FYI: This feature has been removed from Tiki. This page contains old information may be updated appropriately.

This pages explains the relationship between voting Comments and the Karma system

If enabled by the admin you may be able to vote comments from 1 (poor) to 5 (very cool) in the title bar for each comment. When a user votes a comment the Tiki karma system for comments is applied, the karma system works following this rules:

  • Each registered user have an associated number of points , an average between the user points and the number of votes gives a user a certain karma level varying from 0 to 5.
  • Users gain points when a comment posted by him/her is voted, when someone votes a user comment with 3 the user gains 3 points and earns one vote.
  • When a user votes a comment the number of poinst added to the comment depends on the karma level of the user, if the user has a high karma level the comment receives more points. For example a vote of 5 for a comment may add 4.22 points if the user has a very good karma or only 0.23 if the user has a lower karma level.

This system makes users that post good comments gain more karma and so their votes will make comments voted by them rank higher .

NOTE: The current Karma system has a conceptual problem: if user A has a karma of 1, user B has a karma of 5 and A gives rating 5 to B, B will be given rating 1 (because of A's karma) and so B will have karma lowered. This happens because user's vote weight and his points are the same field, can be solved by separating in two fields. lfagundes

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