• The latest 14.x version is Tiki 14.2 released on January 17th, 2016 and can be downloaded here: https://tiki.org/Download
  • The first 14.0 version of the Tiki 14 series was released on May 23, 2015.
  • The Tiki 14 series will be supported until 15.1 is released. See version lifecycle
  • Tiki 14 marks further maturity and progress in use of the leading Bootstrap CSS framework in Tiki (the transition was planned to span two versions so this is the milestone 2nd version).
  • Requires PHP 5.5

1.1. Addons

The feature Addons has been added to allow developers to provide optional extra functionality to Tiki.

1.1.1. Organic groups

The Organic Groups Addon allows to manage work groups with some features pre-created for each new organic group created. The idea of an organic group is that it can be created, managed and removed without intervention of any admin of the tiki site, but just users in a decentralized way. The Organic Group addon will be made available shortly after the release of Tiki 14.

See Organic Groups

1.2. "Admin home": renamed to "Control Panels"

The page where you can access the main settings for all features was traditionally called "Admin home". In order to prevent confusions for the new admins with the page to administer a single feature, "Admin home" was renamed to "Control Panels".

This way, and as example, the page to manage the settings for all forums in Tiki is called "Forums control Panel" (tiki-admin.php?page=forums), while the page to modifiy a specific forum, keeps the name "Admin Forums" (tiki-admin_forums.php)

1.3. Advanced Rating

Some new functions have been added since Tiki 14.0: Not, IsEmpty, date, less-than, more-than and contains.

See Advanced Rating

1.4. Banning multiple registration IPs from user management

Admins can easily ban multiple IPs from spam registrations directly with just a few clicks. They can also optionally remove the user accounts and their user tracker items, as well as their user pages.

See Users

1.5. Federated Search

Federated Search

1.6. Modules

1.6.1. Module zone

New module meant to provide a module "navbar" for the website. You add a "zone", and then you can drop a module menu in it. The menu module creates the toggle button and internal nabbers.

See Module zone

1.7. Module minichat

The date is shown for the messages from previous days to avoid confusing users.

See Module minichat

1.8. Must Reads

See Must Reads

1.9. Plugins

1.9.1. AjaxLoad

Available from 14.1, this plugin can be used to load HTML into a wiki page, from another page on the same site or an external site.

See PluginAjaxLoad

1.9.2. GDgraph

Available from 14.0 (and backported to the 12.x branch in March '15) this plugin displays a graph/chart as an image using x,y pairs of data placed in the plugin body. The x,y pairs, or indeed the whole plugin format, could be generated by using another plugin eg TRACKERLIST or LIST.

This plugin is a simple alternative to using the more feature rich R plugin for web sites where it is not possible or easy to install all the necessary libraries, etc., on the server to enable the R plugin.

Only a bar chart option is currently available - other display options could be developed


This plugin was extended for Tiki14 and the update backported to Tiki12 to allow more Tiki objects to be checked whether they were categorised - prior to this update only wiki pages could be checked.

1.10. Profiles

1.10.1. Hide Fixed Top Nav Bar on Scroll

If you choose in 'Look & Feel' Control Panel > Theme (tab) > Site layout: "Fixed_top_modules", then you can apply this "scroll" (search for it) profile through the Profiles Control Panel and you will get your top zone hidden temporarily when you scroll down your site.

See profile: Hide Fixed Top Nav Bar on Scroll

1.10.2. Profiles Wizard

New profile Revision Approval (ISO9001) added to the Profiles Wizard, preconfigured to use also the new Wiki Argument Variables introduced in Tiki14 (see below) :

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

See also Profiles Wizard

1.11. SLUG

SLUG's are alternate urls designed for brevity, search engine friendliness, not changing over time, etc. Tiki 14 allows to change the URL scheme for wiki pages, currently to replace spaces with underscores.

For more information:

1.12. Tablesorter

The tablesorter usage has been extended to new features like:

  • List of wiki pages (tiki-listpages.php),
  • List of forums (tiki-forums.php),
  • Topic list for a forum (tiki-view_forum.php),
  • Forums Administration (tiki-admin_forums.php)

See Tablesorter

1.13. Themes

There has been some refactoring in the way to handle theme styles. See:

In short, you can define colors in variables, in apply those variables to other css selectors. See:

In addition, if you use the Newsletters feature, please note that placement of the newsletter.css has changed with the new bootstrap theme architecture. Since Tiki version 14, the customised newsletter.css file should be placed in either one of the next folders:

  • /themes/yourtheme/css/
  • /themes/yourtheme/options/youroption/css/

1.13.1. Icon sets

The reason for having different iconsets is the same as for having different themes, users are given the freedom to choose whichever they like and to customize/create new ones if they dont like what is shipped with Tiki.

There are differents sets of icons available in the Look&Feel control panel.

Click to expand
Click to expand

- Default (Font-awesome): The default system icon set using Font-awesome, see http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/
- Glyphicons : Glyphicon focused iconset, see http://getbootstrap.com/components/
- Legacy (pre Tiki14) icons: Legacy (pre Tiki14) icons, mainly using famfamfam images, see http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/
- Icons of the displayed theme: This option is for advanced administrators. Icon sets are applied for all themes, except when the setting "Icons of the displayed theme" is applied. In this case the theme is displayed always using the icon set defined for that theme (eg: defined in /themes/mytheme/icons/mytheme.php)

More information:

1.14. Trackers

1.14.1. Service_inline to display info from linked trackers

When using linked trackers with fields "item link/items list", if you use custom smarty templates, you might be able to include some view of the other tracker using {service_inline} and likely a custom tracker item template file. See more information.

