All Tiki-based websites are fully usable in all screen sizes, from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and desktop displays. Tiki's mobile-device support has evolved as the underlying technology progressed.

Tiki 25

In Tiki25, Tiki upgraded its Bootstrap version again, this time to Bootstrap 5.

Tiki 19

In Tiki19, Tiki upgraded to Bootstrap 4 .

Tiki 13

Starting in Tiki13, Tiki began using the Bootstrap 3 mobile-first front-end framework.

Tiki 7

Starting in Tiki 7, the mobile version was powered by jQuery Mobile and MobileESP.

Since Tiki 1.7

Mobile views were first available in Tiki 1.7, thanks to the power of the HAWHAW library. This was limited to wiki pages, articles and forums. Other Tiki areas and authentication were not supported. Here are examples of small font size view and magnified version:

Small font size
Small font size

Magnified font size
Magnified font size

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