In Tiki17, Annotations supercede inline comments. In Tiki18, Annotations is an experimental optional preference to replace inline comments.

Inline comments

New in Tiki6

When viewing some objects, including wiki pages, you can select a snippet of text and click on the "comment" button which pops up.

Described here:


Since Tiki 11, the "Inline comments" preference (in the Comments control panel) must be enabled.


  • Permits targeted comments without giving edit rights
  • The original wiki text is not modified
  • Comment is anchored to the text. So if the annotated text moves on the page, the comment follows.


  • You need Wiki paragraph setting at on (see tiki-admin.php?page=comments)
  • If you comment a text snippet which appears more than once on the page, it will associate the comment to each.



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