Tiki 25.0 will be released in -October November 2022, the same month one month after Tiki turns 20 years old!

It is a Standard Term Support (STS) version and will be supported until Tiki 26.1 is released, as per the Tiki lifecycle policy.

Work will start on it in 2022-02, once the release process of Tiki24 is started. Since this is a post-LTS, it has major changes, such as an upgrade to

Browser support

Given the fact our themes and Smarty templates rely on Bootstrap 5 heavily, the browser support for Tiki 25 follows the same path:

  • Dropped Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Dropped Microsoft Edge < 16 (Legacy Edge)
  • Dropped Firefox < 60
  • Dropped Safari < 12
  • Dropped iOS Safari < 12
  • Dropped Chrome < 60

For more details see https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.1/migration/

New features

(alphabetically sorted)

1.1.1. Anime.js

Anime.js was added and used in PluginCountup (and will be progressively deployed elsewhere in Tiki)

1.1.2. Federated timesheets

1.1.3. HTTP Headers security

For HTTP Headers, stronger security settings are activated by default in new installs of Tiki25+

1.1.4. Manticore Search

Manticore Search will be added as Unified Index option

1.1.5. Markdown as default syntax

It will be possible to set Markdown as the new default syntax. This is opt-in, and current Tiki syntax will continue to work for many years. See: WYSIWYG and Markdown

1.1.6. Natural Language Generation

We will integrate https://github.com/DrDub/php-nlgen

1.1.7. Realtime

1.1.8. Suffix Cleaner

1.1.9. Tiki Manager as a Package

Tiki Manager Package

1.1.10. Webhooks


1.1.11. Wysiwyg Editor

New Wysiwyg editor, to manage markdown also as default syntax in textareas.

See: WYSIWYG and Markdown

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

(alphabetically sorted)

1.1.1. Wiki Syntax

Each Tiki will be capable to use Tiki Manager to manage itself or other Tiki instances.

1.1. Removed

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