Statistics (Stats)

This admin panel includes the Statistics and Analytics admin settings available in Tiki.

To access: Click the Statistics icon on the Admin Panel
or Access

Key features

  • Tiki Stats
    • Usage for Tiki and Tiki feature - Good and basic to track website usage.
  • Google Analytics and Google Chart (require Google analytics account) - Analytics data.
  • Piwik Analytics (require Piwik server) - Analytics data with custom options.

Tiki stats

Data are displayed accordingly to your feature usage. IE: If you don’t use a feature you won’t see anything for it.
It also include a "Referer Stats" option to track referer to your website.

Tiki stats admin panel

Statistics Admin

Tiki stats user page

Statistics Page

Google Analytics

See: Google Analytics

Piwik Analytics

For information about Piwik, see: Piwik Web analytics

 Plugin Piwik
Plugin Piwik is required to use the Piwik feature.

Piwik Analytics admin panel

You need to set the URL to your Piwik server. IE : "".
You need to set the Id of the website you want to display the statistics. IE : "1".

Piwik Admin

 Security notice
On your Piwik permission panel you must set anonymous can view for the specified website else data won;t be displayed according to the Piwik permissions. You may use a Piwik token (generated in your user panel at Piwik) if you want to avoid your data to be public by adding it to the url. IE : __The token will be display in the HTML of the page therefor it is important you keep access to your stats only to trusted users.

Piwik Analytics user page

It is set to Piwik default dashboard but you can customise it accordingly to your need. (check Piwik widget page to review available modules)

Piwik Page


Users with the tiki_p_view_stats permission can view several site statistics (stats) from the stats screen, the stats section can be accessed from the main application menu.

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