Plugin Module

Use this wiki plugin to display Modules in a page, column or other module zone.


Introduced in Tiki 1. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_module

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
module action_calendar| alternate_register_link_because_InterTiki| alternate_search| Application_Menu| article_archives| article_topics| articles| Back To Top 0.4.3| zotero| breadcrumbs| calendar_new| cart| categories| category_transition| change_category| collapse| Compare| contributors| cookiesettings| Copyright| current_activity| Custom Temporary Notice| directory_stats| Doc Menu| doc-dev-crosslinks| doc_annexes| doc_index| Documentation Menu| documentation_toc| domain_password| facebook| FAQ redirect| featured_links| file_galleries| friend_list| git_detail| adsense| google| groups_emulation| header_navbar_fixed-top| Hide Fixed Top Nav Bar on Scroll (0.4)| Keywords| last_actions| last_visitors| last_modified_blogs| last_modif_events| last_file_galleries| breadcrumb| last_modif_pages| map_layer_selector| list| live_support| locator| login_box| logo| map_edit_features| map_search_location| menu| menupage| minichat| Minou| mobile| mod_Admins| map_mode_selector| modHelp| zone| months_links| search_morelikethis| top_active_blogs| users_rank| most_commented| forums_most_commented_forums| freetags_most_popular| mustread| user_blogs| user_bookmarks| freetags_prefered| users_own_rank| user_tasks| register| last_submissions| blog_last_comments| last_blog_posts| last_created_blogs| last_category_objects| wiki_last_comments| directory_last_sites| last_created_faqs| last_files| forums_last_posts| last_podcasts| last_created_quizzes| last_tracker_comments| last_tracker_items| last_validated_faq_questions| rsslist| Newsletter_subscribe| notificationlink| old_articles| who_is_there| package| payment_outstanding| num_submissions| permissions| perspective| Post-it| Postit| user_tasks_public| adminbar| quickadmin| quick_edit| quick_search| QuickPoll| random_pages| comm_received_objects| recordrtc| whats_related| related_video| search| search_wiki_page| search_last_rebuild_stats| semantic_links| loadstats| SF| SF_Logo| sf_net_cc09| share| Shared_footer| short_url| shoutbox| action_similarcontent| freetags_morelikethis| since_last_visit_new| since_last_visit| svnup| switch_lang_admin| switch_lang| switch_theme| freetag| terminology| test123| assistant| tikitests| credits| Tiki_sites_dropdown| TikiDocumentationSuite| TikiStats| together| top_articles| top_blog_posters| directory_top_sites| top_file_galleries| top_files| top_forum_posters| top_objects| top_pages| top_quizzes| top_visited_blogs| top_visited_faqs| forums_most_read_topics| forums_most_visited_forums| forums_best_voted_topics| topbar_navbar_main-navigation| trackerhelp| tracker_input| translation| twitter| messages_unread_messages| upcoming_events| user_pages| usergroup_tracker| users_list| websearch| freetags_current| menustructure| xmpp| youtube| last_youtube_playlist_videos Module name as known in Tiki 1
notitle (blank)
Select Yes (y) to hide the title (default is to show the title) 3.0
title text Title to display at the top of the box, assuming No Title is not set to Yes (y). 1
float (blank)
Align the module to the left or right on the page allowing other elements to align against it 1
max digits Number of rows (default: 10) 10 1
np (blank)
Parse wiki syntax. Default: No 1 1
nobox (blank)
y|n Show only the content with no title or borders, etc. around the content. 9.0
decoration (blank)
Show module title (heading) background, etc. (default is to show them) 1
flip (blank)
Add ability to show/hide the content of the module (default is the site admin setting for modules) 1
bgcolor text Override the background color for the title (if the title is shown). The value can be a color name (ex: bgcolor="blue") or a hexadecimal value (ex: bgcolor="#FFEBCD") 9.0
module_style Valid CSS styling Inline CSS for the containing div element, for example, max-width:80% 9.0
style Valid CSS styling CSS styling for the module data itself. 9.0
topclass Valid CSS class Custom CSS class of div around the module. 9.0
class Valid CSS class Custom CSS class. 9.0
separator: ;
On which device the module must be displayed, by default it is displayed on all devices. 24
category alnum
separator: ;
Module displayed depending on category. Multiple category ids or names can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
nocategory alnum
separator: ;
Module hidden depending on category. Multiple category ids or names can be separated by semi-colons. This takes precedence over the category parameter above. 9.0
perspective digits
separator: ;
Only display the module if in one of the listed perspective IDs. Semi-colon separated. 9.0
lang lang
separator: ;
Module only applicable for the specified languages. Languages are defined as two character language codes. Multiple values can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
section text
separator: ;
Module only applicable for the specified sections. Multiple values can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
page pagename
separator: ;
Module only applicable on the specified page names. Multiple values can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
nopage pagename
separator: ;
Module not applicable on the specified page names. Multiple values can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
theme themename
separator: ;
Module enabled or disabled depending on the theme file name (e.g. thenews.css). Specified themes can be either included or excluded. Theme names prefixed by ! are in the exclusion list. Multiple values can be separated by semi-colons. 9.0
creator alpha Module only available based on the relationship of the user with the wiki page. Either only creators (y) or only non-creators (n) will see the module. 9.0
contributor alpha Module only available based on the relationship of the user with the wiki page. Either only contributors (%0y%1) or only non-contributors (%0n%1) will see the module. 9.0

This plugin works only with the basic modules, not with the user modules.


Basic syntax

This code:

{module module="wiki_last_comments"}

Would produce on this site:

Displaying a module in a Template (.tpl)

You can place a module anywhere (header, footer) using the following syntax in a .tpl file:

{module module="wiki_last_comments"}

Older version of Tiki can revert to embedding wiki syntax:

{wiki}{literal}{module module="wiki_last_comments"}{/literal}{/wiki}