deprecated and killed in Tiki15

Theme Generator was meant to offer the ability to online customise the css of themes directly from the admin panel. Sadly this feature never was considered to work with Twitter Bootstrap and thus is not working from Tiki13. We desided to kill it and removed the code before the Tiki15 release. Killed, gone but not forgotten. It was a nice feature with our old classic Tiki theme system. Thx to Jonny for coding and thx for killing it whilst tidying up Tiki at the TikiFestFosdem2016.

Please use the new 'Custom Less preference' instead.

Theme Generator

The goal of this feature is to make it easier to make a custom theme without special training and special software. All point & click, in the browser.

Brosho CSS Assistant

New in Tiki6.

Brosho is a jQuery plugin which helps you edit your CSS, directly in the broswer.

Visit tiki-admin.php?page=look and pick "Custom CSS" tab.

  1. Activate CSS Assistant
  2. Mouse-over and click the item (ex.: image, text, menu, etc.) you want to style
  3. Enter CSS (ex.: background: yellow;) and you will see the result in real time.
  4. Click "Copy" to Copy to Custom CSS
    • Custom CSS overrides CSS (that's the Cascading part!)


Drag & drop layout builder

New in Tiki7.

All elements in the site layout (logo, login box, site title, etc.) are now positioned via drag & drop.

To use, visit tiki-admin_modules.php

Background info: Modules Revamp

Color, Borders and Typography picker

New in Tiki7.

Colors: Foreground Colors, Background Colors
Borders: Border Colors, Border Widths, Border Styles, Border Radii
Typography: Font Sizes, Line Heights

This simple interface will let you override CSS.


Visit tiki-admin.php?page=look and pick "Theme Generator" tab.

Edit CSS

See: Edit CSS

Edit Templates

See: Edit Templates