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Wiki Tools tab

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Use this tab to use wiki specific wiki tools.
To Access
From the Administer Wiki page, click the Tools tab.

Tool Description
Database Dumps & Restores Create database archives of wiki pages for restoring at a later date.
Name for Dump Use tags to create a marker to identify the current state of the wiki pages. Tags can be used to help you recover you wiki pages in case of accidental deletion or other problems. With tags, you can restore your wiki pages to a prior, good state.To create a new tag to identify the wiki's current state, enter a Tag Name and click Create.
Wiki Database The saved databse backup that you can restore or remove. To restore the wiki pages to a prior state, select the tag of that state and click Restore. The wiki pages will be restored to their state when you created the tag. Warning: All wiki pages created or changed after the creation of the tag will be lost. Tags can consume a lot of space. You should remove tags that you no longer need.To delete a tag, select the Tag Name and click Remove.
Filesystem Dumps Export wiki pages as a downloadable archive for off-line browsing, distribution on CD, presentations, and so on. Dumps do not include file attachments linked to by wiki pages. Generating a dump will overwrite a preexisting dump.
Options Create File Dump , Download File Dump, Remove File Dump
Mass search and replace
Report wiki pages with direct object permissions