Plugin Paypal

Introduced in Tiki11

Use this wiki plugin to add a PayPal button to a page.

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Introduced in Tiki 11.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_paypal

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
custom_image_url url Custom button image URL 11.0
item_name text Item name or description. Required for Shopping cart 11.0
amount text Item price 11.0
item_number text Optional item identifier, often a tracker itemId 11.0
quantity text Number of items, empty or 0 to have an input the user can fill in 11.0
shipping2 text The cost of shipping each additional unit of this item 11.0
business text PayPal business name/ID (Uses value in admin/payment if not set here) 11.0
stringButton text The checkout button text Checkout 11.0
cancel_return text Empty for current page, n to disable 11.0
cart_action (blank)
Action if Shopping Cart selected for type add 11.0
return text Empty for current page, n to disable 11.0
shopping_url text Empty for current page, n to disable 11.0
stringDiscount text The discount text Discount: 11.0
title text Tooltip for the form and alt attribute for the image PayPal — The safer, easier way to pay online. 11.0
paypal_button (blank)
Button appearance 11.0
stringProcessing text The processing text Processing... 11.0
shipping text The cost of shipping this item 11.0
stringShipping text The shipping text does not include shipping & tax 11.0
stringSubtotal text The subtotal text Subtotal: 11.0
cmd (blank)
Type of PayPal button _cart 11.0
weight text Weight of item 11.0
no_shipping (blank)
Indicate whether to prompt for and require an address 2 11.0
minicart (blank)
See y 11.0
weight_unit (blank)
The unit of measure if weight is specified kgs 11.0