Plugin Chart

Introduced in Tiki2

Use this wiki plugin to display a chart from a Spreadsheet. This plugin can be generated by the TikiSheet chart tool.


Introduced in Tiki 2. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_sheet, wikiplugin_chart

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Chart caption.
height digits Height in pixels. 2.0
width digits Width in pixels. 2.0
type BarStackGraphic | MultibarGraphic | MultilineGraphic | PieChartGraphic Specify a valid chart type 2.0
id digits Data sheet ID 2.0
color text List of colors to use. 2.0
y1 text Description needed 2.0
y2 text Description needed 2.0
y3 text Description needed 2.0
y4 text Description needed 2.0
y0 text Required for types other than pie chart 2.0
x text Required for types other than pie chart 2.0
label text Labels for the series or values in the legend. 2.0
style text List of styles to use. 2.0
value text Required for pie charts 2.0

Chart Types

By default, this plugin was able to display these chart types:

(taken from Spreadsheet Graphics and Charts )

Example 1

Example of Chart syntax generated through the tiki-graph_sheet.php feature (see below the parameters form and spreadsheet preview in the screenshot):


Example 2

Example of chart using Plugin Chart directly.

This code:

{chart id="4" type="PieChartGraphic" width="600" height="400" format="letter"  value="D2:D8" label="E2:E8"}

Would produce: