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What is Time-Based One-Time Password?

A time-based one-time password (TOTP) is a temporary passcode generated by an algorithm that uses the current time of day as one of its authentication factors. Time-based one-time passwords are commonly used for Two-factor authentication and have seen growing adoption by cloud application providers. TOTPs are derived from a secret seed password given at user registration in the form of QR code or in plaintext. TOTPs (and their seeds) are deployed on either hardware security tokens or as soft tokens, meaning mobile device apps that display the numbers. Typically, the temporary passcode expires after 30, 60, 120 or 240 seconds.

TOTP (Time-based One-time Password algorithm) is a different use case than Two-factor authentication, which protects a Tiki instance. This permits to manage the key (instead of putting on a smartphone) to connect to another site (which may or many not be a Tiki)

Using PluginTOTP in Tiki!

Let's suppose I am trying to connect to my Admin Dashboard, I begin by entering my username and password. Then I’m prompted for the TOTP, which I read off of the token and type into the third login field. Once I’ve done so, I’m logged.


Go to the source code
Preferences required: wikiplugin_totp

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
interval Amount of seconds that a TOTP will be valid/refreshed
issuer Name of the application where the generated time-based one-time password will be use.
secret Secret key required to generate time-based one-time passwords

Step 1 : Activate pluginTOTP

Go to Control Panel, search TOTP, check the PluginTOTP preferences and Click Apply to save changes.

Search TOTP in control panel to activate the plugin
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Step 2 : Configure pluginTOTP

You need to setup a wiki login page with following input fields :

  • Username Field
  • Password Field
  • TOTP Code Field
If you want to use advanced options of the pluginTOTP, click at the Image Help button (at right corner of your wiki-page editor), search TOTP in PluginHelp tab.''

You should now see something like this

TOTP QR Code Scan procedure
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Step 3 : Authenticate

Finally, when authenticating on page "Log In” (e.g., take the code generated by your TOTP app (Google Authenticator® App or other) and enter it in the totpCode Field you recently created then Click to Login.

You need to act fast because these codes start expiring, which if you're too slow, sometimes yields a login misfire and you need to try again with a fresher TOTP.

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