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To use the PluginPDF you must have installed and activated mPDF. It is used to change default Administration PDF Settings and use custom settings for any specific Tiki page. When we apply PluginPDF on any page, all settings made in the plugin take effect on all the pages of the PDF document produced. Edit the page which you want to convert to a PDF document. Click on the Question Mark on the right corner of the editor as shown in the diagram below to open Plugin Help Window. See also: PluginPdfpagebreak

Introduced in Tiki 17


It will open up the Help Window, click on “Plugin Help” and type in the Filter search box “PDF” and three plugins will appear in the list. Click on the icon before PluginPDF to open PluginPDF Options.


You get to see the list of PDF Options here, if you do not change or use any of the options then default options setup from the admin panel will be used. If you modify any PDF settings here on the page using the plugin then the new settings will be used.


PluginPDF Parameters

Introduced in Tiki 17.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_pdf

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
printfriendly (blank)
Print friendly option will change theme background color to white and text /headings color to black. If set to 'n', theme colors will be retained in pdf
orientation (blank)
Landscape or portrait P
pagesize (blank)| Letter| Legal| Tabloid/Ledger| A0| A1| A2| A3| A4| A5| A6 ISO Standard sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 or North American paper sizes: Letter, Legal, Tabloid/Ledger (for ledger, select landscape orientation)
toc (blank)
Set if table of contents will be autogenerated before PDF content n
toclinks (blank)
Link TOC headings with content on PDF document n
tocheading Heading to be appeared before table of content is printed Table of Contents
toclevels Will be autopicked from content of document, for example:H1|H2|H3 H1|H2|H3
pagetitle (blank)
Print wiki page title with pdf
header Enter Wiki Syntax / HTML code / Plain text.
Possible values: Custom HTML / Wiki Syntax / text , {PAGENO}, {DATE j-m-Y}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}, Left text| Center Text | Right Text.
Set header value as off, to turn off header from page
footer Possible values: HTML / Wiki Syntax / Plain text, {PAGENO}, {DATE j-m-Y}.
For example: {PAGETITLE}|Center Text|{PAGENO}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}, .
Set footer value as off, to remove footer from page
margin_left digits Numeric value.For example 10 10
margin_right digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10
margin_top digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10
margin_bottom digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10
margin_header digits Only applicable if header is set. Numeric value only, no need to add px.Warning: Header can overlap text if top margin is not set properly 5
margin_footer digits Only applicable if footer is set.Numeric value only, no need to add px. Warning: Footer can overlap text if bottom margin is not set properly 5
hyperlinks (blank)
autobookmarks Values H1-H6,separated by | For example H1|H2|H3 h1|h2|h3
columns (blank)
password Secure confidential PDF with password, leave blank if password protected is not needed
watermark Watermark text value, for example: Confidential, Draft etc.
watermark_image Full URL of watermark image
background Enter a valid CSS color code.
background_image Enter the full URL.
coverpage_text_settings Heading|Subheading|Text Alignment|Background color|Text color|Page border|Border color. Enter settings separated by |,sequence is important,leave blank for default. For example {PAGETITLE}|Tikiwiki|Center|#fff|#000|1|#ccc
coverpage_image_settings Enter the full URL.

Sample PluginPDF Code

{pdf  pagesize="A4" toc="n" pagetitle="n" header=" Document Title |  | {DATE j-m-Y }"footer="Document Copyrights | |{PAGENO}" margin_left="10" margin_right="10" margin_top="20" margin_bottom="20" margin_header="10" margin_footer="10" coverpage_text_settings=" "  coverpage_image_settings="" toc="y" toclinks="y" tocheading="Table of Contents" toclevels="H1|H2|H3"  }

Margin Top & Margin Header

This needs to be configured correctly for the page contents and header contents appear without overlapping. Margin Top is the space between document top and the contents of the document. And Margin Header is the space between Header and the document top. Check the diagram below:


Cover Page

This features allow users to add a cover page to their PDF comprising of a background image and text on top of it. There are two variables to set this up. This cover page is not visible on the TIKI page but will be added whenever a PDF is produced. Following is the image size guide to help design some great PDF cover pages. Image

Image Size and Dimensions for Cover Page

Image Resolution: DPI / PPI 96

Page Size Image Dimensions
Letter 816 x 1056 px
Legal 816 x 1344 px
Ledger 1056 x 1632 px
A0 3179 x 4494 px
A1 2245 x 3179 px
A2 1587 x 2245 px
A3 1123 x 1587 px
A4 794 x 1123 px
A5 559 x 794 px
A6 397 x 559 px

Collection of References on

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  • PluginPDFPageBreak add a page break for PDFs created with mPDF
  • PluginMediaPlayer display PDF file from file gallery
  • PDF.js viewer PDF.js from Mozilla
  • ViewerJS: a script to view PDFs and ODFs, which bundles WebODF
  • PluginArchiveBuilder Generate a zip file, including PDFs from wiki pages
  • WeasyPrint A PDF generation option in Python
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