The Kanban feature doesn't work in Tiki24 and we are hard at work to get it ready for Tiki25. It will not be backported to Tiki24 because we need to make some not-easy-to-backport changes.

TODOs from Benoit G:

  • Support other enumerable fields, most importantly item links. If not, it may not be that usable for users.
  • General filtering, and specifying default values for new cards (so they are included in the filter...). Discussed with Jonny, surprisingly annoying to implement cleanly syntaxically. Without this the feature would be unusable for more advanced use cases (no way to restrict by project for example). This is the only remaining thing that will change the user facing syntax (additions only most probably however).

Plugin Kanban

Will be introduced in Tiki25. Use this wiki plugin to move tracker items with drag & drop capabilities in Trello-like boards.

If setting up manually:

It requires following preference settings to work:

Search for "vuejs". Tiki search wont find "vue" or "vue.js".

Alternatively using profiles:

On fresh installs of Tiki >= 25.x you will be able to use via the Wizard, click to apply any profile but click 25.x as version then enter "Kanban" in the search field of the profiles management page. Then apply the profile and visit


Introduced in Tiki 24. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_kanban

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
title word Title text on each card. 24.0
xaxis word The columns, usually a dropdown list with options such as "Wishes", "Work" and "Done". 24.0
yaxis word Sort order for cards within a cell, could be date or a numeric (sortable) field 24.0
wip text Work in progress limit is a comma-separated list of numbers defining the WiP limits for every column. If you need a single limit for the whole board, specify just one number here. 24.0
description word 24.0
swimlane word Defines the "rows" or "swimlanes". Can be any list type field 24.0
trackerId int Tracker to search from 0 24.0


Example 1

This code:

{kanban trackerId="8" title="Kanban Board for doc.t.o issues" description="Item Description" xaxis="f_113" yaxis="f_118" swimlane="f_117"}

Would produce on this site:

 User error
Field not found: %0


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