deprecated and killed

In Tiki 7 we started to move from GoogleMaps (GMap) to OpenStreetMaps, respectively OpenLayers, which offers a GoogleMap layer. Latest since Tiki 13 we are using only OpenLayer (OpenStreetMap) and step b step remove(d) ll code from old MaServer and GMap.

Please visit the following pages, if you want to use Maps in Tiki:
OpenLayers, Maps, PluginMaps

Please mind: This page stays here only for historic reasons and to guide to Tiki's OpenLayers page

Update: Since Tiki 7. this field has become the Location Tracker Field. For more info, read below.

Google Maps Trackers Field

This field allows you to add a google map in your tracker. In Tiki7, this has become Location Tracker Field so as to also support OpenStreetMap.



Input field

The coordinates must be entered as x,y,zoom
where x is the x coordinates or the latitude and y is the Y coordinate or the longitude and zoom is the zomm level (0 for all the earth, 13 can be a town level)

Output field

screenshot needed