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Use this wiki plugin to integrate data from a Tiki Spreadsheet into a page.


Introduced in Tiki 1.
Preferences required:

wikiplugin_sheet, feature_sheet

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Spreadsheet Heading
url url Internal URL of the Table to use as a spreadsheet. Either id or url is required. 6.0
class Any valid CSS class Apply custom CSS class to the containing div. 6.0
height Number of pixels followed by 'px' or percent followed by %). Height in pixels or percentage. Default value is complete spreadsheet height. Spreadsheet height 5.0
range Cell range, e.g. "D1:F3" or "e14:e14" Show a range of cells (or single cell). Default shows all. e.g. D1:F3 or e14:e14 All cells 6.0
simple (blank)
Show a simple table view (Default: n = jquery.sheet view if feature enabled). n 5.0
width Number of pixels followed by 'px' or percent followed by %). Width in pixels or percentage. Default value is page width, for example, 200px or 100% Page width 6.0
editable y or n Show edit button. Default is to show depending on user's permissions. y 6.0
subsheets y or n Show multi-sheets (default is to show) y 6.0
id Spreadsheet ID number Internal ID of the TikiSheet. Either id or url is required. 1

In Tiki7, you can use an internal or external url to a csv file in the url param of the sheet plugin, in order to show the csv file as a spreadsheet within Tiki.

Add one 

Insert this code in a wiki page in order to have on spreadsheet added there:


And follow the instructions/links that you will be provided in the page after saving it.


This code:

{SHEET(id="15")}Table 2. Advantages and disadvantages detected by the teaching staff after using Wiki methodology{SHEET}

A tiki site with sheet id 15 (tiki-view_sheets.php?sheetId=15) as:


Would produce, in the middle of a wiki page context:


The edit sheet button is shown while a registered user is logged in to the site. When logged out, no "edit sheet" button is shown.

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