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News from doc.tw.o!

Editorial Board - - (5348 Reads)

There have been many many improvements to TikiWiki Documentation and to this doc.tw.o site in the last months:

  1. doc.tw.o site is using the new Tiki 3.0 development branch, so that many new features can be seen and used already for production while documenting Tiki usage
  2. A new page for end users describing some of the new improvements in TikiWiki 3.0!
  3. A new HomePage for this doc.tw.o site, while a proposal for new menus is underway
  4. A new 35' Video showing an upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0, while configuring some of the very new features in Tiki3: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki3#Video

So that.... What are you waiting to contribute with a little of your time and skills, whatever they are, to make this software and Documentation even better! :-)

Welcome on board...

Motions passed and defeated from the last EBM

Xavi - - (7691 Reads)

2 Motions Passed Last Month

  1. Don't use or promote using doc.tw.o comments and forums by end-users to post questions and request help, but to questions and help related only to documentation issues.
  2. Assign new Editorial Board Meeting pages to the newly created "Editorial Board Meeting" category, so that users can watch all old and new pages through watching just this category (http://doc.tikiwiki.org/tiki-browse_categories.php?parentId=10&deep=off, whenever we upgrade to Tikiwiki 1.10, or course)

1 Motion Defeated Last Month

  1. Allow anonymous to edit wiki pages, provided that we keep the antibot captcha enabled for them. This way we would follow the truly wiki way potential also with out own documentation. If we get too much nooise after a couple of months of usage, we can revert back to the setting that only registered users can edit wiki pages

And 6 Motions carried over the Editorial Board of May.

Come and join us deciding on the Documentation project of Tikiwiki Community!

December EB Meeting Underway

kerrnel22 - - (9069 Reads)

The Editorial Board Meeting is now in progress for December 2007!

Continued discussion on how to incorporate documentation and screenshots for 1.9.8 and 1.10 branches of Tiki. Also:

  • Standardizing language for screenshots on doc.tw.o?
  • Clarifying active EB members
  • Naming conventions for features (still unresolved . . .)

Get on down and Vote!

August EB Meeting Underway

mlpvolt - - (21813 Reads)

The Editorial Board Meeting August 2007 is now in progress!

Many big changes and evolutions to the documentation structure are in play

  • How do we organize a pdf version of the documentation
  • do we encourage separate sites for multiplanguage or have it all right here?
  • What are the best uses of the different tiki sites? (doc, dev, info, mods, etc)
  • Naming conventions for features (still unresolved . . .)

Get on down and Vote!