R E M O V E D in Tiki17
Please mind:
This feature has been removed in Tiki17 because browsers no longer support Java applets It was redone in HTML5: Record screen audio video


New feature in Tiki10, which uses the Java jCapture applet that permits to capture your screen and upload to Tiki with several options:

  1. Still image (that you can then Draw on).
  2. or short video with sound

1.1. Important Notes

Please note that:

  • There is a basic video editor before the video is converted to Flash and uploaded
    • Sound is activated by default. To deactivate: Start jCapture -> Options -> Audio -> Record Sound
  • The first time you click on the camera tool icon, it can take quite some time to load depending on your Internet connection, so just be patient. Even if it looks like nothing is happening, something is.
  • You will be requested to accept that applet runs (for security reasons, a website can't normally see your screen and take a snapshot)
  • Make sure you have Java installed as Tiki won't warn you if you don't.
  • If you can see the java applet in your computer, see the tips section below to solve your #issues.
  • If you have more than one screen, jCapture will only go to the main one. If you are having issues, try swapping which of your screen is the main display.

1.2. Demos

1.2.1. Demo of screencapture and drawing

1.2.2. Demo of screencast and editing the video

1.3. How to make longer videos

If short videos (ex.: 20 seconds) work well, but longer ones (ex.: 3 minutes) don't work, try tweaking the following settings.

1.3.1. Increase memory of your java Applet


By default, the recorded video is converted to Flash and stored in the File Gallery. By default, Tiki file gallery stores data in MySQL. And by, default, MySQL doesn't permit large files. See: Upload file size

1.3.3. Reduce Frames Per Second (FPS)

Try this if your audio and video gets out of sync

1.3.4. Save in MP3 instead of WAV

By default, the recorded audio is in WAV format (which makes big files). You can use the WAV2MP3 command to use an MP3 encoder as documented at: http://www.hammurapi.com/dokuwiki/doku.php/products:jcapture:start#audio

1.4. Not showing up? Enable the Java console

Screencast uses the jcapture-applet, wihch runs on Java, and that is probably the source of the issue. The first thing to try is to upgrade your java to the latest stable version.

And then, you can manually enable the java console so that it shows up whenever you attempt to run any java applet (such as jcapture). This way you will be able to see whatever warning or messages the java console outputs in your system, and find out the source of the issue to get it solved.

See: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/javaconsole.xml


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