Monitoring Tiki

Monitoring Tiki is a lot like monitoring any other web site. Start with the basics and add checks as it becomes more important.


  • Ensure all necessary services/daemons are running. Use check_procs or check_ssh (to call check_procs on remote server)
    • Apache
    • MySQL (also use check_mysql to run test queries)
  • Ensure adequate memory, cpu and disk space are available using check_mem, check_load and check_disk
  • Ensure web site is healthy.
    • Use check_http to check a particular web page or
    • Use check_webinject to script a login and perform a more detailed site check
  • Track site performance
    • Use pnp4nagios or nagiosgraph to capture the performance data from check_http or check_webinject to track response time data over time.

Code in Tiki for Zabbix, Nagios, Icinga, Shinken, etc.