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This feature integrates popular social networks (such as Facebook,Twitter, and Linkedin) into Tiki. It enables Tiki to engage and interact with your members within these networks without using the client's browser. It is important to consider that not all meta tags are necessary and used by each of the popular social networks.

With FaceBook's prominence, most of the social networks "learned" to detect and used the Open Graph Protocol tags that are used by Facebook. This means that, even if you don't have specific LinkedIn or Twitter Cards specific tags, LinkedIn and Twitter will read, as a fallback, FaceBook og tags (if they are correctly set). Tiki Social Network parameters and tags are based on that fact (as are many other web applications) and avoid duplication when it is not necessary. If you want to use specific HTML head tags that are not set in the Tiki control panel defaults, you can use the PluginMetaTag.

Using Twitter and Facebook in Shoutbox

When the site has been registered with Twitter and/or Facebook, an admin can allow the Shoutbox module to show two additional checkboxes by setting the options "Tweet" and "Facebook".
If the user has the permission to use Twitter/Facebook and has authorized the site to send tweets or post to his Facebook wall, the Shoutbox will offer a checkbox Tweet with Twitter and a checkbox Post on Facebook wall. By activating these checkboxes, in addition to sending a shout, the message will also be sent by Twitter or posted on your Facebook wall.

Using Twitter and Facebook to share a page

When the above prerequisites are given, a user who authorized the site with Twitter/Facebook can use the Share feature not only to send emails/internal messages, but also tweet them and like those pages on his Facebook wall.

The following content will eventually be migrated to the Social Networks section of the Tiki User and Admin Guides.

Using ShareThis

You can also allow your users to send links from pages at your Tiki website to many social networking sites by means of the widget from ShareThis (

The widget ShareThis is also available in blog posts if you enable it at: "Admin home > Blogs > General Settings > Sharing on social networks > ShareThis buttons"

It's also available for articles: "Admin home > Articles > General Settings > Sharing on social networks > ShareThis buttons"

In trackers, you can use the widget "Share This" by means of adding a call to PluginShareThis in a static text field.



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