Plugin App Frame

Use this wiki plugin, introduced in Tiki9, to create a frame to assemble custom applications in. Components in the frame can be various wiki pages and modules with associated display and execution logic. This is useful if you want your Tiki to feel more like a custom-made application instead of a CMS with custom features. See Framework

AppFrame uses its own set of plugins to define the structure of the frame. The plugins can be nested to achieve the desired result. The PluginAppframe was built for the CartoGraf profile. Some features may be missing for your specific needs.

Structure plugins

  • COLUMN: Divides the space into columns. The 'width' parameter indicates the percentage of the space to use.
  • TAB: Creates a tabbed interface. The 'label' parameter indicates the name displayed on the tab.
  • OVERLAY: Creates an overlay above the app frame at the desired position. The position can be specified in pixels relative to top, left, bottom or right.
  • ANCHOR: Creates a sliding panel at the right of the section. The panel is initially displayed as an icon, specified by a parameter of the same name and a label parameter allows a title tag to be set.
  • COND: Determines if the content should be displayed based on a given condition (empty/notempty), useful in conjunction with arg variables.
  • HIDDEN: allows a section of the frame to remian hidden

Content plugins

  • PAGE: Includes a wiki page
  • TEMPLATE: Executes a smarty template
  • MODULE: Executes any module
  • MAPCONTROL: allows control tools to be added to a map with the following options:
    • pan_zoom
    • mode_enable
    • select_feature
    • modify_feature
    • draw_polygon
    • draw_path
    • reset_zoom


{APPFRAME(min= , hideleft= , hideright= , fullpage= )} 
Application layout 
Application layout may only contain the above listed Structure plugins and Content plugins. IMPORTANT: normal plugins will not be executed.

Structure plugin examples

Contents of the column ie more Structure & Content plugins

{OVERLAY(top=375 left=12)}
Contents of the overlay ie more Structure & Content plugins

{ANCHOR(icon="path/to/image.jpg" label=title_text)}
Contents of the anchor ie typically template & module plugins

Contents of the hidden section ie typically module plugins


Introduced in Tiki 9.
Go to the source code
Preferences required: wikiplugin_appframe

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Application layout
min int Prevent the frame from becoming any shorter than the specified size. 300 9.0
max int Prevent the frame from becoming any higher than the specified size. -1 10.0
hideleft n
Hide the left column when the application frame is in use to provide more space to the application. n 9.0
hideright n
Hide the right column when the application frame is in use to provide more space to the application. n 9.0
fullpage n
Completely fill the content area of the page. n 9.0
absolute n
Use all available space for the application frame (by means of CSS absolute positioning). n 9.0
top int When using absolute mode, leave some space for the header at the top. 0 9.0
fullscreen n
Fill the complete page. n 10.0


Cartograf profile

Help enter tracker 1 items with a view on tracker 2 items

Create the page with a view

filter on tracker 1
{trackerfilter filters="1" action="Search" trackerId="1" }

Create the appFrame page

appframe page
{APPFRAME(hideleft="y" hideright="y" fullpage="y" absolute="n" fullscreen="y")}
{page name="filter on tracker 1" }{APPFRAME}

Create the general page

Fill tracker 2 with a view on tracker 1
!Search tracker 1
{IFRAME(name="Search tracker 1" title="Search" width="100%" height="300" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes")}appframe page{IFRAME}
!!!Fill tracker 2
{tracker trackerId="2" }