements

1.8.1. Automatic deletion of old files

User will be able to say after how much time his file can be deleted automatically after the last file update. When the file will be deleted, a message will be automatically sent to emails with the deleted file attached. The emails are comma separated email list.

More information at: File Gallery Config

1.8.2. Move between db and file system

File Gallery allow to store files in the database and in the file system. Nowadays you can move the file in the database to the file system and the other way round, which is very helpful when migrating a tiki from one hosting to another one, for instance.

1.8.3. Admin panel

File Gallery allow to have a special view that displays all the files of all sub-galleries under the file galleries with specific columns allowing an admin to have a quick administrative view of the gallery. Possibility to filter on files not used since, not modified since, orphans

1.9. Group watch of categories

This will allow an admin to have a whole group informed of any change in a category. This is very useful for project management or a Document Workflow. See Group Watches

1.10. HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier upgrade to the latest version: "HTML Purifier 4.1.1 is a major security and bugfix release that improves on 4.1's fix for an XSS vulnerability exploitable on Internet Explorer. It also contains a number of important bugfixes, including the removal of improper logic that could result in infinite loops and fixed parsing for single-attributes with entities with DirectLex."

1.11. Internationalization (i18n) & Localization (l10n)

See "Translation" below.

1.12. jQuery plugins: new ones

New jQuery plugins added to the code base:

  • Carousel
  • jQuery.Sheet
  • JQS5

See below for more information on the enhancement of each feature.

1.13. Live preview

This permits to show the results of the edits in a separate auto-refreshing preview browser window. This provides WYSIWYG but while maintaining the powerful wiki syntax.

See video at Live Preview

1.14. Logs

Action log and Syslog have been merged into a single and improved feature, and a fancier name was picked :-) Logs

Moreover, some actions from anonymous users, such as adding events in calendars and adding emails in newsletters have been included in the system logs in order to keep track of the IP from where those additions of information were made. This way, wherever spam is detected, these IP's can be banned as usual with the Banning feature

1.15. Membership Payment System

The goal, for Tiki5, is to support membership payments via PayPal. So you join a group (ex.: members) and you are sent to PayPal, you pay your dues, and PayPal sends you back a confirmation and 1 year is added to your membership. This will permit to offer paid subscriptions to access restricted sections in a site.

This is part of a strategy to make Tiki into a CRM. (started in Tiki5, better in Tiki6)

System is designed to allow for other payment systems (ex.: Google Checkout), although these are not yet being developed.

This is an important milestone, into making a tracker-based shopping cart in Tiki6

1.16. Metrics Dashboard

Initially developed as part of the Support Mozilla project, the metrics dashboard allows the administrator of a site to configure metrics to be tracked over time. The site editors can then use these metrics to investigate changes in usage.

A live example can be seen on the Mozilla Firefox support site. And more information, here: Metrics Dashboard

1.17. Module display for admins

Modules configured to be displayed only to anonymous users can now be displayed also to Admins, unless the "Hide anonymous-only modules from Admins" is enabled at "Admin > Module".

1.18. Module "search"

There is a new module called "search" which can be used to support searching pages, editing pages or going to pages, all in the same module.


1.19. OpenID update

  • OpenID was updated to support more different providers.
  • php-openid updates from 2.1.3 to 2.2.2
  • Various bug fixes

1.20. Performance Improvements

A few areas in Tiki have been improved to reduce the amount of memory they consume, number of database queries, etc. Features improved include trackers, forum lists, admin panels and other site-wide enhancements such as Minify CSS and Minify javascript. You can also set a Content delivery network.

1.21. Permissions

  • set of permissions to be able to see to see an object in a rss and a module - missing being able to see the content of the object (usefule for site where only the home page is visible to anonymous, useful for outlook RSS feeder, ...)

1.22. Perspectives GUI

Part of Workspaces, permits to override any of 1000+ preferences on a workspace basis.

1.23. Plugins: new ones!

1.23.1. PluginAddToCart

See PluginAddToCart

1.23.2. Plugin ArchiveBuilder

This plugin provides a zip file with pre-selected portions of information from the Tiki site. Once rendered, it displays a Download archive button to generate the archive on the fly. See PluginArchiveBuilder for more details.

1.23.3. PluginColorbox

See PluginColorbox

1.23.4. PluginFreetagged

See PluginFreetagged

1.23.5. PluginGoogleMap

See PluginGoogleMap

1.23.6. PluginGroupList

See PluginGroupList

1.23.7. PluginMail

See PluginMail

1.23.8. PluginMemberPayment

See PluginMemberPayment

1.23.9. PluginPayment

See PluginPayment

1.23.10. PluginScroll

See PluginScroll

1.23.11. PluginSmarty

See PluginSmarty

1.24. Profiles

  • debug option for the datachannel plugin
  • option update or create to file gallery and calendar handler


1.24.1. New: "Easy Blog"

This profile will apply a set of changes to the settings in your Tiki site to have it adapted to work as a blog as the common blogs elsewhere (WordPress, etc.).


More information: http://profiles.tiki.org/Easy+Blog

1.25. Rating (advanced)

Advanced Rating system has been added, which allows for more control over the aggregation of scores.

Rating methods are defined globally and will be used for all supported objects. They are defined through the Advanced Rating administration panel (tiki-admin.php?page=rating). Multiple methods can be created. If a method contains type-specific calculations, it will be ignored when performing the calculation.

1.26. RSS to native articles (planet-type sites)

You can now not only show & aggregate RSS feeds, but you can import them as native articles in Tiki, where you can comment, vote on, tag, categorize and redistribute via RSS.

Article Generator

1.27. Shopping cart

Tiki now has a basic shopping cart. Products or services can be maintained in wiki pages or Pretty Tracker and added to Module Cart through the PluginAddToCart and sent to payment.

1.28. Slideshow (JQS5)

A new JQuery Plugin "JQS5" to display slideshows. See JQS5

1.29. Spam protection

See Spam Protection

Anti-bot CAPTCHA

The anti-bot CAPTCHA image has been added to a few more places, including calendar items and newsletter subscriptions when anonymous users are allowed to perform such actions.


In a effort to dissuade spammers, site-wide no follow option is available starting in Tiki5, and activated by default.

1.30. Spreadsheets enhanced

A few annoying and old bugs were fixed in Spreadsheets. Moreover, a new interface based on the jQuery spreadsheet has been implemented to allow using it to edit spreadsheets.


Furthermore, wiki syntax is nowadays allowed in spreadsheets and will be converted to html when the spreadsheet is displayed.


1.31. Searchable admin panels

So many features! So many options? Where was that? A new search in tiki-admin.php let's you find quickly!

1.32. Share access rights with friends

Share access rights with friends, as an example, allows you to grant access to a friend of you to see some page which is hidden for anonymous users. It's linked with the feature "tell a friend".

More information below at "Token access".

1.33. Themes: New and old ones

While Tiki is themeable to do anything, the easy availability of nice & diverse themes has historically been a challenge. Tiki used to have 30+ bundled themes. Most were removed because it was very hard to maintain them. Many were just small variations of a few main ones. Nowadays, with the re-architecture of themes since Tiki3 and with theme options, the effort to maintain becomes reasonable.

Thus, Tiki5 includes some of the former themes as variations of the new "Arcturus" theme style to be selected as options: geo, matrix, simple, smartiki....

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Arcturus theme style, with some of legacy themes recovered in Tiki5 as options from Arcturus base theme style

Moreover, two brand new themes (with their corresponding optional variations) are included in Tiki5:

  • Jqui
  • Fivealive

Jqui theme style based on jquery user interface
Jqui theme style based on jquery user interface

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Fivealive theme style, with some of its variants

Image Image Image
Jqui theme style, with its two variants (excitebike and troncastic)

1.33.1. Skeleton theme for designers

Tiki themes are meant to be used with minimal modification. Add a logo, set the title, and subtitle, etc. and they are very efficient in this.

But what if you want to start from scratch? Say hello to skeleton.css, a theme that serves a base for theme designers that want to build from the ground up!

1.34. Token Access

Token access allows to access the content with superior rights with the presentation of a token. The primary use of this authentication method is to grant temporary access to content to an external service. So, in simple words, it can be explained as "share access with friends".

It is also possible to combine with Tell a friend

1.35. Trackers

  • Additional filter in TRACKERLIST: to be able to filter on the value of a field of another item
  • Additional filter on status in Tracker field "items list".

1.36. Translation

1.36.1. Improved interface to translate content

The translation interface has been extended in a dual pane window, where the diff between the source pair of versions is shown in the left, with comments and links for previous versions underneath, and the open wiki page for the page in the target language to be translated to is shown on the right.

Translation interface
Click to expand to full size

1.36.2. Interactive Translation revamped

Interactive translation has been fixed and revamped in Tik5.


1.37. WebDAV

File Gallery can be accessed with a WebDAV client, such as Nautilus from Gnome, Konqueror or Dolphin from KDE (GNU/Linux), or the Open As Webfolder Firefox plugin in MS Windows.

This means also the ability to drag & drop files from your favourite file manager in you desktop computer directly to the webdav-powered file gallery in Tiki. Or re-arranging files in subfolders, etc. in the Tiki file galleries directly from your favourite file manager desktop application:

Click to expand to full size
Click to expand to full size

1.38. Wiki edit zone

The wiki edit zones (also used in blog/newsletter/articles...) can be resized with draggable resize handles even in browsers not based on webkit like Firefox and derivatives, thanks to Jquery magic.

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