RTL stands for Right to Left and is used as the antonym of LTR, Left to Right, in the context of which direction a script runs on a page or other medium.

Many ancient languages were written in various or mixed directions. Today only a few commonly used languages are written in RTL scripts the most significant of which are those using the Hebrew and Arabic families of scripts including:

Language ISO-639-1 code
Hebrew he
Yiddish yi
Arabic at
Persian (Farsi) fa
Urdu ur
Malay ms
Bosnian bs
Kurdish ku
Uyghur ug

Although historically often written from bottom to top and right to left, 'far eastern' scripts such as Chinese are today as often and quite acceptably written top to bottom and left to right (LTR) in the 'western' manner.

Tiki manages RTL scripts by ... How to manage RTL scripts

Tiki has support for RTL but it's not working perfectly everywhere. Please join the community to help improve this.

RTL support (BIDI) from TW 6.1 

Tiki dev team has decided to improve the RTL implementation from this version and to maintain it properly from this point.
We try to keep changes into the styles/BIDI/BIDI.css file to keep things simple and compatible but an admin with RTL need on his website (Arabic, Hebrew, etc) should be aware that there are some issues that can be solved only by implementing some direction tags into the theme they use.

We'll try to update the area we have corrected so Tiki Wiki became fully rtl compatible.


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