Plugin Mini Quiz

Use this wiki plugin to create a quiz using a tracker. This is similar but different than the Quiz feature.


Create a quiz using a tracker
Introduced in Tiki 1. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_trackers, wikiplugin_miniquiz

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Instructions::Feedback
trackerId Numeric value representing the miniquiz tracker ID 1

The tracker must have the following fields:

Field Type Purpose
question text field the question
answer text field correct answer
option a text field false answer
option b text field false answer
option c text field false answer
valid checkbox field indicates that the tracker item is to be used as a quiz item


Here's a screenshot of a tracker set up for a quiz:


Each question must be an item with valid checked. For instance, if the tracker miniquiz has 2 items, the plugin will display


and the result can be