Module "menupage"

This module will display the content of any wiki page as a menu in the left or right column or in any other place that a module can be located.

  • This type of menu is used as the upper left menu in for example.

You can also use this module in the center (main) column.


On the page Admin > Modules (tiki-admin_modules.php)

  • Assign a new module
  • Choose the module "menupage" from the drop-down list.


  • Add the parameter pagemenu=Name Of Wiki Page.

The module will have the same title as the wiki page.

You can assign this "menupage" to any module zone (See Module Admin page if needed, or you can include it within a wiki page, using the PluginModule.


Imagine you have a page called ))SideMenu((, with this content:

(:arrow:) [tiki-index.php|Home Page]
(:arrow:) [tiki-lastchanges.php|Last changes]
(:arrow:) [tiki-view_forum.php?forumId=1|Forum Wiki-translation]


The wiki page itself looks like this:


Then, the module menupage, like all modules, can be assigned to a group of users.

The assigned module looks like this:


You can see this example live in

For more advanced menus, see "Menu" feature.

See these pages for information that applies for all modules: