Plugin Html Feed

Use this wiki plugin, introduced in Tiki9, to show content from one Tiki-website on another Tiki-website. It could be used to prevent several versions of the same document on different sites. Useful for ex. for the same imprint on two related websites of the same project etc. With HTML feed, you just need to maintain those documents on one place (website) and feed to one or several other website(s).


Introduced in Tiki 9. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_wiki, wikiplugin_htmlfeed, feature_htmlfeed

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
name text Name of this feed 9.0

Usage notes

  • For traffic reasons HTMLFEED content is cached and after changing a feed's content (literally just a normal wiki pages content) - you need to clear caches of the sending wesbsite to update on the receiving sites.
  • Only formatting wikiplugins like PluginFont and PluginSplit are supported, but not listing plugins, image or modules (for ex.: upcoming_events, img, trackerlist).


Syntax of the sending website

{HTMLFEED(name="SomeName")} Content {FONT(size="20")}some wikisyntax works{FONT} {SPLIT(colsize="5%|95%")}for ex. Split and Font --- but not {img} {SPLIT} Content {HTMLFEED}

Syntax of the receiving site(s)

{HTMLFEEDLINK(feed="" name="SomeName")} {HTMLFEEDLINK}


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