1.14.2. Tracker Tabular

A new system to import / export tracker data, called "Tracker Tabular", has been implemented.

1.14.3. Tracker Field 'Computed' extended

Three new options have been added to the display of the Computed tracker field, in a similar fashion to the existing options in the numeric field:

  • Decimal Places:
    Amount of decimals to preserve before rounding.
  • Decimal separator when displaying data:
    Single character. Use c for comma, d for dot or s for space. The valid decimal separator when inserting numbers may depend on site language and web browser. See documentation for more details.
  • Thousand separator when displaying data
    Single character, Use c for comma, d for dot or s for space. When inserting data no thousands separator is needed.

See: Computed Tracker Field

1.14.4. Tracker Field 'Mathematical Calculation' extended

Some new operators and functions are added to the advanced rating language in Tiki 14.x, which can be used in trackers through the Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field

See #Advanced_Rating

1.15. Validation syntax

Validation (in tracker fields and other areas of Tiki where some validation rules can be defined) require no more escaping of backslashes. Thus, this former regular expression worked in Tiki 12 LTS:

Regular expression for positive numbers in 12.x
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...but it needs to be converted for 14.x into:

Regular expression for positive numbers in 14.x
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See Regular Expressions

1.16. Wiki Argument Variables

New Wiki Argument Variables added, useful in cases when feature Revision approval, Flagged Revisions is enabled (such as environments following ISO9001 quality certification, where revision approval is needed for document versions):

 {{currentVersion}} (current version being displayed of the wiki page
when revision approval is on; added in Tiki 14.0) {{currentVersionApprover}} (approver of the current version being displayed
when revision approval is on; added in Tiki 14.0) {{currentVersionApproval}} (approval date, in short format, of the current version being displayed
when revision approval is on; added in Tiki 14.0) {{currentVersionApproved}} (indicate whether current version being displayed of the wiki page
is approved or not when revision approval is on; added in Tiki 14.0)



Since the structure of themes changed singificantly for Tiki14, the main task is expected to be to upgrade custom themes. And you may have to re-select the theme style you want to use, through the Look & Feel control panel.

Please note:

  • your old css files will probably need to be reviewed modified as many selectors have been adjusted to bootstrap
  • an upgrade patch is provided that modifies your database. The change is focusing on removing ".css" from the end of the theme values in as shown below:
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UPDATE `tiki_preferences` SET `name` = 'theme' WHERE `name` = 'theme_active'; UPDATE `tiki_preferences` SET `name` = 'theme_option', `value` = REPLACE(`value`, '.css', '') WHERE `name` = 'style_option'; UPDATE `tiki_user_preferences` SET `value` = REPLACE(`value`, '.css', '') WHERE `prefName` = 'theme'; UPDATE `tiki_user_preferences` SET `prefName` = 'theme_option', `value` = REPLACE(`value`, '.css', '') WHERE `prefName` = 'theme-option'; UPDATE `tiki_theme_control_categs` SET `theme` = REPLACE(`theme`, '.css', ''); UPDATE `tiki_theme_control_objects` SET `theme` = REPLACE(`theme`, '.css', ''); UPDATE `tiki_theme_control_sections` SET `theme` = REPLACE(`theme`, '.css', ''); UPDATE `users_groups` SET `groupTheme` = REPLACE(`groupTheme`, '.css', '');

If you want to provide some border to the icons in action bars, you can do so with extra css rules in the Custom CSS section of the Look And Feel Control panel:

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.btn-link, .btn-link:hover, .btn-link:focus, .btn-link:active { border-color: lightgrey; }

If you want icons bigger, in general, you can increase their size 20%, for instance, by adding 1.2em size to their class:

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.icon { font-size: 1.2em; }

And if you use Less, you can have a border-color adapted to your current choice of theme is you use the variable: @button-hover-border-color , which is defined by each theme's variables.less file.

For more information on these theme-related topics, see the section about "Themes" above.

Multilevel menus in modules

Menus in modules are now by default "bootstrap" menus, meaning that following bootstrap's idea they are suggested to be only one level deep.
If you have a deeper sublevel structure you need to set your menu module to be none-bootstrap to show all sublevels.

Click to expand
Click to expand

Regular Expressions in fields requiring validation

See above #Validation_syntax

'SSL connection error' or error displaying HomePage after upgrade of SSL enabled websites

If your SSL enabled website shows a port number in the address bar of the browser ( http://www.example.com:80 for example) which results in a SSL connection error, then one way to fix the issue is to edit the .htaccess file in the tiki root directory, as follows:

Add the comment "#" character to the start of the following line in .htaccess
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DirectoryIndex index.php
Remove the comment "#" character from the start of the following line in .htaccess
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DirectoryIndex tiki-index_raw.php index.php

The ControlPanels | Login page | General Preferences has settings which should be checked post upgrade toinsure that they have transferred correctly for your installation. These include, amongst others:

  • Protect all sessions with HTTPS
  • Use HTTPS login
  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Users can choose to stay in SSL mode after an HTTPS login
  • Users can switch between secured or standard mode at login
  • HTTP port
  • HTTPS port

Additionally, if the HomePage does not display correctly or shows a permission related error then the settings in ControlPanels | General | Navigation should be checked:

  • Use Tiki feature as homepage
  • Use custom homepage
  • Wiki Home page
  • Domain prefix handling
  • Domain redirects

General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.

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