Goal - Recognition - Rewards allows administrators to configure goals for users to reach, as individuals or as a group, and provide them with incentives to doing so.

The feature is introduced with Tiki13.

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Anatomy of a Goal

A goal is composed of several parts:

  • General attributes
  • A set of conditions
  • A set of rewards

When all conditions are met, the rewards are granted.

Conditions are open-ended but are always summarized as a formula, an operator and a target.

Sample conditions:

Count created wiki pagesat least5
Count deleted wiki pagesat most1
Count goals reached (forever)at most0

What was this last entry you might ask? Goals use their own conditions to prevent the rewards from being assigned. In this case, each individual or group may only reach the goal once.

However, you could want to have a goal that can be reached multiple times. Monthly goals are such examples.

Sample conditions:

Count created wiki pagesat least5
Count deleted wiki pagesat most1
Count goals reached (periodic)at most0
Count goals reached (forever)at most5

The above conditions, assuming a rolling 30 day goal, would allow the same goal to be reached up to 5 times, as long as all conditions are met within 30 days.

The rewards are simply incentives. They could be as simple as a bragging right, such as awarding a badge, or have external value, such as granting credits which could be used to purchase items or vaccation days, for example.

General attributes


Goals can be individual goals, in which each user in the system must meet the conditions by themselves, and receive the rewards themselves too.

Group goals allow all users in a given group to work together towards a goal. Once the goal is reached, all members of the group get the reward.

Actions made by users sum up for all groups they are part of. It's the site owner's responsibility to make sure the eligible groups make sense in their system. For example, if all users of the system are members of "Employee" and you want to make a departemental contest, "Employee" should not be in the elligible groups, only the various departemental groups.

Time period

The goal can either have a fixed date range (ex: a specific year, a fiscal quarter, ...) which is configured with a start and an end date, or have a rolling range of a specified amount of days.

Conditions will count the events for the given time period unless specified otherwise.

Random notes

Display a list of badges

To set your badges you need to create a tracker with any element you want.
To use the following example, you need an icon tracker field with icons and a fields to display the description (text) that is attached to the badge/reward.

  {filter relation="{{user}}" objecttype="user" qualifier="tiki.badge.received.invert"}
    {icon field=tracker_field_image}
    {body field=tracker_field_description}


See a Tutorial about setting up Goals, Recognition and Rewards here:

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