For the history of the Tiki project, see History

The history feature in a wiki is useful in many ways. Most importantly you can go back in time to view the development of a page and see who contributed what.

The info below pertains to wiki pages, but version history is also available in other features as well.

Version control

  • The wiki maintains an unlimited number of versions. (you can restrict if you want)
  • You can view each version in (v)iew mode or in (s)ource mode (useful to see the Wiki syntax of that version)
  • The (r)ollback option creates a new current version from any old version.


  • The login (and IP address if activated) from each editor is visible in the history page. If need be you can block an IP address or a range of IP addresses with the banning feature, which you may need if you have an open wiki allowing anonymous edits.
  • For any given word, you can track who put it there! Also see Contributions by Author.

Comparing versions

To compare versions, tiki shows you two columns of radio buttons on the right side of the history page. Choose any one version from column A and compare it with any version from column B

Contributions by author

The Contributions by author button allows not only to visualize the changes between two different versions of the page but also an overview on which author contributed which part of the page.

Recent Changes

  • View the feed of all changes to pages or comments
  • Users can only see changes to objects items within their permissions.

Previous version

New in Tiki7, to look up for an former version of a page, two parameters can be specified in URL :

  • version
  • date, either YYYY-MM-DD or timestamp